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I'll Be Waiting // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: how about a neighbourau! For jaehyun in which one of u just moves in? ☺️☺️☺️ I’ve daydreamed this scenario so much!

words: 1329

category: fluff

author note: i suppose this lil fluff is to make up for the angst i dumped upon you guys. also, to who requested this, i wasn’t sure what you wanted, but i hope you like this!

- destinee

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im just gonna jump right in so enjoy and try not to cry



‘be nonchalant, styles. just play it cool’


this one is precious and such good quality (look at his teeth i acanf)

lil goofy pjs ask me if im alright (i,m not)

WITH FRIENDS plus the little girl. does his shirt say school idk but its cute


he is cheesing so hard…he still does this smile im upset



so animated so cute rocking that c cup

speedo and goofy ears, he should have been walking the runway (the goofy ears are even pierced and for some reason that just makes the whole thing better)


back in his blonde days (AND MICKEY SHIRT!!!)

HIS CREW NECK THE DOG HIS SHINY SHOES (tell me he was dressed for school tell me he had a disney themed lunch box tell me his mom cut his sandwich into little shapes like butterflies and dinosaurs TELL ME)


well he doesn’t look very impressed by class picture day

just not impressed at all

u got it dude!!!!!! plus STRIPED SHORTS YEA (and his hand on the girls thigh like here little girl let me use your leg to help get off of this bench, much love .xx)


playing with the older kids ;( lil blue shorts

once again who knows what hes doing with his hands…..but still adorable


thrusting his fist in the air he cant contain the excitement ‘YES GOLF CART RIDES!!!!!!!’

ah good old family photos

he sleeps with his mouth open :( look at his tiny fist :(


just casually straddling that fence like a pro (the other boy is no where near as comfortable up there that is evident)

enjoying story time and rocking that vest he has been a little fashionista since day one (do they make baby sized glitter boots? if so, he owned them)


kisseskissesskd (quirky ears before he even had the curls to make them so)

nice family beach day when harry breaks out the ninja moves

everybody was kung fu fighting!!!

working that camera! owning those angles!

just too damn cute 

Babysitting Jobs

Word count: 919
Pairing: Uncle!Crowley/Child!Reader
Warnings: none?
Note: I just have all these feels and don’t know what to do with them
Tags: @aaron–hotchner
Idk if you even like Crowley but this was the fluff I spoke of.

The king of Hell walks into a church.
Sounds like a bad joke, doesn’t it? But here he was, babysitting the brat Moose and Squirrel call their sister. Though only ten, the child was an absolute horror. She was polite, compassionate, and downright adorable.
It disgusted him.
But, much as he was disgusted, he couldn’t help but have a soft spot for her. The way she discouraged traps, the names she gave his dogs (“Her name is Anna, cause she’s just as mean.”). Once, when she was seven, she asked for information from his demon, and ever so nicely added a ‘please’ at the end of the sentence. When he refused to give it to her, she toddled off to find someone who would, rather than hurting the black-eyed boy.
At the moment, he was seated next to her at Christmas mass. She was watching with shining eyes as the priest explained the story of Jesus. The man could’ve fallen asleep because of how boring it was.
The only reason he was even here was because those two idiots she called brothers and their little angel friend forgot to take her with them. They begged him to watch her until they got back later that evening, and he could do nothing but agree. And of course the brat wanted to go to church!
“Uncle Cas says God always likes to see his children there!” She explained.
The little old lady next to him seemed to be staring him down; her gaze constantly switched between the two of them, as if she was questioning his guardian skills. Kids weren’t much different than dogs, right?
That evening, he took her home draped over his shoulder. She had fallen asleep mid-mass. No doubt it was way past her bedtime, anyways. It was a shame, really. She had been all dressed up in her child-sized red dress and shoes.
“It’s cause they match your eyes!” She said, squishing his cheeks a bit.
He was hardly amused when the boys returned, covered in blood and sweat. This was no place to raise a child, even Hell would be better for her! And that’s exactly what he told them.
“She should not have to grow up with so much pressure!” He seethed, shoving Dean backwards.

“Oh? And what do you suggest? Hell would hardly be better!” The man yelled back. The group didn’t notice little tear filled eyes watching from the stairs. (Y/n) listened to them fight about her care until Crowley flashed himself out. She tucked herself back into bed, said a prayer, and drifted into a nightmare filled sleep, something about a man in a cage?
In the end, she stayed with the boys. Crowley was in no way related to her, had no leverage over the boys. He couldn’t technically take her, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t babysit now and again.
Today happened to be one of those days.

“Tell me, Peabody,” Crowley said, taking a sip from his tiny plastic tea cup. “Have you been getting enough sleep? You look tired.” She hadn’t. The nightmares had gotten worse and she was almost afraid to sleep now. Dark bags, the kind that shouldn’t be found on any ten year old, had formed under her droopy eyes.

“Mhm.” She hummed. There was no reason to worry her favorite uncle, was there? The door to the bunker opened and closed, alerting the king that her guardians were back. He ruffled her hair, said goodbye, and flashed out. The minute he was gone, (Y/n) laid her head on the table, ready for a short nap.

“What in God’s name did you two do?” Crowley snarled. (Y/n) was currently leaning against him, sobbing her heart out. It had to be their fault, obviously! What else could make her cry like this?

“Nothing! She woke up and wanted you, that’s all we know.” Sam insisted. Crowley muttered something about ‘being more of a Peabody than a moose’ and continued to comfort her, urging her to reveal the problem.

“Come now, Peabody, what’s got you so down? Nothing we can’t fix, yes?”

“Make him s-stop!” She cried. Were you talking about him? “He h-hurt Sam! Put him back, make h-him stop!”

“Put who back?” Crowley inquired. But the boys had a good idea of what she meant, and they were not at all shocked by what she said next.

“The m-man with the w-hite wings.” Handing you over to Dean, Crowley stood. A scowl adorned his face, as did bright red eyes. Someone would die tonight, and though it wouldn’t be Lucifer, they had a feeling he would get what was coming for messing with Crowley’s favorite Winchester.
Under the agreement that he got to speak with Sam and Dean, Lucifer stopped his tormenting. How he could even reach (Y/n) from the cage was a mystery. But she was sleeping easy and had no clue that those dreams had happened in real life, that was what mattered.
And that brings us right back to…
“But I want to see the puppies!” (Y/n) pouted angrily. Crowley stood behind her with an amused smirk.

“Hellhounds. They’re fucking hellhounds! You can’t even see them unless you’re a demon!” Dean replied. There was a long pause before she turned to look up at Crowley.

“Uncle Crowley, can I have my birthday wish early?”

“You are not wishing to be a demon!” Sam screeched. Ah, the joys of childhood.

Runaway : Jason Blossom Pt. 2

Part One

request: Omg I just read your jughead imagine and it haves me thinking, can you do a one shot thing of Jason Blossom not really being dead and sneaks into the reader’s bedroom in the middle of the night or something too explain to her why he faked his death (you can make up the reason because I’m not that clever) but yeah it’s just really sad and full of fluff idk I’m weird.

requested by: anonymous

A/N: Can you believe part 2 is finally here??? I can’t, but I am ecstatic to be posting this!! I loved writing the first part, but this part is going to be a little different. It is going to be written in first person!! Hopefully it is loved like the other one. okay, carry on. love you guys. xx, aubree (p.s. part three??)

warnings: fluffy as hell (I am not sorry.) 

word count: 1,802

(gif not mine) gif credit: x


The next morning was, well, quite easy. I had made sure Jason was hidden before I made my way to my father’s work. I needed to tell him that I was going to be testing out of school and then promptly leaving Riverdale, for good. 

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Boys in Plaid || Peter Parker x Reader

i have no excuse for this drabble other than the fact that i love peter parker too much.

this isn’t a sequel to {{beloved season}} since I feel pretty torn about it. on one hand, i feel like it’s gr8 on its own, but on the other hand–

i wanna give peter the happy ending he deserves 。゚(TヮT)゚。

i’ll think about making a sequel later. Maybe it’ll happen sometime in the future but idk bc the original requester never really spoke about wanting it to be a two parter so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so to make it up for making any of you readers cry with {{beloved season}}, have a fluffy drabble with peter (●♡∀♡)

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine!!



[key: =reader’s text

=peter’s text]

boys in plaid are so cute.

really? you think so?

petey, i don’t just think so. I KNOW SO.

so are you saying that you’d date any guy, as long as he wore plaid??

welllll, i do have standards tho. not any guy can date me just from wearing plaids alone.

then what do you look for…in a boyfriend?

hhhhh i can’t believe im telling my best friend this (/ω\) okay what i look for in a bf is that he has to be super sweet with a genuine personality. like, he’s not a lowkey asshole when im alone with him and only a sweetheart in public, you feel???

he has to be like SUPPPEEERR SMART and he has to be willing to spoil me with cuddles and nights spent watching cheesy 80s movies (/ω\)

also boys who wear plaid with jeans and converses are my absolute weakness (/ω\) ♡ ♡

i see…


Peter Parker couldn’t help the wide grin that showed on his face after reading the series of texts between him and [Name]. He could practically feel his confidence skyrocketing to the roof because he finally had proof that he had a chance with her.

Setting his phone to the side, he stands and searches through his closet, picking out all of the plaid shirts that he could find before setting them aside.

Despite how foolish Peter felt about doing this, he knew that it would all be worth it in the end if he managed to have [Name] in his arms.


You go into Midtown the next day with a sluggish walk that usually came with Monday mornings. Internally groaning at having to deal with chemistry and lab first thing in the morning, you unlock your locker and pulled out a thick textbook, your lab workbook, and binder. The weight of each book was becoming uncomfortable against your arms, and you were struggling with closing your locker when you felt someone take away your stack of books from the side.

