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The King (2) (NSFW)

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T’Challa x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: Finally after trying to write all day, I finally got part 2 done. Enjoy more art collector, sugar daddy T’Challa since I know you guys got all these feels going on from the trailer drop yesterday. I know I do. Also, I’m pretty sure I want to do a part 3. Who would be down for that?


You were sitting in your office having a meeting with your assistant when an intern popped her head to tell you that you had a call from someone. You apologized to your assistant as you picked up the phone.

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Sugar and Spice (Negan x Female)

Summary: She has a huge crush on Negan and would do anything to make him happy. He misses the taste of real pumpkin pie, so she sets out to make it for him. 

Characters: Negan x Female 

Word Count: 4,348

Warnings: SUPER FLUFF, a lil’ angst, some swearing

Author’s Note: This was a a fic request sent in by @may85 who asked:

“How about a Negan one shot where the reader found out what kind of food was Negan’s favorite, so she goes out to find the ingredients, succeeds and makes it, but he finds out that she went outside the walls and flips his shit. Fluff with some delicious Negan kisses?” 

I don’t know why I picked pumpkin pie. I’m kind of one of those people who goes crazy over it in the fall, and I feel like Negan would like it too. This is just super fluffy and yummy. Hope you guys enjoy!

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! <3

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‘Is that my sweatshirt?

Pietro x Reader based on the prompt above. 285 words of pure fluff and Pietro cuteness. Caution, may make your heart hurt.Requests are still open! Submit me a request from my prompt list or send me something original. Masterlist Enjoy!

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It was impossibly cold in the tower. It felt like a hurricane was swirling around the room. I was wearing 3 sweatshirts, a pair of fleecy sweats, and fuzzy socks but it still wasn’t enough. I didn’t have anymore sweatshirts to wear but I knew someone who did.

I tiptoed into Pietro’s room being careful to be quiet in case he was in the bathroom. I had gotten yelled at for wearing his clothes before, but what was I supposed to do? Freeze? I slid open his drawer and rummaged through his shirts. I pulled my favorite one out and put it on. The blue fabric was warm and inviting. I hugged myself, breathing in Pietro’s leftover cologne.  "(Y/N)?“ a sleepy voice said. I whipped around to see Pietro huddled in his bed. Covers were piled around him in a fluffy cocoon, almost hiding him from view. ”Is that my sweatshirt?“ Pietro asked ruffling his blonde hair. I dropped my arms to my side and tried to look innocent. "Yeah?” I said in a small voice.

Pietro let his eyes roam over my body. “Looks good babe.” I smirked, and walked towards him. “Your not mad I borrowed it?” I asked reaching out to hold his hand. “Of course not.” He responded squeezing my hand. Up close I could see the glow his light blue eyes. His sent was even more intense, but not overpowering. “But, you know (Y/N), if you were cold, you could have joined me.” He said smirking and pulling my hand towards him. I laughed and fell into his bed. “I’ll have to steal your clothes more often.” I replied snuggling closer to Pietro as he pulled the covers up over us.


Found these black Nautica socks in my drawer, although the fabric is not my favorite I love the ribs and that blue stripe around the toes, wanted to share with you guys once back at the hotel, and it made me quite horny as one can see….

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TRINAAAAAAAA!!! 89 for the fic ask please? <3

Tanzeeeeeee!!!! Please do enjoy (also round of personal applause to myself for not taking 3287461 months to respond to a prompt!!) Let’s call this AU Academy era, where FitzSimmons are already together. Enjoy!

Jemma couldn’t help but notice the way Fitz paced along the marginal floorspace of her dorm, half worried he was going to burn through the carpet. Not that she was faring much better, although she was at least able to focus her anxieties on the suitcase laid open on the bed in front of her.

“It’s only two weeks, Fitz.” She reasoned.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s just that…”

It’s just that it was the first time they would be apart since becoming inseparable lab partners, friends, and (very recently) more than that. A two-year streak soon to be broken by an emergency trip home so Simmons could pack up what memories she could fit in a box to bring back to the states.

Her parents decision to move out of her childhood home into something smaller came as a shock. But even more upsetting was their call during midterms, letting her know she had the Academy’s Thanksgiving holiday break to collect what she wanted before they purged the rest of her room.

“You and your brothers are gone, Jemma. It’s only rational.” Her mother had explained over the phone.

“But what about my room? What are we supposed to do when we come to visit?”

