this is my favorite drawer


Found these black Nautica socks in my drawer, although the fabric is not my favorite I love the ribs and that blue stripe around the toes, wanted to share with you guys once back at the hotel, and it made me quite horny as one can see….


The Ride.

Saturday, March 11th, 2017. 1:30 PM

To get from our house to the local super center grocery store is a 35 to 40 minute drive. As she was getting dressed to go shopping I went to her special drawer and slipped her favorite toy into my coat pocket. She got in the drivers seat and I sat shotgun. Once we pulled away I pulled the silver bullet from my pocket. I slipped the egg shaped vibrator into her panties and held the remote in my hand. I kept it on the lowest setting at first and watched her wiggle in her seat as she drove.

Just as we passed the first small gas station I knew we would be going down a long quiet country road for at least 10 miles. I clicked the dial up to setting 2, her hand went from side of the steering wheel to my leg, flexing her fingers in the same rythem as her now deeper breathing.

I clicked the control up to 3 and unzipped my jeans. I slid my hand inside and began slowly stroking just to tease her. She kept glancing down with a hungry look in her eyes. I pulled my cock out to show her just how hard I was. She immediately took my cock in her hand and began stroking it, her legs rubbing together with the toy buzzing away in her panties. As the first few drops of pre cum dripped out of my cock she gathered them up on her finger and put it in her mouth for a taste. She looked at me with a ravenous look. My little toy surprise was definitely well appreciated.

I skipped 4 and clicked the control up to 5, her grip on my cock tightened, her breathing became a soft whimper. She stroked tighter and harder as I reached over, getting a grip on her hair. Her hips bucking softly as she drove.

I clicked the control up to 6, as our trip was about to come to an end. As we pulled into the shopping plaza parking lot she pulled off into a remote section where no one else was parked and slipped into a parking spot near a tree. She reclined her seat and I slipped my hand into her panties. I pushed two fingers inside her as I clicked the control up to 7.

She was soaking wet and it didn’t take more than a few minutes for her to start moaning and her wet pussy to tighen around my fingers. I let her recover from her orgasm before reminding her of my hard cock still standing straight up from my jeans. Without a word she leaned over and began to aggressively lick and suck my cock, almost as if she needed my cum to live.

I clicked the control up to 8 and her mouth tighened around my cock, her fist pumping the base harder, my hand found its way into the back of her panties, my nails digging into her gorgeous ass. With a loud deep moan I unloaded my cum into her throat and she swallowed every drop like the good girl she is.

I pushed her back down on to her reclined seat and gripped her hair. I clicked the control all the way up to 10, pushing my hand back in her panties and pushing my fingers in again, a lot rougher and deeper this time. My grip on her hair made sure she never broke eye contact with me as I made her cum again. She lay back in the seat shuddering as I backed the control back to 2.

I whispered to her that she was a very good little girl. I kissed her roughly and clicked the control back to 10, my fingers still in her dripping pussy. The sudden jolt and my rough handling made it only a matter of seconds before she was cumming for a third time, not even caring if there was anyone near our car moaning and calling out “Oh Fuck”. We smoked a cigarette each letting our bodies recover from thr intense orgasms and then went into the store.

The entire time we shopped I kept my hand on her body somewhere, I made it clear to any casual observer thar she is owned. Her ass, the back of her neck, or her arm my hand rarely left her body. As we passed through the clothing section I told her to pick out a bra and panty set as I went to another rack and picked out two more pairs of panties that I knew would make her gorgeous ass look amazing.

On the way home my hand was on her thigh the entire trip, We have been together for many years, she has always been submissive to me. Recently she verbally submitted to me, she is learning the ways of the Dom/Sub life. She has given me total control and will now try things she never dared…. like a long car ride with a vibrator in her panties and a blow job in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon.

if you were a month

you’d be october,

leaves whirling down like confetti to

decorate our quiet path. you’d be

my favorite flannel that i pull from

the bottom drawer when

the atmosphere shifts and the air

becomes brisk. it has stretched-out

cuffs and a loose button

in the middle, but it never ceases

to embrace my cold bones perfectly.

you’d be a hot cup of black coffee

that i cradle in my hands

for a long while before

ever taking a sip. the warmth seeps

through my veins and opens my eyes

to things i forget to notice. you’d be

a window dotted with raindrops

that i could stay by for hours, watching

the world turn its page and go on to

the next chapter. through you,

i can see why change is important and

greet it with an outstretched hand. you’d

be my knee socks that i like to sport

because they make me feel a little more

like me. they remind me to never stop

being who i am even when

the seasons change. you’d be

a fireplace crackling with invitation,

saying, “come sit with me, let’s watch

the flames dance.” you would slip your

hand in mine, just the right amount of

nervous, and i’d lace our fingers tighter

in attempts to touch your soul. and i would

think to myself, “october is my favorite

month of all.”