“Here, let me help you [Nickname].” Recognizing Peter’s voice, you face him, about to thank him when you felt your words die against your throat.

Holy shit, had Peter always been this fucking cute?! The boy was standing next to you, looking positively delectable as he wore a black and red patterned plaid shirt coupled along with a pair of jeans and his signature converses. The fact that he wasn’t covering the plaid shirt with his usual Midtown High hoodie made you see his physique as a whole in a totally different light.

As you stared at him, you were loving how broad his chest was as his left arm seemed to bulge a bit as he carried your books in one hand, making you nearly drool at how his veins were shown on his wrist.

“Oh my god, you’re so cute-” you catch yourself at the very last minute, feeling a deep blush paint your skin when you cover your mouth with your hand. You had just told Peter that he was cute!!! And that was the one thing you were absolutely terrified of admitting.

When you had texted Peter last night about your love for boys in plaid, you had unconsciously (and automatically) described Peter Benjamin Parker in near perfect detail. Only after you had sent those texts did you realize the error of your ways- however, you were confident that Peter was too nerdy to understand your (un)intentional description of him.

But the fact that he was in front of you, (dressed to absolute perfection in your favorite aesthetic) was making your knees weak as you shivered at his proximity. You should have known better, dammit. Peter had been your friend for years now, and there really wasn’t much you could hide from him.

Peter seemed pleased at your embarrassment as he shifted all of your books beneath his left arm. Using his right hand, he gently runs a finger down your face, stopping at your lips before lingering against them, “I’m so nervous right now, and I want nothing more than for you to finally put me out of my misery and be my girlfriend. If the fact that I literally spent some time the night before picking out this exact outfit in a pathetic attempt to get you to notice me isn’t enough proof that I’m already madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

You close your eyes and lean into the palm of his hand when he begins to caress your cheek, “Yeah? Well if the fact that I described you in perfect detail the night before isn’t proof that I’m madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

Peter laughs, the sound making your heart flutter when he leans down to place a quick kiss against your lips, “How about we both put each other out of our miseries right now and become that gross couple who hold hands and kiss all the time?”

You cutely scrunch up your nose before nuzzling Peter with it, laughing while staring into his sweet brown eyes, “I think I’d like that.”


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Dad can you do empress Yoonji, and she has a secret relationship with her body guard Taehyung. Thank you!

They met back as children. 

Yoonji can remember it so perfectly, they’d met when Taehyung was just a boy who snuck into the castle to leave her flowers because she looked lonely from her spot by the highest window in her bedroom. Taehyung had always been  brave and a little bit too reckless and the little boy always stood strong as he climbed the trees besides the castle walls until he was able to tap at her window with his small hands. 

Taehyung always brought her lilies because they were her favorite. 

Yoonji smiled as she’d take those same flowers and braid them into flower crowns for Taehyung to wear as he left during their next visits. She knew she loved him then, even if she didn’t know what love was, she knew what she felt for Taehyung was something special. 

“My mother is sick, i’m next in line for the throne.”

They’re teenagers now and Taehyung still sneaks into the castle through the same window. Yoonji still holds the same gummy smile she’d flash when she watched Taehyung scale the tree that grew along side the castle walls only now it held a certain fondness that came with stolen kisses and shy holding.  Now her fond looks are laced with affection for the boy who still brings her lilies because she hates roses. 

Taehyung stiffens. 

“I’m sorry about your mother.” 

Yoonji blesses Taehyung with a small smile and even though it doesn’t reach her eyes like normal he still thinks it’s one of the most beautiful sights ever. He still thinks Yoonji is the most beautiful sight ever. 

“They asked me to look for a personal guard. For when i take her place and i want that to be you there’s no one else i trust with my life..” 

There’s a voice inside of Taehyung’s head that says he shouldn’t. The voice screams at him to stay far away from the job, nothing good will come from it, but Taehyung has never denied Yoonji of anything she’s asked and he was not about to change that. He smiles as he laces his hands with hers. 

“Well at least then i won’t have to climb the castle walls anymore.” 

Yoonji shines brighter than the sun on the day of her crowning. She’s dressed in sapphire and gold robes and the golden crown that is placed on her head fits almost as if it’s belonged there forever. All Taehyung can notice is the white lily pinned over Yoonji’s heart on her dress. 

“All hail queen Yoonji.” 

Taehyung grins with pride for the only woman he’s ever loved. Yoonji would be the best queen there was and he was sure of it like he was sure he would die before he let anyone touch her. He was sure the way he was sure he could never love anyone else the way he loved the small girl that later pressed herself into his chest. 

“You should be working on those documents for the merging of cities.” 

Yoonji grunts in between kisses placed onto Taehyung’s neck. She didn’t care about any stupid documents nor did she care about merging of cities, all she cared about was the days that had passed without her being able to touch Taehyung. It’d been too many nights with the entire head council watching her and not enough nights in Taehyung’s arms. Yoonji wanted nothing more than to just waste weeks in bed with Taehyung without worrying about anything else. 

“Fuck the documents.” 

Taehyung laughs as he easily lifts Yoonji onto her desk before kissing the breath from her lungs. 

“Don’t you mean fuck me, instead of the documents?” 

It’s fun for a while. Taehyung laughs as he’s pushed into empty rooms of the castle just to have Yoonji’s lips on his right after. They’ve lost count of how many times they’ve had to quiet their moans and groans with each other hands so no one will hear them making a mess of Yoonji’s bedroom. 

Nothing could make their time better.

The first time Taehyung gets seriously hurt Yoonji feels her world falling apart for the first time ever.  She knew her position as queen would come with attacks. She knew it was Taehyung’s job to make sure she never got hurt. Yet she never knew how much it would hurt to see him laying in a pool of his own blood as the boy grunted and pulled the knife from his stomach. 

“You have to promise me. Promise you’ll never get hurt like this again please.” 

Taehyung notices the way one of the council’s members face lights up with understanding and it makes his insides turn unhappily. Still he smiles and holds Yoonji’s hand between his own. 

“I promise, beautiful.”

“Yoonji i don’t want to hide anymore.” 

The queen stiffens. 

“They would never let us be together. You’re a…. a guard and they would never allow that.”

The smile Taehyung gives is one that wavers before he nods. Yoonji is right, the council would never allow a queen to be with a low guard yet he’d let himself hope. He let himself believe Yoonji would fight for them the way he fought for her. 

“Yes, i guess so. I have to go now.” 

“Did you hear queen Yoonji is getting engaged to prince Baekhyun of the south palace? 

Taehyung’s blood turns cold. 

“Oh really? How amazing! Prince Baekhyun is really so handsome and will be perfect for Yoonji, their children will no doubt be the most beautiful.” 

There’s nothing inside of Taehyung’s mind as he marches down the castles halls heading straight for Yoonji’s main office. Fuck the meeting she’s having. There’s rage inside of Taehyung he’s never felt before the moment the slams the door open only to see prince Baekhyun sitting in front of Yoonji’s desk. 

Some really petty side of him smiles when they both jump at the loud slam that follows the door being pushed open. 

“Oh hello who is this?” 

Yoonji’s eyes are wide as they search for something inside of Taehyung and Taehyung finally understands why the council would never let them be together. Yoonji isn’t sure who breaks more when Taehyung speaks next. 

“I’m just a guard.”

(wow i have no idea what i’m doing here but have some angst i’ll continue this if someone ask but idk fam i’m in a angst mood)

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Since their performance @ the mamas I really want to get into monsta x~What are their personalities like? I've seen some shows but do you have any fav interviews? Blogs to rec? Sorry if this is kinda long!!

It’s not a problem at all! I’m happy to answer anything you have to ask about them, and I’m really glad more people are starting to get into them ^^ Hope this helps you somewhat~

The members (in order of oldest > youngest):

Shownu (Full name: Son Hyunwoo) - Leader of the group, the best dancer (you can check out some of his performances on Hit The Stage here, here, and here); also a great vocalist (his solo performance from No Mercy). The members call him the “dad” of the group, and he has a very relaxed demeanor most of the time. Laid back and doesn’t get scared easily (he once jumped off a 63-floor high tower because he wanted to). He’s also kind of awkward and shy sometimes, but very sweet once you get to know him. Very reliable as a leader, and cares for his members a lot ;u; Actually really really cute. Nicknamed ‘robot’; often compared to a teddy bear. Also, his eye smile is super adorable :’3

Wonho (Full name: Shin Hoseok) - Vocalist, charismatic stage persona; has a ‘sexy’ image as an idol, but in reality, is the fluffiest sweetest person ever ;-; Is extremely caring and sensitive; expresses his love for his members, fans, and family a lot (he personally helped his mom open a cafe after debuting ;;). Always makes sure to thank every single person, including every staff member ;; Very hardworking (also produces his own songs). The ultimate cheesiest dork (once took a cookie monster doll on a date). His one true love is ramen. His smile could make flowers grow :’)

Minhyuk (Full name: Lee Minhyuk) - Vocalist, bright and cheerful personality, a literal sunshine angel, the group’s “moodmaker”. Likes skinship with others and is very affectionate :’) Often compared to a puppy (nicknamed ‘Minmungie’). Loves Monbebes so much ;; (spent days perfecting calligraphy to show to fans to accompany a solo stage, worked on an entire exhibit for fans with Kihyun); admitted to often searching up things about Monsta X on SNS :’) Very caring and supportive of the other members; so full of love for everyone <3 “Jack of all trades”; once scored 3 consecutive tens in archery at ISAC (wow).

