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Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.


Boardwalk Empire + favorite villain // Giuseppe ‘Gyp’ Rosetti

Nothing’s personal? What the fuck’s life, if it’s not personal?!

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Murder, Romance, and Revolution (Steven Universe Theory)

Figured since Wanted came out, and The Trial started fanning the theory fire, my gears got turning and I thought I’d make another theory post. This time about The Big One, the case to end all cases, the grand whodunit, the biggest mystery of the show: what actually happened to Pink Diamond?

But instead of rushing into this throwing around speculation and conjecture from the get-go, I wanted to start by listing what we know, what the show has given us to work with, then deduce a theory from that. So here’s a list of what we know so far:

1) Something happened to Pink Diamond. That much is a given.

2) Everyone thinks Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. Again, that much is a given.

3) Garnet spoke of Pink Diamond’s shattering as something that “had to happen” in Back to the Moon, and Pearl had a very visceral reaction too. This means that the Crystal Gems probably aren’t completely blameless in whatever happened.

4) Eyeball witnessed what she claims to be Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond. Stated in Back to the Moon, reiterated in The Trial. Further questions: Is that accurate? Secondly, are there any other witnesses?

5) Rose Quartz was a soldier, a low-ranking gem. Not part of Pink Diamond’s court. She would have had a hard time getting close enough to kill, and an even harder time getting out again. Confirmed by Zircon during The Trial.

6) Zircon implies that only another Diamond would have the authority to get close enough to shatter Pink. However, this is still conjecture. Blue Diamond is not suspect, unless her thousands of years of mourning were all for show. Yellow Diamond snaps, but outrage is not necessarily guilt. Curiously, the third Diamond (presumed White Diamond) is still absent, and isn’t even named, despite her imagery appearing prominently over the skyline.

7) Pink Diamond had a Pearl, who was seemingly ignored in all previous accounts of Pink Diamond’s murder. Confirmed by Zircon during The Trial. Further questions: Is Pink Pearl our Pearl, or is she another Pearl? If not, where is Pink Pearl now?

8) Eyeball claims to have witnessed Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond with a sword, the sword, the one that Steven inherited and gave to Connie. Specifically Rose Quartz, not a fusion. Not the giant sword wielded by the Temple fusion. Specifically Rose, specifically her sword. Stated first in Bubbled and reiterated in The Trial.

9) Rose’s sword is specifically designed not to be able to shatter gems, as stated by Bismuth in her titular episode. That was the reason she created the Breaking Point, which Steven referenced in The Trial. Given this, an attack from Rose’s sword would not have shattered Pink Diamond.

10) The rebellion continued long after Pink Diamond’s apparent shattering. Jasper, despite being created to serve Pink Diamond, emerged after her demise, and fought “from the moment she broke free” because of it. Since Jasper went on to become a war hero, a good portion of the war must have occurred after Pink Diamond’s apparent shattering. Further questions: Is Pink Diamond’s demise what started the rebellion in the first place? Or was it a turning point in an already ongoing war?

Given these facts, we can come up with a series of intriguing conclusions, which lead to a potentially solid account of what may have happened, and my own wild theory as to the deeper story behind it all (below the cut):

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Born from Stars

[A/N: This is for an AU that I made a while ago. I started writing this on mobile, but today my mother got me a lap top so I’ll be able to write on that. (Today as in June 24th) Thanks to @yaxxm I was able to actually get the thing started! I’ll more than likely have more than one part to this, as I don’t want to have anything over 2,000 words per part. I threw in a head canon that I’d seen a while ago. That head canon is Lance’s first name is actually Leandro, but he needed to westernize it so that people could wouldn’t butcher it.

Disclaimer: Voltron isn’t mine. Sadly.]

