this is my fave honestly

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Favorite scene was when Kaz goes back to the Slat in CK and fucks shit up.

honestly, thats my fave scene too. its so iconic i LOVE IT! you know what else i love???? YOUR ART OMG. not just the SoC stuff either its just all beautiful!!! i love it all omg, i think i’ve reblogged ur inej before but its so good i cannot. also the background color of your blog is v nice, like a solid color but not in your face. 

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Keith, my love. (*´◡`)/♥ Who made you angry? (Shiro, Hunk) | Redbubble


Supernatural 12x12

       ↳ In which, Cas is dying, Dean is still as dense as ever, and Sam is just pissed off about his ship. 

This originally was supposed to be a standalone - but I continued it because science. Part 1 (Part 2)

i love angry characters 

i love characters who are open and vocal about their anger– whether it is directed at a toxic system, person, or at an event or circumstance unique to them 

i love angry characters because i am sick of anger being seen as something that is uncouth and something that should be restrained, kept quiet, never acted upon 

i love angry characters because i am angry, and anger isn’t always rational, but it is real and deserves to be acknowledged –people and characters should have the right to be loud and angry and for it to not constantly be shown in a negative light 

reasons why i am a niffler:
  • want dat money
  • cute but also a pain
  • lives in a nest of gold/jewels but deserves more you know
  • not stealth but tries
  • mum (newt), i gotta explore the world trust me i got this
  • *later that same day* right it looks like i need you to bail me out but in reality i do actually need that
  • is a fantastic beast