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Well Isn’t This Different

Summary: You decide to do something different, and boy is Alfie surprised.

Characters: Reader, Alfie Solomons, Ollie

Fandom: Peaky Blinders

Word Count: 1141

AN: Smut ahead! I repeat SMUT ahead! 

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This will probably always be one of my favorite pages about Adam from the Ex art book. For one: I love that the designers were aware that while trying to get his look down, it’d become really obvious that trying to keep his arms exposed all the time made him look like a douche bag when coupled with his shades and beard. I mean, he still looks like a douchebag but whatever.

Also every time I see these it makes me wish they’d kept the exposed augmented legs/ gone with some very odd design. For one, as we have it now they’re entirely covered so you can’t even see them and tbh, sometimes I forget they’re augmented.

Not to mention it interesting having them exposed/ their weird design prohibits them from being hidden behind clothes. Because it’d be like a sort of very obvious visual reminder: he’s an amputee, someone who was horribly injured and without the aid of these prosthetics he would be disabled.

Granted you can still get this sense when he’s out sans coat and his arms ( or just having his hands shown at all ) are exposed but I feel the impact isn’t as strong. After all his black armor and coat kinda melds in with his black arms. So in an almost subconscious manner your mind would look at him and assume he’s wearing a long sleeve with gloves on. 

Either way, I do sometimes like writing in when Adam’s out in public with his coat on that people would do double takes once realizing his hands aren’t wearing gloves, that the black things actually are his hands. It’s always why sometimes I like writing/imagining him in a white button up with his sleeves rolled up too. The stark contrast really makes his prosthetics stand out. 

alton brown: contestants, you have precisely one hour to assemble a dish using only one ingredient (he takes the cover off of the sliver platter to reveal a sad looking bag of pepperoni)

bald chef jeff: ok, so right away i’m thinkin pepperoni pizza. so i go to the pantry to get myself some bread, but there was a rabid dog waiting for me within, so i instantly closed the door before i was mauled and killed by this rabid dog. so my second idea was to assemble a favorite of mine: a pepperoni geyser. now in order to make a pepperoni geyser, you need a floating point unit and a pepperoni propulsion device, which can easily be assembled by [REDACTED BY US GOVERNMENT] so right away i grab the ice cream machine and [REDACTED BY US GOVERNMENT] and that should do it.

alton brown: 3, 2, 1! time’s up, chefs! chef dianne, what have you prepared for us today?

chef dianne: well today, i have prepared for you a dish we always used to make back home in louisana. it’s called “stacks”

(it’s just a stack of pepperoni)

alton brown: revered food columnist Vito Scaletta, what do you think of the “stacks” chef dianne cheyenne has prepared for you today?

revered food columnist vito scaletta, without taking a bite of his stack: i like it. it brings me back to my poker days, makes me feel like i’m winnin’ big!

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Psst! Friendly anon here! How would Prince Sidon react to finding his s/o's Sheikah slate and seeing a ton of pictures of himself on it? I'm curious how he would react to his female s/o being on their period but I don't wanna be seen as a weirdo by asking. ;w; But seriously..what would dinner be like with him? Would he try to feed his s/o raw fish?? XD

AW HELL YEE First request(s) and they’re all for my favorite shark boy! If you don’t mind, Imma answer most of these as headcanons, but the first as a scenario since there’s a lot. Enjoy!

-Mod Pinks

Pictures of him on Sheikah Slate (Sidon)

If anyone saw him now, they’d be confused as to why the Crown Prince of Zora was hunched over some stone near the dock, tail a-wagging and grinning. 

He knew that he really shouldn’t be peeking at another’s possessions, truly. His beloved had left her bag with him when she remembered she had left something in her home, rushing off to fetch it while he waited. Was it really all that awful that when Sidon happened to glance at it, the Slate was slightly sticking out? And was it really all that awful that it was still on? And that he couldn’t help his overwhelming curiosity?

…Probably. But really, he couldn’t help it! And how could he possibly regret it, now that he was seeing the contents.

Nature images, images of a strange 4-eyed horse (he’d have to ask), of flowers, of monsters, of far off lands- all minuscule compared to the sheer volume of the images of him, a good portion starting from before they were even together. Images of their battles together, of grinning is joy, of him assisting another- 

How adorable to know that she was just as smitten with him as he was with her~.

“-Sorry about that Sidon, I-OOP!” Sidon’s arms were around them in a flash, a radiant grin spreading and infecting her with a smile. “Why thank you, but what’s all this about?”

“Ah, nothing in particular, just realizing how incredibly adorable you can be. Though I have to say there is a small problem.” His beloved shifted in his arms to look up to him with concern.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s not a single image of me with you.”