It was late July, with summers’ heat at full blast in Cuba. The McClain’s were on their way back from San Antonio, after spending the week there – there were celebrations happening in San Antonio for July 25th, which was Revolution Day, the Movement of July 26th place, and the McClain family went every year. At the moment, Dante McClain was the only one awake – the designated driver for the last three hours of driving. It was while he was driving that it happened – a light streaked across the sky and at first Dante thought it was only a shooting star – or falling space debris, which was even more likely than a shooting star. Although it was a shooting star, it was different than Dante had ever experienced before. While shooting stars leave a tail – they were visible for seconds, and often appeared and disappeared into the night sky, this falling star didn’t disappear. After it landed – somewhere Northwest of the car – there was a flash of light and then stillness.

Dante McClain was a curious man, so it really wasn’t his fault that he had started driving towards where he saw the meteor fall – assuming that he could just see where the landing place was from the crater it would leave, take the space junk, and bring it home. Dante loved having things that he didn’t know where they came from – he loved researching said things until he finds out where the piece of junk – or rock – came from.

Eventually, Dante came across a clearing, and stared in awe at the scene before him. Where he thought would be a rock or some debris was glowing a vibrant blue. He turned the engine off, and approached the glowing orb – something seemed to be calling out to him. As he approached it, the glowing slowly dimmed until in its’ place lay a child – a few months old at most. Which was strange, but Dante was curious, so he walked back to the car holding the baby in his arms. “Maria,” he whispered loudly to wake his slumbering wife in the passenger seat. 

Maria stirred, and then her eyes opened to see Dante holding an infant in his arms. Maria stared for a few seconds, confused and disoriented. “When.. Who..?” She attempted to question her husband, who seemed to understand the questions.

“Well,” Dante whispered, not wanting to wake the other four children in the car, “I’ll explain in depth later, but I found him in this field,” he explained quietly, holding the child closer to his chest.

“Abandoned?” Maria gasped, the child already melting her heart. 

“…Kind of,” Dante relented, although he wouldn’t call ‘falling from the sky’ as abandoned.

“I’ll hold him for the rest of the drive,” Maria murmured, taking the infant from Dante’s arms, cooing at the baby who was staring up at his new mother. He gurgled, reaching up for her face. His eyes blinked at her slowly, and it was only then that she noticed his eyes were glowing faintly. She brushed it off, perhaps it was the lighting. Dante got into the vehicle, and again set off towards their home.

They arrived home three hours later, just as dawn was breaking at the horizon – although the McClain family would likely sleep for the rest of the day. The children – Dalmacio, the oldest at 14, the twins Madrona and Marilin were 11, the youngest Favian at only 6 years old – were still sleepy enough to not pay attention to their surroundings, and headed straight to bed when they got home. While Maria and Dante were tired, they knew they needed to get their newest member of the family – they’d decided on Leandro – into some clothes and feed him.

As Dante held little Leandro, he knew in his heart that this little boy was going to end up being a part of something bigger than him - than anyone on Earth.

Part II     Part III     Part IV


Emily being the adorable silly dork full of rainbows that she is during the photo ops at the Super Heroes Con  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Honestly, I'm glad that they haven't JUST made Yang recover. Like, as a viewer, I have PTSD myself and I've been so impressed at how they tackle the issue - mainly with Yang but also with the rest of RWBY. It feels so real and her being strong, while still fighting a daily fight is one of my favorite things I've ever seen. Tbh, I think RWBY handles some of the most accurate portrayals of a lot of hard topics I've seen in a while.

I feel the same thing about Ruby too. Like it’s so easy to relate to someone who is dealing with a lot but hides it all. Like Lindsay mentioned in an episode of Always Open how Ruby has things going on in her head, but she’s pushing them down and trying to stay positive and I get that. Not everyone is comfortable opening up about how they feel, especially for Ruby who was with JNR and like…they’re her friends but she’s not as close to them as she was with her team or her family. You can tell how happy Ruby is to see her uncle when he shows up - he’s familiar and makes her more comfortable. 

One of RWBY’s strengths as a series is subtleness and it has to be because the episodes are short and volumes are short. There’s no time to blatantly explain what everyone is feeling so you have to take the small things and figure them out. 

