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Never been so cranky at my garmin before…. it wasn’t picking up distance/pace right on the track tonight, so I asked the assistant coach for my training group to time my last 800 and it was 3:57!!! I never ever run in the 8:00/mi range, much less sub 8, and there was NO PROOF!!! So flipping sad.

Track workout tonight: 6x800 with 200m jog in between. Starting at comfortably hard, building up to 90% effort. Garmin says I avg’d 9:44 pace, but it was definitely faster than that!

I haven’t been doing track work regularly for the past two months or so but it felt so good to get out and work out some stress! I ran hard but I feel a million times better now than I did before I went. It’s like magic!


The Many Faces of Yuuri Katsuki - Episode 8

After a short hiatus, I bring you episode 8! 80% of the gifs from this episodes were Eros but even so Yuuri managed to have a range of expressions too large for 1 gifset. I enjoy how straightforward this episode is for Yuuri as a whole. It feels like he has control the entire time, even when life throws him curve balls.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

Bonus because I can’t in good conscience leave out a scene I love as much as I do (even if it’s not all that Yuuri-focused… it’s close enough to count!):

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top 5 oikawa gifs xD ((btw i love your blog + edits <33))

How…is….a person…supposed….to choose…RIP

1. This is the only one I’m 100% sure about, it has been my header for the longest time and I still adore it

2. This is so painful what am I even doing (yes, this is THE LAST toss of Oikawa’s high school career, and it was aimed at Iwaizumi. Of course)

3. I could watch him serve all day every day until the end of time 


5. So beautiful I’m crying this is probably one of my favorite shots of him in the entire series

- bonus: since you didn’t specify which Oikawa you were talking about, let’s have my favorite gif of stage play Oikawa too for good measure

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Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

yoonjin: snarky and comfortable. literally roast each other entirely too much but always have each others back. taking care of each other in small quiet ways. jin complimenting yoongi all the time cause the flush on his cheeks is adorable. yoongi feels the need to declare that they’re boyfriends every 3 seconds. “hyung-ie”

yoonseok: cheesy soulmates. the whole world disappears when they see each other. /my boyfriend is my number 1 hype-man/ hoseoks arm around yoongi’s waist, fingers slipping under the hem of his shirt and feeling soft skin. yoongi giggling with a small blush on his face when hoseok shows off his dancing. everyone who is mean to hobi will get shanked. lots of hugs and forehead-kisses. “seok-ah”. 

sugamon: forever best friends™. in-depth discussions about lupe vs lamar while yoongi sits on namjoons lap. sitting in the studio late at night, drinking coffee, writing lyrics and holding hands. yoongi listening to namjoons rambling about their destiny and place in the universe with a fond smile. the size difference makes something in namjoons stomach clench. “joon-ah’’

yoonmin: soft and cute. full cheeks smashed against each other and sweet, short pecks. giving each other flowers or candy without any reason for it. Jimin whispering into yoongi’s neck and saying he is perfect and smells good. yoongi blushing when he looks at jimins full pink mouth or jimin running his fingers through his hair  “jiminie”

taegi: fun and supportive. silly jokes and conversations at 3 am. taehyung playing with min holly and yoongi taking a hundred pictures of holly licking taehyung’s face. yoongi wearing taehyungs shirts without pants cause he enjoys taehyungs hungry stares at his thighs. taehyungs golden skin is beautiful to yoongi and he loves holding hands and admiring the contrast. “taehyungie”

sugakookie: teasing and playful. making breakfast together and burning pancakes cause they’re too busy kissing. back hugging and hand holding. they have at least 15 inside jokes. jungkook pushing close to yoongi and yoongi reaching for a kiss until jungkook pulls away with a smirk. yoongi telling jungkook how good he is and jungkook flushing and silently playing with yoongi’s fingers “jungkookie”

A few months ago I dreamt up a Dark Souls 3 boss called John Groceries who was a solid red goat with a man’s face, he didn’t attack, just laid there and talked about nothing. There were tears streaming down my face the entire time.

~Guys, guuuys...

I’ve just learnt that Ben Affleck:

- has taught himself Arabic

- speaks Spanish and French too

- is so good at doing impressions that when he did one to Morgan Freeman, it was so accurate Freeman told him, “You ever do that again, I’ll kill you”

- won $356,000 by winning the California State Poker Championships in June 2004 - defeating some of the best poker players in the world in the process

- filmed four movies simultaneously in 2001: Pearl Harbor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Changing Lanes, and The Sum of All Fears 

- began an intense two-hour a day workout regime the day after he was cast as Batman

- received a lifetime ban from playing blackjack at the Las Vegas&#146; Hard Rock Casino due to his ‘counting cards’ skills

Which tells me:

1. He’s fucking smart. I mean, he can pick up/learn languages pretty well (one of which is Arabic, Damian are you listening and he majored in Middle Eastern Affairs in college) and he is a boss at poker/blackjack.