“The sofa converts into a bed. And when you’re all over for the holidays, they’ve got the loveliest Inn on the main road. You’ll just adore it…”

Logically, it made sense, and the Simmons family was nothing if not logical. Still, the news had put Jemma into a mild tailspin, made better only by the comfort of Fitz through reassuring promises whispered in the evenings and sleep-addled kisses applied to her hairline upon waking. She looked down at her luggage once more, before sighing and turning to face him. For as calm and collected he had been for the last week when she needed him, now it seemed that he was the one on the verge of panic.

He stopped his pacing to place his hands on his hips, the most telling sign of his current mood.

“I’m just upset.”

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forbidden love chapter six {demi lovato fanfiction}

“what did you get?” jace ask as we both make our way back to the table where demi sits poking at her ice cream. i take the seat next to hers. “strawberry.” i inform him watching as he tries to get comfortable on the metal chair. they both make a face disapproving my choice in dessert favor. “whats wrong with strawberry?!” i say a little too defensive. “the strawberries are always way too frozen.” demi smiles watching me nearly bend my spoon in the frozen fruit. jace joins in saying,” you could chip a tooth.”  demi just stares at him realizing they agree on something for the first time in weeks. jace looks at demi to agree but she ignores him. “i still love it despite its critics.” i reply taking a spoonful into my mouth looking at both of them, trying to bite into the very frozen piece.

“what time did they say to be home?” i ask while checking the time on my phone. “7.” she sighs. i glance down to “5:45″ shining back at me. both pair of parents are preparing dinner for tonight, they all thought it would be a amazing idea to have the three of us go out for “bonding time” with each other. i imagine the four of them sitting in the living room with wine glasses talking about the most boring of topics laughing at the fact this “bonding time” is just an excuse for the adults to have adult time. jace had the idea of ice cream since demi suggested digging our graves rather then spending time with him. “what now?” demi says swirling her plastic spoon into the melted colored ice cream. “arcade?” jace suggests. “ill go get the shovel now.” demi shoots back. jace laughs but we both know shes slightly serious. “the arcade sounds fine.” i reply picking up my cup along with demis. “if were twelve.” demi mutters. i push my hips against her reaching for jaces cup. i feel demis hand on my ass as i reach forward. i can only imagine what shes thinking.

the arcade has way too many people if anyone else enters the walls might burst. “oh look!!.” demi shouts over the loud music. i give her a confused look. “a twelve year old!” she sarcastically says. “oh look another one and another!!” demi says pointing to random people not paying attention to age at this point. “we get it!” i shout loudly pushing her hand down. jace stops at a shooting game jamming four coins into the slit not giving attention to either of us. demi spots something near the back, she guides me towards it. “look.” she says softly. “if you say another twelve yea-” “no.” she smiles interrupting me. our hands lock together as we enter the small photo booth. “this isnt going to work.” i say looking at the small seat meant for a child. “sit on mamas lap.” demi jokes pulling me on top of her. my ass is directly on her crotch. “mama likes.” she whispers pulling my dress up my legs. “demi.” i whisper pulling the hideous red curtain across giving us some privacy. “i only have enough for one strip.” demi tells me pulling out the right amount leaning forward pushing the coins in the slot. “lets make it count.” she smiles. the countdown begins the first photo is us looking at each other our eyes full of lust our faces only inches apart. she leans forward pushing her warm lips on mine, i cup her face wanting more. with the second snap of the camera i quickly pull one leg over her lap straddling her, my arms wrap around her neck her hands travel to my waist dragging me forward. third snap goes off. my arms lift to the roof of the small booth. demi pulls down my dress exposing my breasts. she licks my nipples, wrapping her lips around my breasts. i let go of a loud moan feeling her teeth bite down. the fourth and final snap goes off. the machine sings robotic noises printing our filthy pictures. “we both know which pair i want.” demi laughs pulling up my dress. when we make our way out i grab the strip tearing right down the middle. i purposely give her the first two. “nice try.” she smiles snatching the other half from my hand. 

by 7 we are back at jaces house gathering around the dinner table as nina rushes to get the forks. “so sorry for the mess.” nina apologizes passing her husband reaching to the drawer. the only “messy” thing i see is the pile of dish towels near the sink.  “nonsense.” my mom smiles taking a seat next to eric. “please take those dear.” nina tells jace pointing towards the napkins. he places them in the middle of the table then takes the seat in front of me. 

