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Why do you think Sam is on the ace-spectrum? I'm highly intrigued because I have never heard this point brought up (:

(⊙‿⊙✿) Just remember, you asked for this. 

Sam is pretty much the poster boy for demisexuality. He had some sort of an emotional connection with everyone he’d slept with (excluding while he was soulless). Every time someone tried to flirt with him, every time Dean insinuated he should get laid, he backed off. My favorite moment is in “Ask Jeeves” when Sam is so, so, so visually uncomfortable with being hit on. He literally shudders at one point. He says he’s “lactose intolerant” when one of the women says women get better with age like a “fine wine or cheese”, which was so hilarious and Sam-like. 

Herehere, and here are three lovely posts about Sam and demisexuality which certainly explain it better than I can right now. (It’s late; I’m super exhausted).

I just think, how in later seasons, the only person we see Sam involved with is Amelia, and God, he loved her, and there was really no one else. He gets hit on, he gets shy and awkward and uncomfortable. He’s never the one who’s sleeping with random people all the time. He isn’t the one who flirts to get his way. He isn’t the one who jokes about sex or hits on everything with legs. I really think when Sam meets someone who he really likes, he waits and steps back and takes it in. Usually, the other person always makes the first move, and I think Sam just goes with it because A) he’s genuinely interested in this person, B) he wants to give them pleasure, even though he’s just ehhh-*wavy hand motion* about receiving it, and C) doesn’t plan on fucking them and forgetting them. At first, he was a little more loose with who he dated/slept with/etc after Jessica - Sarah, Madison, and then the doctor from the siren episode. But then after the cage, after being betrayed by Ruby, after losing his soul and getting it back again, he’s extremely strict with who he dates, even innocently, because he knows there’s a chance they could die or leave him.

What he had with Amelia was unhealthy in one of those “we are both broken and we can try to fix each other” ways, but healthy at the same time. They were both emotional crutches to each other - Amelia supposedly lost Don, Sam had just lost Dean, and they clung to each other. Sure, they slept together, Sam slept with quite a few people, but not all people who are demisexual are repulsed by sex. 

Sam doesn’t… he just doesn’t date anymore. He doesn’t try to date. He doesn’t openly talk about sex. He doesn’t openly talk about wanting sex. God, look at how extremely bored he looks while watching porn.

 I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t lean over on the edge of the bed and stare at the TV like it’s doing cartwheels while I’m watching porn.

Look at how uncomfortable he looks while two women are talking about how long his fucking fingers are. [gif credit]

I’m truly astonished as to how disinterested Sam is with sex. Sam’s on the ace spectrum because he’s definitely not on an allo spectrum, and he’s definitely not straight. 

tbh I had no idea this was a thing but then I saw this post and saw that these little cards are SO CUTE that zapsi​ made that I had to use one for myself :) 

Apparently May 8 is Ace Visibility Day… normally I don’t get involved in things but I am this time. Also, for where I live I’m actually posting a couple of hours early for May 8 but I’ll forget if I don’t do it now. Anyway so this is what that card means:

♦ Ace of Diamonds: Demiromantic/Demisexual & Grey-aromantic/Grey-Asexual- Experiences romantic and/or sexual attraction only if a strong emotional bond is established. OR Experiences romantic/sexual attraction rarely, not strongly enough to act on, only under specific circumstances, or fluctuates between periods of experiencing attraction and not experiencing it.

And what’s so funny is I didn’t know I was any form of asexual for many years, certainly not when I was deciding my pen name, but I’ve always said “Ais” like “ace.” I had no idea ‘ace’ was a name for asexuals until very recently. And then, my birthstone is diamond. And one of my favorite colors is grey.

So being that I’m Ais the Ace with diamond birthstone for Ace of Diamonds for the grey-a’s who like grey, CAN WE AGREE THAT I’M THE POSTER CHILD OF THIS ALL? KTHX. lol

Hey Taylor!

My name is Sofi and I live in Mexico. I have been a fan of yours since Hannah Montana the movie and I have never gotten the chance to go to a concert of yours. I somehow managed to persuade my parents into taking me to LA for this tour and I’m really exited about it. Im going to the second night of the Stapless Centers shows (August 22) with my mom.

I chose to go as the whole “no its becky” outfit because is one of my favorite things you’ve done. And as the posters, I chose my favorite line from new romantics wich is ‘its poker, he cant see it in my face but I’m about to play my ACE’ (that’s because is an ace) and the other one, wich will be held by my mom (but she didn’t want in in the photoshoot) says that we travelled all the way from Mexico just for you, wich is 1834 miles; this one was desinged as a polaroid because I’m crazy about them.

I really look forward to see you and maybe meet you. Because you have been my inspiration for so many years and have helped me through all my rough times. I love youu

You can find us in section 102 row 6 seats 17 and 18!