2. He’s a workaholic. Look, I’ve never made a film (or even a short video) in my entire life, but he did 4 in one year at the same time and I bet he’s done similar workloads throughout his career. Also, see: two-hour a day workout regime for more evidence.

3. He can do good enough impressions to freak the fuck out of God™.


= Ben Affleck is well on his way to being Ultimate Batman

All Hail the mighty Bat!

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(edit: someone didn’t like my previous gif-use due to literal-Superman-bashing, and I agreed. Sorry, I didn’t see Supes little face on the wee gif-screen. Here’s some batfleck just being the best Bat he can)

ignore me creepy internet researching the fuck out of him to get my hands on this info. i needed it to defend myself from absolutely no one. fucking fight me

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Can you do some prompts about girls falling in love with other girls?

1) “You are so out of my league,” she said. A slightly dazzled smile crossed her lips. “Like, oh my god. I want to marry you one day.”
“And you are so off your head,” replied the other woman. Amused and a little concerned given the circumstances. “Wife.”
“Oh my god, I married you!?”
“It was a beautiful ceremony. On the beach. We had ice cream.”
“I love ice cream.” 
“Mm, if you can stay with me this time, I’ll get you some. How are you feeling?”

2) They were laughing about something stupid, curled up on the sofa. Stomach clenching, can’t breathe, no holding it back cackling when she caught the look on her best friend’s face. 
“I - nothing. It’s stupid.”
“Well, now you have to tell me.”
“You just make me really happy, you know?” 
And suddenly she couldn’t breathe again for an entirely different reason. 

3) “If we were both gay we’d totally be going out.”
“…we are both gay. We are very very very gay.” There was a beat of silence. “Is this you asking me out?”
“Depends, is this you saying yes or no?” 
“Depends, do I get to kiss you if we’re going out?”
“I hear that’s the done thing, yeah. Probably cuddling too, if you can bear it.”
“Yeah, alright. Sure. You won me over.”

4) It started with dancing. She loved the dancing first - confident, sensual, a flash of eyes across the floor as the lights swayed above them. The arm that wrapped around her back and drew her in close, the lips that found hers like they’d done this a thousand times before. A conversation of touches and smiles, slow and unhurried. A name whispered against their ear like a promise.

5) “…you know,” said the woman. She glanced up from by the bed, sleeves rolled up to reveal arms tanned and lean from hard work in the sun. “When you said your bed was broken, I thought you meant it as a come on. What the hell did you do to it?” 
The other woman turned bright red. Clearing their throat, initially too flustered to reply. Which, well, might have been something of a reply. 

6) “You didn’t have to defend me, you know.” She was rather shocked that the other girl had, considering she couldn’t normally even raise her voice in a large group of people.
“Of course I did,” the girl replied. “It was the right thing to do.” 
She fell in love a little, then.

7) Leather jacket, red lipstick, leaned up against a motorcycle and suddenly she felt lightheaded. She swallowed hard as her date raised a brow, plucking the helmet off the seat and sauntering over to her. Her date placed it carefully on her head, fingers brushing warm against her throat as she clipped it into place. “Probably not quite the white pony you were dreaming of, princess, but it will do the trick.” 

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Top 5 Rogue One moments

I’m gonna try and pick 5 that aren’t universally loved moments in fandom, not that I don’t love The Beach Scene, Elevator Scene and “Welcome Home”, but just wanted to explore other things I found interesting and awesome about R1. :D Thank you for the ask, btw!

5. Orson Krennic ragging on Galen’s choice of farming on Lah’mu. Listen Krennic, farming isn’t exactly easy (neither is working on a giant super weapon, but I digress). I just thought it was a funny introduction to one of my favorite Star Wars villians, since he has such relateable motivations (he just wants to be recognized!!! for what he did!!! he deserves that!!! stoopid Tarkin).

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4. Baze Malbus’s “little sister” line to Jyn. This rivals “Welcome Home” in my book, I mean … Jyn has been without a consistent home, let alone any sort of family, for YEARS. To hear such things in the span of days? It just warms my little “found family trope” loving heart. Also I just want Baze to be my space dad.