Reacting to his s/o’s period (Sidon)

  •  Let’s be extra sadistic and say that it hits when they’re in the middle of swimming.
  • Being rather shark-like, it wouldn’t be a surprise what Sidon’s reaction is to smelling blood on his love.
  • Almost immediately he has his arms on her, lifting her to see if she has any wounds, asking her if she hit something, where the wound was.
  • Once the s/o put two and two together, and somehow managed to calm down the giant shark-puppy, she’d have to explain it to him.
  • He has a new found respect for non-Zora women.
  • “So for several days you’re in agony, and I can’t do anything to help?”
  • “Well….”
  • Will do his best to help you in any way possible (as princely duties allow)
  • Cuddles? Hell yea, there and done.
  • Later on, while he is now used to the idea of it, that doesn’t stop him from being protective of you, cuddling up to you and doing everything to help.

Dinner with the bae (Sidon)

  • Given the fact that he and his sister were close, and its likely she told him all sorts of things about Hylians, there’s a good chance Sidon knows not to give Hylians raw fish. 
  • Dinner of in of itself would be absolutely delightful.
  • After pulling a few strings, he’d get an evening off to share with his beloved, and try to spend some private time together.
  • A private dinner, perhaps in a quieter part of his home, overlooking the city.
  • Lots of Zora dishes, though Sidon being Sidon, it wouldn’t be surprising if he went out of his way to try to include some sort of Hylian dish.
  • Absolutely charming company, good food, and a good view. 10/10

Sorry if they’re not as good as usual, it’s been a while since I got any requests, but I hope you liked them! -Mod Pinks

Whataburger with the boys.

To be honest we’ve had this idea for a couple cons but since this was the last Texas con we figured we had to bust it out finally. So we had empty bags and cups and we just told the to pretend they were stealing fries out of the bag. My cup is almost upside down and idgaf .. Jared is hella close to Valerie and it’s my favorite and this is actually the re-take cause we blew the first one. It’s ok cause I like Jensen’s face better in this one anyways. But yes, after this Jensen looks at me and says “well now I want whataburger …” and hands me the cup and I told him “you’re welcome!” Valerie followed me out and she accidentally left the cup with Jared and I turned around when we were leaving and I see Jared running up alongside Valerie like leaving the op room and he drapes his arm around her and goes to sip from the cup and says “is this for me?” …legit they make the cutest fucking pair. 💖💖

Auston Matthews - Part 7

Now we get to the really fun parts 

A few hours later the Matthews’ and I find ourselves at a coffee shop in downtown Toronto, giving our feet a break from all the walking and shopping; Mr. Matthews has already had to make two trips to the car with all of our bags. Mrs. Matthews looks like she’s ready to call it a day when my phone buzzes on the table, my favorite cousin’s face shining up at me.

               “Hey!” I answer.

               “Hey Y/N, I just got off the phone with your mom and she said you’re in Toronto?” Melissa says, a bit too much excitement in her tone as usual.

               “Oh yeah, just visiting,” I reply, shifting uncomfortably in my seat even though she can’t see me, no one outside my parents and the Matthews’, with the exception of Mrs. Poe and a few friends know about the opportunity I have here in Toronto.

               “Well that’s just perfect because I need you to do something for me!” Melissa practically shouts in my ear and I quickly dial down the volume.

               “And what’s that?”

               “Since you’re to be my maid of honor in less than two months, we need to pick out your dress and it just so happens that the two I’ve narrowed it down to are sold solely in a little boutique in downtown Toronto!”

               I can practically feel Melissa trembling with excitement through the phone.

               “So, I need you to get down there as soon as you can to try them on and facetime me so I can see. It doesn’t have to be today, but the sooner the better,” Melissa finishes and I think I hear her taking in her first breath since we got on the phone.

               “Alright, what’s this place called?” I ask, digging through my purse for a pen to write on my napkin. After scribbling down the name and saying goodbye, I turn to the others.

               “Anyone up for one more stop today?”

               Mr. Matthews, who had literally just sat down as the words came out of my mouth, lets out a small groan and I can’t help but laugh.

               “There won’t be any more bags to carry, I’m just trying on a dress for my cousin’s wedding,” I explain and that seems to perk him up a little bit.

               “Auston should be out of practice by now, I’ll text him and tell him where to meet us,” Mrs. Matthews says, and I feel myself perk up a little bit as well and mentally want to slap myself.

               Navigating with my phone, we find ourselves outside a cute little boutique between two high dollar clothing stores. The little bell above the door rings with our welcome and small, plump woman comes bounding up from the back of the store.