Kihyun (Full name: Yoo Kihyun) - Main vocalist, “hamster”, honestly has one of the nicest voices (OTL), named one of Starship’s top vocalists by many of his company seniors. Small and savage (remember when he threw confetti at Yoongi?), but also really caring at heart ;-; Often very cheesy when it comes to Monbebes (X,X,X). Sometimes tries to act cute (he’s naturally cute okay ;u;) or romantic, but gets super embarrassed afterwards. Also often called the “king of bluffing”. Loves kids, Gudetama, and fried chicken :3 Is called the ‘mom’ of the group because he cooks/cleans and wakes everyone up in the morning (nags at the members, especially Hyungwon, lmao). He sang for a few drama OSTs (X,X). Some performances you should check out: Hyeya (iconic performance from No Mercy T_T), Moon of Seoul (sings this song every chance he gets haha) on Masked Singer, Runaway Baby, etc.

Hyungwon (Full name - Chae Hyungwon) - Vocalist, talented dancer (choreographed this and danced it w/ Wonho and Shownu), model, “poet”, good at acting (he has a role in an upcoming webdrama!). The members once said that he looks like he walked out of a manga. Is known for being very handsome, but is also the biggest meme (a Brazilian political party even once used a vine of him as a meme). Might seem cool and laid back at first, but he’s actually extremely dorky <3 Known for his praying mantis dance and sleeping a lot. The other member of MX’s sass duo (along with Kihyun). The actual sweetest towards fans ;;;

Jooheon (Full name: Lee Jooheon) - Rapper, extremely talented (was the highest ranking for the majority of No Mercy, collaborated with professionals even before debut), charismatic stage persona - but also known for his cuteness ^-^ Seriously, he is the king of aegyo and all things cute ;u; Famous for his “kkukkukkakka” aegyo. The most easily scared member. Also a very talented composer; very passionate about music and the things he writes about in his lyrics (this song he wrote for his grandmother speaks out beyond the scope of words;;). Some other performances: Yessir (solo from No Mercy), duet with #Gun, SMTM (X,X), Get Low w/ MadClown, etc.

I.M (Full name: Lim Changkyun) - Maknae (that “doesn’t seem like the maknae”), rapper, known for his distinctive deep voice (and his iconic line “I am what I am”). Seems serious and quiet at first, but in actuality is the biggest dork. Multilingual. A total meme, but also super adorable and puppy-like (nicknamed “Kkukkungie”). Very very sweet and thoughtful ;; Had to deal with a lot of difficulties to get where he is now, but he persevered and worked so hard to overcome those  ;~;

In summary, they’re all such kind and hardworking people, who love their fans so much (to go so far as to dress up as doctors at fanmeetings and listen to fans’ problems), who never tire of expressing their love for their supporters, are always respectful and humble, and continue to work to do their best at everything, despite whatever obstacles they encounter ;~;

**As for shows (idk what you’ve already seen), these are the essentials:

  • Right Now (aka one of the greatest things ever bestowed upon the fandom)
  • No Mercy (their predebut survival show - I’d recommend watching something light and funny after this ;~;)

Other Shows/Interviews:

V App/Official Channel Videos:

Some of my favorite performances:

Some other things you should check out:

Please stan these lovely dorks ♡ You won’t regret it :’)

I Ship It

Requested By Anon.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader.

Scenario: The team ships Y/N and Bucky.

Translation of Zulu: Yebo - Yes. Sala Kahle - Goodbye/Stay well.

A/N: Title change! As you can see, Avengers Chatroom is not in it anymore, but just the name of the chat. Also, Y/F/M - Your favorite movie.

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Y/N, Peter, Scott, T’Challa, Clint.

Tony: Hello.

Tony: Is it me you’re looking for?

Clint: no.

Scott: Why are you asking? You created the chat??

T’Challa: He’s singing.

Y/N: At least it’s not the Hello by Adele.

Peter: Actually he sings that whenever I answer his calls.

Tony: Do you not like my singing?!

Peter: To recite Clint earlier on in the chat on this day, a Saturday, at 14:21: no.

Tony: Your aunt has a different opinion.


Peter: You serenade my aunt?!

Scott: why am i here

Y/N: idk Scott, idk.

T’Challa: I have better things to do than chat. Is there something you needed Tony?

Tony: Yes. I need to test my latest invention on someone.

Scott: OHHHH NO.

Scott has left the chat.

T’Challa: I have a meeting.

Tony: Aren’t you in NY so, you can just come after?

T’Challa: - In South Africa. Yebo. Sala Kahle.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Peter: You offended me.

Peter has left the chat.

Tony: Clint? Y/N?

Y/N: I can’t.

Clint: I just don’t feel like helping you, Tony.


Tony has added Bucky, Steve, Nat, Wanda, Thor, Vision.

Tony: I’ll pay one of you to let me test my new invention on.




Tony: I thought you couldn’t?!












Wanda: This is sooooo cute! And I mean Y/N and Bucky, not you and Tony. Ya’ll are weird.

Nat: I second that.


Thor: I, how do you say? Ship it!

Clint: What do you mean “how do you say”? I SHIP IT.



Steve: are you okay?

Nat: Oh my god, Clint.


Tony: Dude…

Wanda: Not cool.

Vision: How could you say that to Thor?

Clint: I’m sorry… I’ve been watching this show lately and it’s getting to me.

Y/N: 😏😏😏

Tony: Y/N when will you be here?

Y/N: 5 minutes


Bucky: Y/N NO




Y/N: Chill.

Wanda: A man in love cannot chill.

Bucky: what

Bucky: who told you I’m in love with Y/N

Bucky: was it steve

Bucky: he’s lying

Nat: You just confirmed it.

Wanda: I don’t even have to poke around in your mind to tell you what’s already so obvious!

Clint: What would be their ship name though?

Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: Hello there, beautiful. Yeah. You. The one reading this.

Clint: What the… Who are you talking to?

Wade: Ignore the bird man. The ship name is up to you. I’m sure you can guess why.

Clint: I can come up with one!


Wade: Maybe reply, or reblog with your ship name. I would tell you my ship name but the author is trying to make it PG-13 for fuuu - fudges sake.





Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: Nobody mention what just happened here. Tony you will have to test out your invention another time. Bucky if you’re still coming over can we watch Y/F/M?

Bucky: Of course. Anything for you.



Y/N: Natasha!

Nat: You’re not the only one who ships things around here :P

Steve: What else do you ship?

Nat: Your shield and Tony’s face.


Nat: Suuuuuuure you didn’t.

Tony: You’re being sarcastic, right? I can’t tell on the chat.

Tony has added Bruce.

Bruce: I am now Captain of the Y/N and Bucky Ship fanclub.

Bucky: Please stop.

Y/N: No… go on. Tell me more.

Thor: Who made you Captain? I want to be Captain!

Vision: No, I do!

Wanda: Is vice-captain available?

Bruce: Yes, Wanda. You can be vice-captain.


Vision: This is rigged!

Y/N: When did you guys get like this…?




Tony: Oh good, they won’t wreck the base.


Bruce has left the chat.

Thor has left the chat.

Clint: I’m going to watch!

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Phil has joined the chat.

Phil: Amateurs. Oh. Hi Steve.

Steve: Coulson.

Phil: Your fan club has reached over 500K members.

Steve: Good job, Coulson. Keep it up.

Phil: Thank you.

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Nat: Okay what

Y/N: Another thing we should never mention. EVER.

Bucky: Y/N, I’m outside.

Y/N: Okay, one sec.

Tony: As Steve would say… FONDUE TIME

Vision: According to statistics, now is the most common time when babies are conceived.

Wanda: I would love to plan the wedding!

Nat: Me too!

Tony: Okay but imagine their kids dressed up as us on Halloween?

Steve: Couple goals.

Nat: Please, don’t ever say that again.

Y/N: Right. So. I’m going to go have some soup now.

Y/N: P.S … Bucky gives the best cuddles. Have fun with that.

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Vision: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Steve: I can’t just go now!

Nat: NOW!

Steve: Okay I’m going!

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Vision: It is so rare for ones OTP to come true. I am glad I witnessed it happening.

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Wanda: Can you hack Y/N’s phone?

Nat: Yes, let’s go!

Nat: Wait. I haven’t seen Sam today. Have you?

Wanda: Nope. Last I heard he was going to go try to prank Loki.

Nat: Huh. Well, let’s hope he’s okay.

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Could you make a fluffy and smutty one where jack is really possessive and dominant around you and you two go out for a Christmas dinner or something and you dress really nicely and guys keep hitting on you and stuff and he gets mad thanks c:

AN Sorry it’s literally taken me a month to update every time. Idk how busy I’m going to be for the next month classes start this week and I’m already freaking out. I think the only reason I’ve been able to update for this is because I’m just determined to? I don’t really know how well I’m doing so pls tell me if these are good and whatnot. It’s always weird having a roommate. Even weirder when you’re writing smut like ten feet away. Anyway lmao she’s gone for now, almost always leaves at night while I’m literally always here. Rip man. Enjoy the imagine my lovelies, you guys are seriously gr8 xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

Thick black liquid on eyelashes shouldn’t make them stand out more, but for some weird reason, that’s how mascara works. I was putting some on over my eyelashes, to make them thicker and darker and longer, when my boyfriend called up the stairs. “Y/N, are you ready to go yet?” he shouted.

“You and I both know that you take longer to get ready, Jack. Are you even done?”


“I said are you even done?”

“What about chicken?!”

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about Luna? Idk why but I think KG Luna and FFXV Luna are so different in terms of personality. TIA.

