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my uncle

-is allergic to chocolate
-is physically incapable of laughter (it comes out as a hiss, like steam escaping a pipe)
-has weird long vampire teeth
-once led a chemical attack on some college students who had bullied his high school chemistry class
-named his bicycle Tom Bombadil
-got hired twice for the same job as himself and his fake identical twin because his boss wouldn’t hire him full time
-is the only member of my family to have shown me open and unconditional support
-is a clean-cut nerd… who used to be a psychedelic Deadhead and follow them around on tour
-enjoys snacking on an exercise formula called “goo”; his favorite flavor is “plain”. Plain goo. He gave me a box of it for Christmas once and it’s as gross as it sounds.
-cannot touch mangos
-teaches meditation seminars at his Buddhist temple
-has begun studying magic
-used to be obsessed with cults, especially Scientology, and would just… spy on their temples
-is so fucking weird
-used to drive a car that he’d covered entirely in plastic lizards, until someone stole it
-is terrified of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz and still has nightmares about them
Carry On: The Musical
A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Carry On: The Musical - listen here

A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by @ddoale ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Since the songs have annotations that don’t show up on mobile, I’ll put them under the cut! Hope you enjoy!!

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Fic Updates

If anyone follows me, here or on, you will know I am a little behind on updates for all three of my works, and there are a lot, and I need to apologize for that. In all honesty, life is just a b*tch sometimes, can you not agree? 

If you don’t know me, my name is Nereida. My current obsession is writing Richonne Fanfiction and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. (Sorry, babe!) This hiatus is killing me softly, but the perfect remedy would definitely have to be sitting down in the spring sun with a snack and some good tunes and writing stories about a tv love so beautiful I forget they aren’t a real couple. If you’re still with me, I appreciate it! I’ll let you know what’s going on with my fics and what you can look forward to!

1. Smutty Sundays 

Originally posted by gekari

My latest series, Smutty Sundays , is a collection of one-shots and drabbles based on requests and prompts by anyone who asks and wants to be added to the list. That’s right; anyone. I’ve faithfully added updates each Sunday so far, with the exception of the most recent. I’ve sustained an eye injury and it definitely delayed my progress severely, so the update will be posted as a surprise sometime soon when I can see out of both of my eyes lol. I’m sorry. Health does come first. But please feel free to check out the first five entries and catch up on the first two parts of my latest, a Canon Richonne BDSM tale with Dom Rick and Submissive Michonne before part three! “Say Yes to Submission". Don’t knock it til you try it.

(and also feel free to message me any requests you have. richonners have the best ideas!)

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2. Kismet- A Richonne Novel

Previously titled Talisman

Michonne is on a mission to a place she’s been longing for since the Turn. Plagued by PTSD, she is angry and wary of strangers. Rick, her newest traveling companion, is immediately intrigued by her and would follow her anywhere. What is she looking for on Cumberland Island? Will she open up to anyone about her mysterious past? AU/ZA in Georgia.

My first fic ever.  And my first ever multichapter.

I threatened a title change long ago, as this fic will be a year old on the Fourth of July. This title had always been my intended, and it is now much more fitting. There has been too much time since the last uodate, and I can sadly admit that it is because I lost a great deal of the progress a few months ago and haven’t had the courage to say anything. However!  Chapter 14 is coming along amazingly and will be updated within the next week, two weeks max (once again, eye injury, the healing is unpredictable.) 

Meanwhile, all thirteen chapters of this Au/Za are waiting for you if you would like to read them! 

Here's Kismet- A Richonne Novel

3. Midsummer Nights

AU, no zombies. After taking a young life on duty, Rick Grimes seeks solace in a bar on a lonely summer night and is seduced by an alluring beauty that he falls for instantly. An unexpected and intense flame is sparked and the two connect deeply in the midst of their many struggles. Perhaps people meet because they need each other… perhaps everything happens for a reason…

This fic started from a one-shot and has blossomed into an exciting multichapter smutty AU tale with more to come, a story of single Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes and Lawyer Michonne meeting in a bar. She literally dances her way into his life and makes an immediate impression on him and their first night together is not a typical one night stand. They realize they met precisely when they need each other, and things are about to get hot and heavy fast, in more ways than one!

Originally posted by dolphinsmooth9

Read Midsummer Nights here!!