               “Ah, you must be Ms. (Y/L/N), yes?” She says and barely waits for my answer, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the back of the store with her. I send a frightened look over my should but only get amused smiles in return.

               “Your cousin very bossy, very bossy indeed,” the lady is saying, her thick French accent coming out in full force. “But she did well at describing body type.” She hands fly from rack to rack of dresses, apparently searching for a specific one. “Tall, strong shoulders and average breast.”

               My cheeks are on fire as the rest of the family catches up to us and I hear the bell ring again and my cheeks burn even more knowing exactly who just walked into the store.

               “Sexy hips and in her words, ‘perfect ass’,” at this she pauses and glances at me oblivious to my discomfort and mortified expression. “I wouldn’t say perfect, but close.”

               I let out a strangled noise from my throat as Alex and Breyana clutch their sides to keep from busting a rib do to laughing so hard. I can’t even get myself to look at Mr. Matthews who probably wants to sink into the floor just as much as I do and forget about looking at Auston.

               I just stare helplessly as the woman, whose name I have yet to learn, whirls around me, leaving a hurricane of dresses and skirts in her wake. Finally after what seems like a lifetime she pulls out a long navy colored dress and presses it against me.

               “This one. Now follow me,” she snaps her fingers and turns on her heel, matching towards what looks like a mini catwalk beside a row of dressing rooms. The Matthews’ and myself follow after her, having to keep a surprisingly fast pace to do so.

               “You in there,” she points to me and then the first dressing room. “Rest of you out here.” She waves her hand at a handful of seats beside the room.

               I send one more look of despair over my shoulder before being ushered into the dressing room and stripped down before I even know what’s happening. I’m standing naked in front of a strange woman in less than 30 seconds with the exception of my panties, which I have been permitted to keep on for now.

               “Step in,” the lady says, holding out the dress in front of me. I carefully do as she says and she lifts the dress easily up and over me. The satin feels like liquid around me, heaven on my skin. Before I can marvel much more at how the dress feels, the lady dips a hand down the front of my dress and adjusting to until she seems satisfied. Are all places in Canada like this?

Alex POV

               Mom, dad and Breyana take their seats to the side of the catwalk while Auston and I remain standing, chatting about what we did today and how his practice was. I can faintly hear the seamstress barking orders at Y/N in the dressing room and can’t help but laugh out loud thinking of the expression on her face when she was being dragged around.

               “What?” Auston asks, frowning at me as I try to control my laughter.

               “Oh, just Y/N, this is not her cup of tea being in a place like this and I bet she’s even more mortified being in there right now,” I reply, grinning at the thought. Y/N isn’t the type of person to say anything if something is making her uncomfortable or if she’s overwhelmed, both of which are the case right now I think.

               “She not the shopping type?” Auston asks, his eyes flashing to the still closed dressing room door.

               “Nah, she loves shopping. I meant more of her being the center of attention. You saw how she was last night when she first started opening her gifts,” I pause a moment. “Speaking of which, how did you get the idea for that charm any ways?”

               Auston hesitates a moment and looks away from me, shrugging his shoulders.

               “I don’t know, mom mentioned what Y/N was coming to Toronto for to begin with and I just happened to see the thing in a window a few days later?” He says it more like a question than anything else. I raise my eyebrows at him.

               “Well, it was obviously her favorite, so I guess you “happened” the right thing,” I say.

               Auston’s face breaks into a grin when he looks at me again.

               “You really think it’s her favorite?”

               “Duh, she’s already obsessed with it, all day today she was either touching it or twirling it around. I don’t think she realized it but it was the only one she did it to.” I study him a moment, his eyes stay glued to the door Y/N is currently standing behind, a faint smile tickling his lips. Maybe Breyana and I needn’t have planned at all. This was going better than either of us had expected.

               I open my mouth to say something else when Auston’s goes slack. I frown at him and snap my fingers in front of his face, it does nothing to get his attention.

               “She looks…” he faintly whispers and I whip my head around to see Y/N emerging from the dressing room, my mouth dropping open as well.

               Y/N steps into the full light of the room and looks shyly around at everyone, clearly not sure whether the silence that has taken over the room is good or bad. Her face is a flushed pink as the seamstress helps her into a pair of heels, looking like she would rather be anywhere but here.

               Mom recovers first.

               “Oh, Y/N…” she stands out of her seat, her eyes glowing. “You look so beautiful.”

               Dad snaps to attention as well and holds out a hand to help Y/N climb the few stairs onto the small catwalk, he still hasn’t seemed to have found his voice quite yet.

