this is my favorite minigame so far


Send me an ask with these numbers! Feel free to reblog!

1.When did you start playing My Candy Love?

2.Which version/s are you playing?

3.How many accounts do you have?

4.Do you make characters out of your Candies?

5.What’s your favorite episode?

6.What’s your least favorite episode?

7.Favorite boy?

8.Least favorite boy?

9.Favorite girl?

10.Least favorite girl?

11. Favorite ship, canon or fanon?

12.Least favorite ship?

13.Do you buy lots of clothes, or do you only usually buy the date outfits?

14.What boy are you romancing?

15.Are you on the forums a lot?

16.What would you want to see in MCL?

17.Describe your Candy/Candies!

18.What do you like most about MCL?

19.What do you dislike most about MCL?

20.Have you read the manga?

21.What arc was your favorite so far?

22.Do you write fanfiction, draw fanart etc. for MCL?

23.Which adult character (Parents, school staff etc) is your favorite?

24.Which adult character is your least favorite?

25.Whats your favorite minigame?

26.Do you save up for the summer-shop/events like that?

27.Do you prefer the shop-events or special episodes?

28.What do you think of the redesigns the characters are getting?

29.Do you play any online otome-games other than MCL?

30.What’s your biggest pet peeve about the fandom?