this is my fav thing in the whole world

I watched Trollhunters a little while ago and it actually inspired me to doodle again soooo here’s some angry changelings not appreciating the whole “impure” thing

my fav things in F8, in no particular order:

*Shaw’s exasperated sigh when told he has to take his lil’ bro with him

*Mama Shaw fake-crying to guilt her son

“these assholes aren’t gonna kill themselves”

*the BABY. also, the BABY and SHAW <3

*the Rock and Mr. Nobody being such dads to Eric

~ on that note, the Rock being the asshole!dad and Mr. Nobody being the encouraging yet hilariously hands-off parent ~

~ also the Rock referring to Eric as a girl and Eric just completely ignoring it ~

~ the Rock’s super dramatic “you gotta personally avert WWIII and save the whole world” speech only @Eric ~

*Roman speaking “Russian”

“what are you, twelve?”

*actually every single thing Roman and Eric said to each other in the movie

*the hilariously escalating trash-talk between Deckard and the Rock that cumulated in the toothbrush threat that no one could take seriously


Sincerely, me.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been in this journey. And the more time I spend by her side, I feel the luckiest person. Since I was so young, discovering Taylor’s music was magical, it was an escape and a way to express myself. I was looking for an idol but I found a role model, a best friend, a big sister. It’s weird how much I can feel Taylor this close when she hasn’t even meet me.

Living in my country for the last 6-7 years hasn’t been easy. My country has experienced the worst crisis, for all of you that don’t know I live in Venezuela and also was born in it. The government has damaged the least we have had in the last years and we literally are living in the worst situations. People don’t have enough money to EAT, BUY MEDICINES (if you can even find them), the electric system is a mess and the insecurity increases every day. People are dying, people leave the country to find a better place to live, everything is hella expensive, and I’m still here trying to hold on to my faith and hope that one day, this will change.

This whole situation has influenced a lot in my life, since I can not buy the things I want, or can’t even travel to go and see my fav artists, they don’t come to the country cause is really insecure. So it been difficult to find a way to forget for a moment all the bad moments that happen every single day.

Even if this is for Taylor, I want the world and my swiftie family to know about my country, about how hard is for Venezuelan swifties to even get a copy of Taylor’s albums. I’m so sad that I may not be able to buy it in my country, still, I cannot be more happy for it to be out NOW.

Our love for you has been intact since day one, and for as much as we are going through, we are still with you, relating to your songs, supporting you, loving you, wanting to know you every day.

I believe that one day this whole bad dream will end and we will be able to breathe again. Taylor, I want to thank you for making these days of sadness, doubt, tears and fear, ones day that can go through. Even if it seems like I’ve been living this forever, for some reason your music, your strength, your wisdom and words.. only you, made me feel that there’s a chance for me to have a better life.

I’m still studying my career in collage. I’m on my fifth trimester of journalism or audiovisual communication. I wake up everyday feeling motivated and positive. I believe that walking through a bunch of rainstorms will prepare me for the next years of my life, I’ll be clean and will survive this thirst.

I’m happy, even in crisis, I smile and thank God for my life, my family/friends and for you. I love you baby, I know that one day we will meet and everything will be worth it. I thank you for always being constant when some people weren’t.

I’ve become stronger, I can define myself as a warrior, a fighter. It is cathartic for me to actually believe that I am like this cause I have gone through a bunch of rainstorms that washed me clean, that made me like this. You light up my world, you make me forget the bad, you replace it with only good things, and you are a blessing to me.

Hope you can read and feel the amount of love I have for you.

Venezuelan swifties will be by your side forever.

Te amo. @taylorswift

Sincerely, me. -Arianna

Favourite Lunch

It was Saturday night and you were all gathered on the dining table even though dinner was finished two hours ago .

It was like a tradition . Every Sunday you and Wanda would cook one special dish , which would be a favourite of one of the avengers . 

