this is my fave video ever tbh

can we take a moment to appreciate 
one of my most favourite cosplay moments ever and I think of this video a lot tbh , it was at CTCon 2016 (throwback!!!)
bless this  llovely cosplayer for making everyone smile that day and for the whole con ♥♥

that’s my fave-ever Mettaton right there @ratkiiing 

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I JUST DISCOVERED YOUR BLOG AND I FOLLOWED YOU BECAUSE YOU SHIP WONHUI AND GYUHAO MY BABIES!! Everyone be like "China line all the way" or "MEANIE 4 LYfe" but here I am shipping wonhui and gyuhao so damn much! I live for their interactions/bickering and I'm so glad I'm not the only one T.T

AWW THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW!! AND YAY TWINS ♥♥ tbh i’ve been shipping wonhui and gyuhao for AGES so it’s nice to see more shippers!!

man gyuhao’s bickering was the best thing to ever happen, it just showed how tight they are. or at least, i personally, would never speak to my mates like that unless i’m super close with them. as for wonhui, one of my fave things about that ship is the difference in behaviour when the cam is rolling and when it’s ‘not’. take this recent video for eg:

on cam: jungyu (& wonhao)

once they’re inside
‘off cam’: wonhui (& gyuhao)

i love it 

10 fandoms/10 characters tag except I sketch little profiles for all of them

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Now witness me go a bit extra on an ask tag bc it’s never a bad time to draw my faves

1. Sherlock Holmes is my all-time fave tbh and I’ve never drawn him before?

2. Javert, what a surprise considering what I post lately

3. Haytham Kenway aka I was crying over this video game for weeks

4. Regis, the only vampire character I’ve ever loved

5. Iorweth (or Iorveth, whatevs), he made Tolkien references, how can I not love him

6. Aaron Burr, precious child

7. Legolas, my elf son, I was dying watching him defy gravity in the cinema at 5 AM

8. Archie, my dumb son who almost drowned the world

9. Koga, he wat throwing blood around (also can u feel the anime tonight)

10. Aaaand Haymitch, I loved every scene with him


I love each and every Kirby game I’ve played, but probably my favourite Kirby game ever is Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. I remember getting it for my 10th birthday and completely adoring the game, especially the level designs and the music. Candy Constellation is still one of my favourite video game track of all time fdgxfhcgjvk

Kirby Squeak Squad was also really fun to play (despite even 12 y/o me recognizing that the plot was bullshit), it has one of my favourite game soundtracks ever…also after beating the game I rly liked being able to possess shit with ghost kirby lmao super mario odyssey is gonna be a fucken riot

some other faves include Kirby Air Ride, Kirby Mass Attack, Kirby 64 (as we saw earlier), and I rly enjoyed playing Planet Robobot last year

idk how anyone could hate Kirby tbh

your unproblematic faves: tyler joseph and josh dun


  • ticklish
  • passion for the drums 
  • “I would go to the record store and ask for a recommendation from the most tattooed guy i could find”
  • loves kids
  • hAIR DYE, nose piercing
  • destroyed his hand during a set and put it on his snapchat story
  • doesn’t know the lyrics to most of his songs tbh
  • “you know what, man?”
  • olsen twins
  • his love for tyler joseph
  • “i used to eat ants to impress girls…… i’ve been single my whole life”
  • brightest smile you will ever see i guarantee
  • so pumped in that video where they played get lucky/safe and sound on radio
  • todd
  • “he’s clingy. that’s the one th-“ *tyler runs away with potted plant*
  • bananas=no
  • snapchats lobsters
  • whenever he sings
  • emotional strength 
  • beard
  • summer baby


  • the way he runs his hand through his hair and kind of tugs at it
  • laughing chest-slap
  • his love for josh dun
  • instagram posts about jenna
  • lyrical genius
  • emotion and passion put into performing
  • crooked bottom teeth
  • singing face
  • emotional strength
  • “i don’t know about that, man”
  • screams
  • beautiful and simple melodies on piano
  • “your best friend’s your dad”
  • pranks josh and then cleans it up
  • red bull 4lyf
  • “he’s actually t-tripping nooowwwww……on dr-druuuuugs”
  • sICK
  • always has a joke in the back of his head for awkward situations
  • plays the uke one TWO three FOUR instead of the other way around cause his hands are too slow
  • likes to sit on the floor too much
  • winter baby

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Any good frerard high school au fics?