This is something I’m personally struggling with as well!

In advance: Lunafreya is by far NOT my favorite character so I never really took a closer look at her. If I misunderstand something, feel free to tell me.
And I got another ask about rsasai’s essay on Luna and Noctis’ relationship but I have yet to read it. For now, I’ll stick to what I think of her.

First of all, we can’t deny both Lunas look different and therefore give off a different vibe as a character. In game Luna appears to be ~20 years old, while movie Luna looks older, maybe in her mid/late 20′s (most likely thanks to her eyes). We should also compare their clothing: Movie Luna’s outfit is similar to a wedding dress, lots of quillings, more details and shoulder pads, while in game Luna wears a simple white dress. So no surprise they appear to be different characters despite them being the same.
Simply the appearance unconsciously makes us see both characters as two different people. Even similar aspects of her character might be seen differently because we can’t build the bridge to connect in game and movie Luna.
Maybe we think her personality is different because we’re confused/irritated due to the appearance?

I never really thought about trying to characterise Luna. If I only took a look at the game, my sheet of paper would mostly remain blank. It’s an issue mentioned by many, many fans. Luna barely had any screen time. Without elaborating too much, Luna is devoted to her role as the Oracle and knows of her own as well as Noctis’s fate. And she takes it like a champ. But.. uh… I’d say that’s all we get to know about her in game. Considering she was supposed to be a woman Noctis romantically loves, I’d say the game failed at achieving that. Heck, I’ll be rude and instead say the entire FFXV universe fails at delivering their relationship.
It feels kind of odd to shove a love story into XV’s universe. We have our boyband travelling and bonding on their journey, while Luna is on her own journey. Sure, you could set up for something similar to a long distance relationship but we don’t feel it.
The entire presentation of their love failed. Neither Luna nor Noctis state how they feel towards each other. Sure, they might miss each other and therefore look forward to meet again. But it’s the same when you mention good friends. I miss my best friend as well. Do I love her romantically? No, of course not.
That’s one of the issues with LunaxNoctis. Everything we’re presented with could be said about our friends as well. We never get any solid proof of them loving each other. (The fact they only met as children and then being split doesn’t help either.)

Considering I’ll still read rsasai’s essay, I’ll leave the whole relationship talk aside for now. I’ll summarise it as it follows: To me, Luna and Noctis didn’t love each other because the story failed to deliver.

Instead I’ll focus on her character. (Though this part will still be pretty short.)

The first thing which comes to my mind is her strong sense of responsibility. She’s extremely mature for her age (thanks to her past) and grew up inheriting the role as the Oracle. Instead of running away and not facing the truth, she fights for Noctis so he can fulfill his role as the Chosen King.
But.. That’s it? Listen, I’m trying to find something else but everything I can come up with is just critique.

I often read “Luna is just used as a plot device”. I have to agree, sadly. Luna can be exchanged with other characters in many scenes. Considering she doesn’t have many appearances to start with, it limits her establishment as a character. Now, the whole Oracle-talking-to-the-Gods business is something only the Oracle can do and Luna just happens to fall into this role. That’s fine, it gives her purpose. We also see how strong-willed she is by convincing Leviathan.
But what about carrying the ring? Was she really necessary when it comes to that? To me, not really. Umbra or Pryna could’ve done this as well. 

Call me biased when it comes to Kingsglaive. In the movie, we have her interacting with Regis. When she says it has been a long time, you can feel warmth between them. We get an idea they’re happy to see each other even though Niflheim is ready to jump on their backs.
Let’s go back to the game. Who does she interact with and how important are those characters overall?
Gentiana, direct contact, less important.
Noctis, indirect contact, should be the most important, but the development is missing.
Ravus, direct contact, fell flat storywise.
Umbra/Pryna, almost not worth mentioning.
Ardyn, direct contact, extremely important, her death happens soon after.
Do you see the problem? Luna’s interactions fall flat and rarely reveal anything. WHICH I HATE, I SWEAR. I admire her for her strength, sense of purpose and strong will. Now, if there was a proper set up for the relationship between Luna and Noctis, I’d see them as a couple as well. Just the thought of Luna directly giving Noctis strength and will to face his fate makes her so much more attractive as a character to me. Luna may look fragile, but she can serve as a beacon Noctis looks up to.

This whole post has no structure anymore, jfc. I hope you’re able to tell my anger towards her treatment. I was sad when she died, but I was sad about her death. I didn’t think “Oh dear, how’s Noctis??” because I was missing the connection. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my friend felt bad for my mother (being the one who’s sick) as well as me (for having to suffer alongside). But we don’t even get that in the game.

Ugh. I’m out. For now. I’ll turn my attention to Luche after I bought some groceries.

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You’re My Superhero

Title: You’re My Superhero

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 989

Warning: I teared up writing this one….so it’s hella fluffy with LOTS of fuzzy feels

Request by @secretlittledelights said: Idk if you take requests but I would love a Sam story where he is explaining to his son AU about showing his mama her body is beautiful When she’s feeling insecure about her body and the son making her breakfast in bed cuz Sam knows she can’t turn down anything from ether son?

A/N: I’m not a mom, I’ve never had a child, so this is written based on what I have seen in my personal life and in my OB rotation in nursing school, so I hope this is accurate and I hope you all like it. Enjoy!!!


Celebrities fucking suck. They pop out a kid, or two, or four, and within months they are fit as all hell. Do they not keep the kids after they have them?! Between the baby, a household, work, your man child of a husband that bless his heart is sometimes a bigger trouble than a help, how the hell do they do it?!

Shutting the magazine, you got off the couch to start on the ever endless to-do list for the day, hoping to get some before the baby woke back up.

“Hey beautiful,” Sam wrapped his arms around your waist as he came in. Stiffening up and pulling away you shrugged him off.

“Can you just not today? Sorry. I just, I don’t want to be touched right now.” Giving Sam a weak smile you headed upstairs to put away the laundry as your little man came running through wearing one of your shirts he’d swiped earlier.

“Mommy mommy mommy!!! Look! Your shirt, it’s a dress on me!!”

Normally you would have laughed, said he was adorable, something along those lines but all you could focus on was how big the shirt was. Am I seriously that big? God I could practically fill that top out now and that’s a maternity shirt.

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nickname: Nik, Nikki, Niko here
height: 5'7 I think
last thing I googled: Target closing time. I hate walking while the sun is out so if I need to walk somewhere I go after 8
favorite music artist: They’re a band but Marianas Trench ✌
song stuck in my head: Blackbear- My Bad Luv
last movie I saw: Moana. End credits are literally playing as I type this.
what am I wearing right now: Black dress with white lace top/trim!
why did I choose my url: Idk I’m gonna change it again tho.
do I have other blogs: Like, twenty lol.
what did my last relationship teach me: People are shitty and you should look out for yourself first 👌
religious or spiritual: Neither I guess?
favorite color: Yellow!!!! 🌻
average hours of sleep: Am I Ever Awake?
lucky number: 2!
favorite characters: I’m sure I have some but none come to mind right now?
how many blankets do I sleep with: One!
dream job: Graphic novel author/illustrator! Being a therapist would be cool too.

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What Are You Doing To Me, Sweetheart? (Relish)

A/N: So this is another part to this series! ‘What Are You Doing To Me, Sweetheart?’ Also I’m not sure if I already used ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis. This isn’t like a series series but just…idk im not really explaining this well lol

Here is Tenderness 

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

He should have stopped himself.

After 5 excruciatingly long years of knowing you, with him going to Hell and him trying to get back up on his feet without worrying Sam; he should have known better than to drag you into the depths of his very being. Because how could anyone withstand such darkness? The anger and the pain that coursed through his veins daily and gave him enough life to get up each morning, kill a monster or two and drown himself in a fifth of whatever liquor was lying around – was not someone that you should be with.

 In any way.

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anonymous asked:

Hey!! If you can, could you do a scenario on shopping/going to the mall with Jungkook would be like. Thanks in advance :-))

here you go babe i hope you like it!! sorry it took long, i actually wrote this at work so if there’s some spelling // grammar stuff well