“are you excited for school?” nina asks me while scooping a large portion of peas from the light blue bowl. just before i answer demis hand slithers into my lap. i grab her wrist holding it in place as i try my best to focus on nina. “umm yes.” i say feeling her fingertips tracing my skin. “iam sure jace will be a gentleman by showing you around willow high.” nina smiles looking to her son, jace forces a small smile while poking at his pot roast. “oh and of course you as well demi.” she goes on realizing she left her out.“ “ill be just fine but thanks.” demi shoots back in her sarcastic tone we all know well. minutes go by while eric and charlie absorb into conversation about some kind of new model airplane being released. charlie although a soft spoken man who never really speaks much was very chatty when it came to the things he was passionate about. erics tone filled with joy as they go on and on about the details in the new model that is said to be out during the winter months. “y/n jace never told me how the date went.” nina brings up suddenly creating an awkward friction between me and demi. her hand slides away from my lap slowly. i look over towards her but she doesnt return a glance. “its was really nice.” i reply clearing my throat. “where did he take you?” nina asks ignoring jace as he makes a remark telling his mother to stop. “the diner.” i say softly watching her joyful mood change. she looks towards jace, giving him a soft smile. i catch demi roll her eyes. i lay my hand on hers but she soon retracts. “you must be very special.” nina softly whispers leaning towards me. jace tries his hardest not to make eye contact with me. “please tell me there is going to be a second date.” nina laughs. “thats up to jace.” i smile making my heart hurt watching demi. “oh he will be happy to a second date…. wont you jace?” she pushes the question on him. “yeah of course.” he agrees probably wishing his mom would stop.

demi sighs loudly getting ninas attention immediately.  “is something wrong with the meal?” nina asks which makes my insides twist together nervous of what demi might say next. she shakes her head slowly. “its just the conversations.” demi sighs swirling her fork in her mash potatoes. “oh honey i know model planes can be very boring in my opinion.” nina smiles crinkling her nose at eric and charlie at the other end of the table. eric and charlie give no attention to nina as they fanboy on. “thats not the conversation i was talking about.” demi replies not looking at anyone. nina gives a quick look between me and jace before saying,” oh sweetheart. its okay to feel envious. not everyone can have the y/n looks honey some arent as blessed as others.”  “nina!” my mom shouts which makes the men stop their chattering. the looks on their faces tell me they heard ninas comment. “what?” she says innocently. “everyone understands her jealously at this. but the fact is y/n has the looks in this duo and jace likes her very much.” nina nods looking to everyone as if everyone here has the same opinion as hers. jace looks horrified at his mothers words.  “jealous.” demi nearly laughs. “i would never be jealous of this.” demi snaps standing pointing between us. “its just an act… at least i hope.” she whispers in the most softest tone ive ever heard from her. demi disappears through the kitchen and i follow her without hesitation. as i reach the door i hear my mom begin to protest defending demi. 