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3. Jyn’s face on the beach of Scarif, giving Cassian that “I swear to the maker, Cassian, if you say something romantic or sentimental and make me cry after all of my walls are on the verge of completely crumbling I will cut you” face. It says so much in such a small look, and I swear I have given that look hundreds of times in my own life.

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2. Cassian’s entire opening sequence. I love how he went from comforting and charismatic, to cold and heartless, to self-loathing in the span of SECONDS after killing Tivik. It was then that I knew I was going to fall hard for his character, I live for morally grey characters and coming to grips with their actions, and boy does Cassian deliver all of that (it’s ok bby you’re doing fine.)

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1. THIS moment of K2, Cassian and Jyn entering the elevator. To me this was the moment they all realized the magnitude of their undertaking. Jyn sways and fidgets a bit, Cassian’s visibly nervous and drawing a deep breath, and K2 goes “I have a bad feeling about this.” It was such a quick little moment but it said so much to me. While they were stoic and brave in front of their R1 crew, this is where they really let their guard down and let themselves be nervous, but also gather their strength. (also no secret I love these two in their Imperial get-ups so that was a nice plus).

orig gif by @fandomfatale

ask me my top 5 anything!

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a reaction of the rfa+v and saeran to mc being in a musical and having to see them kiss other people during the performance?

A/N: SORRY BABE I’M A HUGE HSM FAN OKAY BYE (also les pretend that there is a kiss in hsm okay) ~ 626

- Omg why you gotta hurt the poor boy like this???
- He knew you were cast as the main lead in your school’s play “High School Musical”
- His heart is breaking!!! He knows you love him but watching u two touch lips (even if it’s literally for a second omg yoosung bby) makes him so jealous
- Did u want someone who was taller??
- He’s about to cry MC UR SO CRUEL
- But then when you all start singing “We’re All in This Together” anD YOU GRAB HIS HAND AND BRING UP ON STAGE???
- It’s totally cool, the other cast members are doing this too, this is totally allowed during plays, don’t question 626’s logic
- He’s singing along and he sounds so bad but he doesn’t care!!! You look so happy!!!
- At the end of the song, you kiss him quickly <3
- He’s stuttering and blushing omg, why dID HE EVER DOUBT HIS LOVE FOR U, YOU’RE PERFECT
- Honestly, this boy can be as dramatic as Zen, smh
- When he learned you got a role in the school’s play, he was so happy!!!
- But he wasn’t the main lead??? HE WAS CAST AS AN EXTRA (dramatic ass hoe is working on a diff play but he still wanna be the lead anyway)
- Sorry zen, ur a pretty boy but ur no Troy Bolton
- But u keep him in the loop by practicing lines with him!!!
- Honestly he goes a lil crazy when he learns ur gonna kiss another person
- But he calms down
- Or so u think
- When it’s time to sing the last duet with McHottie Troy bolton, zen pops up??
- He just pushed mchottie right off the stage while he sung that line omg
- Don’t mess with Zen or he’ll push u off stage while singing HSM songs, howverythreatening
She’s president of the drama club, even if she doesn’t act in the plays, she’s the one who gets everything done and makes sure the club has enough money to run productions
- She knew from the very beginning u were gonna kiss Zen
-She’s not really hung up on it though, she knows you’re just acting, she ain’t worried
-Plus you two weren’t technically in a relationship? U acted like it but u two decided that with all the stuff you had going on, u didn’t have time for a relationship
- But she didn’t expect it to hurt so much when she actually saw you sing a duet with someone else???
-You two haven’t even kissed yet but it still feels like her heart is ripping apart
- And then Jaehee made her final decision
- Y’all wont believe what this lil lady is about to do
- no one really notices her at first bc she knows the dance moves very well so she blends in but then u come on stage
- Why is everyone as dramatic as Zen today
- Safe to say y’all are together after that

- You didn’t even tell him about the kiss
- you didn’t leave it out on purpose, but it’s just, everyone knows about high school musical so u assume he knew???
- He didn’t know
- he didn’t know at all
- he was definitely not prepared to watch you kiss Zen during rehearsal
- his heart literally breaks in half, he has no idea what to do
- but he knows if he lashes out it’ll just make you angry
- So he sits quietly when it’s time for the actual performance no he’s not crying, he just has allergies to zen, that’s all it is, no uR CRYING
- Except here’s the thing, Jumin was actually able to memorize all the lines in the play bc he watched your every rehearsal <3
- And boy oh boy, Jumin decides instead of sitting quietly he’s gonna do something
- No one kisses his MC in front a of a crowd of people other than him
- he literally threw Elizabeth the Third at Zen’s head and then shoved zen into a closet and locked it from the outside
- Daddy can be sneaky ;;;))) (I’M SORRY)