               Y/N steadies herself, I had only seem her in heels twice before now, and gracefully turns and lets the dress skirt swirl around her. The navy looks striking against her pale winter skin, and brings out the color of her eyes. The dress is half sleeved, stopping just after her elbows and has a slit atop both shoulders before dropping down to the middle of her back, clinching around her waist before flowing freely down her legs to the floor. The seamstress must have taken out Y/N’s braids because now her dark hair is flowing down in soft waves down to the middle of her back as well.

               “She look good, yes?” I hear the seamstress ask and look over to see her now standing beside Auston who looks like a fool with his mouth hanging open.

               “Yes, yes, very good,” he whispers again and I can practically feel the heat coming from Y/N’s face.

               The seamstress nods, clearly pleased with herself before snapping her fingers at Y/N.

               “Walk my dear, walk,” she orders and then starts mumbling to herself in French as Y/N begins to walk up and down the catwalk, careful not to trip over the hem of the dress. The dress clings to her body beautifully, showing off her curves and legs without it being skin tight. We all stare in awe as she makes a few rounds.

               “I am pleased. However, needs hemming. You have time now? Should take about thirty minutes,” the seamstress says after a moment. Right as the words leave her mouth my stomach growls loud enough for Y/N to turn and look at me.

               “I can come back another day, I think everyone is a bit tired and hungry at the moment,” she says. But I can see some hesitation in her face, and I can tell she would rather not have to come back to this place ever again.

               “I can stay with you and drive you back when you’re done,” Auston speaks up before anyone can say anything and we all turn to look at him with wide eyes. “I ate after practice and wanted to go next door for something anyways, then dinner will be ready by the time we get back.”

               I glance up at Y/N and she’s staring at Auston, shock written on her face but she doesn’t counter. Breyana catches my eye and winks, both of us grabbing at our parents and dragging them towards the door before either Auston or Y/N can change their minds.

               “That sounds perfect! You finish getting altered and dinner will be ready when you get back,” I say, and I see a ghost of a smile flash across Y/N’s face as she and Auston look at each before nodding at me in agreement. I look back once more once we reach the door and see Auston standing beside the stairs of the catwalk, holding onto Y/N’s hand as she steps down. She seems to feel my stare and meets my gaze, winking at me so quick I’m not sure it even happened before turning and listening to the seamstress is saying to her.


It’s now been one month since Pokemon Sun and Moon were released. Thank you Pokemon for an incredible experience with a wonderful companion!! I truly hope we get to see Lillie return in the future!! She is, without a doubt, my favorite character in the Pokemon series!!! ❤️

Hour Nineteen : Fireworks

Prompt : “Best night ever.“

A/N : 19 out of 24 (5 more to gooooo)

Pairing : Tim Drake x Reader

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“Did you bring the picnic blanket?” You asked Tim as you placed the basket containing the food and drinks down on the grass.

He nodded and pulled it out of his bag. “Wouldn’t want you to burst my eardrum every time you see a bug crawling on your leg, now do I?” He joked, chuckling.

Your face scrunched up in disgust, “Don’t even bring them up,” you said, shuddering.

After getting situated, you and Tim made yourselves comfortable on the blanket. You handed him some food from the basket while he poured you a cup of your favorite drink.

“I love fall.” He mused, taking a bite of his sandwich. “Perfect time for drinking coffee outside in the mornings.”

“You always have to bring up coffee, don’t you?” You laughed at him fondly, laying your head comfortably on his shoulder.

“Well duh,” Tim muttered, “how else am I suppose to start a conversation? Don’t you remember? This was how we first started talking to each other.”

You sighed as the memories came rushing back, “You were so nerdy back then.”

“Back then?” He snorted, “I still am now.”

“A cute nerdy though.” You added, smiling cheekily, “If you had acted like Dick or Jason, or God forbid, Damian? I would’ve never looked in your general direction again.”

“That’s a lie and you know it.” Tim said, smirking smugly. It was one of those rare moments where he wasn’t afraid to show his inner Wayne.

You didn’t bother replying as you saw a group of people making their way over to light the fireworks.

Tugging on Tim’s jacket, you whispered excitedly, “The fireworks are about to start!”

And sure enough right after you said this, a loud boom was heard from above.

You and Tim leaned closer to each other and watched in amazement as the different colors lit up the dark, Gotham night sky.

Fireworks were the only source of light besides the moon that the people of Gotham could admire. Not many could see the stars because of the pollution, which killed your dreams of ever kissing Tim under them.

Tim breathed in the scent of your hair as the both of you continued to watch more rockets soar into the air. “Best night ever.” He whispered.