My favorite drawer. Knowing this is here with bottles full of water, and thinspo… keeps me on track. My stomach rarely growls.
Until something happens and I emotionally binge 🙁😔

this is for @baraschino @starrycove @spatziline @browntiger15 @miss-cigarettes @sweetsweetsweetie @mavilez @marinette-sky @gorovaia

you guys are such good drawers for miraculous ladybug and one of my favorite blogs! so i tried to draw and made this for u!  ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ it was a drawing base, so yeah :)

MelodySusie Acrylic Organizer Review

Hi all! Today’s post is a review on an affordable acrylic organizer I was sent recently. 

The MelodySusie acrylic organizer comes in three parts

  • One large 4 drawer organizer.
  • Two vanity organizers. One vanity organizer to place on top of the drawer and one vanity organizer to place inside the deepest drawer or used elsewhere on your vanity.

This acrylic organizer sells for $49.99 on Amazon here. Which is affordable compared to other acrylic organizers on the market because it comes with three separate parts as opposed to paying for them all separately. 

This organizer is sleek and the popped out handles make it really easy to open and close the drawers. One issue I have with this product is the largest drawer can get a tad heavy when using bulky products making it less easy to open, but still usable. 

If you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable, sleek way to store your makeup I’ve been loving this one!

My favorite part about the 4 drawer organizer is the largest drawer at the bottom because I can stack powders and store bulky products such as foundations or face creams, something I was lacking in my previous storage unit.  I’ve been using the two smallest drawers at the top for eye products, one stores single eyeshadows while the other stores concealers, brow products, mascaras and pencils.

The separate vanity organizers fit anything from lipsticks, brushes, foundations, etc because the lipstick dividers are larger than typical lipstick dividers so you can fit more than just lipstick and the vanity organizers themselves are quite large and roomy. 

for girls too scared to say, ‘I do,’ a love letter

My fidelity isn’t tied to my affection.  You know that I adore you, maybe even love you—my shoulder still smells like your shampoo, my favorite mug still bears your lipstick, my desk drawer still holds all of the post-it notes that became love notes sealed with your kiss—and that is why I am not faithful.  I’m scared.

You’re going to say I’m a horrible person, and I am.  I probably am. But you make my heart beat so fast that even when I bury it, it quakes the earth.  You make my palms so sweaty that I can’t hold on to anything, especially my sanity.

No one else is as good as you.  No one feels as right, smells as sweet, laughs as loudly, but when I’m busy pouring drinks for another girl, I can forget about your hold on me.  I can remind myself that you’re not divine and I’m not your slave.  (Because if you asked me to, I would probably become your slave.)

You tell me I’m beautiful, but it helps to find compliments between another girl’s lips—somehow the word tastes sweeter coming form someone else.  It makes me feel like I really am beautiful.

You tell me I’m sweet, but I feel strongest when I’m draping my coat over another girl’s shoulders and letting her lean into me while I hold the umbrella.  She says, ‘I feel so safe with you’ as water seeps into our shoes.  Even though my house is two miles in the opposite direction, I walk her home and kiss her on the front porch until she asks if she will see me again the next day.

You and I haven’t defined our relationship, but we’ve tried, technically. Those technical conversations end in forced laughter, embarrassed blushes and inconclusions—but if we’re really so in love, then shouldn’t this be easy?

To you, committing to a label is somehow more difficult than committing to me; the day you accidentally called me your girlfriend in public, you ran to my house in tears.  ‘Shh, don’t worry.  We don’t have to decide what we are yet.’  I kissed your forehead until you remembered to breathe.

Maybe we’re waiting for something.  You’re waiting to feel safe around me, and I’m waiting to feel secure in you.  You’re waiting for me to say I’m committed, and I keep waiting for you to leave me.

Not that I want you to.  I want to wake up beside you every morning. But I keep waiting for the day you’re not there.

So I stall, and we stall, waiting for each other to push this murky I-want-you-You-want-me-We-are-in-love ball of physicality and feelings into a relationship.  So you stall, and I stall, waiting for something to click while I’m telling myself it won’t.  And in the meantime, I find security in other women.  Because as much as I love you, I love myself more, and I need to know that on the day that you finally leave me, I will find love again, and I will be okay.

—  for girls too scared to say, ‘I do.’
(you, too, deserve a love letter)