she is pacing the room when i enter. “who the hell does she think she is?!” demi shouts. i close the door softly locking it. “demi.” i say softly. “she actually thinks iam jealous!” she laughs stopping in front of me then going back to her pacing. “demi!” i say loudly grabbing her wrist. “i am not jealous of jace!” she goes on trying to make her point. “i didnt say you were.”  “well someone thinks i am.” demi sighs walking towards the medium size window. i stand behind her running my hands up to her chest. “you know what might make you feel better?” i ask leaning my head against her back. “naughty girl.” she whispers pulling me around her roughly pushing me against the wall. her lips crash against mine while she reaches for her desk drawer yanking it open. her hands grab my favorite toy getting rid of any clothes she begins tightening it around her waist. “take them off.” she mutters tugging on my shorts. lifting my shirt i slip my shorts off kicking them behind her. “jump.” she smiles i do as told as she slams into me.  “baby please wait!!” i scream holding onto demi so i wont slip off her. she has me pinned against the wall with my legs wrapped tightly around her waist as the massive strap on is rammed into me. “who. does. she. think. she. is!!” demi mutters each word equals one hard thrust deep inside me. i let out a loud moan throwing my head back. “and you!” she barely screams grabbing my ass. “demi baby i told you nothing is …. fuckkkk please keep going!!” i beg as she hits my favorite spot. “why should i your being a slut.” demi says pulling out an inch. “pleasee!” i beg craving my high. “no.” she spits letting her grip go. “demi!” i nag she pushes me down on my knees. “suck slut.” she demands pushing my face towards the dildo standing tall from her waist. my lips wrap around the toy i instantly taste my juices. i suck hard not like she can feel it or anything but she enjoys the view so might as well give her one. “look at you slut tasting yourself you like that dont you?” demi smiles thrusting into my mouth causing an involuntary gag. “stand up.” i do as told wiping my lower lip. she pins me against the wall again, our naked bodies smash together i feel the toy against my pussy lips never entering me. demis lips are on mine our tongues slide into each others mouth. she begins to rock her hips making the cock toy slide slowly into me then pulling out. i whimper trying to push down onto it. “no no no.” she whispers into my ear. “you have to work for it.” demi smiles sucking on my neck. she moves over to the bed motioning me to lay down. i follow her orders laying with my legs hanging off the bed a little. she pulls me down to where it is only my upper body on the lavender throw blanket. she says nothing while she lifts my legs in the air thrusting into me with an intense amount of force. i scream out grabbing onto her. she smiles watching my reaction as i take the whole toy inside me nice and slow. “mmmmm fuck demi yesss baby.” i whimper once again wrapping my legs around her wanting her closer than ever. she lays on top of me thrusting deep inside me hitting the spot she knows all too well. before i moan out her lips are on mine and we both make moaning noise together. she must feel it too with the toy inside her. both of our hands intertwine with each others as we feel our favorite feeling about to take over. “oh my god! “ demi mumbles into my mouth. thats when i feel my high hit i scream into our kiss while the juices mix together as demi still thrusts into me. i pull away heavily breathing not letting her go just yet. “demi…. iam yours.” i whisper moving her hair that has fallen in between us. “i know babe i know…. i want you all to myself i dont like sharing.” she mutters pecking my lips. i say nothing as we hear the front door open along with our parents voices. “this second date is never happening.” demi smiles. “agreed.” i laugh pulling her in for another kiss. 

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hope you all like it!! tell me what you think!!  😊 thanks for reading ! && let me know if you want a chapter seven!!  😀 😀  ❤xxx


These were sitting in the back of a drawer. My absolute favorite pair of pajamas as a kid - a tank top and some shorts! Can you believe they still fit?

… Well, sort of.

I found some old training bras too lol
100 sticky notes-Calum Imagine-

Requested? Nope


Words: 2,735

A/N: I was kind of bored so I wrote this.

It was Calum and your third anniversary, it may have been three whole years together but when you woke up Calum wasn’t there. Instead was a sticky note with his hand writing on it, plucking it from his pillow you started reading it in your head. Though you heard his voice while reading it, “ I love the little giggles that slip past your lips whenever we are in an awkward situation.”  Smiling, pulling the covers back standing up and stretching your hands over your head. Letting out a sigh, glancing around the room noticing at least five more sticky notes. Scratching your head, shuffling over to the dresser picking up the note that was stuck on the drawer. “My favorite color wasn’t always purple till I saw you for the first time in your purple dress.” Blushing, picking up the next one that was on the closet door. “ I love it when your are getting clothes out of the closet, you do a little dance while picking out your outfit.” Thinking to yourself that you don’t do that, another note was in the closet.

I love it when you wear this dress, it makes your body even more beautiful. So wear it?” It read, the dress was the same purple dress that he had saw you in at the park that one night. It was a rich royal purple, it was slim and was knee length with lace sleeves. Reading the next note, “I love it when you snore at night even if it is by my ear.”

I love the mumbling sound you make when reading a book.”

Walking into your shared bathroom, starting the shower while reading another note on the mirror. “I love the little dance moves you come up with while brushing your teeth.” Stepping in the hot shower, running my hand underneath the water testing out the heat of the water. Adjusting the water to the perfect temperature you start washing my hair Herbal Essence, messaging in the shampoo and conditioner. After washing my body, stepped out wrapping the towel around the body than another in my hair the best you could. Stepping out of the shower the cold air hitting my bare cold legs, a gasp escaping my mouth. Taking the door out into the hall, the notes scattered the hallway walls.

“I love when you slid into the room on your fluffy socks.”

“Your air guitar skills are better than mine ever could be.”

“Your brownies are something I love to smell at 3 o’clock in the morning.”