- Everyone is so surprised to see him come out on stage???
- But y’all have to roll with it for the performance
- And with the last line of “Start of Smething New” he plants a quick kiss on ur lips
- he doesn’t care if it’s not part of the script, the world needs to know that you are his
- Honestly??? You’d think Saeyoung might get jealous, with a whole spiel of “u can do better,,,, he’d make u happier than I ever could,,,” but he’s secretly begging u stay inside his head
- But nah not this time!!!
- This boy LOVES high school musical
- Like hello??? Melodramatic teens with singing mixed in??? that’s his favorite genre ever
- He goes to every single one of your rehearsals!!!! He loves you so much!!!
- But ofc, he has a little trick up his sleeve too
- When it’s time for the actress playing Sharpay to make her entrance, it’s Saeyoung in a blonde wig instead???
- With the help of Saeran, they tricked the poor actress into missing the play, don’t ask me how they just did
- and hot damn, this boy can d a n c e
- ur a little turned on
- No one can bop to the top better than Saeyoung
- After the performance, you run up and kiss him!!! You both did so well!!
- Next time, you want him to play the leading role opposite of u cause he’s so great <3 sorry other dude bye
- Saeyoung totally doesn’t make eye contact with the guy who’s playing Troy Bolton while you two are kissing
- And he definitely doesn’t maintain eye contact the entire time either

- You made sure to tell Saeran about the kiss before you even auditioned
- You didn’t want to surprise him like ya hoe ass did with jumin because u knew he’d pretty much murder whoever was going to be opposite of u
- He was weirdly okay with it??? Like he kinda brushed u off like “yeah yeah I know Saeyoung’s made me watch HSM a million times”
- And you’re so excited the day of auditions bc you’re pretty sure you’re gonna get the role! And Saeran is in the audience watching u <3
- Little did you know that Saeran is actually there to audition as well
- See, he may have seemed cool about it, but on the inside he was pretty much killing every guy in the world so there’d be no one to play the role of Troy Bolton
- first he pretty much threatened zen into not auditioning, and then threatened zen into teaching him to get the role
- and b r u h, boy oh boy did saeran blow everyone away
- his singing wasn’t the best but his dancing and acting skills??? Off the charts amazing
- But you’re so happy!!!
- You don’t have to kiss another guy, you get to kiss Saeran! <3
- On the day of the performance, when it’s time for the kiss, he kisses you, picks u up, and carries u off stage while pretty much making out with u
- Nah this totally isn’t him making sure everyone knows that you are only his, nope, he is not that jealous, nu uh
- He’s actually in the play too!!! This hoe ass is Ryan nO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE
- And he’s super excited to be part of the play with you, even if your role isn’t opposite of his!!!
- He has tons of fun with you, all the singing and dancing, all the dumb mistakes everyone makes
- He’s so happy
- And he definitely doesn’t feel an ache in his heart every time you have to kiss “Troy Bolton”
- He knows you don’t have any feelings for the guy, and he knows you’re totally in love with him bc of the dreamy look you have on your face when you stare at him (626: mY BOYFRIEND DOES THIS LMAO IT’S SO CUTE)
- But when you and that guy pull away from that kiss, the guy shoots a smirk at V as if saying “She’s mine now”
- And jfc V is a gentle guy but there is no way in hell he’s going to let another guy think he has you
- And he knew exactly how to knock the guy down a few pegs <3
- He lets the entire performance go by smoothly, he didn’t want to ruin your time in the spotlight, he loves you too much to do that
- B u t
- When it’s time for you and troy Bolton to do some mouth smacking
- then he takes a microphone and says “Ryan and Gabriel end up together, the end”
- And ur laughing so hard bc you didn’t know V would ever do something as crazy as that???
- It was also kinda cute even if it did ruin the performance
- But ??? Everyone actually loved V’s version of HSM so much, it became the script for the rest of the performances

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what are ur fav sugamon moments

bless you for asking this seriously

(this is gonna be a long one)

ahhhh i love them so much and i know many ppl kind of gloss over their cute moments together bc they don’t do skinship as overtly on camera as the other members but it’s there if you know to look :’)

(i’ll do 10 or else i’ll be going on for hours)

1. i have to start with that emotional and meaningful hug they shared in MAMA 2016 bc how can i not?