It was just fun to make them happy , since we’d rarely eat anything other than pizza . Last Sunday , you and Wanda had cooked a 10 layered cheese lasagna for Sam . And truth be told , the whole thing was complete in 15 minutes . 

But obviously you all had a bad condition of diarrhea the next day . Too much cheese is not good . 

As you and Wanda were sitting opposite to each other , the rest of them were distributed around the round table . 

“Tony , what’s your favourite lunch.”, you asked since you never got a chance to make his fav . 

“Pizza.”, he said casually . 

“Tony!!! Be serious .” Wanda scolded . 

“I am . Pizza is literally the single most greatest invention in the world . It is my favourite .” he retorted .

All this while Bucky was staring at you . The way  you took this so seriously and were so excited . But it was more than that . He was going crazy .  It was almost 12 am and he just wanted to get back to the room so he could fuck you. But he forgot what day it was . Seeing you in your tank top and short shorts , already got him fucking hard in his pants . 

He couldn’t concentrate on what the others were saying . He was just staring at you and you could feel his eyes on you . 

So you decided to ask him . 

“So Bucky..”, you started and he hummed , sitting straight . 

“What is one thing that you loved eating the most and would want to eat again.?”, You asked with a gentle smile . 


And all eyes on the table turned towards you both . While you sat there embarrassed he sat with a fucking smirk on his face .


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fav outfit/look: IK the whole thing of this is to choose one but I CAN’T. I love him with the plaid shirt. When he wears black (cause men wearing black is my weakness). And of course when he use his regular/casual clothes *grey shoes, grey shoes*

-everything he wears makes it perfect, like when he use colorful socks-

Btw I give everyone credit of their own work.

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Hahahahahahaahahahahahahha daylymail and justjared??? REALLY??? The 2 media outlets paid constantly by PR? The only 2 that always post about the Swifer? (ohh I love this new name) Hey TEAM INCOMPETENT, message for you: YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY! You better buy her a proper dress for the next event with that money than pay 2 of the most PR-influenced media outlets to talk about how "gorgeous" she was. No one feels second hand embarrassment here? She has to pay to be called nice things! Looooool

I do want to thank whoever is in charge of the HFPA website because there probably is no more appropriate name than the Swifer. My new fav name as well.  It is better than Nia (remember that, i think broadway world after elsie 2015).

At least with JJ, it was contained.  She looked “stunning” and was mentioned in the same sentence as LM. Ridiculous yes, but contained in comparison.  A payment in return for a compliment.

But the DM took this to a whole new level. First she is the headline over Penelope? Really?  Are they kidding?  No of course not, Penelope did not pay, M and the idiots on D’s team did.

I am choosing to view this article as comedy gold, because if we can’t laugh, what else can we do. A few of my favorite lines:

Still in love! DC looks smitten with girlfriend of SEVEN years MS

Smitten they say, he looks smitten.  More like he is doing everything in that moment to actually get through so he can move on a take photos with people of worth. If this is what smitten looks like, may i never be in love. Perhaps they should compare what he looks like in EVERY OTHER PHOTO. Because dramatic difference.  Tortured would be the word i would chose.

it looks like the magic is still there

I guess one can say there is magic if you actually believe he is smitten???  So maybe???  It does take something other worldly to actually believe in their “love.”

His lady love stood out in a black top with sheer sleeves and a lace miniskirt under a long silver and black skirt

I would like to know if the author was high when s/he wrote this?  Or just in hysterics the entire time????  Because really?  The outfit was a new low even for her.  Though I am honestly surprised they did not credit stylist and person responsible for the combo, bestie Lulu.

The looker added long earrings and a large cocktail ring on her middle finger.”

Do you pay the publication by compliment?  Cause this was one expensive article.

And my fav:

No engagement ring… yet

Or never, but a girl can dream i suppose! Bearding goals.