And there you have it, we’re all caught up!!! Once again, I am so sorry for the delays. These fics are very important to me, so don’t worry and updates will be more frequent! Please enjoy, feel free to hit me up about anything, questions or just a chat. Happy reading, writing and reviewing, whichever is your contribution to my favorite fandom. I appreciate all the continued support more than you know. Hope you’re ready for all the scrumptious updates to come.

And a big thank you to @alwayseverythingrichonne for designing my midsummer and kismet covers!  i’m so in love with them!

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eI love how this is yelled and then it has a calm and collected, ‘for the meme’ lol

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Hyde. It’s embarrassing because no one would believe this could happen to him so often, but he is usually not puting attention to the ‘push’ or ‘pull’ letters. There was this one time they were going to Red and Kitty’s Vows Renewal, and they did the party at this fancy private room at a restaurant. He hadn’t seen Jackie in all day because of work and preparations for the event, so when he saw her in all her red dress glory walking to him with Donna and Eric, he literally walked into the damn crystal door. No one said anything. Eric burned him without mercy later. 
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: That’ Jackie. The back of her journal is filled with little doodles of/about Hyde, and her named written with his last name and ‘Mrs. Hyde’ everywhere.
  • Who starts the tickle fights: Hyde. Jackie is extra ticklish™ and he enjoys that kind of torture, especially because he truly loves the sound of her laugh.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: Jackie. After her dad went to jail and her mother so obviously abandoned her, she stole her dad’s favorite and expensive swan feather pillows (”Why would they do that to a damn swan?” “I don’t know, Steven, but they feel good, stop complaining!”) with covers of egypthian thread (”Is this really necesary?” “I stole them from my parent’s room” “Nice”); they use them in Hyde’s room an she left them there once she started to live with Donna. Later, when her mom came back and went all bitch on her, she stayed with Hyde one night and started a fight with the damn pillows, knowing well they could end bad. That was the idea.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Hyde. He suffers from insomnia a lot, but sleeping with her helps him most times. He’s still the last one to fall asleep and he enjoys seeing her face as she does so. 
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: None, I don’t see this happenig to any. Unless they are fighting over some shit at breakfast, and suddenly one of them doesn’t look at what they are puting on their coffee and well…
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: None, sleeping is sacred.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Hyde. But he does it to make her laugh, and it works pretty well. When Jackie does it, she always gets dirty and it makes him blush while laughing.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Jackie, Hyde is too lazy for that shit. The only thing she is not allowed to change the order of, it’s his records.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Jackieeeee. Hyde knows he has to left the stuff for her to happily lick when he baking.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Jackie, she romantic af. 
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Hyde. She likes lean on him while reading, so he usually reads too or– starts doodling on her arm or legs. She likes the sensation of the pen on her skin and his fingers touching her.
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: LMAO, Hyde. His kitchen is like +A space.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Jackie, this is all Jackie. He lies most times on them to make her cutely angry, so she ends up answering whatever she wants.
Silent Book friend

(A/N): Can I just cuddle Kurt and read to him??

Warnings: None

Originally posted by majinkura

    Kurt had been going to Xavier’s library for quite some time, desperate to gain a knowledge on all things of this world. That boy was constantly reading, which meant he was constantly spending his time in the library. He was sure he had memorized the entire place by now, from the very top of the ceiling down to all the books the library had, that meant Kurt had a good understanding of the library and everything in it, including the people. 

   It was always the usual group of people, most of the time it was more of the “nerdy” mutants that came around, discussing books they’d read or movies they’d seen in the theater. Really they were the only ones who were ever there so when one day Kurt looked up and he saw- them, sitting on the other side of the room, very in tune with their reading he was more than a little surprised.

   Kurt never ever saw anyone else in the library, it was only ever him and that few select group of students, never this person who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Sure, it was a little silly to be surprised, after all he wasn’t the only student at this school who liked to read so it was plausible that some other people would eventually show up too. But it wasn’t just the fact that they were there, reading, it was almost as if they were always there when Kurt was, maybe that’s why it was so shocking to him. Kurt would be sitting there reading in absolute peace and when he’d look up they’d be there, in their usual spot reading peacefully. It’s not that he minded, in fact he liked the silent almost company this person brought, as weird as it sounded. They were just this silent little book friend he had, just keeping him and the library company when no one else was around. 

    Their silent hours spent together dragged on, whenever Kurt was there so was this mysterious person, just reading some book in their little nook of the library. 

   They never really talked, not really, there was one time that they looked up, locked eyes with Kurt and gave him a warm smile and In that moment Kurt was damn near sure he’d never seen anything more beautiful than that mysterious person smiling at him. Kurt had smiled back, albeit a bit nervously before walking over and taking his usual spot on one of the many couches the library had to offer. 