Originally posted by suga-mon

it was just such an important and significant moment for both of them, ship them or not, you can’t deny that it was so heartfelt and showed how close they are :’) they’ve been through so much together and for them to make it here after so much hardship and struggle is so amazing for them both, it was a lovely moment overall for them and i never fail to tear up when i see it :)

2. this entire bangtan bomb bc they’re so adorable and i love the way they were trying to imitate each other’s rap style and just teasing each other

and then ofc them performing together is always amazing and i love it ;;

also it’s dumb but i get a kick out of namjoon calling yoongi chingu instead of hyung bc i love it when namjoon uses informal with yoongi since i strongly suspect namjoon and hoseok forgo polite form with him usually since they’re all close (hoseok does it more on camera but namjoon has slipped up here and there)

3. who can ever forget that one time yoongi was so excited and adorable when namjoon was performing and he kept pointing out namjoon and going “namjoon-ah” ;; my heart

look at that adorable smile on his face, he’s literally so happy and proud of namjoon

jimin even pointed out that yoongi was being uncharacteristically excited and bouncy watching the performance :)))

4. literally the entire episode 4 of bon voyage. sugamon being paired together and working together to go on a tiny adventure in a different country and basically having a great time bc they work really well together 

Originally posted by chimchams

them fixing themselves up together and complimenting each other casually like the actual domestic husbands that they are

(can i just say that namjoon put on his sunglasses bc yoongi was putting hairspray on and he didn’t have to do that, he could’ve just waited or told yoongi to go behind him so he wouldn’t get hairspray on his face but he just casually accommodated yoongi nbd ;;;; my heart x)

Originally posted by chimchams

having random but hilarious conversations about kebabs? and shopping together?? laughing togetherthe cutest tourist couple

5. that whole backstage mission where namjoon had to take a selca with yoongi without alerting him that it was his mission and he FAILED lmao bc yoongi knows namjoon too well 

poor namjoon, he was so happy bc he got such an easy mission with his own group member

thank god for this mission bc the selca was adorable :)))

6. i live for all moments of namjoon and yoongi calling each other cute

namjoon giggling at how cutely yoongi jumped to the center during 21st century girls (x)

and him jumping around during another part in the same song (x)

namjoon even called yoongi a saint which yoongi very smoothly ignored like he always does with compliments but i can’t get over it (x)

Originally posted by syubbed-archive

there’s other times too but i’m too lazy to find them rn

7. this is a small thing but it says a lot about their relationship: yoongi fixing up things that namjoon breaks and just taking care of him

it was said in interviews, it was even a way for them to introduce themselves

namjoon was the destruction king and yoongi was the one that fixed what namjoon broke

like that time in bon voyage where namjoon knocked over some tubes on their dorm room table and yoongi immediately starting fixing them (x)

or in the ynwa preview show where namjoon got up and his mic was hanging out of his pocket and yoongi noticed and picked it up for him (x)

and even recently when namjoon looked confused about putting on his headphones and yoongi immediately went to help (x)

just little things like that :)

8. gifts!! yoongi buying namjoon a wallet when he lost his and then getting all embarrassed and shy when namjoon talked about it happily during an interview

Originally posted by agustdefsoul

(he even lost it again and yoongi didn’t look upset when he mentioned it)

and then ofc that ring during their summer in dubai and namjoon saying he’ll wear it often

and namjoon actually wearing the ring in concept pics, fancams, concert pics, etc ^^

9. this doesn’t have any specific video or anything but they’re constantly teasing each other? and it’s really cute?? and it’s so casual and witty that it kinda flows by you until you go “wait what? did he just say something about yoongi/namjoon?” i love their adorable bantering comments at each other

like namjoon insisting yoongi’s on the same level dancing as him but he just gets away with it or yoongi’s “i agree” when namjoon said he’s the worst singer of bts in the recent gayo episode

Originally posted by ktaejin

namjoon saying yoongi looks like a little count dracula

Originally posted by sugmon

or namjoon talking about how yoongi whines lmao 

(yoongi teasing namjoon about not needing to go to vintage shops when he could just use the clothes there)

Originally posted by cyyphr

or the time yoongi was saying he wouldn’t mind rooming with namjoon when they were talking about namjoon’s snoring bc he’s used to it and namjoon was like “he’s the first one to not wanna room with me when we stay at hotels”

Originally posted by ygnj


but just as much as they tease each other, they help and support each other just as much and it’s beautiful :’)

10. which brings us to my last point, which is the moments where they make each other laugh and just support each other in general ;;;;

