this is my fav kaisoo fic now

The Lost Heirs

Author: jas1992

Genre: Wolf!Au, Fantasy, Smut

Length: Chaptered: Ongoing

Rating: NC-17

Kinks/Warnings: Knotting

Summary: Chanyeol, Kyungsoo and Sehun are the lost sons of the Great Alpha of the North. For as long as they can remember, the Triplets had always depended on one another. They drew strength from one another, and they would fight to the death to protect their brothers. What happens when they step into EXO’s territory? For so long, they have only been three… can they find it in themselves to accept others?

Admin F’s Notes: Honestly what am I doing I cannot believe I have not actually reced this yet. It’s been one of my favs all summer. Kaisoo in it are too precious. So good. Go read it. Right now.  |ʘ‿ʘ)


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Hiiii, the best fics you've read lately? thank you x

- Admin J’s latest (lengthy) obsessions

- Admin Q 

- Admin D (*taking deep breathes trying to restrain herself from recommending everything she’s ever read*)

- Admin F (help, these are just the top 3, I’m freaking drowning) 

-Admin M with a wolf!au trio

Admin N, here :D so far these are my recent reads from latest updates. I’ll just pick a few favourites for now;;


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All of the admins favorite ongoing chaptered fics right now? ^^

All Admins! Go Go ~~ - S

Admin S: (I shall just list 3 since most of us are probably reading the same few fics. :>)

  • As You Wish - i’m really in love with this Drabble collection (it’s more of a chaptered fic already, but yeah, the writer is adamant on calling it a Drabble collection.)
  • Sweetheart It’s Our Secret - it’s coming to an end soon :-(
  • Treacherous - YASSSSSSSS (warnings: homophobia, bullying) 

Admin Y: ngl i’m not one for ongoing fics (i can never remember what happened) but there is one fic i am very emotionally invested in atm

  • Dirty Little Secrets - keiteullin if you see this please be gentle with my heart ;A; (warning: infidelity)

Admin K:

  • Between Us - jongin’s kind of a lil dork in this and soo is his brother’s friend aka his crush. I LOVE IT A LOT.
  • Fall Underneath - i talk about this fic so much haha :)))

Admin J still reading what’s listed last time + these:

Adm. L: