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This needs to stop

I decided to talk about this issue because I’m very pissed right now. Since MBC many people are hating on Jungkook. And after reading @/kookseonyeondan’s tweets I thought that I need to talk about this subject. I will show some of their tweets and respond to them. (This is going to be long so be ready)

// I am not a Jungkook biased. I’m double biased Namjoon Yoongi and my fav vocal in BTS in Jin so you can’t say to me “you only protect him because he is your bias”, he is not. I love Jungkook with all my heart, and all this hate is really unfair//

1. The “Jungkook is always in the center/gets more lines” issue.

So first of all I will talk about the Rainism stage then his lines in BTS songs.

  • Many people complained about the Rainism stage because Jungkook sang all the song and was in the center etc… And I totally get this. But you need to understand that it’s not Jungkook who chose this. It’s MBC who decided of this. Kookseonyeondan said that he has a mouth and he can say that it’s unfair to the other members. But you forgot something: he can’t say that. Jungkook is like an employee, MBC tells him to do that, he does it. And even if he says that he’s not ok with it (first of all it can be rude) MBC won’t listen to him because HES NOT THE BOSS. Jungkook has nothing to say, and even if he wants to say something no one will listen to him so no need to hate him for that. 

  • Then the issue “why Jungkook always gets more lines.” Ok so how a song is made. First there’s have a beat, a melody. After making the beat, they need to attribute which part of the song will be a rap and which part will be sung. And the lyrics are created. Ok so we have the lyrics and the parts who will be sung. The lyrics need to be distribuated to the singers. So who decides of this? Again not Jungkook. It’s more likely to be the producers and all the staff. They decided which part will be the best for each member. So no Jungkook is not going to say “I WANT THE LONGEST PART WHO CARES ABOUT MY HYUNGS” of course he won’t. Also among all the members, Jungkook’s voice is medium. That means that his voice can fit almost anywhere (Jimin: High pitch, Jin: High/Medium pitch, Taehyung: Low pitch). That’s why he’s the main vocal. I also think that Jin or Taehyung should get more lines, but we can’t do shit about this, and hating on Jungkook won’t resolve this. 

  • Why Jungkook is always in the center? I think it’s for two reasons: He’s a good dancer. “But Hoseok is a better dancer, why he’s not more in the center?” Because *sad sigh* Hoseok isn’t that popular. Jungkook is really popular so they put Jungkook in the middle. That’s why. Again we can’t do smt about it and again Jungkook is not going to say “I want to be in the center”. Plus all of the decisions are made by profesionnals.(dance coach, producers etc). So yes sometimes it’s unfair for the other members but  I guess that they may have their reasons.

(I’m not really ok with what @/BTS4ev said. This has nothing to do with confidence. And i’ll talk about the “shy and bad at speaking” later) 

2. “Jungkook is disrespectful and doesn’t like his hyungs”

Tbh this really surprised me. Kookseonyeondan said that Jungkook doesn’t like his hyungs because he gets all the lines. I answered to this in the first part, that Jungkook has nothing to do with this so it’s invalide. 

But what really surprised me is the “Jungkook did nothing for Tae’s birthday”. Its like they were saying that Jungkook simply doesn’t like his hyungs. Tbh I feel like I don’t even need to explain why it’s not true but I guess that some people don’t get it.

  • How do you know that Jungkook doesn’t care about Taehyung. You  didn’t think that he showed him how much he loved him off camera? You don’t have to say publicly to someone that you love them to prove it. It’s not because Jungkook didn’t take a pic with Tae and post it that it means that he doesn’t love him. Like it’s really crazy. Plus we saw at least 54812541681 times that Jungkook loves Taehyung so much so???

  • I saw on their twitter that someone gave them a screenshot of Begin’s lyrics as a proof that Jungkook love them. (which like yall know, is a proof). They answered to them saying that it’s Namjoon who wrote the lyrics and not Jungkook so it’s invalide. Ok. Namjoon wrote the lyrics because Jungkook couldn’t express his feelings. Like yall know, this song is from a moment when Jungkook cried in front of the members because he was feeling so bad. He said that all the members get through so many things and he just can’t stand it. He can’t stand the fact that his hyungs had hard times, he can’t stand the facts that his hyungs felt bad. He said that he doesn’t mind if something bad happens to him but not when it’s his hyungs. Namjoon added that it’s the first time that Jungkook opens up to the members. So how the hell can you say that Jungkook doesn’t like his brothers??

  • Jungkook is a private person. That means that he’s not really comfortable when its comes to express his feelings. So yeah, maybe sometimes  he doesn’t clearly say that he loves the members. But do you know what he says off camera and 2. there’s many way to express your love to someone. I don’t say to my best friend that I love them a lot. Does that mean that I don’t love them? no.

Jungkook did nothing wrong and all this hate is so unfair. Im not the type of person to pretect a member or even a friend when they did something wrong. But like??? Jungkook really did nothing????

So please this really needs to stop.


hockey edit meme: 2/4 lines/d-man duos

Zdeno Chara and Brandon Carlo :

“Nineteen years, eight months and eight days separate the 19-year-old Carlo and 39-year-old Chara, who was born on March 18, 1977 and is in his 20th year in the NHL.

“We haven’t really talked about it or anything,” Carlo smiled. "I’ve seen quite a few tweets that he was drafted in ‘96 and I was born in ‘96, so it’s pretty cool for me to be around a guy with that much experience in the league.“

“It’s exciting to have someone who literally when I started playing NHL, was born, and now, he’s on my right side,” Chara said with a big smile.

The tandem of Chara and Carlo is special, and Chara genuinely knows that.

“It’s kind of two contrasts - but I like it,” he smiled.” 

A comprehensive analysis of negativity within ARMY’s;

Recently I’ve received a bit of backlash for my passing comments about how I don’t really like the way ARMY’s as a whole are & act. I’ve seen this with other, much more popular tumblrs as well. If you’ll allow me I’d like to explain why it’s perfectly okay to not like a fandom that you’re in, but still be in the fandom and love the thing that the fandom supports, just as much regardless of that fact. Because apparently, some people don’t understand this.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of #NOT_ALL_ARMYs ???? mentality recently and tbh that does nothing to rid the problem we have among ARMY’s and why we not only have a bad reputation, but are beginning to become a relatively toxic fandom on average, if not majority. This is going to be very long and it may be upsetting to read, because tbh i’ll be using real examples of things that we as ARMY’s should STOP doing.

If you’re interested in learning about ARMY culture, because you’re a new ARMY or you’ve been around for a long time and noticed these things too, or just any other reason, then feel free to read beneath the cut & or share the post so that maybe, some of this absolute madness can #STOP.

First of all, I’ll begin this with a huge disclaimer before I get 1902938 messages like, shaming me for this post: I consider myself ARMY. I will consider myself ARMY hopefully for freaking ever. I will follow BTS  into the fray, my love for BTS knows no bounds. My love for some, in fact probably MOST ARMY’s however, has LOTS of bounds because #no_offense but some of yall are crazy and rude as hell.

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Power Couple (n.m.)

| Requested by bruhitsmaloley: can you do an imagine where y/n and nate are famous and made some collabs together and stuff. and fans and other celebs are talking about how we’re otp and the next power couple 😁


Nate and I were in the studio once again, we never really left actually. We had been writing songs or either recording.

The funny thing is that we’re dating and that people get really excited about us collabing. I usually saw tweets or posts about us telling us how we’re their ‘OTP’ or asking us to ‘adopt them’.

I was really happy about them being so supportive and excited. Nate and I were both pretty well-known, though. “Let’s go home, babe.” Nate said as we finished up our new song All That. He held the CD and smiled.

We said goodbye to Pierre and walked out of the studio, intertwining our hands. We hadn’t been dating too long, like half a year or so.

