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Hi, you're one of my favorite drarry blogs ever and I just want to say that I kinda love you *cue me blushing*, so can you pretty please do a short sweet little thing about my fav otp drarry cuddling and being all cutesy? Tysm ily xxx

Hi anon! You are my first anon ever, do you know that!! And such a sweet kind perfect anon at that! I am so, so, so thankful for your lovely message! (tbh I can’t really believe I could be one of your favourite blogs!) I did write up something small for you and I hope you like it. Cuddling and cuteness aren’t exactly my forte if I’m completely honest, so I hope this doesn’t suck.  :) <3

Harry had never imagined he could have mornings like the one he was waking into now. Soft sunlight was flittering through the curtains, he was slowly emerging from a deep fulfilling sleep and he was breathing in the soft familiar scent of the man beside him.

There was just one thing that was wrong, he realized sleepily. He was cold.

The morning chill made him shiver slightly and he groaned. Draco had hoarded all the blankets on his side again. He extended his arm towards the body beside him, eyes still closed, and took hold of the blanket and pulled gently. ‘’Draco, ‘’ he mumbled ‘’ M’ cold.’’ The body didn’t budge.

‘’Draco,’’ he said loudly and pulled on the blankets harder. Draco muttered something that sounded awfully like shut up Potter and rolled closer to Harry, still not relinquishing his hold on the blankets though. Apparently, Harry will have to wrestle with a sleeping Draco again to get any warmth.

He cracked his eyes open, grabbed the blanket with both hands and yanked hard. This startled Draco into waking; his eyes flew open, he lifted his head in confusion, but before he could protest, Harry was already under the blankets pressing himself against Draco’s warm soft body. He sighed in contentment. 

Draco, however, flinched as cold feet found his warm legs and settled between them, ‘’Get your cold feet away from me,’’ he grumbled, while wrapping an arm around Harry’s torso and burying his head against the thick black hair. Harry snuggled closer into the warmth his eyes already fluttering shut again and whispered, ‘’S’your fault. You’re the blanket thief.’’

Before sleep overcame him again he could feel a faint chuckle shaking the body wrapped around him and a faint kiss pressed into his hair.

He had never imagined he could have mornings like this, because they were better than anyone could ever imagine.

some fluffy & funny fics for you

i’ve had enough of this mess so if anyone else feels like they need a bit of a distraction, i’ve got u covered!

here are some of my fav fluffy and funny fics that i’ve read, here if u wanna forget about everything for a little while x

freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this (5.6k) by tolvsmol / @rosesau

Harry (not so) secretly crushes on the cute footie player and fills pages with sketches of him.

so so so cute !!!!!!!! just pure sweetness for 5k words. 10/10 recommend

Ever Since (10k) by @letsjustsee

a very fluffy AU where Louis finds a lost dog that he wishes he could keep - until he meets his owner, who he wishes he could keep more.

one of the cutest things i’ve ever read in my entire life go read it now

if i had the chance, the things i would do to you (14k) by @missandrogyny 

AU where Harry and Louis compete in the Lip Sync Battle

this is possibly one of the funniest (and hottest) fics i’ve read this year. i love this author, check out their other, longer fics too, they’re all hilarious

(more under the cut)

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Just Taehyung Things

Oh my dear bias, HIS BOXY SMILE WILL ALWAYS LIGHT UP MY DAY, one of my favorite things about Kim Taehyung <3

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He can go from cute to sexy in .05 seconds, it’s ridiculous. I feel attacked every time he does it too, like why you do this…why. He’s so charismatic on stage and off stage, I just wanna be close friends with him <3

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HIS WAY WITH KIDS, MAN I WANNA SEE HIM ON RETURN OF SUPERMAN OR SOMETHING. It makes my heart flutter every time he interacts with a baby/child <3. He’s gonna be an amazing father one day, I know it

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Now he may be all those things..but you can’t deny that he’s a little clumsy, it’s so cute, PROTECT HIM.

