this is my drivers license

Soooooo I conquered the anxiety and passed my driving exam today!!! I’m officially a licensed driver!!! Thank you for all the well wishes!!

i’m starting my name change stuff next week because i’m tired of having my dead name on everything Legal™ it makes me fucking miserable. then i can change my gender marker really easily and get my shiny new driver’s license

honestly the thought of it makes me want to cry


Now i’ll tell you how the press works nowadays:

1. A paparazzi takes a picture of you talking to the Catalan Police 

2. The paparazzi invents that I was pulled over for going over 190km/h and got 6 points off my drivers license to be able to sell the pictures for 1,500 euros. All a lie.

3. An English outlet buys the photos without caring about the veracity of the story.

4. The majority of the press of this country spread the news without fact checking the information. All to have more clicks.

5. The damage is already done and nobody can do anything to change this dynamic. 

6. My objective in the next months is to create a new form of press that is different, truthful, authentic, and belonging to the players. I’m annoyed.

Note: Catalan police deny that Pique received a citation 

the signs as matthew gray gubler tweets
  • aries: wanted to look sharp for my driver's license so i shaved with dad's razor but i didn't know i cut my face and now i look like i eat humans
  • taurus: sometimes i drink olive oil
  • gemini: when someone tries to start a pretentious conversation about some fancy novel i only make references to young adult fiction
  • cancer: tag me in your #wonks
  • leo: retweet if you just ate so much pizza alone in a dark kitchen
  • virgo: if you've never had a nervous breakdown you're either lacking passion or are maybe a monk
  • libra: be cool stay in school!
  • scorpio: looking forward to the day i'm finally eccentric enough to carry an umbrella in the sun
  • sagitarrius: the only sport i follow is eating cheese
  • capricorn: beware of snickerdoodle...
  • aquarius: driving to coachella but listening to the soundtrack from shrek
  • pisces: heyoooo it's saturday night, i'm in comfortable pants and about to eat 2 bags of sour skittles

I love when people see my drivers license photo of me at 18 and go “wow you look really latina there!” ….i….am…,,?..,,like?? ,,..good job???