As I opened the door I saw people with cameras and a lot of lights. “(Y/N)! Nate!” They all yelled.

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Imagine for Anna

Imagine for Anna

“This next song is by Troye Sivan called Happy Little Pill. This goes out to all those girls that are having a hard time in life and fall back on drugs and self harm to get them through everything. I want you to know that you are all beautiful and you are worth it. Just remember I love you and it does get better!” Shawn said before beginning to strum his guitar to the melody of HPL.

My name is Anna and here I am at a Austin Mahone concert that my friend Chelsea dragged me too. Thankfully her dad works at the place they were performing so we got front row seats directly in the middle. She was here for of course Austin Mahone but I was here more for Shawn. He sings with so much feeling, he puts his heart and soul into everything he sings or creates. 

“Oh glazed eyes, empty hearts

Buying happy from shopping carts

Nothing but time to kill, sipping life from bottles

Tight skin, bodyguards, Gucci down the boulevard,

Cocaine, dollar bills and

My happy little pill”  Shawn sang his eyes scanning the crowd.

I looked down at my wrists, tracing the scars with my finger. Memories of my lonely drunken nights and almost overdosing.. twice flooded my mind. My eyes began to tear before I was full on crying. I looked up at Shawn to see him staring straight back at me.

“ANNA HE’S LOOKING AT YOU!” Chelsea screamed jumping up and down.

“No he’s is probably looking at the person behind me.” I said in disbelief that someone was interested in me. 

Wave to him and se what he does.” She said trying to prove her theory.

I gave him a small wave in which he gave a big smile in return. Well I guess she was right. I stood there in shock draining out Chelsea and her screaming of excitement for me and the other girls around me. It felt like it was just Shawn and me in an empty stadium and he was singing to me and only me.

When he finished the song he stood up and bowed wile the crowd gave him a standing ovation. He jogged off the stage. All of a sudden the girls went crazy, including Chelsea. I looked to far right of the stage to see Austin had came out. I rolled my eyes sitting back down in my seat and went on my phone.

I went on twitter and directly to Shawn’s account. I saw that he had tweeted minutes before.

“@ShawnMendes: Tonight was amazing, but Im pretty upset because I saw a beautiful girl in the front row who I will never see again :(“ 

Could he be talking about me? Nah thats impossible. I refreshed his page to see if he tweeted again and he actually did.

“@ShawnMendes: She had brown hair and stunning blue eyes. She was waring black high waister shorts, a plain white v-neck and a blue cardigan. If you see her tell me!!”

I had brown hair and blue eyes. I looked down at what i was wearing and i was wearing exactly what he described. I scrambled to my account and pressed the tweet button.

“@annacatherine: Does she happen to look like this *insert pre-concert selfie* @shawnmendes”

I didn’t expect him to answer since he did have so many followers but I saw I had received two notifications.

“@shawnmendes mentioned you: YES that’s her do you know who she is?”

“@shawnmendes followed you”

I replied right away saying:

“@annacatherine: @shawnmendes I actually know her very well! Haha That’s actually me.” I typed before sending it out.

I saw that he had retweeted the tweet making me gain a LOT of follower and having a lot of people rt and fav my tweet. My notification page was froze but I saw that I had gotten a dm.

I went and saw it was from Shawn.

“If you want you can come to my dressing room xx.” -S

“I’d love to. Can I come now? I only really came for you…” -A

“Haha Of course I’ll tell the security that I’m expecting you and go up to the bodyguard and tell him your name. He will bring you here xx” -S

I told Chelsea wanted happen and before I could finish she pushed me out of my seat telling me to go to his room now. I got my stuff and walked out of the stadium. I found the guard blocking the area that lead to the dressing room and told him my name. He nodded, not saying a word and walked me to Shawn’s room. He knocked on the door and seconds later someone opened it. I looked up locking eyes with shawn. He gave me a big smile before pulling into the room, thanking the grad and shutting the door.