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He’s just the fluffiest, friendliest person you could ever meet <3 His love for art and his music taste reaches rangsthat I never thought. He’s so sweet to his parents and to his members. Bts will always be a part of him and so will Army <3. Army love you Kim Taehyung ! (Add more if you want)

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Just Namjoon Things

Just Jin Things

Just Yoongi Things

Just Hoseok Things

Just Jimin Things

Just Jungkook Things

Just Bts Things

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Deku is shorter, but hes still able to pick todoroki up. Todoroki is embarrassed by the little squeek he makes, but almost combusts when deku says, "thats the cutest thing ive ever heard!" with the most lovestruck look in his eyes

!!!! thats so cute aklfds. izuku carrying shouto around is just my fav (have i drawn that before? idk but i Need to)

no one expects him to be able to Squeak (that boy has a fuckmn. Deep voice??) but omg thats rly Adorable. izuku loves him (and his squeaks) so much,,

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hiii!! i must know, how do you feel towards lizzy? and how do you feel about her relationship with our!ciel and real!ciel?

Hi anon! Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for stopping by :)

How do I feel: I really like her! I actually liked her even before the series revealed she was secretly a badass. I don’t think she’s a perfect human being and that’s why she’s one of my favs, because she makes mistakes and has character flaws, but is filled with genuine love for her friends and family at the end of the day. 

I think Lizzie was more passive when she was with Real!Ciel. RC comes off as a “natural leader” so whenever they played, he was calling the shots and telling her what to do. Whether or not this ever made Lizzie uncomfortable is still up in the air, but she definitely loved him enough to change a lot of things about herself for him (Ex. she kept pretending to be the “cute lady” to the point of almost dying at least 2x in the series, and that would never have happened if it wasn’t for RC’s comment about disliking strong women). 

I think most of her affection for RC is based on him being the only boy (besides Edward and maybe Our!Ciel) that she interacted with, him being her closest playmate, and her being raised with the idea that her purpose in life was to be his wife.

With Our!Ciel, I think it’s more complicated. When he returned as “Ciel,” he became more withdrawn (in her eyes), so Lizzie probably decided to be less passive and more outgoing around him. This became a routine and at some point, she grew used to this “Ciel.” Imo, their relationship reads more like a real, natural one than hers and RC’s because they technically started from scratch- OC grew to love Lizzie as his fiancee instead of his sister-in-law, and Lizzie grew to love this “Ciel” as much, and maybe more, than the one in her memory.

OC’s the one Lizzie spent more dramatic moments with (including life/death stuff) and the one she actually grew to love instead of being engaged to him from the start (even if she didn’t know). Now that she does know he was faking his identity, I think she’s doubly torn because OC’s the one she’s really in love with (romantically) now, the one she really wants to marry, but she feels obligated to be with RC and a part of her wants to be with the RC from her memory too. So I think the arc will end with Lizzie realizing her love for RC can’t compare to her love for OC then she’ll drop RC like a sack of bricks


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I bet Lance is the kind of lee that falls into nervous giggling just by being tickle-talked to... Like, once he had made him helpless (cornered, pinned down, or tied up) all Keith has to do is saying stuff like "you're gonna get it now~" "you know what's coming" or even just "tickle tickle tickle" and Lance would start giggling and shaking his head and repeating "no no no" over and over, he can't control it, and keith thinks it's hilarious but also really cute and takes advantage of it a lot...

oh goD This is so cute thank u for sending this ;~;

lance shakin his head and giggling with his pleading lil ‘no’s is my fav thing ever. and keith’s too probably omg. lance does that nervous thing where he’s all twitchy wherever keith decides to hover his hands, and keith will kiss his cheek and forehead and all over his face in between “stop laughing i haven’t touched you yet” and “you already know what im gonna do, huh?” and meanwhile lance is just kickin his legs a bit and going “keihehehehth!!!!” all cute and just hhghghg i love this

unpopular opinion abt Lizzie

TL;DR: Ciel didn’t cause Lizzie to accept her strength, she already accepted it in that flashback scene with Frances. Her issue was wanting him to always think that she’s cute and her fear of being hated by Sirius.  

Lizzie wasn’t miserable because she had to hide her strength. She doesn’t even like fighting, she just does it cause it’s necessary. She looked unhappy having to fence even before Sirius’s infamous quote. Compare her expression from then to her big bright smile of being an unknowing angel.

(Off topic: I think the reason why everyone has such a disdain for Madam Red’s advice is due to fan translation using “weak” and “naive” while official uses “delicate” and “lovely”.

