this is my favorite episode and i'm watching it now

Straight people are bad at shipping non-canon gay ships with the “rivalry” or “enemies to lovers” tropes because all they do is fetishize gayness and apply all of their pathological beliefs about gayness onto actual LGBT people, whereas LGBT people are great at shipping these things because we’re clever, artistic, cool, fun, and witty. 

  • someone: what's your favorite season?
  • me: okay listen i know there's only been four episodes but i really think season 5 is gonna be my favorite like jake and amy got engaged four episodes in and there's already been so much great stuff happening and i'm so excited for the rest
  • someone: no i mean season of the year
  • me: oh. fall. because that's when brooklyn 99 seasons start and i know i can always count on that show to make me feel happier no matter what. have you ever watched it? let's watch it right now.

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Me in the first episode of season 1: *stares at lance* OK you're not my favorite character in terms of design, but I'll give it a try. Me after episode 3: Holy shit... I think that I just found my character crush. *starts tearing up * Me now: *still tears up at his sight* *ships klance* * and analyzes his body* I'm fucked...

can’t relate, lance was absolutely stunning in episode 1:

but i’ll agree, the more you watch the more you fall for him T^T

My favorite episode of Young Justice is the episode in which Batman, of all people, is confused as to why the kiddos haven’t bounced back in a day after watching each other + everyone they love die terribly and helplessly.

“I thought they’d have rallied by now.”

Yes, Batman, because you certainly bounced back fast from your various griefs.

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I've been binging your Ace Attorney play through for the past 3 days, currently on episode 52. I've turned into a low key fan now and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. In reference to one of my favorite on going moments in the series, I believe there is decisive evidence proving that this is a quality let's play, do you not agree your honor? "U-uh, yes, of course! Guilty!"

what’s funny is when i played ace attorney 6, alex, anne marie, and i thought it was great how their judge seemed just as hasty as ours.  “O-OKAY THEN.  GUILTY!”

you can watch our Ace Attorney playthrough here

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Is it wrong that I'm so excited for tonight's episode (5x20) that I don't want le' boyfriend to come over so that I watch it, then re-watch my favorite scenes over and over again until I fall into olicity blissful sleep?

No, not at all! Tonight is not a night for boyfriends and husbands. It’s a nice for OLICITY. We’ve waited over 400 days for this and, dammit, we’re going to enjoy it! 😂

(and if anyone out there is on Twitter and has some spare time, come join the “OLICITY IS RISING” trend going on right now!!)

so i’ve decided to finally watch shadowhunters, and wow i never knew that when your favorite character is not the main one it’s really hard lol. before sh every tv show i watched i cared at least a little bit for the main character. but not this time. i’m not saying i dislike clary or jace, but i just… don’t care about either of them and am not that interested in their storylines..? 

anyway, the point of this post is that alec and isabelle are now my children, and i’ll die to protect them


Just yet another awesome episode of Justified~

Wow… Appmon sure was a rollercoaster…

Being honest, I didn’t have faith on it. Like, I actually got bored the first time I saw it and then came back when episode 30 was about to come out.

But it somehow managed to grow on me and now I can say it’s my favorite season. Not even Frontier (which is the one I watched when I was little) is so special for me.

It’ll always have a place in my heart since it’s the first season I got to watch while airing, it has a relatable googlehead and it’s the first one that made me love all the characters.

So thank you, Appmon. It has been a great year.

I’ll do a post about some scenes of the final episode later, but i wanted to say this first


Lana on her favorite scene, the prison scene with Robert Carlyle in ‘The thing you love most’. (x)


My first thought when I saw the sneak peak of 5.02 The Blacklist was, “Are they now seriously going to steal from Blindspot?” Red talking the FBI into stealing a stolen painting back–what does that remind you of? Right. Rich talking the FBI into stealing the Gardner paintings back. It’s my favorite Blindspot episode of all time. The question is, Am I skipping it because I can’t take it or am I watching it and take it apart afterward?

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pei can you cry about aa with me pls i'm watching episodes at random and i canNOT


you know what’s so great about AA? The fact that, along with the shameless and blatant shows of stevetony (friendship-wise or romantically, it doesn’t even matter), each episode also does an excellent job of choosing to show us their closeness in subtle, background, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments. For example, one of my favorite episodes is “New Frontiers,” where the Avengers go to space. Now, besides the fantastic space-superhusbands scenes and all that, there’s one scene near the end, where the Avengers had just saved an alien planet from Thanos and the Black Order, and they’re boarding their Avenjet to go home.

(sorry for the crappy screenshots haha I threw this together really quick), but what gets me is that poor Jeter wasn’t even done talking before Tony lays a hand on Steve’s shoulder and they just stare at each other and forget the rest of the world exists. You can’t see it in the screenshot that I provided, but these two idiots literally just stare at each other smiling, probably having some wordless “good job shellhead/winghead” conversation. In the context of this moment and this episode, this shoulder touch was completely superfluous. And yet, someone decided to put the time and effort into animating this teeny tiny moment of intimacy.  

this is what I love about AA. they put in the effort to include these little moments to reinforce steve and tony’s relationship. this is what we lacked in the mcu, I think. the mcu just tried to tell us what steve and tony’s relationship was. the AA-verse, on the other hand, puts in the effort to show it.

(also i just love how you can see clint in the background thinking like “where’s my shoulder pat iron man, wow why do i even put up with these losers).

  • Dude
  • Just the Arins seemed a bit awkward at first but honestly it's like having some quality time with Uncle Arin where he shows you his favorite game and some tips and tricks on how to play and where the secrets are and I'm honestly adoring it right now
  • So please give it a chance!!!!! Don't just say "Oh my God ugh if Dan isn't in it then I'm not watching it" please just try it out, watch the first episode at least!!

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dinner party is legit one of my favorite eps, i used to cringe so hard when i watched it but now i'm used to it and i honestly think it's one of the funniest episodes of the whole show, it has some of the best lines (oaky afterbirth gets me every time)