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Eh, to be honest I like betty on riverdale but I dont identify with her at all. If I were to identify with someone it would probably be val, from the little we've seen of her. I just like veronica mars/lois lane types of characters and thats what betty is in riverdale. I also think she is hilarious with all the facial expressions and fucked up mother/daughter relationships are my FAAAAAAVE!

everyone’s entitled to their opinions


Legendary lovers
we should be legendary (x)

Days of Outlaw Queen

aaah this week we get:

aaron and robert
paddy and robert
ross and robert
ross and aaron and adam
aaron and adam
vic and aaron
chas and aaron
chas and robert

and maybe hopefully paddy and aaron, vic and robert & adam and robert.

look at ALLLLLL my faaaaaaves interacting with one another I HAVE WAITED 63672927 YEARS FOR THIS!!!!