this is my fav pic of the event

AssClass (shuukarma) battle royale au, where they year; force to join battle royale and only Gakushuu and Karma left…how?

Gakushuu still alive bcoz his ‘minion’(?) protect him, and Karma …(im sorry..i made him kill his friend)..wanna protect Gakushuu..

and they actually secretly in love (they dont know they love is mutual; why dont they tell they feeling!! im so mad)

and the end is angst…(why..bcoz i like it)…just…they dont kill each other…

The End.

about the pics;;

Gakushuu asking Karma why he do it? (killing his friend, bcoz he know he love his friend)

Karma is glad and shock that Gakushuu still alive…bcoz of this event…

Red Dragon Con recap #1

I thought I’d compile a masterpost of my own, personal experiences at Red Dragon Con held in London, 16-18 October 2015. If you have ANY questions about the con, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer! 

Disclaimer: My memory is faulty, so the quotes are possibly not 100% accurate. However, the content should be pretty accurate, even if the words are not! 

This was my first time going to a con like this, so I had been stressing about if for MONTHS, ever since Mads was announced and I got my Gold Ticket. There really was no reason to worry, because the con surpassed all my expectations and it was totally worth it!


I met @rav3nsta9@lactobacille at the airport and @icanhelpgoodwill at the hotel. It was so much fun to see so many people wearing flower crowns at the lobby!

The banners were pretty nice, some lucky Fannibals got to take them home too! (you could buy raffle tickets to win them)

After registration it was time for the opening ceremony. All the guests (Aaron Abrams, Scott Thompson, Katharine Isabelle and Lara Jean Chorostecki) minus Mads (who was flying from France) and a surprise guest, Kacey Rohl came all to say a few words to us on the stage! Loretta Ramos was also there, but she stayed only for the evening. Sean (our host & the con organizer) made fun of how there are so many more women in the audience than men (he was “are there any men here?”), and even Aaron was all “hello ladies and gentle…man”. Lara Jean said Fannibals are the greatest fandom ever, and Kacey felt like she was in a garden with all the flower crowns! I don’t remember much anything else, besides applauding so hard my hands were about to fall off!

These are the back & front covers of the con leaflet we all got! Ellen Muth couldn’t make it because of health reasons.

This was on the first page, such a nice detail

The schedule. As said, Ellen wasn’t there, so she was replaced by Kacey.

The introduction was really beautifully written gosh

I’ll talk a bit about the Meet & Greet next, but since the post is already so long, I’ll put it under a cut!

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 Namjin moments/pictures. *EVIL LAUGH*

sTOP LAUGHING choosing only five is difficult /cries/

i’ve already done top moments so here’s top 5 pictures of our beautiful boys:

1. they look so comfortable and relaxed and tbh i love it when namjoon throws an arm over seokjin’s shoulders (also so handsome)

2. oh boy oh boy oh boy this event was a blessing, namjin in formal wear were a blessing, them being handsome and classy af was a blessing

3. laughing together = my fav thing

4. i????? don’t??????? even know?????? but FETUS NAMJIN

5. yeah listen this pic speaks for itself (also same seokjin, same)

 send me “top 5 ____”