Not an ideal thing to say to a young girl in our generation, but it’s better than “weak” and “naive”. at the very least it pisses me off a lot less)

You could argue that Lizzie only dislikes it because of the social stigma of that era, and that could be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that it became a part of how she thinks and shaped her character.

She even says she would rather be cute in her flashback right after her vow that she would become a wife capable of protecting Ciel.  

She doesn’t/didn’t act cute as a way to appease Ciel/Sirius, she’s like that because that’s just her nature. Or how she was nurtured to be. I’m leaning more towards ‘nature’ since she’s shown both sides (proper lady vs knight) and still prefers the perks (cuteness/clothes/cliche girly stuff) of being a lady though it’s most likely both at play here. She also wants him to think she’s cute because she likes him. It’s normal to want to attract the person you love, no?

Lizzie never hated her strength, Sirius never caused her to hate herself. She never gave up that part of her, her mother wouldn’t allow it. When Frances told her “it’s for your sake and his” she accepted it.

This is why she was able to reveal her strength when it was needed. She didn’t need a boost of confidence or someone comforting her. She already made up her mind to protect Ciel (in her mind, Sirius) years before she revealed it. Ciel didn’t do anything to help her with that. He simply came back as a bleak former weaker shell of himself which gave her the urge to protect him. 

It doesn’t make sense, imo, to claim she had internal concerns over how strong she is when she so easily and very quickly chose to become “a wife capable of protecting Ciel” nearly immediately after he returned. I think that if she hated her own prodigious talent and struggled with accepting her strength then she should have struggled to make that choice as well since she’s pretty much embracing the part of herself she supposedly dislikes, but there’s nothing in that scene to indicate that.

The problem was “I want you to think of me as cute”. She didn’t want him to see an unattractive side of her because she likes him. It’s like what Yana said in that one post:

If someone told you to fight zombies - in underwear and with your set hair totally rumpled - in front of the person you love the most, it’d be totally devastating.

The situation would bring her to tears regardless. I mean yeah it was irrational given the dangerous circumstances they were in but add to the fact of what Madam Red told her, the fact that Lizzie genuinely enjoys being cute, and that she’s in love with Ciel/Sirius and desperately doesn’t want him to dislike her so her unwillingness was understandable?

Ofc Sirius’s “a strong wife would frighten me” comment also definitely contributed to her reluctance the most but I’m willing to bet that even without it, she would still feel woeful showing that side of her to him. I’m so tired of this fandom making it seem like his comment was the entire reason for it. The most significant, yes, but not exclusive.

Besides, I don’t think Lizzie was deliberately withholding her strength the entire time they were on the boat. She didn’t carry swords around with her so she had nothing to defend with. Was she supposed to kill them barehanded like Sebastian? (geezus christ imagine)

Conveniently there were swords hanging on the wall when her life was in danger and Ciel wasn’t able to protect her any longer and with that she was able to protect herself and Ciel. If there weren’t any swords around then, well, she probably would have gotten eaten alive right then and there. (or she would’ve run? lol)
She was sad over revealing her strength due to how it looks and out of fear he would hate her, but it doesnt mean she was running around the whole time choosing not to fight back thus putting their lives at risk. That would contradict her vow of protecting him.

The part where she refused to strip to fit through the vents had nothing to do with her strength just her desire of wanting to look cute (like she explicitly says lmao. stating the obvious ik) She doesn’t want to run around in her underwear in front of him— that is what she meant by “staying cute in front of him” in that moment.

I could definitely understand why she very aggressively rejected to undress. It’s embarrassing, it’s shameful, it’s not cute at all, and she doesn’t want him to see her like that but given the situation, it’s not the time to be worried about that which is why Ciel got so angry :’D Her life was at risk afterall.

The part where she’s surrounded by zombies crying “I wish I could have stayed cute in front of you til the very end, Ciel” *is* referring to her strength, considering she whipped out the swords right after. While Lizzie didn’t want him to see the “ugly” side of her, she has always been accepting of her strength. She wanted him to see her as cute but when he needed protecting she tossed aside that selfish desire.
(I don’t think she calls it ugly out of self-hatred but because she genuinely finds it uncute. It’s just now she doesn’t care if she doesn’t look cute)

fghjm let me just reiterate, Ciel really… like… didn’t have to do anything. There was nothing he did for her when it comes to her strength. There really wasn’t anything he had to help her with in that area. Sacrificing her cute side was all Lizzie’s choice, decided only by her, with the help of no one. The obstacle in her way was her personal feelings of “I want to look cute in front of you” and the only thing it took for her to reveal it was her’s and Ciel’s lives being in danger.