   After the smile the two often found each other staring at each other, occasionally catching the other staring at them from the corner of their eye. It never failed to make both parties smile and blush just a little bit. 

   This little pattern of stolen glances and flashed smiles continued on for weeks, that was until this mysterious person had gotten up the nerve to get up and finally talk to the blue mutant. 

   The library had been nearly silent, just the two mutants happily reading away, occasionally stealing a glance here and there. Nothing was out of the ordinary, this was their usual pattern of things, that was until said mysterious person rose from their seat instead coming over to take a place by Kurt on the couch. 

   Kurt was…thoroughly surprised by this turn of events, he had never expected this person to actually truly acknowledge him and yet here they were, sitting directly beside him. 

   “I see you in here all the time and you’re always reading books I really like and I thought it was time we finally talked to each other,” Kurt smiles shyly, his cheeks dusting a light shade of purple. His tail flicks happily behind him, something he unfortunately couldn’t control, it was just something that happened when he was happy or excited. 

   “I’’m glad ve are on zhe same page,” Kurt murmurs softly. The person gives him a warm smile, one that made their eyes twinkle and their nose crinkle and meine gott Kurt thought it was adorable. 

   “My name’s (Y/N), what about you?” 

   “Kurt. Kurt Vagner,” (Y/N) smiled a bit more and stuck their hand out, awaiting Kurt to shake it. Kurt was more than happy to oblige, reaching out to gently shake his new companion’s hand. 

   “Glad I could finally, officially meet you,” (Y/N)’s voice is shy and quiet and Kurt could melt at the sound of it. This (Y/N) character (although he had just officially met them), actually seemed like a wonderful and great person and he most definitely wouldn’t mind spending more time with them.

   “Me too,” 

   “So…um…” (Y/N) trails off, biting their lip shyly. “I couldn’t help but notice what you were reading and I just wanted to tell you it’s one of my favorites,” Kurt smiles as he looks down to the book he had in his lap, the gold calligraphy standing out on the brown cover. 

   “I am quite enjoying it myself,” Kurt murmurs as he looks back up to (Y/N) who was smiling fondly at the blue mutant. “Zhe story is so riveting and I appreciate all zhe character development,” (Y/N) smiles widely, a different smile than before. It was brighter and lighter and their entire demeanour changed at his comment. 

   “I think we’re going to be great friends,” 

Move (M)

Characters:  Wang Jackson x You (OC)

Genre:  Smut, Fluff

Beware:  I WILL MAKE USE OF JACKSON’S HONEY THIGHS which are so freakin’ sexy so yeah EXTREME THIGH RIDING AF, Overstimulation, Daddy kink (coz Jackson is Daddy AF)  spanking - ALL THAT GOOD STUFF

Length:  1777 words

Plot:  You and Jackson are having a movie night and just cuddling but it turns a bit physical so you began to wrestle and do something else….



It is so cold and rainy outside.  You are supposed to go out with your boyfriend for a dinner date – however, because of the lazy weather, you two just decided to spend the night at your place.  So here you are, lying on the couch, cuddling and hugging each other under the covers while watching your favorite movie.

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A Witch’s Bookshelf

So for today I wanted to share with y’all some of the books on my witchcraft shelf.  A lot of them have been helpful through my craft (some of them not so much) and I really enjoyed them.  Please feel free to reblog and add your own favorites.

The Dream Dictionary From A to Z (Teresa Cheung): This one’s really helpful when you’re trying to figure out what your dreams mean.  It lets you look up dreams by either items or events in them and help figure out what they’re trying to tell you.

Grove Daughter Witchery-Practical Spellcraft (Bree NicGarran): Okay, this has to be my all time favorite book on this list.  NicGarran comes at the craft from a non-Wiccan perspective and her practical advice section covers a lot of common questions and concerns.  Her spells are also amazing and my copy is covered in little notes and bookmarks to come back to. (I would also highly recommend following her blog @breelandwalker​)

The Kitchen Witch (Soraya): As someone who dabbles in kitchen witchery, this is a good beginning guide to the craft.  There’s a lot of really good recipes in here and it also goes into lotions and teas.  The one issue I have with this book is that the author tends to come off as a little elitist when it comes to cooking; everything has to be homemade down to the broth.  But if you can move past this, the recipes are really good.

