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Islam isn’t a violent religion any more than Christianity is.
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This was directed at a white supremacist, but it’s a good response for the Bill Maher Liberals in your life too, especially the atheists.  The Angry White Man brand of Liberal Atheist Absolutism is probably one of my least favorite factions among people I generally agree with, because it always comes with a condescending air of I’m Right And You’re Wrong.  Things are this or they are that, and because I am an educated white man, I am smart, and I don’t have to listen to your rebuttals to whatever I just said.  One of their hot button issues is religion, wherein all religions are stupid and terrible, but Islam is the worst because it makes people violent.

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I’m torn between what my favorite brother faction fights are, Justin and Travis vs Griffin aka “older siblings make their baby brother cry”, Griffin and Travis vs Justin aka “we spend a long time finding these questions but yeah cool here comes another munch squad”, or Justin and Griffin vs Travis aka “travis what the Fuck Are You Talking About”

“On one side there’s a group of… I was going to say “people”, but in one sense, they’re something closer to what you’d get if you crossed the Greek gods with the mathematics department at Cambridge University, while in another they’re more like laws of nature but with slightly more personality. Imagine if gravity had a condescending sneer and you’ve got the basic idea. They call themselves the [Time Lords], and they are, more or less, in charge of everything.”

The Shift, Faction Paradox: Head of State 

(In which Andrew Hickey provides what is now probably my favorite description of Gallifrey’s finest)


The reason the Institute ending is my favorite is not that I have a grudge against any factions or characters, nor do I think any decision is superior to another. It’s simply because the Institute ending has this beautiful and tragic moment.

I headcanon that Shaun is bedridden for MUCH longer than the single conversation we get in game. Instead, while Zoe was gone dealing with the Brotherhood of Steel for the last time, he collapsed and found himself unable to stand anymore. She returned to the Institute in a state of shock, and was warned that he had a matter of weeks left to live at best. But he’d be comfortable for the entire time.

So in my story, Zoe gets one last chance to do what she failed to do 200 years ago: take care of her son. For several weeks, she gets to be a mother again to her helpless baby, and watch over him as he slowly breathes his last. It tears her apart inside to watch it happen, but she also feels grateful for this chance. Thanks to her efforts, they don’t have any more issues to deal with, no more meetings, no more looming threats. It’s just them, reunited after two centuries, and they can do nothing but sit and talk. She gets to tell him everything about his late father, his long gone grandparents, about the life their family might have had, and finally she gets to say how profoundly proud she is of him.

She manages his health in every way she can, except when the doctors are immediately needed. She keeps him comfortable, she even brings him meals from the synth cooks. It’s everything she wanted to do before the war, and everything she SHOULD have done for him in his life.

Zoe takes leadership of the Institute for one reason alone: she failed to be there for her son in his life, save his final few months. So to make up for being such a monumentally terrible mother, she will shepherd his legacy until the end of her days.

(And the fact your character says “Goodbye, Shaun.” every time you activate his memorial is just one last kick to the gut.)

Remember when Areo Hotah, one of the strongest fighters in Dorne, wasn’t killed by a tiny knife and instead killed Ser Arys Oakheart of the Kingsguard?

Remember when Doran Martell wasn’t murdered by a minor character that he had minimal contact with and was instead revealed to be a political mastermind?

Remember when Prince Quentyn Martell was an actual character and he traveled to Mereen to unite his house with Danaerys’ cause?

Remember when Arianne Martell was an actual POV character who made a really gutsy power play by proclaiming Myrcella Baratheon to be the true heir to the throne?

Remember when Myrcella Baratheon was still alive, being used as a political pawn, but nonetheless alive?

If you do, you probably understand why last night’s episode made me so angry.

tw6464  asked:

Hey, just wanted to say I love your profile pic. Ryuko is pretty friggin sweet. Anyway, a question: who is your favorite faction in warhammer in terms of the coolest lore they have?? Thanks for answering and have a lovely evening/day/morning!