Originally posted by sotaehyung

  • this was requested and it sounds really fun so I’m gonna try to make it as fun as I imagine !!
  • like I said in previous posts, I imagine jungkook as being someone who likes to go out on dates and doesn’t really like to stay at home so mall shopping isn’t all that rare for you
  • there’s a mall ten minutes from your apartment but it has like two good stores and it’s just kinda nasty
  • so you drive like an hour closer to the city to the big mall everyone flocks to
  • it’s usually like a weekend trip like if jungkook has no practice that day or has a shorter practice you guys go down to the mall
  • usually the other boys get in your business though and if you’re going they all wanna go too!!
  • so jin is all “we’ll just ride in the car okay once we get to the mall we will leave you alone”
  • and it’s jin in his cool mom suv and namjoon sits up front with him and the second row is you jeongguk and taehyung and the back row oh buddy yoongi is smashed between hoseok and chim
  • and jungkook keeps his hand on your thigh and he sits in the middle cause he wants you all to himself like sorry taehyung
  • and jin turns on the radio and it’s some mom music like idk what do moms even like oh Michael Bublé
  • and namjoon just glares and puts in his mix tape which gets yoongi and hoseok whining
  • and jungkook is like hiding his face in the crook of your neck best he can cause he’s sure his hyungs are embarrassing him in front of you on purpose
  • and then hoseok starts singing wicked v loudly and he’s elphie and then chim joins in as glinda and they’re singing/screaming popular
  • and just to tease kookie a bit you start singing along with them and kookie just whines and kisses your face to try and get you to stop
  • and it’s a wild ride it’s always a wild ride hoseok always makes seokjin pull over every five minutes cause he has to pee again
  • yoongi falls asleep
  • namjoon realized he forgot his wallet
  • taehyung wants to get a kids meal at McDonald’s so he can give the toy to one of his dogs
  • and jeongguk has become super duper clingy and you kinda just ooh buddy
  • but you finally get there and it’s been like point five seconds since you parked and jeongguk is dragging you away from everyone else
  • he gets kinda excited when he goes to the mall he’s smiling and he’s walking fast and you’re like plz your legs are too long
  • you guys always get a snack first
  • there’s this cookie place in the top level of the mall and the cookies are to die for and the best kind are the sugar cookies and you two order like an entire bucket full and just casually eat them as you walk around the mall
  • sometimes you’ll spice it up and get a smoothie or something and jeongguk will be rude and he’ll sip yours every two seconds and like drink more than half of it
  • you two always hold hands and your fingers are interlocked and he swings your arms back and forth
  • and he’s gotta be low key about it so he a beanie and some dune glasses and people near you guys are oblivious af
  • but if someone asks for an autograph or something he’ll always kiss your cheek or forehead or whatever before talking to the fans just to show everyone that you’re his and he’s yours
  • and the fans are so chill in your area seriously some of the biggest sweethearts in the world
  • and occasionally a few will ask for a pic with you or something and you what ??!!?!?
  • and one day y'all are up in the mall and this small lil a.r.m.y comes up and she’s flustered and shy and she’s so tiny and she kinda waved and jeongguk nearly dies cause she’s so small
  • and she goes up and she’s all “can you say hi to namjoon for me he’s my favorite”
  • and jeongguk is “sure anything for a cutie like you!”
  • and then she kinda “are you two married?”
  • and jeongguk goes beet red and he’s stammering and playing with his hands cause how do you even??
  • and you smile and kiss his cheek “not yet but soon sweetie”
  • and her eyes light up an she runs off to her mom all happy
  • jeongguk reminds me of someone who would be like pretty big on shopping if you were looking for the right things
  • he reminds me of a shoe person
  • don’t like y'all know what I’m talking about
  • and so he drags you into like those sports shoe stores where they play hardcore rap and have like flat brims and Jordan’s and jerseys and what not
  • and he tries on the same pair of shoes but like in fifty coke variations and he makes you decide which one you like best
  • and then you pick and he “actually I really like the gray ones though I think I’ll get them”
  • and you face palm and groan
  • and then he goes into something like Payless but more high end than Payless
  • and he wants something like vans but not vans he wants to be unique you know??
  • are air walks vans like the big bulky air walks?? not the knock off converse and not the high tops but the skater shoes cause that’s what he would get and he would get some strange ass color like plum purple
  • and you kinda what you don’t skate
  • and he glares “don’t ruin my dream”
  • and so he buys the clunky old air walks and he’s so proud of them
  • and he has like seven bags of shoes
  • idk I don’t go shopping a lot and there’s no men in my family so I can’t give you specific clothing stores he’d like oops
  • but he goes into like young adult stores (namjoon and yoongi still shop in old ppl stores and he just??)
  • but they’re like age approvals stores
  • but you go in and you don’t even need to ask cause you seem him darting towards the white tee shirts and you kinda “babe nO”
  • and he’s smiling all innocent that cute bunny smile and he just “but I don’t have one with a pocket o the right side like this see see??”
  • and you’re?? “you have seveny two white t shirts how many more could you even need??”
  • and he hugs the shirts to his chest “but you don’t understand, I NEED them!”
  • and there’s not really much he can do cause he’s whipping out his wallet and slamming his cash on the table (mama jin won’t let him have a credit card oh no)
  • and you begrudgingly look on cause that boy isn’t gonna listen anytime soon
  • so the next shop you go into (probably for ripped jeans rip haha get it) you kinda pull him aside
  • “look at this plaid! don’t you think it’d look cute on you?”
  • and he just narrows his eyes “um?? no why would I even think of wearing that??”
  • and you groan and whack his arm “am I dating a ten year old??”
  • and then you pull him over to another section of the store “well how about this jacket thing? I think they’re in right now”
  • and he kinda “do you even know me?”
  • and so he gets his jeans and you’re defeated at this point
  • but then you go into all the stores you like
  • idk what people even shop at so like insert your favorite store here
  • and you’re taking your time and your examining all the clothes and jeongguk is at your side like a lost puppy
  • you probably bump into him like seventy two million times, that’s how close he is to you
  • and he offers salty fashion tips “please that color with your complexion??”
  • and you kinda “says the boy who only wears white!!”
  • and he sulks and promises to keep his mouth closed
  • but then he sees something particularly ugly and he “girls fashion is so weird”
  • and he holds up one of those shirts that has like the entire back torn out and he just kinda “you think i’m gonna pay forty bucks for this please it’s not even a whole shirt”
  • and you roll your eyes at him bcuz brat
  • but he’s really supportive when you try things on like he’ll be honest but never in a harsh way like if he doesn’t think something fits right he’ll straight up tell you but then add something like “but i think that dress over there would really show off your figure well, you should go for that one babe!”
  • but then if you stay in a certain store for too long he would whine and complain and tug on your sleeve and he’s using his puppy eyes and complaining that you really have spent far too long staring at the same three pair of earrings
  • and you kinda “wow sound like anyone else i know hmm baby?”
  • you guys probably duck in every single shop in the entire place cause you crave time together you have out of the house and besides they look interesting??
  • the one that you can never drag that boy out of is the gamestop
  • like he has to look at every single game title there is and then he has to look at the DS even tho he has the 3DS already and like you don’t get better than that
  • and he buys you some games to play he probably buys you harvest moon and cute games like that
  • he carries all your bags by the way
  • like he carries all of it and it’s a breeze and he just shows off his muscles in the process cause he’s rude
  • oh
  • he’s one of those people who awkwardly freezes when those kiosk people approach him like instead of running the other direction or saying no like other people do he panics and he ends up getting lotion rubbed on his hand or perfume sprayed on him and he just !! and you have to drag him away from the scary vendors
  • he’s not okay for like seven years and you have to go buy him an ice cream and kiss his face until he feels better
  • he likes to ride the escalator elf style and embarrass the heck out of you and one day you tell him his pants are gonna split wide open but he doesn’t believe you at all
  • if you bump into the other boys by accident kook runs he sprints and you just watch him go like “oh hey jin, hey nams, did you guys find anything for your apartment?”
  • and jin smiles “Yah we got a lamp, after the one namjoon broke!! how’s kook doing, is he still running from his problems??”
  • every time you go out to the mall he buys you something cute when you aren’t looking like if he notices that you were staring at a certain pair of earrings boom he’s buying them. you liked that blouse ahaha he’s gonna buy that too when you’re off chatting it up with jin and namjoon
  • and he acts like nothing happened he stuffs it in his bag of shoes or something
  • oh also this is another point if you guys walk past victoria’s secret he immediately covers his eyes and looks straight down and you have to guide him along and his face is crimson and you just tease him about it
  • it would be a lot of fun though and an adventure every time you went out
The Stand-In

anything in Italics are thoughts

Member: Mark

Summary: Mark pretends to be your boyfriend

Word Count: 2,354

Originally posted by markjin

It hurt, everything about break-ups, hurt. But then after some time that pain subsides and you go back to being you. You forget the emptiness you feel when something good happens and there’s no one to call, the coldness of your bed at night, the numbness every time you went home, it always subsided. You were at peace, finally. But then there were those people who had a different feeling. Instead of trying to move on they stayed stagnant. Instead of looking on the bright side they pushed passed those feelings and ignored them until the night fell and they couldn’t keep busy anymore. They held on to a single string of hope that everything would go back when everything was truly over.

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Author’s note: Idk I wanted to write about maybe Syldor feeling bad about the meeting with the twins in the Feywild. Because I don’t think he’s bad, just kind of an asshole who doesn’t realize he’s an asshole.

It had been years since the last time they met, face to face.  The cold reception from the previous encounter had not subsided at all, but had grown, at least on the side of the twins. Syldor was too old to spend his time being bitter about what his children had grown to be, but somehow, when they spoke to him, he felt anger and hurt bubble up in his stomach. And once more, with Syngorn deep in the Feywild, it had threatened to boil over.

“If I could pull your blood from my veins and give it back to you, I would!”

That was what Vex’ahlia had said to him. In the moment it stung, and his stomach twisted in knots, but he had managed to remain outwardly composed. Her face was strained in fury and resentment, an expression he had seen on her often. She had always been the more vocal child when it came to the twins’ disdain for him, and he often wondered where a personality that fiery could have come from.

Vax’ildan, while he had not said much during their encounter, would not take his eyes of Syldor for the entire visit. His dark eyes, which Syldor knew were a trait that he had passed to the twins, were cold and not unlike daggers that seemed to pierce into Syldor’s flesh. It was unnerving, but not entirely unexpected.

All in all, a completely predictable reunion; he shouldn’t have expected anything more from his ungrateful offspring, though he couldn’t help but sigh, breathing out any hope that he had harbored for a bridge between them. It was useless to try to reach out to them, for any hand he would reach out would be slapped away. Syldor had told himself a long time ago that it was foolish to think that his children would ever come to accept that he had given them everything they needed, and this meeting would be yet another nail in the coffin on that subject.