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac (Multiple authors): I really like these type of books.  It gives you a crap ton of spells to look through and pick and choose to use.  It can also be helpful when making your own spells because you can see what other people have done.

Wicca-A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (Scott Cunningham): This was actually my first witchcraft book and I still refer to it from time to time (these blog posts for instance).  Honestly, any of Cunningham’s books are a wonderful suggestion and he takes the time to explain all the nuances of the craft.  While they are getting a little dated, I would always recommend Cunningham’s books for the new witch.


Not Alone

Originally posted by unchartedghoul

Word count: 700+
Pairing: Tony Stark & neutral!Reader
Warnings: none
Summary: Drabble: It’s Tony Stark’s birthday. You make it feel like a birthday.
A/N: Ah, I’m too late by one day! Gosh, I already did not produce anything for Bucky’s birthday, and now I could not even be on time for Tony’s. Anyways, it’s only something small. Tony deserves so much, even though he himself does not think so. I love him nevertheless, despite all his flaws. Happy Birthday, my favorite genius! Enjoy! 💕

Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philantrophist. He is a man who has everything, and nothing.

Is that why he felt so lonely in his own home? Surrounded by his friends (what was left of them)? With nothing he couldn’t do to improve his life?

Tony Stark began his birthday with F.R.I.D.A.Y. waking him. She announces the time and date, it was half past nine, May 29th, the weather, a wonderful day with lots of sunshine and no clouds covering the sky, and the plans for his day. Fortunately, his only meeting today got cancelled, so he would be able to hide in his workshop and tinker away on his projects. Alone.

Therefore, F.R.I.D.A.Y. let him stay in bed for another half an hour, eyes closed, but not actually sleeping. Then he rolled himself out of bed, rubbed at his eyes groggily and shuffled into the bathroom to shower and change.

The kitchen waited for him with freshly baken pancakes, his favorite ones with blueberries inside. Tony ate his meal, downed a glass of orange juice and decided to clean his used dishes himself. Alone.

Sunlight bathed the workshop into a soft light. As F.R.I.D.A.Y. had said, there was not one cloud absorbing the light of the sun. Tony allowed himself to relish in the warm glow before he pulled up his blueprints and continued working on Mark XLVII. Alone.

After five long hours and eight mugs of coffee, Tony smiled triumphantly as he finally was able to got the newly finished Mark XLVII to its paint job.

“The suit will be finished in exactly four hours and 46 minutes, Boss.”

It was Tony’s first time he smiled today. Alone.

He decided to leave the workshop for the time being, making his way to the common room. There was a time where it was filled with at least one Avenger. Now the most of them were hiding from the government.

As Tony turned on the TV, he stumbled upon a Star Trek marathon. Notifying it was probably long ago he last had the time or even felt like watching Star Trek again, he tossed the remote away, made himself comfortable and watched the adventures of the Enterprise and its crew. Alone.

The next time Tony was awoken, it was by the voice of another person. This time a real living being.

“Hey there, Tony. Do you hear me?”

Tony opened his eyes slowly, his involuntary nape leaving him slightly confused.


The person snorted. “No, silly. Someone else.”


“He is away. Like Rhodey. You remember? Hm, apparently not. You know, in fact, they are away together. Rhodey has some super duper secret meeting with some government, but you refused to let him go alone with all his ‘cannot walk on his own legs anymore’. You got somehow overprotective, but who can blame you? I think I’d be, too. Ah, scratch that, I’m here because I am overprotective! Oh, and Rhodey and Vision called, by the way. F.R.I.D.A.Y. let you sleep, though.”


“Yes! That’s right, yay! One hundred points for the cutie lying on the couch with the most adorable pout on this wonderful kissable lips!”

Tony had finally succeeded in blinking the sleep away, now being able to see you fully, face right beside his own as you kneeled by his side, the beautiful smile on your face warming his insides immediately.

“Hey, Y/N. What are you doing here? I thought you were in Russia?”

“Well, I was, indeed. But it was boring there without you.”


You nodded firmly. “You can bet your sexy ass! It was no fun over there. And I figured you must be lonely, so I thought I should come over.”

Tony smiled again, a genuine one this time, and pulled you on the couch on top of him. His lips touched your own in a soft and tender kiss. “Missed you, sweet cheeks,” he said, pressing a second kiss on your cheek right under your eyes. Your lovely face scrunched up, left eye instinctively closed, but you still smiled brightly at him.