Actually it could’ve been Ciel “If you die it’s all over” speech that helped Lizzie break out of her obsessive desire with being cute. Not that she isn’t still obsessed over it since it’s something she loves, but thanks to his words she’s now content with not looking cute for the sake of something more important? It had more to do with her thing with cuteness instead of strength and I don’t believe Lizzie had conflict over the latter but prehaps it did give her a boost in a sense.

She started crying because of Ciel & Seb’s reaction to her ‘I’ll carry you on my back!” The fact that she could say that so thoughtlessly and normally to him proves to me that Lizzie never hated or tried to dismiss her strength. She didn’t need Ciel to say he accepts her in order for her to accept that part herself.

can i just say that this panel is my fav Lizzie moment ever so far? it’s small and easily overlooked but it’s so cute. she just wants to help!! she’s so precious!!

Now if she cried first after everything was over and had to have Ciel comfort her then I would think that she loathed that part of herself but that’s not the case.

It went like this:

Lizzie, completely comfortable and no signs of distress from revealing her strength: I’ll carry you on my back!
Ciel and Sebastian: reacts unfavorably
Lizzie: oh no he must hate me

The way they were shocked and exasperated by Lizzie’s statement reminded her of her extreme fear of being hated by Sirius. She thought he wouldn’t like that she was strong so she cried because she doesn’t want him to hate her, which falls back to ‘wanting to attract the person you love’.

Lizzie’s just a young girl after all so hearing even a gentle critique from the one she loves most (speaking generally, not trying to say that it’s Sirius) would cause unease in her heart.

sdfghjkn I can’t explain things well, I don’t think I’m getting my point across clearly so I’m going to use an example from the popular manga Bleach.

(i know. just.. bear with me…)

There’s a scene where a character named Chad asks the main character Ichigo what he thinks of his female friend, Orihime’s, outfit. Orihime is in love with Ichigo so this question embarrassed her, and when he didn’t really give his approval she took things way out of proportion.

His actual response isn’t as mean as in her imagination (it wasn’t mean at all) but since it’s coming from someone she loves, the effect it has on her increases significantly so she unintentionally exaggerates the harshness of it.

I CRINGE AT MYSELF FOR USING THIS AS AN EXAMPLE WHEN IT’S FROM A MANGA THAT’S SO DIFFERENT FROM KURO but this scenario reminded me of Lizzie’s reaction. this is the feeling I’m trying to describe. this is what I think was the source of Lizzie’s worry when showing her strength to Ciel 

She is on her knees crying over how Ciel/Sirius must despise her now since she’s so strong and scary when he actually never said anything like that lmaoo

The reality is he was just a small boy scared by his aunt’s strength/strictness, which is a normal understandable reaction for a child his age. Let’s not forget that even Sebastian has his moments with Francis lmao.

He never intended to hurt Lizzie’s feelings and also she just exaggerated the meaning of it since she liked him and doesn’t want him to dislike her. I think such a feeling is very normal.

It’s like how Ciel explained. It was a long time ago. I think she realized that there was no need for her to worry about that anymore since it was said when he was younger and has yet to experience dramatic hardships.

At least that’s what I think. It’d be REALLY funny if Sirius, who fearlessly confronted a demon, would still be scared of Francis and by extension, Lizzie. xD

This happened in her flashback meaning it was before Lizzie unveiled her swordsmanship talent to Ciel. She attends fencing tournaments and based off of this panel we can assume that she has no problem with it by the way she cheerfully announces that she got a present for winning which supports my thought that she didn’t have a dilemma regarding herself and her strength all this time and didn’t need for Ciel to accept it to be comfortable with herself. She was already accepting of it. Her biggest concern in hiding her strength was the thought of Sirius hating her, even after all that time.

I’d also like to point out how happy she is getting that cute pair of shoes. :’) She definitely genuinely loves cute things with all her heart.

Lizzie literally asks him “You haven’t come to hate me?” which gives me another reason to think she kept her strength hidden due to a deep hope of ‘Please don’t hate me / I want you to see me as cute’ rather than an ‘accepting her strength’ issue. 