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Thats My Little Sister (part 2)

Originally posted by teenwolfobsessed

Requested: no/yes

Writer: Athena 

About: your Scotts little sister (part one) (part 3)

Warnings: Swearing, smutish, rated r whatever idk if your 9 don’t read? lol 

(A/n: idk how to even describe this its like really cute  but i keep teasing because i’m mean i wanted to make this a natural as possible lol idk what i’m even talking about ill stop teasing in part 3 you’ll see. I just wanted to develop my characters a lil bit)

I walked through my front door making my way to my room to finish this school project in English about a mythical creature, I decided to pick banshee because on of one my best friends was one, I thought I’d represent. I was just finishing up on writing when Scott bust through my door looking around my room looking mad at something I didn’t do. I just looked over at him with a questioning look. 

“Are you looking for something, or are you just going crazy?” I said looking at him questionably

 “Just making sure that there is no one in here.” he said walking up to my closet pulling it open.

 “Got ya!” he yelled into my empty closet. 

“You want to check out the window too.” I said sarcastically motioning to the window. 

“No, its just i cant even stand the though of a guy touching my baby sister, ANYWHERE,” he said have a look of fear and disgust on his face.

 “Well ,now you know how Kira’s dad feels,” I said sarcastically, he just sighed walking out of my room.

 “I wont get pregnant!” I yelled over my shoulder 

 “Not helping the situation,” he yelled back. 

~Later That Evening~

“Hey, (Y/N)! i’m going out tonight with Kira, mom will be late tonight!” Scott yelled as he walked out the door before I could even respond. 

“Uh, okay,” I said mostly to myself before walking back to my room from where I was at the top of the stairs. I was watching one of my favorite movies when I heard my phone ringing, it was Stiles i slid my finger across the screen to answer it. 

“Hey baby,” he said into the phone

 “Hi, Stiles,” 

“Do.. you, um, want to come over?” he asked in a raspy voice which I found extremely sexy, i rolled over onto my back from where i was on my bed. 

“Yes, I do, when should i come over?” I asked sitting up

 “um.. now is good.” I could here the stupid smirk in his tone.

 “Did you just wake up?” I asked

“Yeah, why?” he asked sounding curious. 

“Nothing you just sound really sexy.” I said smirking into the phone.

 “Just get your cute ass over here.” I  laughed  “Okay i’ll be there in ten.” I said hanging up throwing on my sweats and heading out the door to my car.

 Ten minutes later I was pulling into Stiles driveway walking up to his door knocking. Stiles dad opened the door. 

“Hey, Sheriff,” I said walking in

 “Hi (Y/N), i’m headed to a night shift tell Stiles i’m leaving, okay.” He smiled at me.

 “Yeah I’ll tell him, be safe” I said making my way up the stairs. 

“BOO!” I yelled as rounded the corner into his room. I saw him jump as he was getting dressed.

 “What the hell!” he yelled, he was topless at the moment, holding the shirt to his chest looking scared.

 “Sorry baby,” I said laughing putting my bag down next to his bed.

“Yeah, whatever.” he said rolling his eyes pulling the shirt over his head.

 “Oh yeah, your dad is taking a night shift he told me to tell you.” 

“Okay,” he said as I made my way over to him wrapping my arms around his waist putting my head on his chest. 

“I missed you, its been so annoying Scott is all over me and checks on me like every five seconds,” I pouted 

“I know baby, but he’s just worried about you,” he said wrapping his arms around my shoulders pulling me closer to him. 

After a few moments like that, I pulled away walking over to his dresser looking for a shirt to put on.

 “Well, i would be worried too, if i were him.” I glanced over at him as he looking up at me from where he was sitting on his bed.

 “Why do you say that?” he said furrowing his eyebrows. 

“Because I want to fuck your brains out,” I said mater of factly turning around looking at him straight in the eyes. 

He just shook his head. “God, your a naughty little girl,” (GIF) he took a deep breath just staring at me with lust in his eyes. 

“Come here,” I bit my lip walking up to him standing right in front of his knees. 

“Yes?” I asked

“Why do you say such naughty things to me?” He said pulling me down onto his lap. 

“I don’t know,” I said running my hands through his soft hair.

 “On a serious note.” he said looking up at me while I was still playing with his hair.

 “Yeah,” I said still not looking into his eyes just playing with his hair. 

“Do you say those because i’m older than you and you think you need to say those things?” he asked grabbing my chin making me look at him. 

It was silent for a moment.

“Do you?” he asked again in a harsher tone.

 I shrugged placing my head on his shoulder. “Your kinda killing the mood Stiles,” I said into the crook of his neck.

 “Can you just answer my question please.” he pleaded 

“I did” I said my head still in the crook of his neck, I could feel him shake his head but all he did was lift my head up making me look into his eyes, giving me a sweet kiss pulling me closer to him by my waist deepening the kiss. I started grinding my hips on his making him moan into our kiss he pulled away slightly.

 “Your so beautiful” he whispered centimeters away from my lips. I smiled pecking his lips. 

“Thanks” I smiled leaning back in giving him a passionate kiss tangling my hands in his hair, he broke our kiss pushing me up the bed.

 “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked I just nodded my head in agreement after I did so he pulled down the grey fabric of my sweat pants leaving me in just my shirt and panties. 

His hands made there way up under my shirt.

 “No bra, you are a naughty little girl.” he practically growled as he pulled my shirt over my head tossing it off the bed leaving my breasts exposed. 

He just let out a low moan leaning down kissing me, he made his way down my body stopping when he got to my panty line. To say the least i was a nervous wreck and i think Stiles could tell, I wasn’t as confident as i seemed. He looked up at me running his hands up and down my thighs. 

“Baby, whats wrong.” He asked worry evident in his tone.

 “Nothing,” I said moving my hands to cover my breasts feeling to exposed. 

“Its just i’ve never done anything more that what we have already done, I know I make it seem like it with what i say but really you were only my second kiss.”  I said at a fast pace. “Can I put a shirt back on?” I said shifting uncomfortably. 

“Yeah, of course,” he said getting up off the bed grabbing one of his t-shirts from his dresser handing it to me, I pulled it over my head as Stiles came and sat next to me grabbing my hand.

 “I’m sorry.” I said playing with his hand. 

“Why are you sorry?” he asked

 “I don’t know i just feel like i’m being a tease.” I said sorry in my tone.

“No babe, its okay and i know you haven’t done everything. I wouldn’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.” He smiled sweetly.

 “I know you wouldn’t” I said standing up from my spot on the bed making my way over to my pants that were on the floor putting them back on. 

“Do you want to spend the night?” I smiled at the thought.

 “Tomorrows Monday, also Scott would murder me.” 

Stiles was about to say something but was cut off by my phone ringing. “Speak of the devil.” I said showing Stiles my phone screen, answering it Scott spoke first.

 “Where are you?” I sighed knowing he would blow up. 

“Im at Stiles why?” I questioned 

“WHat!?” he asked sounding like I killed his dog. 

“I’m at Stiles,” I stated again.

“Yes, I heard you,” he said 

“Get home, right know,” he said in a threading tone.

  “Okay,” I said hanging up the phone.

 “What was that about?” Stiles asked 

“I’ve got to go, he’s really mad for some reason.” I shrugged 

 “Okay, um just text me when you get home,” he said standing up pecking my lips. 

“I Love You.” I heard him whisper when I left his room, I don’t think he released that i had heard him.

 “I love you too,” I whispered as I make my way down the stairs and to my car.

~At your house~ 

I opened the door to my house. 

“Scott?!” I yelled looking around for him.

 “Come here” I heard the firm tone from the living room making my head turn quickly. As I entered the room I saw it was him and Kira on th couch. 

“Are you serious right now?” I asked dropping my bag on the couch. 

“Deadly.” he said with a angry expression on his face.

 “Whats this even about?” I asked 

“You and Stiles.” He stated like it was obvious to me.

“Are you fucking serious!” I yelled 

“YES IM SERIOUS” he yelled back at me his eyes turning bright red.

 “Scott” Kira said grabbing his arm as I took a few steps back away from him.

 “Did you two have sex, (Y/N)” he asked I just rolled my eyes crossing my arms. 

“Why are you so admin about this, why do you need to know I don’t ask when you and Kira have sex so why are you so on my case about it?” I said in a angry tone.

 “It’s different.” he said in a firm voice.

 “how? how is it different Scott?” I asked fuming with anger.

“Because he would be taking my baby sisters innocence.” he huffed


 “(Y/N)” he protested.

“Fuck off Scott,” I said making my way up the stairs slamming the door.

(Part 3?? jk i know you want more already on it.)

Behind The Scenes 2 (5/16)

Author’s note: I hope you all enjoy this “scene”, For me, this was one of my favorite parts to write because it had just suddenly come to me out of nowhere. I will try to post on Wednesdays, Fridays and/or Sundays. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Idk honestly

Word count: 2476

Summary: You tag along with BTS to their TV interview and everyone learns something new about Jungkook.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series. 

For the next few weeks you stuck to BTS as they practiced day after day. You watched them as they practiced everything over and over and over again and as they fought over which songs to songs they should do and what order they should do it all in. You just sat back as you tagged along to all the events they had to do to promote the tour. You heard them repeat the same topics and do the same songs they’ve already done thousands of times.

As more time went by, you felt as though you were punching bag for Jin and Rap monster, a verbal punching bag for Jimin and Jungkook and once again a diary for Suga, Jhope and occasionally V.

Rap monster was somehow able to fit a few major deals into the already busy schedule.  He always took V and Jungkook with him. Only a few times did Jimin and Jin tagged along. It was when drugs deals would go wrong that Rap monster would treat you the worst, taking it all out on you. Suga or Jhope would jump in, but that just dragged Jin in to help Rap monster and then V would jump in to try and bring the peace.

