this is my drivers license

Little Life Update
  • My husband recently got his driver’s license! So I’m super proud of him and the hope is that as a little gift, his parents will be willing to pay for us to rent a car so that we can take a day trip somewhere, although we aren’t 100% sure where yet. I think that will be a wonderful experience, give us a little break from our very routined life and also boost moral :)
  • My wonderful, sweet husband has replaced my engagement ring after 2 years of not having one because sadly, I lost both the engagement AND wedding ring :/ BUT I am sooooo happy and grateful to have finally gotten a replacement one. It is a temporary replacement as we plan to have an official wedding in a few years once we are settled and stable <3
  • We are still clean off of heroin, and have significantly cut back on our benzo usage and starting today, will no longer be smoking weed on a daily basis due to multiple reasons. We are so much more motivated to get our lives back on track and get even better than before. I have matured and grown greatly since we became sober and I am the happiest I’ve been in a very, very long time. 
  • Last but not least, we are also planning to pursue legal action against the man that not only held us hostage at gunpoint for hours and hours but also assaulted both my husband and I. Last time we spoke with the ADA, he basically told us that we were not credible because we were addicts and the grand jury decided to only indict him for a misdemeanor, when originally it was thought that he would be facing 25 to life for the multiple felonies he committed. I hope he pays for what he did and has sleepless nights in prison, the same way we had sleepless nights. I truly do hope that he suffers and is one day, put behind bars for good, whether it be due to my case or someone else’s.

I hope everyone is doing well and is safe. For those of you who are still struggling with addiction, please know that it is always possible for you to recover and if you ever need someone to speak to or seek advice from, I’m always here for you. <3

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Who the fuck is pierre

I lived on a farm once. The farmhouse was kinda old and always smelled a bit musty, but it was home. I would help out on the fields and feed the chickens from time to time. Especially Fido held a special place in my heart. I live in the city now and so we had to sell our chickens, but I still miss her dearly. Anyway, this farm was somewhat removed from the town heart and I didn’t really know any of our neighbours. I still don’t have my driver’s license and by a lack of any bus service I’d walk my way to town for groceries. Eventually I started to bump into the same people a lot (the community was rather small) and we’d chat for a bit. They would often mention my grandfather who lived on the farm before I did, and who they seemed to have been quite close with. Often I wondered if I could possibly live up to the impression the townspeople had of him. But I figured, if my granddad trusted these folks, then I will too. And so I made a bunch of new friends.

Life continued like this for a while. During my time at the farm I had been kind of cut off from the outside world, but hanging out with the local townsfolk kept me sane. I had even become so close with this one girl Abby I considered her my best friend. She was pretty into retro gaming so we’d hang out at her place and play together. But sometimes it’d get a bit awkward when she got into fights with her dad; this would be Pierre. Now, it’s worth mentioning Pierre wasn’t her biological father which might’ve been tied with some of the friction between them I experienced. I think hanging out with me was an escape for Abby as well, since kids around here had to be homeschooled and so there wasn’t really a strong foundation for friendship growing up. Regardless, she was often annoyed about Pierre pushing her to do chores around the house that would fall under traditional gender roles. I kinda related to her on that, so at this point already I didn’t exactly sympathize with Pierre.

Abby’s house was huge, but to enter it you had to pass through Pierre’s store up front first. It was a small general store right in the middle of town but I swear I never saw anyone actually shop there. As far as I know everyone went to the local supermarket which had about the same stock but a lot cheaper. I didn’t blame them, Pierre’s store made me really uneasy. In the end I only ever bought some sugar and rice there. The space was narrow and as I shimmied past to head to Abby’s I always had to do so knowing Pierre was judging me from behind the counter. I held on to the excuse that I lived off my farm’s produce for a large part and therefore didn’t need his services, but he had probably seen me carry supermarket bags at some point. Nevertheless, I continued visiting his daughter regularly.

So if it hadn’t been for Abby I wouldn’t have seen Pierre as often as I did. And I would’ve preferred that. I thought that the bitter tension between us was known to him as well, and that we’d just steer clear of each other as not to get in the way of whatever business both of us had with Abby. But I was wrong. I had to get up early frequently during my time on the farm, but one particular morning there was someone at the door. At 6am. That was stretching it even for me. I hesitantly opened. It was Pierre. Before I could even ask what I owed his extremely weird-timed visit to, and I was quite shocked that perhaps something serious was up with Abby, he started telling me I should stop by his shop to stock up for seeds for the coming fall. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t begin to wrap my head around why he thought this was the place and time to outright ask me to buy something from him. And then he left without saying another word.

I figured I had to go. It was such a strange request but I couldn’t ignore it out of fear of straining the little affinity we had, for Abby’s sake. After my morning errands I got my bag and headed towards the heart of town. When I entered Pierre’s store, he wasn’t behind the counter as per usual. I waited for maybe 10 minutes, but nothing. The door to the house was locked. I browsed the wares on the shelves for a while, yet boredom and sheer curiosity got the best of me and I went up to inspect the counter. It didn’t look like it had seen much wear. Going behind it, I spotted that day’s newspaper on what I thought to be a stack of books on the ground, under the desk. Some headline about an earthquake caught my eye, and I picked it up. I wish I hadn’t. The stack underneath consisted, in fact, of dirty magazines. I was APPALLED. I give the top two magazines a quick glance before throwing the newspaper back on and slowly backing out of the store. Pierre himself still wasn’t around. I bet if he actually made any money here I could have taken it, but I’m not a thief and the sight of his secret stash shocked me enough to just scare me away, maybe for good.