It’s something that makes me laugh when a group of people are so upset because “clearly ____ is feeling this and I wish they’d have explained it more!” but like…if we all agree they’re feeling this way then why do they need to explain it? The point was made and understood. 

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Hey, I know you probably made that music post a while ago, but I just wanted to say; I really like you're music taste and I get real excited whenever you reblog a song. I've discovered some of my favorite groups because of you and I just wanted to say thanks.

this is such a huge compliment and i really, really love music… it’s one of the only things that kept me happy when i was younger so hearing this is just really exciting! i’ll go ahead and give you a quick list of things if you want that - 

formatted as band name (recommended starter/test songs or description)!

women singers that i love, most do some really cool and unconventional things with their voices/music: hop along (the knock, happy to see me), the romanovs (album: the moon was hungry…),  vashti bunyan (if i were - the same but different, here before), amanda palmer (melody dean, half jack, want it back), stevie nicks (rhiannon, gold dust woman), regina spektor (album: soviet kitsch), kimya dawson, laura marling, against me!,  emilie autumn (lots of verbal poetry and screaming), ida maria (i like you so much better when you’re naked), [cont]

[cont] santigold (i can’t get enough of myself), courtney barnett (pedestrian at best), mirah (the garden), jenny hval (blood flight), digital daggers (can’t sleep can’t breathe),  metric (gold guns girls), nico vega (million years, beast), fiona apple (hot knife), cat power (troubled waters), ingrid michaelson (in the sea), st. vincent (paris is burning), nina simone (sinnerman) 

folk/southern/folk punk: brown bird (by the reins, blood of angels), drew bunting (easy), parker millsap (hades pleads), crywank (squeezing the damp towel, album: don’t piss on me i’m already dead), AJJ (small red boy, big bird, heartilation), the decemberists (mariner’s revenge song), the future kings of nowhere (10 simple murders), fleet foxes (album: helplessness blues), larkin grimm (the butcher)

weird sounds (usually cool instruments/noises + interesting lyrics, all of these are very different and have a lot of variation between their songs): the caretaker (start with any - instrumentals designed to make you profoundly unsettled), IAMX (album: the alternative), mother mother (cesspool of love), a perfect circle (the outsider, pet, the nurse who loved me),  hawaii part II (dream sweet in sea major, my favorite is: the mind electric), eddache (bioshock remixes that are extremely enjoyable)

electronic + electroswing: rchetype (furry electronic, song: unstoppable),  caravan palace (all of them are good - electroswing), tape five (electroswing, songs: bad boy good man, a cool cat in town), parov stelar (swing, electroswing… song: booty swing)

other: lemon demon/neil cicierega (fun stuff, lots of complex mixes of songs that are considered ‘jokes’ that completely warps them into different things), tom lehrer (pianist with some witty things to say, songs: masochism tango, poisoning pigeons in the park), jonathan coulton (album: artificial heart - this is the guy who made the lyrics for the songs in portal 2), parenthetical girls (handsome devil), jukebox the ghost (static)

stuff you probably already know: beach boys (good vibrations, wouldn’t it be nice), sufjan stevens (i like a lot of his straight-up instrumentals, album: carrie & lowell), hozier (from eden, jackie and wilson), the black keys (sinister kid), death cab for cutie (i will possess your heart), sia (you’ve changed, the greatest), vampire weekend (diplomat’s son), bobby darin (mack the knife), blue october (into the ocean),  woodkid (the great escape), portugal the man (purple yellow red and blue)

musicals/soundtracks: repo! the genetic opera, the devil’s carnival (p1+p2), chicago (the movie), chess in concert, dr. horrible’s sing-along blog, the Music Meister episode of batman - brave and the bold is good as a stand-alone, okami (ps2/wii), dishonored 1 + 2, portal 2, Trance 2013 the movie soundtrack, little shop of horrors

i’ve now watched three seasons of bojack horseman and i’m still unable to really put into words why i like this show. i mean, it’s funny, it’s socially conscious, it’s got great characters, it has a dark realism to it, it handles depression well. but i can’t– that’s not enough, somehow. i can’t explain how important this show feels to me. i guess the best way i can put it is that this show feels like i did the first time i went to therapy, which is the first time anyone ever said to me “what you’re feeling is real, and it matters, and you matter. you’re not alone, and it hurts for other people too. this is real and it’s not the end of the world”