Holy crap an ask

Thanks! Ryuko is the best 8D and Thanks for the ask! As for your question, that’s a toughy! My favorite faction is extremely difficult to pin down, considering I have an intense love for Orks and their dakka, the Guard and their standard issue BALLS OF STEEL, the Sisters and their BURN AND PURGE power armored greatness, CSMs for their BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, and the Astartes for, well, their beefy PAULDRONS.

However, if we’re talking from a lore standpoint, I’m gonna have to go with the Astartes. Granted the Guard has many different regiments all hailing from hundreds of different kinds of worlds(I mean come on, who doesn’t want to see Space Cossacks tearing it up with the Space Red Army?), I feel like a lot of the Astartes chapters are extremely well developed.

Granted, that’s a bias, since they’re literally the Poster Boy faction, of course they’re going to have a shitton more lore than most other factions sitting behind them(and that’s not to say other factions don’t get their share, but count how much content GeeDubs themselves, Forge World, and Black Library has put out and you’ll see I’m not wrong) I do adore the variations between chapters, including the conflicts they have with each other.

Above all, the Lamenters are my babies. They’re one of the only true good, heroism-and-valor types of Chapters, and their lore strikes a deep chord with me. However, I think it’s even more interesting to take note of the other factions that were beside them, before them, and even after them.

For instance you have Marines that are complete asswads, like the Marines Malevolent, who are just as bad as the Blood Ravens with nicking everyone else’s shit, and even more assholish than the Minotaurs, to the point that Vulkan He’Stan had to smack the bitch out of one of their captains during the second war for Armaggedon.

The Minotaurs, a chapter with an eerie background that somehow manages to recruit from Terra itself and is specialized in killing other Space Marine chapters.

The Imperial Fists, who everyone knows as these badass fortress building, pain loving masochists slabs of meat, few know that they’re actually very artsy, at least in terms of their scrimshawing and their focus on both the function of their fortresses and the design as well(despite Dorn apparently having a massive hard on for gothic architecture).

The Iron Hands, and how they shun the common organization with a Chapter Master at the forefront and instead actually elect a representative as Chapter Master to guide them in the next conflict.

Even the Space Furries Wolves and their recruitment and initiation rituals, and how they’re literally the only chapter to successfully give the middle finger to the Inquisition and actually put the fear of Russ into their silly hat wearing leaders.

Even my own opinions on the various chapters aside, I find their quirks and doctrine really interesting, and I think it stretches beyond first founding when you consider other chapters. The Legion of the Damned/Firehawks, who are practically Imperial Daemons at this point. The Sons of Medusa and the Schism with the Iron Hands. Hell, even the Blood Ravens, who may or may not be loyalist Thousand Sons.

Again, this is largely bias, considering this is probably an uncommon sentiment and it’s pretty much more Marines fanwank. I adore them, though, and find them to be extremely well developed. Big, beefy killing machines that will not eat, breathe, sleep, or stop killing until their enemies are truly dead but still retain their own quirks, eccentricities, and styles right down to their armor designs and personal enjoyments.

That all being said, I would fucking love more development of other factions. The Guard has a ton of rich characters and regiments, that if expounded upon could be even more interesting and enthralling imo. the Tanith First are the absolute best, and pretty much kindled my hunger in knowing how the other regiments interact with one another. I’d love to see how Mordians act towards each other(which, I really need to buy that book when it comes out) and what they do when they’re not on the parade grounds, how a Krieg Trooper might spend his few moments of rest(even though we all know it’s probably clearing land mines by running through open fields or some crazy shit). I want to see more Drookian Fen Guard sassing Commissars and making sonnets.

I’d love to see a Blood Axes force who are full-on militarized, with stolen/salvaged Imperial Tech, a character who is a spot on armor commander, or a Snakebites leader who’s basically an Orky William Wallace(Killum Choppace? Orkum Wallaz?)