If that were the case I think asking “So it’s ok if I’m like this?” or something along those lines would better convey that she struggled with self-acceptance. I believe she never had that problem with herself, she just… reallllyy desperately wants him to like her? That’s what I’m getting from reading the manga at least lol. but that’s an unpopular opinion it seems? maybe i’m misunderstanding something..? 

(> - <)

I wonder if I’m just overlooking into things and misinterpreting Lizzie’s character?

Edited On 10/5/17

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Top 5 cute Ryan things!

WOW. kindest ask ever

1. his hair is always so cute omg even in the bowlcut era fjsjfnd ryhawk is my fav always
2. the fucking story about him keeping so many of the teddies that fans sent him that he couldn’t fit in his own bunk . i’m crying in the club
3. his enthusiasm abt dottie he’s such a dad!!
4. his twitter is all pure gold i love him
5. his makeup!!! my beautiful and talented boy

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5 top namjoon stans and why

I was waiting for this tbh (I feel like yall are gonna know so ddfjk) 

  1. @namjoonhyuks ; kaity, my bff, the person i’m gonna take over the world with djdfjdkfj (kidding kidding), but yeah she is one of the best ppl I know & I love her and I mentioned her like 10 times she is probably sick of me at this point but!! Her love for namjoon is the cutest, also her writing is on par with namjoon’s (if not better) I recommend everyone follow her bc she is the best namjoon stan
  2. @kimdaily ; now YALL KNOW, literally the queen of all namjoon stans let’s be real here, she’s one of the nicest ppl on here & she provides so much to this fandom like we don’t deserve tbh, also she loves namjoon so much (and yoongi which is also a plus), 100000000/10 all across the board 
  3. @bfjoonie ; val the sweetest person EVER, like an actual sweetheart we don’t deserve her tbh?? she is always there for everyone & loves talking to you guys it’s the cutest, just know I jumped when we became mutuals and I love her :’) 
  4. @1rapmon ; okay but her love for namjoon is the cutest, most softest thing EVER, like namjoon should be blessed to have you as his stan, it’s always a joy seeing her on my dash just loving namjoon and giving him the love he deserves :’)) 
  5. @hoseokjung ; ahhh idk if she still remembers me (you’re the one that introduced me to cherry, I was nawonn/lana :’)) but her love for namjoon is so cute and she is one of all time favs, I hope she is doing well pls :’))


He is literraly the CUTEST AND SWEETEST THING EVER????? I’m dead???? Too precious, and cute, and hilarious. I loved Lance before but I love him even more now. I was laughing and awww-ing and just grinning like a loon in general. Easily my FAV VLOG so far. ❤️💙

I loved how he talked about Allura but I kinda wish we could have heard his feelings about the others too. Like we know relationships are really important to him, and it would have been cool to hear him talk about the others. But I know there’s time constraints, so I’m happy with what we have. Plus I totally understand him eating to gush about Allura, I would too!

PLZ come talk to me about this blessing

my fav things about ford collected from minor details while waiting for journal 3 to come out

- this dork wears his shoes on the bed. always. ever since he was a baby nerd

- he was also an arts and crafts person like mabel i mean he made a cute paper hat from some newspaper. he also made up the name for the stan o war and was the one who suggested he and stan put flags on it. like he’s so cute and creative

- he had a toy rifle in his room as a kid. he probably practiced a lot and thats why his weapon of choice is a gun (usually scifi and stuff from the portal and also because it can hit long-distance) (and also cause stan’s talent is punching).

- nobody noticed the owl made out of sticks. i bet ford made it. i will say for certainty it was ford


- ford was a heavy alcoholic like seriously. he has a serving tray in his fucking room with two scotch decanters, an ice bucket, a drink shaker, a glass, and what appears to be something like a box of seagrams vo whiskey up top. he was not okay

this photo here is just for closer detail. when stan walked into ford’s room right after he was pushed into the portal it was there as well. it was ford’s. ford was alcoholic enough to have an entire set in his own room

note that it’s by the door. (and also the bathroom which is on the other side of the table with the drinks on it) but wait: there’s more in the room.

see the paper stack in the bottom left corner?  there’s another decanter on a shelf there too.

seriously this poor man holy shit