this is my favorite line in that song so i giffed it *u*


25 WEEKS ONE OK ROCK CHALLENGE [1/25]                                            What was the first song you heard?                                                                 

THE BEGINNING                                                                                        

I first heard this song over three years ago while watching the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action trailer. When Taka sung that first line, I knew that I had to get this song on my ipod. Unfortunately, the entire song wasn’t released yet. I lived off the 30 second preview of it for two months which probably made me even more desperate for the entire thing. This is absolutely my favorite song. It perfectly shows how powerful and unique his voice is. Anyone who knows me is probably sick of me saying how this is my favorite song, but it isssss. I still can’t quite put a finger on why I love this song so much or what exactly it is that I feel when I hear this song, but I know that it is the same feeling I had three years ago and I know that it means a great deal to me.