Jimin must have been in some type of trouble or something because the manager would pull Jimin out of practice to talk to him. Jimin would always come back upset and it wouldn’t be till the next day that he would take his anger out on you.

The manager was confusing on the way he treated you. He would give you some mutual respect, but also hinted that you were more of a nuisance to him. You didn’t blame him though. You had to stick by him everywhere he went while the boys were busy on camera. Sometimes you would hear him mumbling under his breath, but he never told you anything directly.

When you were with the guys at their events, you would try to occupy yourself by reading whatever you could get your hands on, just trying to hide away from staff and crew. In order to get ready fast and to better be invisible, you gave up on looks. You just put on something that was decent enough to go out in public in, something that wasn’t too flashy, but not too run down that you seemed out of place.

This was the day BTS had some TV show appearance. At this point you were so used to the hecticness of this new schedule, you couldn’t care less about what the guys had to do. You just made sure you did what you could to stay out of the way and save yourself from stupid bullshit.

Rap monster woke you up at 4 am with a few kicks to your mattress and a stern warning. You made breakfast and washed up after Rap monster was done and they began eating. You got dressed into a pair of jeans, one of Suga’s old hoodies and a pair of black sneakers. Then you came back and ate your share of food while the rest of the guys moved all over the dorm to get ready.

Rap monster took a second look at you and he already seemed upset. “Why are you wearing that?”


“All that shit! Those ugly ass clothes! Go change!”

You didn’t fight him.  You just went to your room to change. “Stupid ass motherfucker! I’ve been wearing shit like this for weeks now! Why the fuck is he asking me to change all of a sudden?” you mumbled to yourself as you changed.

You changed into a long sleeved pink shirt and slipped on a nicer pair of white sneakers. You came back and stood a few feet in front of him for approval.

He analyzed you from head to toe, “Better.”

“The fuck are you talking about? She still looks like shit!” Jimin broke out.

“She’s fine!” Suga fought.

“No, Jimin is right.” Rap monster said, “Y/n, go change. Make it fast, the manager will be here soon.”

You ran back to your room full of frustration. You went through your trash bags for something more presentable, something good enough that you won’t have to change again. Your search ended when you came across a small pink dress at the top of one of your trash bags. It was a simple pink dress that had thin straps and went down you just above your knees. You had forgotten that you even had that dress. You grabbed it and quickly changed into it and switched to a pair of black flats.

You took a long look at yourself in the mirror. It had been a while since you wore something even remotely cute. To be honest, you caught yourself by surprise. You looked like a completely different person. For a second you smiled at yourself, at how beautiful you felt. Sadly, that feeling soon went away when your eyes fell upon the scar on your collar bone and picked up on the little bruises scattered all over you.

“Y/n! hurry up!” Rap monster’s voice travelled down the hall.

You quickly grabbed a black cardigan and ran back and stood in front of Rap monster again.


“The bitch needs make up!” Jimin commented. “Her face is still shit.”

“Jimin stop!” Jhope said

“Quit your shit!” Suga shouted hitting his fist into the table

Rap monsters phone rang. “Shut the fuck up!” Rap Monster shouted. He answered his phone, but soon hung up. “He’s here! Let’s go! Tae, stay with y/n as she grabs her makeup.” He said heading to the door

You and V ran to your room. You grabbed anything that could make you look decent, then you and V ran to the elevator. You began doing your makeup as soon as you stepped inside.

“Don’t worry y/n. You look great.” He said giving you a small smile.

“Thanks Tae.” You said patting your face.

You two ran to the van. Since you were the last one in, the guys sat as they did on the rides back to the dorm you wrapped the cardigan around your waist and went over to sit on Suga’s lap. You finished your lips and only worked on your eyes whenever the car stopped at a sign or at a red light.

You looked at your finished product and let out a sigh noticing that your makeup skills were not as on point as they used to be. “Well this is as good as it’s gonna get…”

“Don’t worry y/n. You look so pretty!” Jhope said giving you a warm smile.

“Yeah!” V said backing up Jhope’s comment.

“Are you guys blind?!? She looks like she climbed out of some dumpster behind some sleazy strip joint!” Jimin snorted.

“Eh, I don’t know. She’s still a bit fuckable… If I had a few drinks in me” Jungkook laughed.

“You look great.” Suga said. His voice was soft as he gave your hand a small squeeze and threw you a tiny smile. Then he threw both Jimin and Jungkook the finger while Jhope again reassured you that you looked great.

Before you got out of the van, you made sure to put your cardigan on to cover up all your bruises. Upon entering the set, the guys went straight to makeup as usual and you and the manager took a seat behind the cameras. You two sat in silence as you waited for the show to begin. You played with your sleeves since you didn’t have a book with you and the manager crossed his arms and played a game on his phone.

You soon broke the usual silence. “Um, do you know why Namjoon wanted me to be all dressed up today?” you softly asked the manager

He kept his arms crossed in from of him. He gave you a quick side glance. “No idea.” He said blankly.

“Oh ok.”

The buzzer went off signaling the show was about to begin. The tall host walked onto the middle of the set and began introducing the show and announcing BTS as the show’s guests. The show had barely started and you were already bored out of your mind. You were tired of hearing them talk about the same things over again. You were basically spaced out the whole time until you heard a roar of laughter coming from the set.

The chorus of cackles shook you out of your thoughts. You sat up and looked to the direction the loud sounds were coming from. The image of all the guys dog piled on V appeared on set. The host of the show was laughing while he was rolling the members off of V one by one.

“Ok, ok, ok, let’s go back to talking about some other stuff!”  the host laughed, failing to regain his composure.

The guys got back on their feet and sat back in their respective stools.

“Ok, ok… Let’s go on to our next topic.” The host said, now sitting back in his own seat. “Now, you guys have been idols for 5 years. How do you all like it?”

“Well I think I can say this for all of us.” Rap monster began. “We love being idols, we love being together as BTS and we love ARMY so much for supporting us!” he smiled as Jhope danced in his seat and made hearts with his hands to the camera.

“We love that we get to make our own music and write our own lyrics.” Suga added.

“We love dancing!” Jimin and Jhope said at the same time and then burst into more laughter.

“Despite all the work we put in, it’s all worth it in the end. We try really hard to be positive and send out good vibes to ARMY.” Jin concluded.

“That’s great to hear… So you guys are all older now. For me personally, I am surprised that none of you guys have announced that you are in a relationship. There haven’t even been any major rumors about it. Are any of you guys dating?”

“None of us are dating.” Jungkook stated. “Like Jin kinda implied earlier, we all work really hard to try be the best we can be. Right now we are all still in the mindset of just focusing on our work.”

“Pfft. Lying piece of shit. He can’t even think straight if he goes two days without fucking someone.” You whispered to yourself, earning another side glance from the manager. Surprisingly, he chuckled at your comment.

“Really! None of you guys are dating?” the host asked in disbelief.

“None of us!” V said. “Well, at least I’m not. Are any of you guys dating?” he double checked in total seriousness making everyone else laugh. “Ha! Just joking, none of us are dating.”

“C’mon! You can’t be serious. You can’t expect me to believe handsome guys like you all are single… Jungkook! I see the look in your eyes! You are dating someone aren’t you?” the host accused. He was giving Jungkook a very suspicious look.

“Nope. I’m single and ready to eat all of the Pringles Jin has hidden at the dorm.” Jungkook laughed.

“You know it’s not nice to lie to your elders little maknae! We’ve heard from a little birdy that you are, in fact, dating someone.”

Jungkook looked a bit annoyed being referred to as “little maknae”. “Well, that little birdy was the one that was lying because I am not in a relationship.”

“Ah, but this anonymous someone gave us proof!”’

“Proof?” Jungkook asked raising an eyebrow.

“Roll the clip!” the host shouted.

On the large screen behind them, CCTV footage of an empty elevator appeared. The elevator looked a bit familiar, but the image was too fuzzy to see the finer details.

About five seconds into the clips, two people walked into the elevator. Your heart stopped the moment you saw them. You knew exactly who the people were. The footage being shown was of the elevator from the dorm building, the two people were you and Jungkook, and the video was of you two from the night you first went over to the dorm for your movie date with him.

You freaked out and began whispering apologies to the manager. “I’m sorry! I didn’t do it! I didn’t say anything! I swear!” you were gripping onto his arm for dear life. You tried so hard to get him to believe you.

“Shhh! Calm down!” he whispered, trying to keep you from starting to cry.

While you were too busy trying to beg that manger to believe you, Jungkook became a babbling mess. “I- that’s- uh- no- I can- Namjo- no- um- I, I, I can-“. He was frantically trying to get his words out to the host and to Namjoon.

The rest of the boys, sat in shock as the footage continued to play. The video didn’t end until Jungkook gave you a kiss goodbye.

You wanted to run away. You grew terrified of what Rap monster was going to do to you now. You just wanted to run away. You wanted to literally run for your life and get as much distance between you and the monster. Your fears weren’t comforted when you noticed that the manager looked just as panicked as you felt.

“See… Now that doesn’t look like a single man.” The host said with a big smile on his face.


“Jungkook…” Rap Monster said softly, placing a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. He let out a long sigh. “I think it’s time you just came out with it…”

“But! I, I, I-“

“Okay, you know what? I’ll say it for him!” Rap monster said cutting him off again.

“Yes! Please!” the host begged. He was giving Rap monster all his attention.

The rest of the boys stared at Rap monster, waiting to hear what he was about to say.

“Our little maknae here is… dating someone!… Actually! She’s here right now with us!”

“She is? Really?” the host asked looking past the cameras and crew members. “Where?”

“Why don’t I bring her out? Is that okay?” Rap monster offered.