“Missed you, too.” You looked down at him, then peppered his face with dozens of kisses. “Still feeling lonely, hot stuff?”

Even after all this time he knew you, he still was surprised by how well you could read him. He nuzzled the crook of your neck lovingly, making you giggle.

“No,” he answered, cheek rubbing at your own. “I’m glad you’re here.”

You smiled, eyes full of love for the man lying underneath you. “Happy Birthday, blueberry.”

Tony knew an extra “I love you” would not be necessary, so he simply pulled you closer, enjoying the warmth and comfort you offered.

He surely did not felt this lonely anymore, and now he somehow felt stupid for thinking so. How could he forget that he was not alone?


General: @buckys-shield

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Okay but a Law who secretly really enjoys the trashiest most harlequin romance novels.

  • The ones with giant guys with flowing hair holding fainting women on cliffs, that use words like “throbbing” and “bosoms”.
  • He puts the slip covers of boring medical texts over them, just in case
    • “I think that’s the third time I’ve seen you reading that book. Tropical Podiatristic Fungi of the Grand Line? Huh.”
    • “…yes it’s my favorite go away
  • Roci used to read them and one day Law picked one up and Roci faceplanted so hard trying to stop him. So Law kept stealing them and Roci kept freaking and it was a Thing and one day when he was in a book store looking for medical texts he saw the display with a book he’d read before and he added it to his pile without thinking too hard and when he eventually reads it he notices the ad for a sequel, surely that’s out by now and so starts his small and well-hidden collection of the trashiest pulp novels on the Grand Line
  • Tiny Chopper who raids Law’s Library
    • “Oh! It’s Thoracic Infections And The Symptoms Thereof! Nami mentioned a persistent cough, can I–” “NO.”“…uh, Torao-san? I don’t think…that is to say. Well. They’re short of breath, yes, but this heaving…uh….”
    • “So I read the whole thing but I can’t figure out what illness could cause all those symptoms they described” “…yes. illness. They had…uh. It was a case study. Research. On that illness.”
  • alternatively
  • A Chopper who reads it and hands it back frowning. “Human mating seems difficult and painful. Not to mention inefficient,” and Law frowns to hide how he’s quietly dying inside

The best part of that episode was Negan and Simon running to cover together with their arms wrapped around each other. That was so adorable and made my shipper heart happy. Heck, just finally seeing them on screen together again made me happy.

Oh, and I enjoyed hearing Negan’s “did you ever hear the one” spiel because that’s one of my many favorite comic book quotes of his.

This will be an ever-changing, ever-long playlist of songs that has reminded me of Zero and Yuuki’s relationship or the characters themselves as I’ve listened to these songs endlessly and loved them over the years. Some range of relativity from the tone of the song to the very minuscule detail of lyrics. My goal was to make an entire long playlist that could always put me in the mood to listen to about our beautiful, favorite pairing. c: I hope you guys can enjoy it, too!

Click here to listen to the PlaylistRead below for the entire listing. 

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I've seen some people go on with how bad Sangwoo is and that they hate him and want him to die. I love him and can't imagine reading something where I hate a main character that gets tons of appearances, this comic must be torture for them

Sangwoo is my favorite character. He’s so fucking horrible but that’s what makes me love him so much. I would have to assume people that hate Sangwoo must be very attached to Bum because… Well it’s like you said, I couldn’t imagine them enjoying the comic otherwise. 

Sangwoo is bad but like.. he’s there to cause conflict and keep the story interesting and his character is doing a damn good job at it. I think my favorite thing about him is that I’m like, 100% convinced that he isn’t aware that he’s The Bad Guy™. I think he’s aware that murder is “wrong” otherwise he wouldn’t be covering his tracks so well, but I don’t think he personally thinks he’s doing any wrong and— gOD I FUCKING LOVE HIM OKAY.

Sleepy Summer Playlist

By Lakota Rich.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite acoustic songs for you to listen to on the perfect sleepy summer afternoon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t compile them into a Spotify playlist because many of them aren’t on Spotify, so, instead, we’re linking through to them on YouTube. These songs will be what I turn to on those lazy afternoons that I can’t bother to get out of bed, and I hope you enjoy them as well.



  1. Alaska (acoustic) – Maggie Rogers
  2. You’re the One that I Want (Grease cover) – Angus & Julia Stone
  3. Cough Syrup (live acoustic) – Young the Giant
  4. Creep (Radiohead cover) – Damien Rice
  5. Lies (acoustic) – Marina and the Diamonds
  6. Tonight (live acoustic) – Lykke Li
  7. Daddy Issues (The Neighbourhood cover) – Alice Kristiansen
  8. Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover) – Keaton Henson

We put them into a YouTube playlist as well! Check it out here.

