this is my favorite lipstick

Eurovision Song Contest

Seeing that the contestants seem to have toned down the crazy quite a bit this year I want to pay tribute to my favorite crazy ESC performances.

Jedward - Lipstick (2011)

Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai (2007)

Zdob si Zdub - So lucky (2011)

Bonus (not crazy but still my favorite ESC song - yes I’m being patriotic here 😄 )

Lena - Satellite (2010)

OMG!!! I see a shade called “OG Lolita” and it looks like the original formula!!! This makes me so damn happy. The original Lolita was my favorite! I hope this shade comes out in the studded kiss lipsticks too! No lie, I have been hanging on to a 5 year old Lolita lipstick because I can’t live without this color. Gross, I know. But the original color is to die for.

and i’m still alive after all of the scars, you want to feel like stars, but you’re scared to burn so bright, and i’m still alive after all of the self-hate, you wanna love yourself, but you always ask your shadow if it’s okay to miss your ex, and i’m still alive even after coming to terms that a part of me will always love you, sometimes in order to grow, you must lose a part of who you used to be, scratch that, it’s all of the time, and i’m still alive after all of the nights, i’ve seen many mornings without you and today is just a new day to say my goodbyes, and i’m still alive after seeing myself crack open a skull that is filled with nothing but more poems, i’m still alive, i’m still alive, i replay memories to keep myself sad, but i replay memories to keep myself sane, it’s not so bad if you’re conscious of it, it’s not so bad if i’m conscious of the fact that a small part of me will cling to your name when dark becomes closer than skin and the moon is just another smile that i can’t forget, and i’m still alive after all of the poetry, my heart still beats, my soul still feels like it’s missing a home, and i’m still alive after i used your lipstick to color in my favorite flowers, it’s just a shower thought, it’s just a means to an end, prose pieces sprinkled with the things that i love, the bookstore poetry section is where i left your love letters, to the moon and back, i’m still alive, to the sun and icarus’s wings, my heart too is made of wax, and i’m still alive even if a part of me is forever dead, a love like this and a love like that, no wonder i keep running back, to a person that’s no longer there, to a home that was never ever going to be stable, to an addiction that outweighs a body high, to a mind that can’t grow into full size, there’s no point in maturity if your childlike curiosity is destroyed, there’s a philosophy in believing that true love exists and just like magic, i believe in rituals and spells, no wonder i keep writing poems about my what ifs, what if we never fell apart? darling, my darling, i’m glad that we ended up this way, today is weird, today is strange, but this day, it’s all mine.
and still i’m alive. with or without you.
—  i’m still alive
what’s in your bag: rose granger-weasley

Rose: Okay so first off I have my book!  My mum is always saying never leave the house without a book…

Rose: I’m currently reading A Tale of Two Cities

Rose: Moving on, next we have my favorite lipstick!

Rose: I never go anywhere without this on me. Aunt Fluer bought me a bunch of makeup over christmas holiday since mum knows shit about makeup.

Rose: Up next is my favorite perfume! 

Rose: It ironically enough smells like roses. So I guess I’m always smelling as fresh as a rose *budum tsss*

Rose: Oh and here is my journal…

Rose: I enjoy writing a lot so whenever I have an idea I make sure to jot them down in here.

Rose: Obviously for writing that would require pens and pencils…Plus you never know who’s going to come unprepared to class so it’s nice to have a spare one!

Hugo: *walks in* Hey Rose- What are you doing?


(OOC: So I saw some awesome people doing this ( @kapitan5o @egdramaqueen @son-0f-a-snitch ) and decided to hop on the bandwagon!! Hope you enjoyed this thing I made while I should’ve been studying whoops…)

// I got dressed this morning. for myself.
Put on eye liner. for myself.
Put on my favorite red lipstick. for myself.
Showed a bit of skin. for myself
I wanted to be beautiful. for myself //
—  i want to be beautiful. for my self  
“It’s just makeup...”