“Jungkook, is that okay?” Rap monster asked turning to Jungkook

Jungkook was without words. He jumped back and forth from nodding ‘yes’ to shaking his head ‘no’.

“… I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” Rap monster smiled.

You watched in horror as Rap monster took steps towards you. You felt as if you were watching him move in slow motion getting closer and closer to you. However, before you knew it, he was standing in front of you with an evil smile on his face. “C’mon y/n. It’s time to go up with your boyfriend.” He said reaching his hand out to you.

SLFL Tinley Park Soundcheck!

This is everything I could remember off the top of my head but I also took an audio recording during soundcheck so if I missed anything I’ll add it in later 😊

• They were all wearing shorts and hats & Michael and Luke had theirs on backwards (they looked so good holy shit)

• Calum and Ashton were twinning in the black world tour t-shirt and they both sat together on the platform on Calum’s side of the stage. 

• Luke was wearing one of Jack’s “Hemm” t-shirts and he sat on his platform in the middle of the stage. 

• Michael was barefoot lol he pulled the stool from the piano over to the edge of the stage and propped his feet up on the speakers and had his legs all spread open lmao he was straight chillin. he was super goofy and random and was in a really good mood :)

 • Calum looked sad or tired or something… he was super quiet the whole time and only talked a few times :( 

 • Michael was running from a bee on stage at one point and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen  lmao 😂 

• When they first came out on stage they introduced the song by saying it was a new one and then joked around about it being Free Bird haha but they played Girls Talk Boys. 

 • Q: favorite show of the NA tour so far?? of course they said hopefully Chicago would be their favorite after tonight. They talked about how amazing the tour has been and how much they always love the NA leg of the tour and they love playing all the outdoor amphitheaters. Luke said they come out every night & try to make each show better than the last one. 

• They recognized 2 girls wearing cheese hats from last tour lol. Ashton told them they had a “nice look” and that if they worked for a cheese company, they would be well known lol. When they introduced themselves they said they’re from Wisconsin and Michael was like “oh well now the cheese hats make sense, you didn’t tell us that last year! I thought you were just wearing a cheese hat for fun” hahaha and then Ashton was like “is that cheddar?” and then they ended up randomly talking about cheese lol  

Q: what song took the longest to write and perfect?  Ash joked that they haven’t perfected anything yet and they’re still working on it lol. Michael said Permanent Vacation and talked about writing it with Feldy and the Madden Brothers. Luke also said Airplanes was a tough one as far as the sound.  

• Q: favorite places to eat in Chicago? Luke said something about breakfast hash and they were trying to remember some place called the goat or something but they couldn’t remember what it was called lol. Michael went on a tangent about deep dish pizza for like 10 minutes lmao. He told a story about how last year when they were in Chicago they went out with friends and he had never eaten deep dish pizza before and he’s the type of person that will eat an entire pizza so he was like “yes one deep dish pizza for me please” 😂 and then everyone else did the same thing for some reason and before they knew it they had a whole table of pizza hahaha. He said he immediately regretted it because after one piece he felt sick but it’s the best pizza he’s ever had. 

• Ashton randomly asked if anyone’s ever eaten cheese before bed because if you do you’ll have the “craziest fucking nightmares” ever so he said we should test it out sometime by eating a whole cheese wheel before bed lmao 

• There was a girl there from Australia and after her question they said it was nice to hear the familiar accent because they miss it 

Q: the day they recorded the Teenage Dirtbag cover they said they actually recorded two songs that day, what was the other song? Michael said that was like 5 years ago and they couldn’t remember. Ashton said it was probably Justin Bieber or something lol 

• Q: do they ever miss the intimacy of playing small venues and being able to interact with the crowd more? they talked about this one for a long time. They said they prefer bigger venues and amphitheaters. They said they feel that they actually interact more with the crowd now at these bigger venues. Ashton said it’s basically a different way of performing because they’re working to make sure every single person feels close to them. Ashton and Luke said it would actually be really awkward to go back to playing like a 200 cap venue after being so used to playing big venues. They said it’s also become a safety thing now because they can’t imagine playing at a 200 cap venue because there would be people everywhere trying to get in and in the streets and stuff and they have to make sure no one gets hurt because people do get seriously hurt at concerts. Ash said the second someone gets too hurt is the second they have to stop playing for us so they’re just looking out for us. Then the girl asked if they remember security having to tell everyone to back up and Luke said he remembers one time in between songs they were telling him in his in-ears to ask everyone to move back and he was like “no I’m not gonna do that, that’s awkward as fuck” lmao. 

 • Michael randomly went on a rant about accents lol. He said he was just sitting there thinking while Ashton was talking and he was like “I’m just trying to imagine it from your perspective liking a band from Australia.” and then he was like “idk I just think it’d be so weird, like has anyone ever actually heard an Australian accent in real life?” 😂 They said they’re in America so much that they don’t even notice our accents anymore, it’s normal for them. 

 • Q: what song they would add to the setlist if they could? Someone yelled “Unpredictable” and Luke was mocking us and Ashton was like “hey don’t mock them!” lol then Luke literally said “that song sucks!” and basically that they’re never gonna play it 😂 

 • Luke said he’d pick songs like If You Don’t Know and Beside You. They said coming up with the setlist was hard because a lot of the songs on SGFG like Waste The Night, Vapor, JBH, Outer Space are slower songs that they think are meaningful and important to the set but adding more slow songs would make it drag on. 

 • Michael said during soundcheck they try to play songs that aren’t normally on the setlist to make it a special experience because they know everyone at soundcheck are the huge fans who know all their songs whereas the random dudes in the lawn at the show will only know She Looks So Perfect lol 

 • Ashton also said he misses Kiss Me Kiss Me and Luke said Out of My Limit, they also miss playing American Idiot and they joked around about Don’t Stop lol. Ashton said to this day his moms favorite song is still Gotta Get Out. 

• There was a girl there from Texas and Ashton goes “is this like close to you?” And she was like “ummm no” 😂 and her name was Faith and Michael said Faith and Hope are two of his favorite names. 

Q: what’s their favorite place; not like a city or a country necessarily but just a specific place where they just felt a connection with and feel at peace. Ashton said a place in New Zealand called Queenstown(?) is his favorite place in the world. He said he loves southern New Zealand because it’s so prehistoric and untouched by humans and it’s all nature and it’s beautiful. Michael said his favorite place is home :) he said there’s something magical about leaving and touring and being gone for such a long time and then being able to go home and be back in the suburbs where he grew up and be reminded of where he came from. HES SO CUTE. Ashton said when he’s home he likes to go back and listen to their old music because he can listen to it in a different way now and hear the story of where they’ve been and where they’re going and he can hear it more clearly now. they also said they loved their trip to Bali. 

• There were 3 girls and a dad dressed up as the 5SOS in the Don’t Stop video. The dad was dressed up as Ashton and his name was Dean and Michael loved him. He was like “wait why is the dad Ashton!?” 😂 and said his shirt should say daddy LMAO I died. Michael was like “hey can you hand the microphone to Dean?” And he goes “what do you want to know?” 😂 They asked him about Wisconsin (that’s where they were from) and how far away it is. Then Dean said Sydney and Melbourne are two of the popular places to go in Australia and asked what the third would be and Ashton said Adelaide because it’s more of a small town and not so much of a city. 

Q: what would the theme song to their lives be? They said the Friends theme song and Life Is A Highway and started singing it lol 

• A girl asked for advice about drumming at her first gig and Luke started joking around and was like “I have some great advice for this” and then he said “well you just gotta hit them really hard” lmao then Michael turned it over to Ashton and Ashton said it depends where she’s playing because if you go up there and drum like him and look all “80s as fuck” in front of a crowd of like 4 people you’ll look ridiculous haha. Michael said you just have to make good faces because that’s the key to drumming on stage and then him and Luke started mocking Ashton’s drumming faces 😂 Ashton basically said you just gotta go beast mode lol 

• Someone asked about their favorite music festivals and they talked about going to Lolla yesterday. Luke said he loved G-Eazy and J Cole. Michael said that was his first time going to something like that and like no one was wearing clothes so that was the first thing he noticed and Ashton was like “THAT WAS AWESOME” lmao and then Michael said G-Eazy’s set was ridiculous. Calum was like “yeah I was like oh G-Eazy is a cool name, and then I realized that’s his name because his real name is actually Gerald." 

• They got on the topic of white pants and Michael said a few years ago they were at a party and a guy walked in with white pants on and Ashton was like "never trust a guy in white pants” so Michael has lived by that rule ever since lmao. Luke said he would like to try to wear white pants sometime on stage and Michael was like “no you don’t! our thing is black skinny jeans.” And Ashton was like “yeah, stick to the marketing plan." 

• Ashton said his favorite music festival was Soundwave when he was younger because he was an emo kid and saw bands like Iron Maiden and Mayday Parade and he said it "fulfilled his emo dreams.” He talked about how he didn’t have tickets so he jumped the fence to get in and Luke was like “wow you’re so cool, we should hang out sometime.” lmao 

Q: what song of theirs is their favorite as far as the meaning behind it? they said Carry On. They talked about recording it at the beach and in a hotel room with Feldy and they loved it because most of the time they’re stuck in the studio trying to write. They talked about how insane it was that they made SGFG in only 10 weeks and had to take all of their experiences from all the places they’ve been and things they’ve done and try to get together with some of their friends in the studio to help write and produce the album in such a short amount of time. But they said they’re very proud of how it came out and they hope we love it. 

• At the end they said they had two options and let us vote by screaming so they let us pick between Catch Fire and If You Don’t Know and people screamed louder for IYDK so that’s what they played. :)