The last was on the fridge door, opening the door taking out the eggs and toast. Shuffling over to the cabinets, a scream letting loose when a stuffed tiger fell from the shelf. On it was a sticky note, “I remember the day you told me you always wanted a pet Tiger. Here it is:),” Pushing in the middle of the center a little ‘roar’ was heard from it. Giggling before setting it down and cooking up the breakfast, setting the eggs and toast on a plate. Other notes where on the walls again and one on the TV.

Lost wasn’t my favorite till I watched it with you.”

“I hated the couch when I got it till I saw you curled up on it.”

“I love the day that you got drunk and dipped your hand in paint slapping it on the wall.”

Walking over to the hand print on the wall, running my fingers down the hand-print. Sitting down on the couch, turning on the TV. After watching the news and having no text messages from Calum you decided to get ready for the day. Shaking my hair from the towel, started to brush it plugging in the hair-dryer. Starting to dry it running my fingers through it, rubbing in some heat protect rub. After being done with that and curling it at the ends, you started with the make up; applying some lipstick and eyeliner. Taking the purple dress in hand, shimming it on finishing the rest of the make up. It was simply yet elegant, a neutral smokey eye with red lipstick; grabbing pumps from the closet before noticing another note.

I love these one shoes of yours, the deep red color makes your skin look amazing.”

Slipping those same shoes on, l start my way to the door grabbing my car keys and wallet. A sticky note was on the front door and my key chain.

Though I love you, your driving scares the death out of me.”

“Remember that one day we had that cute notebook kiss in the rain in front of the door?!”

Locking the door behind you, almost slipping when you missed the step. “Damn it. You would think after being here for almost two years I would remember that there.” You grumbled, “ Y/N?” The neighbor next door questioned, walking over a few sticky notes in his hand. “ Hello Mr.Robert, how have you been?” You smiled, resting a hand on his shoulder, Mr.Robert was the nicest old man you have ever came acrossed.  “I have been good dear, though Calum wanted me to give these to you.” He spoke before handing me the stack of sticky notes before saying good-bye walking back to his front porch.

I loved it when we meet Mr.Robert next door. Nicest old man ever.”

“Remember the day that we had that fight? And you told me to leave you alone and you than twisted your ankle.-”

“We argued about whether or not I should or should not take you to the hospital.”

“I loved the day we decorated the front of the house, even if I did have to go to the hospital.”

By now you were walking to your car, unlocking it while reading the final one.

Now if I am right you should be done by at least 12:30pm. The boys should be there right about now.” The last one read, furrowing your eyebrows before hearing the screeching of the tires that was Luke Rover. “Hey get in! We have more sticky notes.” Ashton hollered from the passenger seat, “Yeah and some of them.. Are really fucking cute.” Michael confessed from the back window, jogging over to the rear door that Michael opened. You hopped in, Michael handing you his sticky notes.

“You know I was always scared that you would leave me for Michael till you started calling him Rainbow Dash.”

“I love it when you showed me how to drive stick.”

“Remember that one time we drew on Michael face with permanent mark?”

“I sure do remember that.. Took three whole hours to get the penis off my face.” Michael grumbled turning away to look out the window. “Here take mine, I have been holding them since I got them.” Luke spoke up from the front, one hand on the steering wheel while the other reached back to hand me the notes in his hand. Taking them from his sweaty hands, they were kind of wet from his hands holding them this in trie time.

I love it when you take control while in the bedroom.”

“I love how you are such a sweetheart with anyone, even those who don’t like you.”

“I love how you get all excited when talking about something you love.”

“ Remember where we met?” The last one said, “Here take mine now.” Ashton handed his over to you, before turning back around to pick something off the floorboard. Noticing that it was a cup of tea.

“I remember it like it was three.. Well wait.. It was.. Three years ago.”

“Remember how you spilled that hot tea on me?”

“Than offered to buy me a new shirt, while whipping off the liquid though only making it worse.”

“I told you no, though you were very persistent and told me you would. “  

“That’s when I realized in that short moment I found the one of my dreams.”  

“ Remember our first Christmas together, we got locked out of your apartment and went to that little coffee shop.”

I felt the car come to a stop, grinning when I figured out where we are. ‘Famous Cafe’ was in big letters above the coffee shop that Calum and I both ran too after locking the door by accident. Luckily for us they let us in, offering to us the phone to call someone. “We’ll be waiting out here.” Ashton told me, stepping out of the car slowly walking to the door. I was greeted by Sam the owner and his three daughters, Villa, Alice and Anna. They each held out sticky notes, taking the ones from Sam first.