Notes on the DM from a friend in the UK

“DM is considered the cesspit of UK journalism as it is owned by Rupert Murdoch. All they ever report on at celebrity events is how someone looked and do click bait articles intended to piss you off.  M fits in perfectly with that publication. The most desperate and attention hungry pay the daily mail. And they will love that she is such a polarizing figure, because that publication thrives on hated females being dragged through the mud by the GA. And that these stupid women actually pay them for the privilege. The Daily Mail salivates when we talk about her negatively and draw attention to their post”.

I think this speaks for itself on this particular publication. Agreed, please next time buy her a dress. and proper undergarments. Pretty please?  Or better, maybe no next time? Too optimist? I am already have nightmares for D about her upcoming “performance.”


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˗ˏˋ 엘리스ˎˊ˗ you are the best thing in my life

                                   ↳  ꒰#벨라 & #소희꒱

#유경 you are the source of my joy, the center of my world and the whole of my heart ₊˚. ༄

{혜성} never know how love sounds like but felt it the first time I heard your voice*:・゚༄  @hunus_elris + @loonatheworld  ↳ #임여진

— [가린] _all I’m sure is I love you like the constellations love the sky and the planets love the sun _🌙 *:・゚✫

˗ˏˋ 엘리스 ˎˊ˗   𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒 𝓂𝓎 𝓅𝓊𝓇𝓅𝑜𝓈𝑒

                                     ↳  ꒰#유경& #가린꒱

↬ you can change the # with the hangul of your ult or bias and  you can change the  @ with the acc of your fav group ( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ) 

  • bella (벨라) 
  • sohee (소희) 
  • yukyung (유경) 
  • hyeseong (혜성) 
  • karin (가린)
In a room full of people you’d never notice me cause I’m the quiet girl who everybody thinks is stupid or mute. If I were to open my mouth, you’d be blown out by the truth in my words. Cause quiet people spend their time watching, analyzing and deciphering the actual world, and let me tell you that it’s so fucked up that we have a whole lot of things to say.
—  Fear The Quiet Ones

Im gonna watch I Tonya tomorrow but honesly my fav thing about the media revisiting this whole saga has been learning about how Kristi yamaguchi placed ahead of both of them at the 1992 world championships shortly before retiring and then Michelle kwan placed second in 1994 at the US championships and was therefore supposed to go to the Winter Olympics but was voted out in favor of Miss Nancy, and she did this at like age 13. And of course she went on to become better and greater than both of them. Legends only

Happy 31st Captain Swan Day!

Hello My Friends!

This Sunday i want to talk about @like-waves-on-the-beach - amazing, wonderful and talented writer. I love her stories and worlds she creates - everything she writes is perfect and hot (one of my few talents is ability to be able to read smut (like hers) in public places :D).

What it means to be a Savior (1st chapter on Tumblr) - fell in love with this story the moment i started to read it. This is so brilliant science fiction verse! The world created here is amazing. Characters and relationships are so good and unique - i love how she wrote Captain Swan here and one of other fav things is Captain Charming - so good! And the whole Savior mythology here! Brilliant! Bloody brilliant! I can’t wait to read the sequel! 

Echoing Souls (1st chapter on Tumblr) is her CSBB project and i love this one too (even if i still have few chapter left to read - really this Fandom is to talented for my limited free time :D) and i plan to catch up soon and i love everything about it - from relationship between Emma and Killian (hot, hot hot) to wonderfully crazy Emma’s family and of course as always i love how she writes Emma’s and Killian’s characters - can’t wait to read the rest of this amazing story!

Lady Cutthroat (Part 1 and Part 2 on Tumblr) -  CS AU. FBI Special Agent Killian Jones is on the trail of his runaway star witness. To get his man he needs to call in a favor from a notorious criminal. Will he be able to convince her to help him out? - i really can’t tell you more because i’s spoil your fun but this on shot (in two parts on Tumblr) is amazing and after you will read it whole you would want to read it again because (spoilers). 

The Dashing Florist (Tumblr) - wonderful one shot written following this prompt on Tumblr: ‘Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” ‘ - another perfect story.