(x) (x)

(laughing at yoongi running during not today mv shooting)

Originally posted by suga-mon

like the waist pats that namjoon has a habit of doing at times

Originally posted by donewithjeon

and just so many more moments that make my heart flutter and love their relationship all the more:

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Originally posted by yoonmin

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Originally posted by yoongichii

Originally posted by jeonsshi

there’s just so many more but lemme give it a rest for now bc this post is long enough

just know that sugamon is so much more than ppl seem to think and they love and care for each other so much!

their relationship is beautiful :’)

I O U: Ten Reasons Why John Watson is Actually Moriarty

(1)   They already told us:

They’ve been telling us since Season 1:

See also:

(2)  Are We Sure That Little Girl is Pointing At Sherlock.  Are we sure.  Are we positive.

(3)  The Storyteller. 

Who’s the storyteller of the Sherlock Holmes canon again?

(4)  Sherlock’s first introduction to John (and his subsequent deductions) is paralleled to his first introduction to Moriarty:

Of course Sherlock’s deductions about Moriarty are totally wrong, manipulated by fake characteristics that were planted to fool Sherlock into dismissing him.

But let’s face it - faking an entirely psychosomatic limp that you can forget about half the time, offering a phone that’s been engraved with “clues,” and loudly declaring “different from back in my day” when you enter the room aren’t much more difficult than irritating one’s own eyes to suggest that you go clubbing and picking up a visible underwear brand.

More beneath the cut…

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It’s time for something I’ve been wanting to do for a while! It’s time to open the official open auditions of Allegrezza Harmony!

1. These auditions will not be character-specific, as there are characters in the main game, as well as in the demo who are walking spoilers. 

2. Auditions will be organized by Singing Characters, General Female Characters, And General Male Characters.

3. Allegrezza Harmony is a free fanmade project rebooting the 2002 manga Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. This will not be a paid voice acting job.

4. You can audition for as many categories as you want. Some characters have androgynous voices.

5. The deadline for auditioning is April 25th, 2017.

6. After the deadline, you will receive a Callback Email where you will be given lines/a song for characters we would like to hear you voice for testing purposes. It will be reviewed by people on the Allegrezza Harmony team.

7. Characters appearing in the Allegrezza Harmony demo will be cast before characters only appearing in the main game. Callback emails for such characters will be sent out after the AH demo comes out.

8. Please send your audition clips in one email to the official Allegrezza Harmony email:

9. Demo Reels can be included in the email and will be appreciated, but they are not required.

Note: If you have any questions, send an ask to this blog.

(Note: If you audition for a singing role, it is required to audition in the General Female Category as well.)

This category is for every singing character in Allegrezza Harmony. As of now, all singing characters are female.


Sing a song that you believe best suits your range. You have record using an instrumental for reference, but please only send an audio file with your voice only.

This category is for every speaking female character in Allegrezza Harmony. Feel free to send in multiple takes of lines with different inflections and voice types.


1. It’s been forever! I haven’t see you in so long!

2. Pichi Pichi Voice Live Start!

3. Hey, it’s a good surprise!

4. I promise to serve you well.

5. I’m here. I’m never going to stop being here.

6. Stop right there!

7. Haha! What are you even doing?

8. When was the last time we just talked?

9. That’s my normal face.

10. (Just give the best scream you can do without peaking the audio levels or causing your neighbors to call the police.)

Note: This category may also be used for casting children characters.

This category is for every speaking male character in Allegrezza Harmony. Feel free to send in multiple takes of lines with different inflections and voice types.


1. What were you doing in my room?

2. You just managed to do the most idiotic thing I’ve even seen in my entire life. Amazing.

3. Hey kid, are you alright? You’re not looking so good.

4. Princess, we shouldn’t be here!

5. Shush. Did you hear that?

6. If we find a ghost out here, I’m going to beat the snot out of it!

7. Despite all the crap that’s happened over the years, I’m weirdly glad we went through this.

8. I’m sorry you had to see me like this.

9. I guess this is goodbye.

10. (Just give the best scream you can do without peaking the audio levels or causing your neighbors to call the police.)

Note: This category may also be used for casting children characters.

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You gave me the courage to finally come all the way out of the closet as bi. I wasn't hiding it so much anymore as just, not being "aggressively" ghey in public and then I saw you and saw Ducky and just decided it was time to stop being scared and stop pretending. So I came out on fb and my entire family has been really great about it (at least to my face) and I really appreciate you being such an out and proud person and inspiring me <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

That’s amazing!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! ❤️❤️

Nunchi’s Trip to Exo’rdium

Buckle yourselves in guys this is a chaotic mess of emotions. 