“Well Hello Shawn.” I said trying not to be too awkward while taking a seat on his couch.

“Hi Anna! I’m so happy I actually found you!” he said taking a seat right next to me.

“I don’t know what it is about you but you have something special. When I saw you looking at your arms while I was singing, I just wanted to hold you tell you that everything will be ok.” He said taking my hand into his.

I blushed looking down at my lap. He took my chin in his hand and pushed my head up. He stared into my eyes, before kissing me on the lips. I kissed back right away, bringing my hands to his neck. His hands dropped to my waist. 

Wanting to take it to the next level My hands migrated to the hem of his shirt, tugging at tell him that I rather it be on the ground. He disconnect from me and took off his shirt. I took the chance to also take off my shirt. After, I came face to face with Shawn’s perfect body. My mouth started to water. 

“Look I don’t want to just have sex with you. I want it to mean more. I want to make love to you.” He said.

“Of course Shawn.” I said smiling.

His lips connected with mine once again but this time with more passion. His hands travelled to my pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them. He pulled them to the ground and I kicked them off. His hands went to my panties, rubbing me throughout the thin fabric. I grew wetter and wetter with his touch. I leaned back on the couch causing shawn to lay on top of me. I felt his hard on on my inner thigh. I just wanted him inside of me already. I stopped shawn and leaned up.

“I want you inside of me now.” I said seductively and shawn didn’t hesitate to obey. He kicked go his pants and boxers He grabbed a condom from his wallet he slid it on.

He positioned himself with me and slowly entered. He began thrusting in and out but not that fast and not rough. He went all the way and almost all the way out. I moaned at them immense pleasure.

“Shawn faster” I moaned

Shawn went began to go faster, hitting my g-spot every time. I clenched around him telling him I was almost there. He moaned loudly in response tell me to do that again. I obeyed earning another moan and also sending Shawn straight off the edge. Like a ripple effect right after him I had my orgasm. We got back up and put on our clothes. I looked at my phone and saw I had 20 messages from Chelsea and 30 missed calls. 

“Look Shawn, I have to go Chelsea is freaking out. Sorry” I said heading for the door.

“Its fine but before you leave can I have your number?” He said coming up to me.

I smiled at him and exchanged numbers. Right before I could leave though Shawn pulled me back to give me one last kiss before leaving.

'My Big Announcement' ThatcherJoe video: #ApologiseJoeSugg #ApologiseCasparLee

Okay, so let me start off by saying that joesugg has been one of my favorite YouTubers in the game for around 2 years now. I find his edgy humour very funny.

However; this video takes the piss. I have to say that I and many other people, MANY other people, am very saddened by the disregard for people’s feeling put into this video. For real; making a thumbnail and title implying that you are coming out and then revealing that you have a book coming out?! For real?!

I understand the intention to cause this much anger was hopefully not there and Joe didn’t really think about the bigger picture before uploading the video as he does not seem like the type of guy to intentionally hurt so many people’s feelings. But either way he did.

Instead of thinking about it he uploaded a video that misled people into thinking that he was coming out which is bad enough; but the worst thing about it is that he clearly did not take into account how this would make struggling teens feel. Take it from me and my personal experience, coming out is hard. I was bullied ridiculously heave for 3 YEARS. So for people going through the same thing I did probably went to do what I did; watch YouTube stars who are gay to regain your spirit by realising how brave coming out actually is. So teens going through hell will click on this video thinking ‘Joe? one of the biggest YouTuber’s is gay? He must have guts and maybe now I can come out too!’ but NO.

Instead they are mislead into watching a video about a book release, gaining Joe an extra view and a kid an extra tear. In a way, Joe is mocking LGBT by doing this and I am disgusted by it. I have tried to see both sides of it but it is difficult to see the positive side.

A joke is not a joke if you are the only one laughing.