Holiday Interlude (1st chapter on Tumblr) - i can’t believe that i discovered this fic only now! How it is possible i didn’t read this perfect story year ago i have no idea! So my friends - it’s Christmas time and i rec you this story about CS and Boston and Christmas and Snowing :D

Valentine’s Savior (1st chapter on Tumblr) continuation of Holiday Interlude that you need to read as soon as you end it. That’s all i’m saying (plus i looove future CS family moments in this story and of course Snowing! Mary Margaret saves the day here :D).

My dear Allison! Thank you for all amazing stories you share with us! Thank you for all the feels - amazing characters and unique worlds you create. I can’t wait to read your next story as well as sequels to the ones you already wrote. Thank you!


my fav thing in the whole world are these articles that come out about louis and how they’re supposed to be ~*scandalous*~ but they’re actually just really hilarious??

louis tomlinson spends nearly $6000 to cheat at FIFA
louis tomlinson steals a paps phone and gives it to a random family
louis tomlinson tells a man his shorts are shit. 

like yeah, that’s my son. we don’t know why he’s this way. he just is and i love him for it.

this collab with @tdrkbkgo was posted slightly late for his bday, and crossposting this here is even later now but anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS BEAUTIFUL BOY, TODOROKI SHOUTO!! QuQ 

read the whole thing here!:

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Tell me ur fav things

the way it gets in the morning when it’s snowing softly and the whole world is muted and a soft color and the branches are frozen and hanging over me. the way the boy in my chemistry class smiled at me when he gave me a pencil last week. when I wake up on the weekends and go upstairs and all my siblings say my name super happy and give me hugs. having a cup of coffee with my mom. the minute after finishing a really good workout when I’m still so tired but also full of energy. climbing into bed after a really long day and my cats cuddle with me and the blankets are warm. my best friend. making bread. crying during a really good sad movie. just being like, genuinely happy in a really beautiful moment I guess

Dude, it made me so happy that you really read the books because of me. Yes thank you. Okay now this question requires a long answer because oh my god,

For Ronan, eventhough I like fandom’s popular choice (very popular that he went to Maggie and asked what’s a Ronan) that is Dudley O’Shaughnessy and Maggie’s signed Adam Kaszewski I am a big fan of most cliche one Anton Lisin (because I love Anton Lisin, like my obsession with male models comes handy in these situations but Anton has always been my fav.) I also like Misa Patinszki from some angles. Also Jacon Hankin is so pretty with shaved head. Pictures of them all;

Dudley O’Shaunghnessy

Adam Kaswezski

Misa Patinzski

Jacob Hankin

Anton Lisin

I mean short answer was Anton Lisin but whatever.

For Gansey on the other hand Janis Ancens is my favorite. I know fandom does have more options for Gansey but those few edits I see with Janis makes me so happy. I also like Tom Barker and Cosmin Blanariu. Oh and AJ Abualrub. Here pictures;

AJ Abualrub

Cosmin Blanariu

Tom Barker

Janis Ancens

Also fun fact Janis is very good friends with Lucky Blue Smith who is the most popular fancast of Noah. (also hopefully my future best friend with benefits)

On topic of Noah, like everyone I love Lucky Blue Smith. But then again I love everything about Lucky Blue, if I could I would fancast him as every raven boy. Hell I’d fancast him as Blue.

Other than Lucky Blue I think Yulian Antuhk would make a gorgeous Noah - and who came up with the idea that every Noah fancast needs to have icy blond hair really?

Lucky Blue Smith

Also a picture of Janis and Lucky Blue because I want world to see how cute they are

Yulian Antuhk

Now for Adam I am as cliche as they come and I love my Tom Webb. To be honest I learned about Tom Webb from Adam edits and again my male model obsession took a liking to that boy. But of course he is not my only fancast, I love Billy Vandendooren as Adam. I also like Rafael Desimon (whom I’ve never seen casted as) and Marcus Hedbrandh. But who am I kidding? Tom Webb fancast is my fav thing in whole world.