The entire thing seemed to pass in a blur because it was just so surreal. 

It was definitely a journey.

Suho: “New York… Thank you for waiting for us.”

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NHL 16

Author: Emmalee
Player/Team: Auston Matthews/Toronto Maple Leafs
Prompt: Can you do one With Auston Matthews? Just something cute at home or the rink or something like that please and thank you :)
Rating: Pg
Word Count: 700 Words
A/N: Enjoy this one! It is also very cute! I keep writing cute ones tonight wtf.
Thanks, loves!! Xx Em

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Why do men have to stand so close to me?? I'm 5'1 and like half the time when I'm fixing a display or someone, one will stand 3 inches away from me, backing me against the shelf, to ask questions about whatever. It's so unnerving!!!!!!

I get people come right up to my face to talk to me. I would take a step backwards. They would step close again and I would take a step back again. Some people got the hint but some would just keep getting in my face and more than once I have backed up the entire length of the front end. I have got to the point where I have no chill anymore and just tell them “DUDE! Back up I can hear you”


swim au

late, again. my apologies. I think they’re will be about 15 chapters, so its nearing the end my friends

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10


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Otome Drama CD Problems

Recently I got really obssesed into otome drama cds, like REALLY OBSSESSED into them and I found myself facing a lot of problems. Therefore I’m taking my time to list down the problems I PERSONALLY face while listening to them and please do not bash me if you don’t agree.

1. Lying on your bed the entire day listening to drama cds(when I say entire day, I mean for the ENTIRE DAY)

2. Walking around your house with earphones plugged in(listening to you know what, like wasurenagusaXD)

3. Worrying that someone beside you would be able to hear the moans of the R18 cd you are listening to

4. Starts to listen drama cds outdoors

5. Starts listening to R18 cds outdoors

6. Starts to wish for a boyfriend like in the cds

7. Improving your Japanese(THIS IS GREAT)

8. Starts to get really sensitive to people speaking near your ear(It was already pretty sensitive in the first place anyways)

9. Worshipping the dummy head mic(It hurts when you listen to an drama cd that DOES NOT use the dummy head mic)

10. Starts to talk to yourself like you’re talking to the characters in the drama cd

11. Realising that only a good handful of seiyuus voice R18 cds which sucks(eg: Hirakawa Daisuke, Ono Yuuki, Okitsu Kazuyuki)

12. Able to tell who the seiyuu is going to be for the drama cd by just looking at the character design

13. Despise moments when the heroine runs away from the guy when you just want to jump into their arms

14. Having dirty earphones


16. Having NO ONE around you to understand the feels you have

17. Stops watching anime

18. Stops listening to music

19. Ears hurting due to your earphones being in it for way too long

20. Getting turned on my licking and kissing noises(you think you can be inmune to it by continuously listening to it? Trust me, from someone that has voice fetish that is impossible)

Bonus: Probably realising that your standards for a boyfriend is right now way too high for any human to perfectly reach that level.

Well these are just a few I can think about for now and if any of you want to add on please feel free to do so!!

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Mike and Ginny 30!!

For my dear Sandra @ourstartingpoints because she’s lovely and deserves it <3 <3 <3

#30: “I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.”

It’s after a game, she’s sitting in the gym perched on the end of one of the treadmills. She hadn’t played well. In fact, it may have been one of her worst games since she got called up, since her first in the majors. She’d been able to hold back the tears but she’s sure her eyes are still red and shiny, and if her features convey how drained she feels, she most definitely does not look fine.

Ginny doesn’t know how to talk to him about this. She’d had a pregnancy scare during her second season as the first female major league player in the world; and her captain and catcher would have been the father. 

It’s put things in perspective, made the tentative physical relationship her and Mike had struck up blindingly, unavoidably real. They hadn’t used labels, Ginny thought it was easier, but right now, she’s regretting the lack of clarity.

“What happened out there, Baker?” Mike doesn’t sit down, just stays a relative distance from her, arms crossed and worried. 

“Just a bad game,” she brings her knees up to her chest and tries to comfort herself, wrapping her arms around her legs and slowing her breathing.

“There are bad games, Baker, and then there’s whatever that was,” he gestures idly in the direction of the field.

She knows she played a horrible game, she also knows she wont be talking to Mike about this anywhere near Petco, so rather than argue with him, or come up with specious excuses, she just lifts herself off the treadmill and turns towards him.

