this is my fav pic of the event


My nephew and his classmates were drawing and writing these little messages based on the events that have happened and posting them on the playground rules board. I just thought everyone else should see them too.

I used to feel so insecure about the past of my blog when I was playing ts2 only (it’s true, my game quality wasn’t the best and I used to be hyperactive about my fav characters), but the recent events (people taking pics of my favourite couples from this game, ilyyy so much) have made my heart melt and I’ve decided to post it at least from time to time when I’ve got no legacy queues, so expect some ts2 posts this week because I don’t seem to have time to open ts3… every time I want to I feel awful because I’ve got a lot of work and studying to do and feel like I’m procrastinating lmao

By the end of this week I’ll try to play the new episode of Claude’s BC and the legacy. I can’t wait for Irene’s story start, I may post her with her spouse too? I’ve got the pics drafted but can’t decide whether to spoiler or not. But they’re cute as hell.

Oh and yeah, I’m sorry for not doing those tag memes I’ve been tagged in recently! The playlist ones and stuff. It’s not like I don’t want to, they seem interesting and I’ll try to do them when I feel like that.

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