“God that was terrible, it was also snowing that day just a little bit though. It was also cold as ever.”

“I remember how we stayed there till midnight talking about everything that came to mind, while waiting on your mom.”

“Have I ever mention how much I loved your little town?”

“Well I love it so much that I would love to stay here my whole life.”

Taking the ones from Villa, laughing when you read the first one.

Just not during the winters.. That was brutal.”

“ Maybe one day we could move here permanently.”

“I love how you don’t care what anyone thinks, even if it does hurt your feelings. You just -”

“Brush it off and care on.”

“I admire how you stick up for others, even if you don’t like them.”

Alice had a huge smile on her face while handing you the next notes.

“Animals are one thing we have incommon.”

“Liking huge spiders is something we do not share incommon.”

“You know I still need to get back at you for throwing that huge spider at me.”

“Remember when you convinced me to swim with sharks?”

“Remember how I told you no, but did it anyways.”

“I love how you don’t care what you wear.”

“If it makes you warm and comfy you will wear it.”

Anna was the last one to hand over the sticky notes, she was 9 years old and thought You and Calum were adorable. Even telling you once how much she wanted someone to love as much as you two love each other.

“The first ‘I love you’ was exchanged at the park.”

“The same park we had our first fight, our first kiss.”

“The first muffled ‘I love you.”

“Next stop is the park babe.”  

“Thank you all.” You blurted out jogging out the door, the little bell dinging. “You’re welcome!” Sam and his daughters hollered back to your retreating figure, jumping into the back seat.

“They make such a cute couple.” Villa announced, her sisters nodding their heads in agreement.

“Too the park!” Luke nodded his head, even though he already knew where to take you next. The sun was started to slowly go down, it was only 4 but during the winter it set at such an early time. When you and the boys had left the shop it was only 12, it took four hours to get to the park. “There it is.” You whispered out, noticing how little lights were moving around. The most you could count where 12 lights. We parked in one of the parking spots, someone walked over to my door. Opening it relieving my mother, “Here you go dear.” She held out her hands, taking the notes from her.

“Just like how much you love my mother, I think I love your mother more than you do.”

“I just kid, though she is amazing.”

“I admire how she raised you and your sister all on her own. With no help, none whatsoever.”

“She makes the best desserts.”

Mali was the next one that you walked too, you could slowly start to see that the lights were little lautner’s leading up to something or rather someone one. You just had to get through a couple more people.

“Here you go babe.” Her excited mood radiated off her, taking the notes you started to walk to the next person slowly.

You have has always had this natural scent.”

“I could never place what it smelled like. Now I know what it smells like.”

“The breeze on the first sight of spring. Leaves, crisp air, flowers starting to bloom.”

“It’s the greatest smell in the world.”

David was standing there, his smiling never leaving his face. He pulled you into a tight hug before handing you the notes.

“I know you never had a dad, but my father loves you like another daughter.”

“Your sister is like another sibling too me.”

“Your smile has always made my heart ache, from the first time I saw it.”

“I know you hate it, but I love it.”

“Even your little scar on your stomach from that time you feel from a tree.” 

Your best friend was the next one to greet you, “Only one more person!” She beamed at you, practically shove the notes into your chest.

“If it wasn’t for your best friend, I don’t think we would be here today.”

“She did take my phone and put your number in it.”

“For that I thank her everyday.”

“Even if she does remind me everytime I see her about it.”

“Your friends are all amazing, though mine are cooler.”

“You have always supported us, with everything.”

Y/S/N was standing in front of you, no emotion on her face. Though when she saw you she smiled a warm sincere smile. “Here you go dweeb. Happy for you brat,” She laughed before pulling you in for a hug, something wet hit your arm. Tears were sliding down her face, “Go don’t worry bout me babe.”

Your sister is everything to you.”

“So is your mother but.. You care for your sister more.”

“She is strong, helped raise you.”

“You want to be like her, though I think your sister doesn’t want that.”

“You’re strong like her, persistent like her.”

“Though you are ambiosh.. That’s good.”

You got too the lights, seeing that there wooden boards with writing on it.

“I admire you so much.”

“I love are times we dance in the living room.”

“Love how we got arrested for helping out at a protest.”

“Remember our first date?”