I love knowing that the Tau are actually being controlled by the Ethereals, and Farsight is basically not only against them, but could potentially lead to a hostile takeover in the future, which would be awesome to see. Alongside that, I love how their caste system shows that they actually are a very diverse race.

I’d love to see more on the Lost and the Damned as well, The Blood Pact is fucking awesome as a functional military force, and I’d adore to see more of it, not just in favor of Khorne either! Desolator-styled army that uses poison and chemical warfare, a warband of psykers that manage to pull off massive feats against the Imperium with their collective mindbullets and praise to Tzeentch, even a Slaaneshi host that manages to strike fear into Eversors with their drug-addled charges, or even armored vehicles with giant speakers and chem-pumps for the operators that go in and knock buildings down with sheer ROCK sound!

I feel like the Marines get a lot of love, but the other factions could receive so much more than they already have as well.


lunasola14  asked:

I've always wondered, in your opinion what's the best dynasty warriors game you've played? In terms of story and characters! BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I've been a fan of DW since I was a kid.

First: thanks! I’m never good at compliments, so I’m going to just leave it at that.

My favorite DW game was definitely DW4. It handled the story very well (though not accurately). I liked having factional stories where I could play as my favorite characters as much as I wanted - especially with the option to add your own and play with them in the story mode. When you add in little stories for the Other factions (Yuan Shao, the Turbans, the Nanman) and hidden stages in the main story, you’ve got a lot going for you. I also loved the duels and being able to customize my bodyguards. It was a great game.

I also liked DW7. I think it had the strongest storytelling in the franchise, and the introduction of the Jin faction was a much-needed shot-in-the-arm for the series.

I’ve typically been very fond of the Empires games as well (less so when they stopped being in English).

honestly suramar is really well done in general but if theres one thing i really really appreciate about it it’s that thalyssra/oculeth/valtrois and a lot of the other rebellion-y npcs actually do end up feeling like ur friends. like not just people who endlessly fawn over u and beg for your help like in the wod garrisons or faction leaders who are like “your my favorite champion hero. im so cool” theyre like. your buddies also and their banter is just really fun and organic and its a cool dynamic 2 quest through

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Hey, so how come you and so many other 40k players hate tau so much? I like them aesthetically and I think they make a sort of interesting parallel to the imperium long ago, the way the imperium is to what the eldar were long before that. I get that folks can like and dislike whatever they want, but it definitely makes the hobby less enjoyable to have people keep telling me my favorite faction sucks and should be destroyed and that I'm terrible for liking them.

Nobody’s terrible for liking anything in this great hobby of ours, ignore those sorts of people. 

Red Tithe. A review.

Void Father-damn. This book is a thing.

In the name of intellectual integrity, I feel that I must preface this with an admittance. Both sides of the conflict on Zartak are my favorite factions on their respective sides of the Long War, the Carcharodons my favored Imperial astartes, and the Night Lords my favorite chaos legion, so with that in mind, let’s begin.

I will do my best to leave this spoiler free.

The Night Lords have gotten a fair amount of attention in recent years, both Bowden’s trilogy and the Lord Of Night novel have gone a ways toward turning the Night Haunter’s legion into a popular one among 40k fans, a group I am counted amongst.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Carcharodons Astra have been about as understood by their fans as the Imperium they serve. They appeared in the Imperial Armour edition that covered the Badab War, and as far as I know that’s it. Yet that was enough, the space sharks stole my heart from day one, mysterious history, brutal and strange tactics, and a of course, the best color palette among the Loyalists. I’ve loved them since, but as I discovered after playing one in a Deathwatch game, and proceeding to search for chapter relics online, they aren’t the most popular chapter, and while there is a decent amount of fan-made material out there, up to and including a fan-made codex, it was always such a shame to never see the Black Library give them some attention.

Well, my prayers were answered. I got not one, but both of my favorite astartes factions in a single novel, blades drawn, and both at the top of their game.