Baby, You’re Perfect -- Tom Holland x Reader

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Originally posted by arachnidiot

“God, how are you this perfect?” You smiled and made grabby hands at Tom. He handed the plastic bag over to you and you continued to smile as you saw that the bag was filled with all your favorite snacks. Tom shrugged off his jacket and put his headphones back into the pocket. He glanced over as he heard you removing items from the bag.

“One of those Sour Patch Kids is mine, by the way.” He hopped onto the bed and turned to cuddle into your thigh. Considering you had both taken this Saturday as your lazy day – you had both spent the morning making breakfast and then lounging around drinking from your mugs – you were still in your favorite sweats. And you both were proud of the fact that neither of you had had the urge to shower yet.

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First instalive

I really hope you guys like this one,that is from far my favorite until now.
If you wanna see anything in here,just let me know.

“Shawn?“You call him,opening the door of his house with your keys.

"I’m in the kitchen!"You hear him closing the oven.

"Can you help me here?” You ask,with all those books in you hand,you bag with your clothes and some supermarket bag in the car.

“Just a second guys!” You heard him talking to somebody,but didn’t notice who it was. “Hey,need some help here?” He asks trying to take the books from you.

“I can handle these,can you take the supermarket bag on the car?” You ask and he just nods giving you little kiss on the lips.“ You have some friends at home?” You waited him at the door.

“No,why?"He enters and close the door behind him,putting your keys on your bag.

"I heard you talking with someone.”

“Oh,no. It’s just the instalive, I started make dinner,and turn on the live.”

“Oh,that so you! Need an audience for everything now!” You joke and he laughs at you,following you to the living room.

“Put your bag upstairs and meet us at the live in the kitchen ok?” He asks,waiting for an answer. He always respected you decision to not be constant on media with him,but a few weeks ago,you asked him to be more open about the relationship,because you felt like the fans were missing on this,and you wanted to be more active on his life.

“Ok,I’m just gonna put this there and meet you guys.” You kiss his cheek and started going to his room.

“Sorry guys,Y/N just arrived from college with the rest of the ingredients for dinner.” He says,opening the supermarket bags and reading the messages in the phone screen.“Yes,she will be here in a second,she is just letting her books in a safe place.”

“Hey,I’m back!” You said feeling nervous,but trying not to show that up.

“Hey sweetheart,I was just telling then you were keeping your books safe. Say Hi to them!”

“Hey everyone,hope you are having a good day. What are you trying to do here love?”

“The chicken is on the oven with the veggies,all we need is to get the rice done. Ready?”

“Let’s go!” He stars to pass you what you’re asking while you put the water to boil.

“What have you being talking about until I arrived?”

“Actually,I was just asking then what tea should I make right now.”

“Which one they chose?”

“Peach,want one?”

“Not my favorite. I’ll stay with some of the juices I got.” He finish cutting the onion and pass it to me.

“They wanna know somethings about you. Wanna answer?”

“Sure,what’s the first one?”

“Ok, Angelmendes wants to know how was your day?”

“It was good,very productive actually! Thank you for asking.”

“You finished that work you had?” He asks look at you.

“Not yet,but I’m almost there.”

“Ok,next question from Tomatohater,she wants to know if you constant listen to my songs.”

“No,never!” He looked at you with his eyes wide open and you starts to laugh.“ Of course I listen to his music all the time. You know that Shawn!” He smile grow and you smile back.

“Lovebabymendes wants to know what is you favorite song from Illuminate?”

“I love all of them. But my favorite is Understand.” He keeps making some questions until the rice is done.

“Last question, Shawnhotmendes wants to know if I am a good boyfriend?” You laugh but he tries to hold his laugh.

“Oh,he is an amazing boyfriend,sometimes” His jaw drops and you laugh even more.

“Ok guys,dinner is ready,so we need to go. Thank you for making us company. Love you all! Y/n,wanna say bye?”

“Goodbye everyone,have a nice dinner you all. Thank you.” You say with a little of pink on your cheeks.

Shawn turn the live off and put his phone to recharge while you make the table for two.

“So,I’m,sometimes,an amazing boyfriend?”



“I didn’t get any formal kiss since I arrived here.” You turn to look at him and smile.

“Let me fix that right now!” With two steps he is in front of you,his hand on you cheeks and than that warm kiss you missed.“Better now?”

“Almost. Your luck is that I’m sleeping here,so you can make it up for me.” You say and he laugh.


 ↳ { a social media + ficlet college au for the 100 }

Bellamy made his way through the crowded campus pub and put his drink on the table. His sister glanced at him pointedly, and Clarke, who was right next to her, downright scowled.

“What are you doing?” Octavia demanded.