it’s like validation, that relief that comes with 1. knowing you’re doing okay comparatively speaking and 2. knowing other people are hurting in the same way. and it’s like a horror show because while bojack’s antics are extreme and he’s living a life i’ll never understand, it makes me realize how easy it is to get lost in yourself. depression makes you selfish; it’s the dark counterpoint to arrogance. feeling like you’re different because you’re the worst person in the world isn’t any less selfish than thinking you’re the best, and that kind of self-centeredness hurts people 

it’s so easy to define yourself by your depression especially when you’ve been depressed for so long. i’ve been depressed since i was a teenager; it’s genetic. i have no idea who i would be without depression. would i be extroverted? would i have started writing if i didn’t feel like i had to escape into fiction? would i be happy? i don’t know. i’ll never know. and it’s easy to tell yourself that nothing matters and you don’t matter and that nothing will ever get better, and it’s easy to get caught in this hedonistic cycle of “self care”, and it’s easy to lash out and apologize and lash out and apologize because you think it’s that easy except it isn’t and you can’t blame all of your failings on your childhood or your mental illnesses. you can’t fetishize your own sadness


We Run This Town: A RoadRat Mix

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Upbeat and generally fluffy mix for my favorite junkers.
Songs are a mix of describing the characters themselves, or what I think they’d listen to while they’re hookin’ and cookin’.

Album art original made for me by @kritz-blitzwitz found here [x] used and edited w/ permission
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All I’ve heard you say is that you have no hope, and that this is your hell, so if it’s so bad then why don’t you just end it?


Camsten + ‘Stretch’
(for my-broken-resolve​)

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Your FFVII xover ideas are giving me life, omg. The Zack and Sabo as bros idea was adorable (while the parallels Zack drew Zack drew to Sephiroth we're frightening). Victor as Sephiroth's kid is kind of terrifying to consider, though - I followed Seito's fic back to your post. Btw, this is the same anon who said your Sabo is their/my favorite Sabo. I will come off anon someday, honest. I didn't realize you were also into FFVII and YOI. Multifandom madness is a joy, eh. XD

You are so lovely, anon! Thank you!

FF7–well, so, I’m just the biggest Final Fantasy nerd, like, hello, yes, this is my trash heap, come in. 7 was my first, and it’s still near and dear to my heart and not gonna lie, that’s mostly because Zack. Even before we knew Zack, just had his name, the build-up of his importance–man, the importance of absent characters can have is amazing, right? He’s Actual Best Boy.

So, yeah, One Piece is my current writing addiction but my fandoms are many and varied and my favorite thing is mushing worlds together until they click and make sense. I am here for those wild, off-the-wall crossovers, and the silly deus ex machina ones, and even the entirely unjustified ones. I once watched the entire first season of Criminal Minds just because my friend said a crossover with MLP couldn’t be done. I may never write them out, but if you have any crossovers you’d like to see, say them at me and I’ll see what I can’t do for ya!

Sabo, I just–look, I have a type, apparently, and it’s him. Cynical sunshine brat. We have the vague strokes in the outline of his life but there’s so much detail left for us to fill in? And the choices we do see him making are pretty extreme choices for a child to be making, you know? So I thought I’d run with that for him, and I’m ever so glad you like it! We barely see him in canon, only when he’s interacting with Luffy, and just–I wanted to see him reunite with Ace. I want them all to be happy. I just–why can’t they all be happy?

And just so you know, you and any other nonnies out there–I totally respect lurkers and nonnies (I was one myself for…so long) and thank you for even giving me your time! I am a pretty chill person, I think, though, so please always feel free to say hi or ask me things or start a conversation; I love meeting new people and making friends! And if you ever want me to respond to something privately, please just say so in an ask or whatever and I will respect that as well.