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Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.

i’ve now watched three seasons of bojack horseman and i’m still unable to really put into words why i like this show. i mean, it’s funny, it’s socially conscious, it’s got great characters, it has a dark realism to it, it handles depression well. but i can’t– that’s not enough, somehow. i can’t explain how important this show feels to me. i guess the best way i can put it is that this show feels like i did the first time i went to therapy, which is the first time anyone ever said to me “what you’re feeling is real, and it matters, and you matter. you’re not alone, and it hurts for other people too. this is real and it’s not the end of the world”

it’s like validation, that relief that comes with 1. knowing you’re doing okay comparatively speaking and 2. knowing other people are hurting in the same way. and it’s like a horror show because while bojack’s antics are extreme and he’s living a life i’ll never understand, it makes me realize how easy it is to get lost in yourself. depression makes you selfish; it’s the dark counterpoint to arrogance. feeling like you’re different because you’re the worst person in the world isn’t any less selfish than thinking you’re the best, and that kind of self-centeredness hurts people 

it’s so easy to define yourself by your depression especially when you’ve been depressed for so long. i’ve been depressed since i was a teenager; it’s genetic. i have no idea who i would be without depression. would i be extroverted? would i have started writing if i didn’t feel like i had to escape into fiction? would i be happy? i don’t know. i’ll never know. and it’s easy to tell yourself that nothing matters and you don’t matter and that nothing will ever get better, and it’s easy to get caught in this hedonistic cycle of “self care”, and it’s easy to lash out and apologize and lash out and apologize because you think it’s that easy except it isn’t and you can’t blame all of your failings on your childhood or your mental illnesses. you can’t fetishize your own sadness


We Run This Town: A RoadRat Mix

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Upbeat and generally fluffy mix for my favorite junkers.
Songs are a mix of describing the characters themselves, or what I think they’d listen to while they’re hookin’ and cookin’.

Album art original made for me by @kritz-blitzwitz found here [x] used and edited w/ permission
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So @unforth-ninawaters posted some stories about our mutual friend KK, who I lived with for about a year. And I do now consider him a friend, as long as we continue on the path of “I see him a few days a year and not every single day.”

I’m not reblogging her post, since it’s long, but I am going to share my favorite KK mansplaining story.

Now, as Claire made clear, KK was not gender-discriminate in his need to always show that he knew more than everyone ever. This particular incident, however, definitely falls under the umbrella of mansplaining.

I was working retail management around the holidays. It kind of sucked. I hadn’t done laundry in like two weeks, was exhausted, etc. So I wore a comfy jersey dress and leggings. You know, the kind that meets business casual requirements but feels like wearing pajamas.

And KK told me I looked nice and Dressed Up. And I think he made another comment but I was kind of Done at that point so I tried to explain that no, this was dressed down. Because comfy. Because don’t have to commit brainpower to “do these things match.”

And yet he continued to insist that I must be dressed up and wanting to look nice. Because that is why women wear dresses. To look nice.

So I snapped and replied something like “Have you ever noticed that you only tell me I look nice when you can see my legs?”

And something about the wording put him majorly on the defensive (gee, I wonder why?) about how he totally isn’t sexist and wash’ objectifying me, he just KNOWS that women wear dresses to look nice and you should compliment them when they do. And he wasn’t complimenting my legs, he was complimenting my dress! Also he appreciated the Aesthetic of dresses! And looking nice. Says the man who has designated “nice” sweatpants (which is… aesthetics-wise not on par with dresses vs pants by a long shot.)

So in the end we “agreed to disagree” and he agreed to never compliment how I am dressed again, and I now refer to this incident as “the time that KK insisted he knows more about wearing women’s clothing than I do.”

“Okay but I do weird crap when I’m bored. I didn’t even know I could sew so yeah.” Marissa looks at the stuffed animals then picks up the one that looks like Purple. “I made this one first and it’s my favorite.” she hugs the stuffed animal while looking at the floor.

team-magi  asked:

Can we talk about the fact that Cassandra hates elves and mages? Like, actually hates them, unlike Vivienne who does care for mages? And YET, WHO GETS UNLIMITED LOVE AND WHO GETS UNLIMITED HATE


Can we talk about how Cassandra literally brings the Circles and the Templars back exactly the way they were yet it’s Vivienne whose called a tyrant in game and is widely believed to be the worse Divine in fandom?

Or how Cassandra dismisses Lavellan’s beliefs as utter nonsense to their face?

How the seekers (her included?) Went to Kirkwall, saw what Meredith was doing, and continued to let it happen because ‘well there are blood mages!’

Or how she told that Mage fellow who went to her seeking safety from the Templars who literally wanted to purge his people to 'deal with it.’ (And yes she tells the Templar guy the same thing but he’s just mad because Mages are allowed to exist. The mages are scared of the Templars pulling something because, again, they broke away from the Chantry to PURGE them.)

Cassandra, as most who adhere to Chantry Doctrine, looks down on those who aren’t human, especially if they’re not Andrastian.

She isn’t interested in making anyone equal under the law–she only cares about keeping with tradition.

And the Tradition is literally the oppression and dehumanization of everyone who isn’t a pale non-mage human.
And lets not forget that Colorism is also thing in Thedas so Cassandra asking Vivienne if her parents are from Rivain has greater context.

She’s basically asking ‘But where are you REALLY from?’ As though she couldn’t be from anywhere else in Thedas.
Meanwhile, Vivienne, who reforms the circle so everyone has the same experience and Templar’s aren’t abusing them, is the monster who only wants to oppress people.
She, whose been nothing but kind and has never said anything disparaging toward the Inquisitor about their beliefs or culture, the evil one who should never be made Divine etc., etc.

I wonder why.
I wonder why Vivienne, despite all the good she does, is perceived as being bad while Cassandra, whose done all the above and more, is good.

It couldn’t possibly be…general racism and misogynior could it?


Emily being the adorable silly dork full of rainbows that she is during the photo ops at the Super Heroes Con  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Camsten + ‘Stretch’
(for my-broken-resolve​)