“Visiting my favorite baby sister,” he cooed, then leaned over and tried to crush her head in a hug. She elbowed his side, and he pulled away laughing. “What, too old for that now?”

“You know what you did,” she sniffed.

He rolled his eyes. “Take it easy. That was nothing.”

“Did you spend your Saturday morning stuffing wet toilet paper into trash bags?” Clarke snapped.

Grinning, he leaned farther on the table, which made her tense and him grin wider. Pledges were the most fun to rile, and it took next to nothing from him to raise her hackles in particular. Bellamy didn’t know whether to be wary or pleased with that fact. “You know what they say, can’t take the heat…”

He stared at Clarke a little harder, and though it was hard in the dim light of Grounders, he thought he saw the faintest trace of pink in her cheeks. Before he could push her buttons further, however, Octavia punched his arm.

“Get out of here before they start calling us traitors,” his sister muttered.

Sighing dramatically, he straightened up from the tiny hightop. “That’s what I get for trying to bond with my sibling.”

Octavia snorted, but she let him pull her in for a hug around the shoulders and a sloppy kiss to the temple. He had only taken a few steps away when Clarke called after him.

“Hey Blake.”

He looked over his shoulder to find her looking at him with a lifted chin and determined eyes. When she didn’t immediately continue, Bellamy raised his eyebrows. Clarke narrowed her gaze before declaring, “Pool table in thirty minutes. Best out of three rounds.”

The corner of his mouth lifted up at the sheer amount of confidence in her voice. He heard Octavia whistle low, and he noticed that some other row members had heard her challenge. His pulse jumped, and she didn’t even waver as he pretended to consider his response.

Finally, he shrugged. “You’re on, princess.”

He turned back around, not stopping at hearing her sputter behind him. A few of his brothers clapped him on the back as he headed back to his group of senior friends at the bar. When he reached them, Miller smirked, but Murphy just looked bored.

Roan was the only one to actually comment on the interaction. “Well, that was just damn adorable.”

Bellamy flipped him off and stole a sip of Miller’s beer. “I don’t need a warning, pops. I think I can handle my sister’s friends. Even if they’re Deltas.”

Roan just smiled slowly, but something harder flashed in his eyes. Bellamy didn’t say more. He was one of the few who knew why the Kappa Rho president avoided any type of positive interaction with Delta Phi. Still, his sister belonged to that house now, and although he would still happily contribute to their houses’ rivalry, total avoidance was no longer an option. Roan would just have to fucking deal.

So a half hour later, he drained the last of a beer and headed over to the pool table area. He had a blonde to thoroughly show up, after all.


Dear Sally, I know that you’re frightened and there are many decisions I can’t prepare you for, but you must immediately tell the hospital and funeral director that I’m to be interred intact, in the family plot in West Laurel. Uncle William has the details from Grandpa Gene’s burial. I’ve also enclosed a portrait from the 1968 Republican winter gala. The blue chiffon I wore is my very favorite. I hung it in a gold garment bag in the hall closet beside the mink. Please bring them the lipstick from my handbag and remind them how I like to wear my hair. Will you show them the picture? Sally, I always worried about you because you march to the beat of your own drum, but now I know that’s good. I know your life will be an adventure. I love you, Mom.

so my two other female roommates and I are all on our period (or as we call it, “being invaded by the communists”) and our roommate, B, (Kara’s fiance) comes home from work with a bag of groceries and tells us “I brought reinforcements.”

We are confused- UNTIL he pulls out oreos, dark chocolate, and a pack of ferrero rocher and continues: “for the war against the Communists.”

this guy knows whats up.

Smoke: Part 10

Story Summary: You knew Bucky and Steve back when you were kids. When they both disappeared in the war, you let Peggy experiment on you with the serum. It had a different effect on you than it had on Steve, and you’ve spent your life in hiding. What will happen when you finally make yourself known?
Word Count: 1,949
Warnings: lots and lots of fluff, angst. Frustration for you guys, probably. 😘
A/N: This is one of my favorite chapters I’ve written so far, so I hope you guys like it!