Billy Vandendooren

Rafael Desimon

Marcus Hedbrandh

and Tom Webb

And for Blue I go with fandom’s choice Lydia Graham (she is very gorgeous by the way and her hair cut and eyes are all how I imagined Blue.)

I am sorry this got so long.

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Hi! Could you possibly make headcanons for how the RFA + V & Saeran would react to a short, muscularly-built MC? Love your headcanons, by the way! ❤️

OH! I’m a shortie, too! Also, thank you ^^


  • He’s not a super tall guy
  • Don’t remind him though
  • So he loves that you’re mini!
  • This lil spaghetti boi
  • You have to open jars for him lolol
  • He never asks you though
  • He’d rather die
  • When you hear him banging it around in the kitchen you have to go to his rescue
    • “Gimme that, Yoosung”
    • “Noooo I can do this!!”
  • One time you were play fighting in the bedroom and you accidentally kicked him in the ribs
  • He felt his soul escape his body
  • The painnnn
    • “OMG YOOSUNG I’m so sorry are you okay???”
    • “I-I’m fine…”
    • “Yoosung your face is blue”
    • “Just let me die in peace”
    • He curled into a ball of sadness


  • Loves that you’re small
  • Loves your frame
  • He’s a ‘less is more’ type of man when it comes to how you dress
  • But
  • He’s kinda obsessed with your legs
  • Dem CALVES
  • Loathes when you wear pants
  • He is so weak when you wear a short dress and some expensive high heels
  • Also you’re like his smol kitten
  • He wants you curled up on him all the time


  • Couldn’t be happier with your body tbh
  • You’re his small, not so delicate, princess
  • Loves to work out together
  • You go running every morning as a couple
  • Gym selfies
  • He’s legit always taking photos of you working out its his fav thing in the whole world
  • But you’re still his small angel
  • Asks you to sit on his back while he does push-ups
  • Knows you can take care of yourself but gets overprotective and jealous as hell if anyone looks at you in the gym


  • You’re so gorgeous!
  • She’s muscular too, thanks to her Judo black belt
  • Fav thing is kissing the top of your head
  • She does it every morning while you’re making the coffee
  • Another fav of hers is clothes shopping with you
  • Bursts out laughing when you try on pants because they’re ALL TOO LONG WHYYY
  • Makes you come out of the dressing room wearing them with like a foot of fabric trailing past your feet
  • She loses it
  • You both laugh your asses off


  • You’re so small and feisty he is so in love omg
  • You’re like a tiny strong kitten
  • Fav thing is tossing you on the bed
  • Also
  • On more than one occassion you both set up an obstacle course of strength! in the apartment
  • Jumping over couches and furniture
  • Crushing objects
  • You time each other to see who is the fastest and strongest!
  • The loser has to do ALL the chores for a week
  • You never lose.


  • You’re the greatest thing in the world to this guy
  • Really just enjoys doing the every day stuff for you
  • Hanging pictures and shelves
  • Reaching things that are high up
  • Omg its so cute when you can’t reach something
  • Loves how frazzled you get
  • Obsessed with your build
  • You’re like a tiny and beautiful greek goddess to him
  • Obviously takes your pic a lot
  • Also super happy that you’re tiny because you don’t take up much space in bed
  • This boy loves to sprawl out when he sleeps


  • He wouldn’t have it any other way
  • You’re his tiny partner in crime
  • Loves to rest his arm on your head when you’re standing
  • It doesn’t bother you when he does it though
  • One time Saeyoung tried to do it to you as a joke and you punched him in the ribs
  • You were Saerans hero from that moment on
    • “MC…I’ve never loved you more”
  • Fav thing in the world is when he comes home and you jump hug him
  • Wrapping your legs around his waist
  • Also
  • Most nights would find you both on the couch
  • You nestled in front of him with your back to his chest as you watch TV together
  • Eating out of the same tub of ice cream you’re holding