I didn’t dare to go back to the store and in extension, the house. I also didn’t dare to tell anyone in the household about what I found either, even though I felt Abby and her mum should’ve been made aware of Pierre’s perverted workplace. But the circumstances under which I found out made me paranoid that he had set it up in advance. I don’t know to what end. Maybe to see my reaction. Maybe to drive me and Abby apart. I was too afraid to get completely caught up in their family business. If I could go back and had known what I know now, I would have told them.

Life went on, and I’d meet with Abby outside on most days. I told her I didn’t want to be around Pierre because of the way he treated her, which wasn’t a complete lie. She was understanding and although I thought this would start driving us apart, we actually got closer than ever, exploring the outskirts of town together. I was relieved to be able to keep both my friendship with her and my distance from her father.

Of course the community, small as it were, made it so I couldn’t completely avoid Pierre at all times. We’d see each other at certain town festivities and I’d go over Abby and her family to chat. Whenever I reluctantly spoke to Pierre he’d only talk about his business and making money. Despite the store not seemingly doing too great, he somehow never sounded desperate about it. It was kind of unnerving.

Anyway, this is how things were until I finally had to move again. Saying goodbye to Abby was tremendously hard. We kept in touch for a while but eventually contact just died off. It’s really rather sad but I guess that’s life. What’s worse is that she still had to deal with Pierre on a daily basis. By the time I left it was crystal clear to me he was always just a weird, twisted man who only cared about money. I have no idea why he and Caroline ever got together, but I hope at least Abby got to live her own life eventually without her father trying to force her into his shitty, old-fashioned view of what she should become. She deserves at least that.

Fuck Pierre.


Thanks for the massage bruh!

This happened couple years ago. Long story, TL:DR at the end.

I was a student and i was working shit tons to be able to pay for my school. I was driving a cab or a limo at nights so I usually would skip classes except exams or finals. It was one of days that i had to be in school for a final exam. This exam would determine if i need to go another semester or not.

I borrowed my friends car that day. I was kinda hungry. After a quick drive thru, i grabbed some burger king. We hit a red light. I knew it was a long one. I pulled out fries, opened a ranch sauce and i was enjoying the fuck out of them fresh fries. Until i look at the rear view mirror. I was the very first car at the lights, in a super busy street. I saw a buick in the mirror, coming at me really fast. I totally knew that he/she wouldn’t be able to stop. I put it on park, pushed the hand brake (i’m still holding the ranch sauce.)and stepped on the brake so she won’t hit and push me to the crossing street. Sure enough she hit the brakes, her car slided and rear ended me. It was a noisy hit but i knew it wouldn’t damage the car too bad. Being a driver gives you that experience. It was the 4th time i was rear ended that year. Big city traffic. Smh.

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if youre having a bad day please know i am in drivers ed to get my license and i havent gone a single day without getting in the drivers seat and immediately crying

If I told my 10-year-old self who was mocked for having buck teeth and listened to “Picture to Burn” every afternoon before soccer practice that one day Taylor was going to look her in the eyes and say that she had “the most beautiful smile”, she wouldn’t believe me. 

If I told my 12-year-old self who sang and danced around in her best friend’s room at her first sleepover to “You Belong With Me” that she was going to have a dance party and even body roll with Taylor one day, she wouldn’t believe me. 

If I told my 14-year-old self who sat in the front seat of her mom’s car before her first day of high school with earbuds in listening to “Fifteen” that she was going to thank Taylor for her music one day, specifically during times of worry and stress, she wouldn’t believe me. 

If I told my 16-year-old self who after she received her driver’s license inserted her Red cd into the cd player of her first car before driving home from the DMV that Taylor was going to tell her one day how proud she was of her, she wouldn’t believe me. 

If I told my brokenhearted, 17-year-old self whose only source of joy at the time was 1989 that Taylor’s hugs would one day mend the broken pieces made by the boy on the football team, she wouldn’t believe me.  

If I told my 18-year-old self who cried herself to sleep listening to “Never Grow Up” before her first day of college that Taylor was going to tell her how “lovely” she was one day, she wouldn’t believe me. 

One week ago, 20-year old me met the woman who has been writing the soundtracks to my life for the past 10 years. I am a firm believer that every moment has led up to this-every heartbreak, every coming-of-age moment, every dance party, every anxiety attack, every road trip down PCH, every clean moment. I am still in utter disbelief that I went to LA secret sessions. Every Taylor Swift album holds a unique and intimate space in my heart, but reputation in particular holds the biggest space. My heart is overflowing with sheer happiness and thankfulness. I feel honored to be a fan of such an extraordinary and powerful woman who takes on the world by storm but also feels like my best friend. 

From the bottom of my heart, 

Thank you, Taylor, for everything. 

Love always,