When you reached Stark Tower, Bucky immediately carried you to his room, your backpack now over his shoulder. He set you down on his bed gently, walking into his bathroom. “You’re going to take a shower, and then I’m gonna get you bandaged up.” He called to you, and you heard the shower start running. You grabbed your bag, pulling out an oversized shirt and fresh pair of underwear, along with your shampoo, conditioner and body wash. You found yourself thankful that Steve had packed your bag. He knew exactly what to grab for you. You stood up slowly, heading towards the bathroom. Bucky stood in the doorway after letting you through, just staring at you. “I really am sorry.” He said softly, and you turned to look at him after you set your stuff down on the counter. “It really is okay, Buck. You didn’t know it would happen today.” You told him, tucking your hair behind your ears. “But I knew it would happen. I shouldn’t have left you alone like that.” You shrugged, “You won’t always be there to protect me, Buck.. Sometimes, things are going to happen.” He shook his head at you. “No. I can’t accept that. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”. He was getting upset just thinking about it. “We can’t always get what we want.” You told him softly, and he bit into his lip as he stared at you. “That’s not fair.” He whispered, and you smiled sadly at him. “Look.. I feel really gross, so I’m going to shower, now.. We can finish this talk after, okay?” You said, walking towards him so you could shut the door. “Promise?” He breathed, before he stepped out of the doorway. You nodded, “I promise.”, and with that, you shut the door quietly.

You had forgotten how much hot water can sting fresh wounds, and as soon as you stepped in the shower, you hissed at the contact. Eventually, the sting went away, and it was soothing. You stood under the water longer than you should’ve after you washed yourself off, trying to ignore how pink the water had turned as it pooled in the bottom of the shower. You must have been bleeding pretty badly. You heard a knock at the door, and jumped, wrapping your arms around yourself. The door cracked open, and you heard Bucky’s voice, “Are you okay?”. “Y-Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” You called, trying to calm your erratic heartbeat. It was just Bucky, after all.

You stepped out of the shower, drying off and wrapping yourself in the towel that Bucky had left for you, and examined yourself in the mirror. You had a busted lip, for sure, and your left eye was a little bruised, but it would go away soon, You were sure. You opened the towel slowly, examining your stomach, which was covered by a huge purple bruise. You cringed just from looking at it. It was still sore, too. You put your towel in Bucky’s laundry hamper, along with your dirty clothes, before changing into your shirt and underwear. You found a brush on the counter and tugged it through your hair, getting all of the knots out before you slowly opened the bathroom door, seeing him sitting on the end of his bed.

You slowly walked towards him, wrapping your arms around yourself. “Hey.” You said when you approached him, and he looked up at you, “Hello.” He breathed, standing up and towering over you. “How are you feeling?” he asked, and you shrugged. “My ribs hurt a little, still. They’re pretty bruised.” He nodded, “Can I see?” He asked, and you hesitated, chewing on your lip. “I just wanna make sure nothing is broken.” He assured you, crossing his arms over his chest. “Fine.” You whispered, grabbing the hem of your shirt and pulling it up to reveal your stomach. You tried to ignore the way his eyes traveled up and down your legs before he finally looked at your stomach. He knelt in front of you, resting his hands on your sides gently as he examined the bruises. You could hear his breathing become louder, and you knew he was getting angry. “Buck..” You whispered, pulling your shirt back down over your stomach. He didn’t move from where he was kneeling, and his hands stayed where they were, under your shirt. “Buck, stand up.” You pleaded, but he didn’t budge. “I should have been there.” He whispered to you, resting his head against your stomach softly.

You lifted your hands slowly, placing them in his hair, tangling your fingers in it gently. “Buck.. It’s not your fault.. I’m not mad at you.” You told him, but he just growled. “You should be.” He lifted your shirt again, his eyes boring holes in the bruises. “I did this to you.” He whispered, and you shook your head, trying to pull your shirt back down, but his hands held it up firmly. “Buck, please. Just forget about it. The bruises will fade in a few days, I’ll be fine.” You tried to reason with him, but he wouldn’t hear it. You almost thought you were hallucinating when you felt his lips on your stomach, leaving a feather soft kiss on the bruise. You sucked in a breath, your hands finding his shoulders, trying to push him off of you. “Don’t.” You whispered, but he placed another kiss on your stomach, his hands tightening on your waist. You felt your face heat up as you gasped, and you pushed him back, harder, and he finally released you. "You can’t do that!” You cried, feeling tears prick your eyes. You took a few steps away from him, and he stayed on his knees, his eyes boring into you. "You can’t do that..” You said, again, softer this time. He bit into his lip, standing up and walking over to you, slowly. You took a step back for each one he took forward, and he eventually had you backed against the wall.

