this is my fav thing in the whole world

my fav thing in the whole world are these articles that come out about louis and how they’re supposed to be ~*scandalous*~ but they’re actually just really hilarious??

louis tomlinson spends nearly $6000 to cheat at FIFA
louis tomlinson steals a paps phone and gives it to a random family
louis tomlinson tells a man his shorts are shit. 

like yeah, that’s my son. we don’t know why he’s this way. he just is and i love him for it.


PLAYLIST STORY: ok so i walked in and troye waved 2 me and then i waved to his mom and she filmed me!!! so i got up to troye and i gave him a hug and i was like “troye youre like my fav person in the whole world” and he was like “awww thank you so much!” and then i gave him this melted crayon art thing and he was like “thanks dude this is so good!!” and then he waved his mom over and was like “mom look at this!” AND LAURELLE MELLET TOOK A PIC OF ME QND TROYE ON HER CAMERA!!!!!!!! and then he complemented my shirt AND I DIED
and i met tyde and he was so sweet and then i met alexa losey and she said i was pretty!! and then i walked up to laurelle and i got a pic with her and my hand was shaking and she was like “stop shaking love! is your hand cold?” and i was like no its BECAUSE OF YOUR SON and i told her that her family is my favorite family in the whole world and she hugged me and said thx!! THANK GOD FOR THE MELLET FAMILY


is that your weapon? p r a y e r ? “right across the world, one word, just one thought, at one moment… but with fifteen satellites. a telepathic field! binding the whole human race together, with all of them, every single person on earth, thinking the same thing at the same time and that word…”


Wow I love you ♡ || DAY 1 : bias #7DaysofMonstaX

Made with Vine

this video is my favorite thing in the whole world. if you had to find a video that is more me you couldnt. it’s like someone ripped out my heart and made this video. this is the best video in the world, i love. this. video.


This is my fav overwatch short movie ever. (Not only because I’m a widowtracer trash but because everything about this is perfect?)

 And Tracer’s accent is the cutest thing in the whole world, can I marry with her accent? It’s british or something? Like the “Try to crash another party, luv?” in the minute 2:37 is the moment that I repeat and repeat every time. In the spanish dub Tracer doesn’t have an accent ;3;!!