AND he has not even apologised for this on Twitter! Instead Caspar Lee said people were stuck up. Well I tweeted him back saying NO, WE ARE NOT STUCK UP. YOU MAKE A VIDEO QUEER/CLICK BAITING, WE FOUND IT WRONG, SPOKE UP ABOUT IT AND WE’RE UPTIGHT? NO.’ And I bloody well will not take it back. It is disgraceful that they are taking this as some kind of joke.

Mocking the LGBT community, a community some of their closest friends are a part of is no laughing matter. It is just dumb.

zoella I hope you manage to talk some sense into your brother and make him realise what he did was wrong and you are normally one of the people to stand up to someone who is doing something wrong.

I know other fandom blogs on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook agree with me. And we are all pissed and fed up of being led on by people.

I would like to clarify now however; that as I said Joe is one of my fav YouTuber’s and I will still watch his videos if he apologises. (that includes casparlee as well whom Im almost more annoyed with about the tweet).

We are not asking for it to be taken down and re-done, we want an A-P-O-L-O-G-Y. I am speaking on the behalf of over 2000 tumblr blogs right now. Don’t be dicks about this. You will just get yourself in worse shit.

If you have read this and hopefully agree, re-blog this and share it anywhere you can, get the hashtag’s #ApologiseJoeSugg and #ApologiseCasparLee because one person is not going to be enough.

Thank you.

yesterday at FYF was my 4th??? or 5th??? time seeing kanye but damn when he was onstage first of all he played literally every hit except through the wire but yknow whatever cut my losses i will move on then he brought out travis scott but i didntnotice cuz my phone was dead and i missed that one looking for my friends ): lol um but THEN. OKAY. he startssinging four five seconds. and eeryones like mehh cuz it had just been really live and that song turned everyone down but still just like okay kanye we are clearly all enraptured with your hypnotic presence etc and just when i start to be like man i wonder if he’ll cut it before the rihanna part

but then kanye puts the mic in the crowd

 rihanna starts singing

and then the screen cuts to rihanna like right there in the fucking audienceSHE WAS THERE. then she got onstage and i truly lost my shit i was with all the wedidit guys and other people i really dont like making a fool of myself in front of but dude RIHANNA WAS THERE AND I WASNT EXPECTING IT and i just cried and cried

sand and then she sang all of the lights with kanye and then he went minute by minute playing “a hit a minute” and would count down from 10 and by the end he was laying on the ground singing to his mom in heaven and i just

i couldnt

 it was definitely my fav kanye experience yet

afterwards i was crying with my friend because it was a lot and a dude came and asked me to take a picture with him and i said can we not right now im crying about rihanna and he wouldnt leave so i had to do it bc every time ive ever asked someone to take a pic once im done crying they go home and tweet about how im mean and too much of a diva to take a pic with them lmao but anyway

i kind of want that picture because it was really such a perfect day and night and i am down to see myself crying from being so excited

anonymous asked:

Taylor is embarrassing herself on social media right now. Please Taylor people didn't buy you performance last night. You are trying way too hard. She is liking CH posts on Tumblr and then her Austin tweet. She directed that one just like she told Karlie, Lily and Martha to tweet the same video tweets tonight. Just review her twitter retweets and favorites. Go to bed Taylor before this whole 'show' blows up in your face. Mature adults don't flaunt real relationships. They value it privately.

exactly anon! and i would rather not take a trip through her likes/favs, it’s so fake it hurts my eyes

“aww perrie’s voice” “aww leigh’s body” “aww jesy’s curves” “jade is cute”

i’m actually annoyed how this fandom was able to find great things on every single girl but jade. the only thing i’m seeing and hearing (most of the time) as compliments towards her are “she is cute”. okay, let me tell you something.

jade tweets the most to fans. jade follows fans on instagram. jade reposts our graphic on instagram. jade replies to dms. jade cares the most. jade helps charities. jade has awesome deep AND high voice. jade is amazing dancer. jade is more than cute. J A D E.