The novel takes just enough time to establish the human cast of characters, before it kicks off with a mighty bite, and never let’s go. The novel switches between breakneck, nail-biting action, and terror laden silence as the combatants on each side maneuver and vy for an advantage before rushing back into the fray, it’s such a consistent pacing style that it almost feels like a conscious decision on the author’s part, mirroring the methods of the Carcharodons, silent until ferocious.

The characters. One of the reasons I find myself drawn to the Night Lords, even Chaos Space Marines in general, is that there is so much room to play with their characters, their fighting styles, their armament, their trophies, their personalities, and that’s all put to work here, with First Kill in particular being home to engaging and unique characters. There are very real agendas in every night lord’s heart, and backstabbing, oh the backstabbing, murderous ambition has been played with by other authors, but this is the first novel where those cloak and dagger politics are truly on display, every warrior of the eighth legion is constantly scheming, forming alliances, and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

By contrast, the Carcharodons are united in their cause, though separate agendas are there as well, trust is thin in places, and tensions are high. The Carcharodons don’t slack in the character department either, in particular the newly oathed company master, as he struggles between living up to his predecessor’s mantle, and learning from that predecessor’s mistakes. You really feel Sharr being pulled in a dozen different directions, he makes mistakes, he prays for answers that aren’t coming, he fights with his armor’s bloodthirsty spirit, and all the while you feel the weight of command pressing down on his shoulders. There are other great characters as well, the Pale Nomad, the Red Brethren, Dorthor, Ekra, but in all honesty, as compelling as they are, it was the Reaper Prime that really stole the show for me.

Some praise has to be given to the development of the Carcharodons’ lore development here. The chapter is given a very interesting treatment to their unique way of life among astartes, with special attention to their outlook on both themselves, their purpose, and the wider imperium. We’re treated to a detailed look into their solemn, dark world outside of battle.

The interplay between the two forces is a fascinating one, as the advantage shifts from one side to the other. For every underhanded tactic utilized by the Night Lords, there is an answering, brutal offensive from the Carcharodons, for every savage eighth legion ambush there is a clever tactical maneuver from the grey predators to respond. Both sides feel very real, they are both led by tactically sound commanders that have different tactical assets and tactics at their disposal, and they do their best to leverage those assets against opponent’s equall to them in nearly every way.

Speaking of feeling real, the author does NOT hesitate to give characters the axe, sometimes literally. No seriously, the plot armor here is thinner than the arbites’ flak vests. This is, in and of itself, a very good thing. An unfortunate fact of such a brutal universe is that characters bite the big one, something many 40k authors shy away from, but not something Macniven appears to fear.

Something that also warrants special note, is the terror in the book. The Night Lords are honest to Void Father quite scary, in fact at times from the human perspectives it almost feels more like a horror novel than a 40k one, as the shadows tug at the edges of their vision, lights go out, and sounds of the dead and dying are echo in the tunnels.

The combat is every bit as brutal and visceral as I would want from a book involving these factions, armor buckles and cracks under the fury of battle, blood flows free and profusely, the confined space of the tunnels turns every conflict into a massacre, sometimes with no discernable victor.

Overall, I absolutely loved Red Tithe. It’s brutal, fast-paced, detailed, engaging, and involves two of the most interesting astartes factions. I cannot recommend this enough.

But one more thing. Macniven you bastard. If you were hoping for a final, definitive answer to the question of the Carcharodons’ origin, get some napkins, cause you never get a straight answer, just vague, circumventive, sometimes straight up confusing answers that leave you hungrier than ever for a straight void-father damned answer. In short, it’s a few hundred page exersize in fanbaiting.

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your Einherjar looks so dope! really excited to see what other designs you have for the Aggregate. they're easily one of my favorite factions

ive got designs for thor and odin at about 30% complete in my head. valkyries/Einherjar probably do the most fighting against BONEMEN on contested war-worlds. 

I want the aesthetic of the aesir to be very different from bio-organics like the Hegemony or the demon-industrialization look of the conglomerate. 