Photo Credit/the-devil-wears-zara

Kitchy Witchy‘s Recipes - Parmesan Crusted Salmon and Roasted Potatoes

I started this blog originally because I am someone who LOVES to cook, and loves healthy and even magickally beneficial dishes for those I love. I am no practiced recipe writer but I think that cooking should be easy and delicious, so I hope that sharing these love dishes from my home can bring light and yumminess into yours.

Serves 2-4

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i love your asl cover of great comet's prologue!! did you make up andrey and pierre's name signs or did you get them from somewhere? either way i love them, especially pierre's. and you're so expressive with your asl!! my favorite parts are when the door slams and at "andrey's family- totally messed up" bc you look SO proud and happy at those parts. now i really need a dead west production of great comet- can you imagine how beautiful that would be?

thank u so much! i’m so glad u enjoyed it! it was a #struggle but super fun to make and i’m glad that i was expressive enough to keep it engaging!!

real name signs are only meant to be given by deaf people, so i did not make any real name signs in the video. pierre’s is just the first letter of his name tapped against the left arm, which is very common for referencing people without a name sign yet. because the first letter of ‘andrey’ is a little hard to sign on the left arm and still be clear, i used the first and last letters ( A-Y ) by the side of the head, another super generic way to reference people. if any deaf fans have made actual name signs for any of the characters, i would love to see them and would certainly start using them instead of the make-shift ones in the video.

and friend i am Pro ANYTHING with deaf west i want to see every single show done that way, but i think great comet in particular would be a really cool choice!! the challenge would be that when the actors are all around the room deaf audience members might have trouble knowing to look at and when for dialogue. some really creative light and acting cues would need to be worked out. but i do think this is a show that would just look beautiful in asl!!

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What's your favorite color spread in MHA


p-probably this one….. i just really like the composition of how everyone is drawn, all so pumped and determined and ready to fight. and i think all the colors are just really nicely done. i also really like the sense of movement in it, with all the dynamic poses and the lines on the cloth and everything. Horikoshi is so good at drawing dynamic poses

(tho the giant ghostly horse in the background still baffles me, but w/e lmao)

tho my favorite chapter covers (?? i’m not sure what to call them) is probably a tie between these three

i just really enjoy how everyone is drawn in the first one. it’s just so fun to see them all in a sort of casual work setting and in matching clothes. and even then, their clothes are slightly altered to match their personalities, which i think is a neat little detail

and i absolutely love the color composition in the second one. the striking bright orange accents against the faded blue background and black on Bakugou’s outfit is just….. god, as an artist, i love it. the contrast is just enough to draw your eye right into the center towards Bakugou, while not distracting enought to take away from the rest of the image. it’s very subtle and understated but so well done and i just. i love it so much ok

and the last one is the Dad Might image and like. how can i not love that, ok. it’s just so sweet and they really do look like a father and a son sitting next to each other on a bench, and the symbolism of the tree in the background is also really sweet.  

Toshinori’s name has the word for tree in it, representing how he used to hold society up. but now he’s felled, and Izuku is the new, growing seed, the small tree that’s reaching upwards, trying to reach the greatness All Might once had as his successor as the next Symbol of Peace.

(i believe that the rest of class 1A is going to reach this reputation as well, but the narrative always refers to Izuku as specifically becoming the next Symbol of Peace)


I’ve been thinking about what my all time favorite JRPG franchises are and figured I’d make a list of them.

Here’s a short list: Tales of, Suikoden, Wild Arms, Final Fantasy, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Chrono, Kingdom Hearts, Megami Tensei, Persona, Mana, Breath of Fire, .Hack//, Xeno, Dark Cloud, Rune Factory, and that about covers the one’s that I’ve played and enjoyed so far.

There are still a ton of franchises that I’ve yet to play but eventually I’d like to fill in my list some more.

thechristianbro  asked:

So what's your favorite way to break a fortress, I need to know for research reasons

“My favourite method? During the Great Crusade I enjoyed hammering my foes with unrelenting artillery before detonating charges placed under the cover of the bombardment. Then myself and the Iron Circle would descend on the shattered foe….they did not survive my presence.”

“Now? I just rip open a warp-portal and drop hordes of maulerfiends on them.”