this is my dream loft


People like to make a habit of saying that I write about relationships, but that’s not the only thing I write about. I write about things that are romantic. And I think heartbreak can be romantic. I think loneliness can be romantic. Friendship can be romantic. And looking out into a crowd of 51,000 people all lit up like the most beautiful night sky you’ve ever seen is romantic.

-Enchanted/Wildest Dreams Intro, Detroit

i dream about walking about my own loft apartment, it overlooks the city. im wearing a white night gown. im singing softly and a man i’d wish to marry is admiring my voice.

im stable, im soft hearted, im healed, im happy


It’s so incredibly crazy how much Taylor inspires us and how so many of us share the same dream. We dream of the day when we get to give Taylor the biggest, most heartwarming hug possible. It would mean everything to us to spend a few minutes in her presence and finally tell her how grateful we are to have her inspiring music and how thankful we are that her one of a kind, authentic, beautiful soul shines so brightly in this world.