this is my fave video ever tbh

your unproblematic faves: tyler joseph and josh dun


  • ticklish
  • passion for the drums 
  • “I would go to the record store and ask for a recommendation from the most tattooed guy i could find”
  • loves kids
  • hAIR DYE, nose piercing
  • destroyed his hand during a set and put it on his snapchat story
  • doesn’t know the lyrics to most of his songs tbh
  • “you know what, man?”
  • olsen twins
  • his love for tyler joseph
  • “i used to eat ants to impress girls…… i’ve been single my whole life”
  • brightest smile you will ever see i guarantee
  • so pumped in that video where they played get lucky/safe and sound on radio
  • todd
  • “he’s clingy. that’s the one th-“ *tyler runs away with potted plant*
  • bananas=no
  • snapchats lobsters
  • whenever he sings
  • emotional strength 
  • beard
  • summer baby


  • the way he runs his hand through his hair and kind of tugs at it
  • laughing chest-slap
  • his love for josh dun
  • instagram posts about jenna
  • lyrical genius
  • emotion and passion put into performing
  • crooked bottom teeth
  • singing face
  • emotional strength
  • “i don’t know about that, man”
  • screams
  • beautiful and simple melodies on piano
  • “your best friend’s your dad”
  • pranks josh and then cleans it up
  • red bull 4lyf
  • “he’s actually t-tripping nooowwwww……on dr-druuuuugs”
  • sICK
  • always has a joke in the back of his head for awkward situations
  • plays the uke one TWO three FOUR instead of the other way around cause his hands are too slow
  • likes to sit on the floor too much
  • winter baby
  • People showing love for their fave: browsing hot and cute pictures, videos, gifs etc. "aw he's so cute and so wonderful and funny wow i love him. Such a nice person and a great actor!!!"
  • Me showing my love for my fave: digs up the most disgusting, embarrassing and hilarious pictures, videos, interviews he ever made "god he's the most awkward and embarrassing man on earth. That haircut and facial hair can die. I hate his tattoos. He was awful in this and this movie lmao. Stop him tbh he's a human disaster"

some amethyst

anonymous asked:

I JUST DISCOVERED YOUR BLOG AND I FOLLOWED YOU BECAUSE YOU SHIP WONHUI AND GYUHAO MY BABIES!! Everyone be like "China line all the way" or "MEANIE 4 LYfe" but here I am shipping wonhui and gyuhao so damn much! I live for their interactions/bickering and I'm so glad I'm not the only one T.T

AWW THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW!! AND YAY TWINS ♥♥ tbh i’ve been shipping wonhui and gyuhao for AGES so it’s nice to see more shippers!!

man gyuhao’s bickering was the best thing to ever happen, it just showed how tight they are. or at least, i personally, would never speak to my mates like that unless i’m super close with them. as for wonhui, one of my fave things about that ship is the difference in behaviour when the cam is rolling and when it’s ‘not’. take this recent video for eg:

on cam: jungyu (& wonhao)

once they’re inside
‘off cam’: wonhui (& gyuhao)

i love it 


major spoiler warning do not watch unless u have played both 999 and vlr

this is the funniest fucking thing i have ever created

its just a bunch of zero escape crack

(my personal faves are the first sigma one and the first light one tbh)

shout out to junkinenoshima for helping me with this i wouldnt have thought of half of these