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ravenneclaws  asked:

hi raine! could you tell me some of your favorite shadowhunters blogs? i need more in my life and your content is so good that i trust you follow awesome blogs. 💜

COURTNEY! you’re asking for the impossible…. I follow so many awesome blogs– 

TOP 5:

@abloodneed - Izsak kills with his writing, I’m in love tbh
@harry-daddario - Swancy makes killer edits, like seriously (also is super pretty??)
@softdaddario - Ceci… my god her sh au tag is to die for
@softshumjr - Marta is everything and is on top of everything
@izzylightwood - Jasmine’s edits are amazing and I aspire to be at her level


@amorverus @fyesaleclightwood @smolbane @dammitdaddario @darquebane @magnusizzy @lightwoodsdaily @lightwoodsdaddario @eternal-malec @malec @harry-shum @shumdario @alecblushed @alexanderbanes @banemagic @brooklynhighwarlock @fraywoodbane @clarystele @hoteldumorts @lookingforalicante


mutuals are bolded, personal favorites are italicized and blogs i’ve just followed are indicated with (+f)

@quidditchplayer​:i feel like i’ve already said this megan but your blog is literally one of my favorite blogs ever tbh first of all your url!!! perfect!! your moodboards and edits are so nice and idk i just love everything about your blog it’s perfect!! and you’re so sweet so <33

@shriekingshxck​: leah!! i just started following you and i do not regret it one bit!! your blog is fantastic and i love all of your edits!! your url is so creative tbh and i love the pink in your theme!! 1000/10 would suggest following you because everything about your blog is gr8

@burkesandborgin (+f): um okay!!! i love your blog especially your url like??? how??? but anyways all of your hp posts are so nice and i’m glad i follow you now!! (plus you’re a ravenclaw + thunderbird hell yeah!!)

@padfoot-barks: bonnie i’m so glad i follow you because you’re a little sweetie and all of you hp posts are fantastic like!! i just love your blog a whole lot and idk if i’ve said this but i love your new url it’s so cute!!

@acciolunalovegood: your url is!!!!!!!!! so cute i love it!! also i’m pretty sure we’re name twins hell yeah!!! i love all of your hp posts and your sidebar image is so nice i love fleur!!

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mutuals are bolded, personal favorites are italicized and blogs i’ve just followed are indicated with (+f)

@magnusfray: i love all of the blue links and such in your theme and your update tab!! i’m a sucker for blue links tbh idk what it is!! all of the posts you reblog look v high quality for the fandoms that you’re in!! (also another ravenclaw/thunderbird/cancer nice nice!!)

@padmaspatil: firs things first i love your url!!! like so much padma is my girl tbh!! all of your edits and gifs are?? so nice i love them and your theme is gorgeous i love it so much i think my favorite part of your blog is your desktop theme tbh!!

@rosevtyler: ahhh i love everything about your blog tbh!! your url is amazing and i love your sidebar!! (rose and the doctors (but especially ten) are still one of my biggest otps even tho i don’t watch the show as much anymore) all of your edits are amazing you’re literally so talented?? idk your blog is basically goals i love it

@queenvdaenerys: your icon is sooooo soo stunning i love it!! your posts and your theme work so well together idk i like the grey scheme you have going on throughout your theme and your posts it’s lovely!!

@aliciavspinnet: kate!!!!!!!! (or should i say k-eight??) i love your url!!!!!!!!!!! it’s amazing tbh and your theme and updates tab are fantastic i love the blue going on in your desktop theme!! idk kate i just love u and your blog so much like!!! you’re so sweet (probably one of the sweetest people on this website) and your love for femslash (like same me too!!) i always can count on you for a shit ton of femslash on my dash i love it and Live for it

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favorite character moodboard » peggy carter

“I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”


Star Wars Meme - Characters [4/10] → Wilhuff Tarkin

Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.