tbh i love highschool au and mcr cemented themselves in highschool au hell forever with the im not okay video lmao

thing-thing is one of my fave fics ever and i don’t know why but i love it so much it’s a highschool au where they like don’t like each other at first but they DO and. please read it. they play a lot of d&d and i really like this frank. and this gerard. i love them all it’s good and theopteryx did art for it and i love theopteryx and it just makes it even better i lov!!

across the lines ok i remember reading this but i don’t really remember what it was about but i remember really liking it 

run ok mrsronweasley wrote some of the best fics and this is a highschool au where frank s a werewolf and its very good and theres also a lot of sex

this never happened ok bexless is frerard queen in my eyes and this is so good even though its a not!fic like it’s so good franks family moves a lot but he makes good friends in new jersey with mikey and gerard and then his family is gonna move but he ends up staying with the ways and its GOOD

anatomy of a fall is i guess technically highschool au but frank isn’t in highschool with them but obviously you just have to read this if you haven’t. i mena if you haven’t maybe it’s not that obvious but this is the most highly rated frerard on ao3 prettty much and idk if anyone has a reclsit that this isn’t on so…read it

and there’s a ton of highschool aus but these are the ones i can think of right now 

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heyehehehey cas my favorite Jhope stan...who out of BTS do you think has the biggest dick? cause to add a bit to all your little guy posts, my friends and I actually looked up some dick flashes for *ahem* science and we found this one video of a K Festa in Japan where the camera angles make Hopi's dick look huge? so ever since then I've kinda had a feeling....

am i rlly ur favourite hobi stan??????????? i feel bLESSED TO BE UR FAVE HOBI STAN I LOVE THAT MAN SO MUCH MY HEART HURTS WHEN I THINK ABOUT HIM. tbh i remember answering a question like this w cole and court a while back but it’s definitive we decided on jinnie for having the biggest dick!! i think the order was jin, jungkook, taehyung, yoongi, hobi, namjoon, and then jimin?? but if u wanna….. send those flashes over…. to ur fave hobi stan…. u should do it………… do it for science……….



major spoiler warning do not watch unless u have played both 999 and vlr

this is the funniest fucking thing i have ever created

its just a bunch of zero escape crack

(my personal faves are the first sigma one and the first light one tbh)

shout out to junkinenoshima for helping me with this i wouldnt have thought of half of these

  • People showing love for their fave: browsing hot and cute pictures, videos, gifs etc. "aw he's so cute and so wonderful and funny wow i love him. Such a nice person and a great actor!!!"
  • Me showing my love for my fave: digs up the most disgusting, embarrassing and hilarious pictures, videos, interviews he ever made "god he's the most awkward and embarrassing man on earth. That haircut and facial hair can die. I hate his tattoos. He was awful in this and this movie lmao. Stop him tbh he's a human disaster"
Watch on

some amethyst

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What are some of your favorite Jikook moments? I've always loved it when Jungkook initiated/accepted skinship, so I've been !!! over the recent Jikook moments. I also like small moments, like when they look at each other, or Jimin lets his hand trail down Jungkook's back, or small things like that.

Nonie. Nonie why? I can’t do this. All of them. Every. Single. Fucking. Moment. Ever. (For all my fave Jikook moments, watch bfS2angels Jikoook moments videos 1-12. Yes that’s all of them.) I couldn’t possibly show them all here.
I will try to name some, but be sure some are missing cause there’s just so many!

Long post ahead.

In no particular order:

  • I also seem to like it a bit more when Kookie initiates it
  • anytime we catch Kookie staring at Jimin
  • that fansign long ago when Kookie thought of something inappropriate and whispered it into Jimin’s ear and Jimin burst out laughing and slapped him
  • any concert moment tbh

(none of these gifs are mine)

(one of my all time favorite moments ^)

(okay. this entire shoot was mega hot but ohmygod. Jimin has Kookie’s scarf wrapped around his hand and if he pulls on it…lol bai ^)

There are so many more. So so many I can’t even. 

But the moment, THE MOMENT, that made me ship them?

This face. This is the face that did it. When I watched this interview for the first time, I hardly knew the boys’ names. I didn’t know, how fucking rare this moment was at the time. All I could think about was how much I wish someone would look at me like that. That Jimin (though I’m prettty sure I didn’t even know it was Jimin at the time) was a hella lucky person. 

If you want me to go into detail about a particular moment I will…

If you have head canons you want to share, or if you want me to share mine, shoot me an ask


백야 (White Night) // kaibaek 


Probably one of my favorite videos of Major League ever.

Major League // Need I Remind You (acoustic)