“I’ll get ‘em next time,” she goes to pat him on the shoulder, a friendly teammate gesture, but Mike grabs her hand and keeps her close. 

His brow furrows and he drops his hand when she flinches at his touch. Mike is looking more and more concerned and its making the calm she just fought for evaporate. He’s going to push the issue, she just knows it.

“Ginny,” she looks away because the honest sincerity shining through his eyes is doing nothing to make her feel better. He clears his throat and shifts back and forth, “C’mon, rookie, talk to me.”

“Nothing to talk about,” she keeps her face deliberately blank and watches as he squints at her incredulously. 

“Well we both know that’s not true, but I guess I’ll drop it for now,” he looks frustrated and she can’t blame him, “do you want to hang out tonight? Get your mind off whatever it is that’s not bothering you?” 

He smiles at her, a little sarcastic but warm and inviting.

Considering he is a major part of what’s bothering her, she has no interest. She’s not sure how to say that though, and Mike might realize he’s part of the reason she’s been so off.  She wanted to escape this conversation five minutes ago and its gotten to a point where her skin is getting itchy with how uncomfortable she is. 

“I’ve got plans with Evelyn, some other time,” she smiles quickly and starts to make her way out of the gym.

“Considering Blip just told me him and Ev are having a date night, I sort of doubt that,” she stops at the doorway and turns to face him.

He looks confused now, maybe a little weary. She’s never lied to him before.

“Why did you just lie to me? What is going on?” 

She’s never liked to lie, and getting caught in one is a horrible feeling. Instantly, everything bubbles to the surface and she can’t hold it in any longer, not that she was doing a great job of it before.

“I thought I was pregnant,” her eyes run the length of the gym slowly before she finally looks at him, her stomaching tightening as she braces herself for his reaction.

Mike looks like someone hit him over head, he’s gone stock still and he blinks a few times, mouth hanging partly open as she sees him come to terms with what she just said. His gaze flicks to her stomach quickly before returning to her face. He slowly walks over to her and Ginny curls into herself a little, still braced.

He slowly takes her hand again, this time she lets him. He’s shaking just a little. 

“Are you okay?” Is what he finally says, voice low and tender. 

She is okay. She’s definitely okay with not being pregnant, she had a minor panic attack when she thought she was, but she handled it well. It all happened so quickly, the span of the morning right before the game, and it just shook her a little, put things in perspective and made her really assess her choices.

The fact that her job comes with a different kind of pressure and expectation than others just enhanced her anxieties, now that the game is over and they have two days off until their next, she’s feeling better. The main area of concern right now is the man holding her hand.

She nods, keeping eye contact.

“I am, I’m okay now. I promise,” her voice is steady and sincere. 

“So, you aren’t…” He looks down at her stomach again, swallowing loudly, “you’re sure?” She’s both heartbroken and strangely comforted by the devastation on his face. Not that she was expecting him to be unfeeling, but its nice to know its affecting him as much as its affecting her. Makes her feel less alone, less adrift.

“Very sure,” she nods decisively. 

“Do you want to talk about it? It doesn’t have to be now. I’m here, you know that, right?” His voice has maintained the low, tender tone. There is a desperation in how his hands are holding her that makes her clutch him back.

“I know,” and she does know, he’s never given her a reason to doubt him and they’ve always existed on a separate wave length than everyone else; there for each in a permanent, grounding way she hadn’t expected or planned for.

He looks at their hands for a few seconds before he quickly realizes where they are, squeezes once and steps back, looking like he regrets it as soon as he lets go.

“So do you want to hang out tonight? We don’t need to talk more about it, we don’t even have to talk at all. But I understand if you want to be alone,” Mike is being so respectful and kind, she thinks she can taste the gratitude welling up inside her; the feeling loges in her throat and makes her next words come out a little strangled.

“Your place?”

He keeps his face as neutral as he can, but his entire body sags with relief. She understands the feeling. Why she didn’t just tell him immediately, she’s doesn’t know anymore. A small voice in the back of her mind whispers “next time you will” and she waits for the fear accompanied with such a loaded thought, but it never comes.

They walk out together. As it should be.

Today in Aquarist-ing

•Got smacked in the face by a live fish
•Covered in dried algae, dirt, and sand
•Got soaked literally from head to toe in saltwater
•Didn’t have time to take lunch until 2pm
•Acquired at least 3-4 new scrapes and bruises
•So exhausted I could barely move when I got home
•Still think I have the greatest job in the whole entire world 😊