“How we both said screw it and came here instead of a fancy dinner, or movie?”

“Than we had a raccoon chase after us, had to go to the ER since I got bit.”

“Roses are your favorite flower.”

“They soon became my favorites when you had them on the dinner table everyday.”

“I want are kids some day to admire are love.”

“Just like Anna does.”

“I want them to see the love between us, when they see us watching one another.”

“Them to brag about it too there friends.”

“They tell their kids about are love.”

“I want more Christmases together, Easters, Valentines Days.”

You were drawing to the end of the trail of lights and signs that were on the ground and in the trees. Tears were welling up in your eyes as you grew a little emotional at all these memories and confessions. You could make someone standing at the end of the trail, you knew who it was right off the top of your head.

“That’s why I asked your sister, your mom and best friend.”

“If they would let me take your hand in marriage.”

“So we can make more memories, tell are kids and grandchildren about it all.”




“Mine?” Calum whispered reading off the sticky note, that was attached to him, going down on one knee, raising the ring in the box up in the air. “I have love you from the moment we met, I knew you were the one for me when we came here for our first date. Will you be my wife?” He spoke, you were shocked but nodded your head. Shouting a “Yes!Yes! Yes!” Multiple times tackling him to the ground when he slide the ring on your finger. You heard clapping coming from behind you both, but you didn’t care placing your hands on either side of his face. “Best Christmas gift ever.” You croaked out, as snow starting to fall from the sky. “Are kids are going to think this is so cliche.” Calum voiced letting out a laughing, connecting your lips together.

A shorter imagine whoo 😝

“…How the hell did you ever pick me? Honestly, I could sing you a song, but I don’t think words could express your beauty…,” I sang softly, rinsing the tropical scented suds off my body and enjoying the scalding water running over my tense muscles. I rested my back on the wall, the stark contrast between the cool tiles and the water making me shiver slightly.

“They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need, please stay, as long as you need.” I shut off the water and pulled back the shower curtain, stepping out and grabbing my towel. “It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are, what my dreams are made of…” I dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around myself, opening the bathroom door, humming as I walked into the connected bedroom.

Feeling for the familiar fabric and smiling internally when I felt it, I grabbed my favorite matching underwear set out of the bottom of the top drawer. I dropped my towel and slipped into them. As I walked back over to the bed, I caught a glimpse of myself in mirror, which caused me to falter my step, before I stopped.

I turned and stepped in front of the mirror fully. I sighed softly looking at my reflection. I searched over my body, looking for something, anything, I could honestly say I was happy with.

I met my own eyes and the girl staring back at me smiled slightly. Crystal clear blue with hazel and green rings around the center, and gold flecks that loved to catch the light. My favorite feature. I let my eyelids flutter shut and took a deep breath, releasing it in a soft sigh.

My next breath caught in my throat slightly as I felt a pair of warm hands slowly slide over my sides and to my waist before wrapping themselves around me. I opened my eyes to look into the brilliant sea green and gold eyes that I had come to be so familiar with, as he rested his head on my shoulder. “If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn I heard you singing my song,” he said lightheartedly, placing a feather soft kiss on my shoulder.

“I was trying to be quiet,” I mumbled, a light blush tinting my cheeks as I felt his chest vibrate with a short laugh.  “I don’t think I would mind being woken up like that more often,” he admitted.  I turned around so I was facing him and gently placed my arms around his neck, playing with the ends of his steadily growing and messy bed hair.  “I’m sure your ego wouldn’t,” I responded jokingly, letting out a giggle at the exaggerated, mock look of hurt that contorted his features.

“That hurt,” he said jokingly, taking one of his hands off my waist to place it over his heart. I shook my head and laughed.  He placed his arm back around my waist and hugged me tightly, nuzzling his face in between the curve of my neck and shoulder.  Running my fingers gently through his hair, a sudden thought came to me, causing me to smirk.

“Babe?” I asked him. “Hmm?” he mumbled into my skin.  “You know how I haven’t posted my weekly video for my channel yet because I couldn’t think of what to do?” I said, smiling at the thought floating around in my head.  “Yea?” he said, lifting his head enough so he could be heard. “I think I have a good idea,” I said holding back a laugh.

“Oh yeah? What is it?” he asked curiously.  “Well I was thinking…I could maybe do the ‘I Do My Boyfriend’s Makeup Challenge’.” His head shot up to look at me, his jaw dropped and as he was about to say something, I cut him off by saying, “Or I mean I guess there’s something else I could find to do,” I finished with a fake disappointed sigh and letting my head hang slightly.