His hand found your face, cupping it gently, and his thumb rubbed over your lower lip, making you hiss as he touched the cut on it. “I did this to you..” He repeated, as his thumb moved up, running over the bruise under your eye. He leaned forward, and you shut your eyes, feeling his breath on your face. His lips touched the bruise softly, and you pushed his chest harshly, turning your face away from him. “Please, stop.” You breathed, and he rested his forehead against your shoulder. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, his hand dropping from your face to your waist. “You can’t do things like this, Buck. It’s killing me.” You told him, and he let out a breath. “I know.. and I know it sounds weird, but.. Even though I can’t remember a thing about you.. This feels so.. right.” He told you, his lips finding your shoulder softly. You whimpered, pushing him away from you. "I’m sorry. I don’t know whats wrong with me.” He growled, running his fingers through his hair. You wrapped your arms around yourself, watching him carefully. “Nothing is wrong with you. You just.. Can’t remember me.” You told him, watching as he waged an internal battle with himself. “But I feel like I should remember you.. Its like.. I feel like I know you, but there’s no proof. You seem so familiar..” He came back over to you, taking your face back in his hands, “You feel so familiar.” He breathed as he rested his forehead against yours.

You rested your hands on his chest, ready to push him away at any moment. “But, you don’t know me.” You whispered to him, biting into your lip. He let out a loud sigh, his lips finding your forehead. “I think.. what happened today.. changed something.” He said slowly. “What do you mean?” You asked softly, looking up at him. “Seeing you like that.. like this.. It feels like I’ve forgotten something, and its right on the tip of my tongue.. I can almost taste it.” He tried explaining himself to you, and you just watched him, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips were chapped from chewing on them so much, his hair was a tangled mess, and his eyes were so light today, almost like ice. You couldn’t help but acknowledge how beautiful he looked in that moment. “Give it time, Buck.. It’ll come back to you.” You told him, and his eyes met yours. "When you called me James, I felt it too.. That’s why I told you not to call me that anymore.” He whispered, and you cocked your head to the side. “Do you.. not want to remember me?” You asked, confused. He bit into his lip before answering. “What if.. I can’t be who you remember?” He wondered, and you let out a small laugh, your hands caressing his face softly. “I’d love you, no matter what, James, but this isn’t about me.. It’s about you.” He leaned into your touch, closing his eyes slowly. “So familiar.” He breathed, and you felt your heart clench in your chest.

“Buck..” He opened his eyes to look at you, and you let your hands fall from his face slowly. You closed your eyes, letting out a long breath. “I..” You took a step back, and his hands fell from your face. “I’m sorry.. I just.. I can’t be that close to you, and have this conversation.” He stayed put, putting his hands in his pockets. “Why?” He asked, and you shook your head. “Because then I’ll just say a bunch of stuff, and scare you away again. Or I’ll do something incredibly stupid, like kiss you..” You paused, and you saw him bite into his lip as his face turned a light shade of pink. “That would be stupid..” He whispered, and you shook your head. “Kissing you isn’t stupid, that’s not what I mean.. I just.. I can’t lose you again.. and if that means that I need to keep my distance and not talk to you about my feelings.. then that’s what I have to do.” You stammered, and he nodded at you slowly. “I don’t.. mind hearing about your feelings, though.. or being close to you.. It’s not you thats the problem.” He said. “Then why did you leave…?” You asked softly, feeling nervousness bubble in your stomach. He ran a hand through his hair, closing his eyes tightly. “I’m.. I’m afraid of how I feel when I’m around you.. Its like.. I’m at home with you.” He said quietly, and you nodded. “But you don’t know why..” You stated, and he nodded. “That’s why I left before you woke up.. I was staring at you, and.. fuck, you’re beautiful.. and I just..” He paused, opening his eyes and staring at you. "I can see why I loved you.. and I can feel it.. It’s like all the feelings are there, but the memories are missing.. I feel crazy for having feelings for a stranger.” You felt your cheeks heat up, and your heart started to beat erratically in your chest. “You.. have feelings… for me?” You breathed, almost not believing what you were hearing. He nodded, taking slow steps towards you. "I do..”

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Another Ride - Chapter 4: What Now

One of my favorite things I’ve ever written!

Chapter 3

James was finally free of his endless interviews. He left the room, wondering if he would find Sharna back in their rehearsal room. He made his way to their room and found it empty. He pulled his phone out of his bag and saw that he has a message from Sharna.

Leaving. It’s 3:30. See you tomorrow if you EVER finish.

She sent that message nearly an hour ago. James quickly realized there was no point in him being there alone. As he walked back down the hall, he typed a message to Sharna.

Finally free from interview hell. In need of a nap and a hug so cancel our rehearsal plans for tomorrow.

He smiled to himself as he sent the message.

One of the things he was loving most about coming back was that it was just like picking up where they left off. He knew Sharna so well already and there wasn’t any hesitation or awkwardness to get through. They were able to just jump right back into it like they never left.

James glanced into a room that he passed and saw Val in there alone. On a whim, he knocked gently on the door and walked in.

“Hey,” James said, leaving his bag just inside the door and walking in. “Where’s your partner at?”

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