Sam, Dean, Y/N
Warnings: Cursing, sleepy Dean, pranks 

After a long month of what seemed like constant hunting, Sam, Dean, and I had finally received a break. A whole one week dedicated to relaxing, eventually becoming bored, and lastly feeling the excitement to get back out on the road again. Normally on breaks, Sam would go for morning runs everyday, find something new to study in the library, knock a couple of beers back with me and Dean, then fall asleep. Dean, in the mornings would be with a cup of coffee and with his laptop doing God knows what, making something to eat, drinking beers with his brother and I, and then going to bed.

This week started like all of the mini vacations we have had, Sam doing the morning run thing, Dean being on the laptop, and like always I already have started a new TV show on Netflix. But then my boredom started to kick in and I started to wonder what I could do to pass the time. That’s when I saw Dean’s bedroom door slightly open and noticed he was laying on his bed taking a nap. I slowly moved from the door, down to my room to grab my makeup bag, shut the door, and headed back down to Dean’s to make him look like a real pretty boy. As I turned to shut the door and I turned and bumped into a tall muscular body.

“Sorry (Y/N), wait (Y/N) what are you doing?” Sam said confused as he looked down at me. “I was going to put makeup on Dean while he’s asleep?” I said with a nervous smile. “Oh okay, I want to help.” Sam said a little too seriously. I laughed and dragged the younger Winchester down the hall towards Dean’s room. Once we arrived at Dean’s door, I popped my head into the halfway opened door and Dean was still asleep. I motioned for Sam to follow me as I quietly snuck past the door and walked to the side of the bed, quietly opening my makeup bag.

“What are we doing first?” Sam questioned. “We are going to start with foundation.” I said while lightly applying the liquid onto his face. Then I pulled out concealer and put it on to Dean’s under eyes, after the concealer I dusted on a bit of powder, and then now it was time for eyeshadow. “Sam what color should I do the eyes?” Sam thought for a second, “Do that darker eye makeup, I think it’s called a smokey eye?” Sam and I laughed at the fact he actually new that term and then we settled on a brown smokey eye to bring out his gorgeous green eyes. After I finished doing Dean’s eyes, I finished applying the blush and highlighter to make those cheekbones slay. Then when it was time to choose a lipstick, Sam chose my favorite nude lipstick, so I quickly dabbed the product on his lips, and then Sam and I left Dean’s room.


It was a few hours after Sam and I left Dean’s room, when Sam and I heard Dean walk into the library looking for us. “Hey guys, what are you guys up to?”I turned towards Dean to view my beautiful masterpiece, “Oh nothing, we are just brushing up on some lore.” I looked up at Sam and we both tried to keep our composure. Dean shot us a weird look and left the library. “How has he not seen it yet?” I said laughing. “I don’t know maybe he hasn’t decided to stop by a mirror and check himself out yet.” Sam said laughing a little harder. I found myself laughing just as hard as Sam, “May-” “Son of a bitch!” Sam and I hear coming from the bathroom.

Dean storms around the corner touching his face, “what the hell did you to my face? I look like a painted whore!” Sam and I started laughing, “Dean relax it’s just makeup.” Sam said to his older brother. Dean responded by sticking his middle finger out, “Dean all you need is some soap and water and it will come right off.” You said in between your laughing fits. Dean turned instantly to go wash the beautiful masterpiece I painted on his face, off. After about 10 minutes Dean comes back rubbing his face with a washcloth, “(Y/N), you have a really good face wash.” I heard Dean behind me. I agreed and then felt the cold sensation of some goop slowly sliding down my hair.

“Dean Winchester!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, “oh sweetheart I love it when you scream my name.” I see Dean’s smirk and notice Sam in another chair waiting for my reaction. I slowly stand up and move to go after Dean. “This is so disgusting, what is this?” “It’s your face wash (Y/N)” I run to the kitchen to rinse this shit out of my hair and then Sam runs in trying to find a sink to wash his hair in too. Dean must have gotten Sam after I ran out. Now it was up to me and Sam to get Dean back, little did you all know that the rest of your mini vacation would turn out to be a prank war.

little moments: the taste of bitter coffee, sweet raspberries, wiping off lipstick on a napkin, listening to my favorite songs over and over, laughing with people that make me happy, writing all the things I hope to never forget

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