I heard him let out a puff of air and I smiled internally, knowing he was giving in. “Oh c'mon babe, don’t be like that. Will it make you happy if I do it?” He asked me in a caring tone. I nodded and he let out a quiet groan. “Fine, but if there is less than your usual 250,00 i’m gonna be offended,” he said jokingly.

I looked up at him with a smirk and kissed his cheek quickly before removing my arms from his neck and walking away to find my camera.  “Thank you, baby,” I called over my shoulder, briefly seeing him there with a slightly stunned look on his face before laughing.

Twenty minutes later after rounding up my camera, makeup, and model for the video, I set up my tripod and started recording.  “Hey guys! I didn’t think I would be able to post a video today but thanks to this guy,” I said reaching over and ruffling his hair, at which he pursed his lips together in a tight lipped smile, “I had an idea.”

“I’m sure most of you watching already know who this is, but for those of you who somehow managed to stumble your way to this oh-so-terrifyingly-weird channel,” I said stretching my arms out gesturing around me and smiling, “why don’t you introduce yourself?” I directed the last part at the man next to me.

“Okay. Well hi, my names Billy. I got kidnapped about six months ago and ended up here,” he said in complete monotone.  “Babe c'mon be serious for once in your life!” I said laughing and slapping his arm. “Alright alright. Aye guys my names Kellin Quinn and i’m her boyfriend, in case you couldn’t tell by the title,” he said as an afterthought, chuckling to himself.

“Okay well basically, again if you couldn’t tell by the title, i’m going to be doing his makeup,” I sing-songed playfully. “I’m so excited!” He said in a high pitched voice, clapping his hands together. I laughed and then looked at the camera again. “Well, on that note, let’s get started!”

for girls too scared to say, ‘I do,’ a love letter

My fidelity isn’t tied to my affection.  You know that I adore you, maybe even love you—my shoulder still smells like your shampoo, my favorite mug still bears your lipstick, my desk drawer still holds all of the post-it notes that became love notes sealed with your kiss—and that is why I am not faithful.  I’m scared.

You’re going to say I’m a horrible person, and I am.  I probably am. But you make my heart beat so fast that even when I bury it, it quakes the earth.  You make my palms so sweaty that I can’t hold on to anything, especially my sanity.

No one else is as good as you.  No one feels as right, smells as sweet, laughs as loudly, but when I’m busy pouring drinks for another girl, I can forget about your hold on me.  I can remind myself that you’re not divine and I’m not your slave.  (Because if you asked me to, I would probably become your slave.)

You tell me I’m beautiful, but it helps to find compliments between another girl’s lips—somehow the word tastes sweeter coming form someone else.  It makes me feel like I really am beautiful.

You tell me I’m sweet, but I feel strongest when I’m draping my coat over another girl’s shoulders and letting her lean into me while I hold the umbrella.  She says, ‘I feel so safe with you’ as water seeps into our shoes.  Even though my house is two miles in the opposite direction, I walk her home and kiss her on the front porch until she asks if she will see me again the next day.

You and I haven’t defined our relationship, but we’ve tried, technically. Those technical conversations end in forced laughter, embarrassed blushes and inconclusions—but if we’re really so in love, then shouldn’t this be easy?

To you, committing to a label is somehow more difficult than committing to me; the day you accidentally called me your girlfriend in public, you ran to my house in tears.  ‘Shh, don’t worry.  We don’t have to decide what we are yet.’  I kissed your forehead until you remembered to breathe.

Maybe we’re waiting for something.  You’re waiting to feel safe around me, and I’m waiting to feel secure in you.  You’re waiting for me to say I’m committed, and I keep waiting for you to leave me.

Not that I want you to.  I want to wake up beside you every morning. But I keep waiting for the day you’re not there.

So I stall, and we stall, waiting for each other to push this murky I-want-you-You-want-me-We-are-in-love ball of physicality and feelings into a relationship.  So you stall, and I stall, waiting for something to click while I’m telling myself it won’t.  And in the meantime, I find security in other women.  Because as much as I love you, I love myself more, and I need to know that on the day that you finally leave me, I will find love again, and I will be okay.

—  for girls too scared to say, ‘I do.’
(you, too, deserve a love letter)