Wrestling Tag

1. Favorite Current Male Superstar?
Nobody replaces Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens.

2. Favorite Superstar of all time?
I don’t have one :x

3. Favorite Current Female Superstar?
Becky Lynch

4. Favorite Female of All Time?

5. Wrestlemania or SummerSlam?

6. Do You Have the WWE Network?

7. Favorite Title Belt of All Time?
Big Gold belt!

8. Favorite Current Belt?
SD Women’s Championship

9. Least Favorite Superstar of all Time?
I’ll never forgive Benoit.

10. Least Favorite Current Superstar?
Braun Strowman. Mr. Boring AF.

11. Favorite Wrestlemania moment?
The Women’s Championship revival.

12. Favorite Era?
Ruthless Aggression era for stories, current Era for the wrestling

13.Favorite Match of the Year (so far)?
Still love Kenny v Okada

14. Favorite Piece of Merch You Own?
I’ve been wearing my Alexa Bliss shirt a lot lately, but I do love my Becky shirts.

15. Favorite Faction of All Time?
Does the Four Horsewomen count?

16. Do You like the Current Main Title Holder(s)?
Not all of them… Can’t wait for Dean, Randy, and Brock to lose. I kinda wish Bayley retained at Payback the more time passes.

17. Do You Think That the Women Should Have More Titles?
Never thought I’d see the women have two main titles, so if they want to add another one, like a tag team one, I’d support it. It’d make them a bigger part of the show and I want to see more of the ladies!

18. Favorite Finisher? 
I love submission finishers; Black Widow is my favorite!

19. Favorite Stipulation? 
Elimination Chamber

20. Favorite PPV?
Great Balls of Fire– I like Survivor Series and Backlash!

Bonus: Have You Met Any Superstars? If YES, Who?
No :(

nightingaletrash  asked:

1, 8, 22, and 30 for the Skyrim meme :D

1, favorite race to play as: Bosmer. Sneaky archers ftw. Second favorite is Altmer.

8, favorite Daedric quest: tbh I avoid the Daedric quests. But does the Thieves Guild line count as Nocturnal’s quest(s)? If not, the Break of Dawn.

22, favorite NPC that can be a follower: Farkas. Though I never actually play with him as follower because of the questline requirement. Marcurio is my favorite actually used follower. My pack mule <3

30, favorite faction/questline: Thieves Guild! (then CoW; though the quests suck, the faction itself is awesome)

  • Task 01. A New Era: $100
  • Task 02. The Reaping: $0
  • Task 03. Disney Character Quiz: $100
  • Task 04. Skills: $100
  • Task 05. Rule and Recap/Oops I Did It Again: $0
  • Task 06. What a Strange New Place: $100
  • Task 07. Seven Deadly Sins: $0
  • Task 08. My Favorite Things: $100
  • Task 09. Chariots: $0
  • Task 010. Faction: $100
  • Task 011. Training Prompts: 5 x $100 = $500
    • Ask a mentor about their Games (Clover, Scarlett)
    • Have your character lose their token and find it (with Conri)
    • Have your character interact with a character they dislike (Maybelle lol)
    • Watch tapes from a previous Games (94th with Scarlett)
    • Form an alliance your character intends to keep (with Conri)
  • Task 012. Learn Skills: $100
  • Task 013. Skills Presentation: $400
  • Task 014. Caesar Tribute Interview: $0
  • Big Sponsor Funds: $1400
  • Participation in the AU Event: $0
  • 113th Victor’s Ball Posts: $0

TOTAL: $3000


Some of the coolest pics that I have of this deadly man and some of his coolest moments of him as lord of darkness. Ministry of darkness is my favorite faction of all time. I don’t care but I gotta admit that I wanted to marry him as a young girl because just look at him he’s so hot & dangerous ❤❤❤❤

This post is dedicated to my sweetest tumblr hubby monkeychusetts (I hope that you like it sweets)