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@ilikepranksters I hope you are happy for bringing this horrible monstrosity upon the world.

Perfect 20! ✧
As for me ‘miracle’ associated with magicians, and when I remembered they used cards I rEALIZED. Also Miracle is the same shape as dnd 20-sided dice. Plot twist is, dnd set has 7 dice in total and Kirby 64 has 7 basic abilities… There we have, Miracle Matter is a huge nerd.

I believe them and Zero Two might be sort of “twins”, like 20 and 02, but I am yet to figure a good way to make 02′s gijinka, as well as to decide whether I want them and regular 0 be the different character or the same.

Quick announcement

My niece is coming, ladies and gentlemen! 

We all know what that means :D

… hiding Fire Emblem Fates and most of my games, putting passwords on my fanfics’ folders, hiding my favorite plushies and figmas, hiding my makeup and everything that remotely looks like a necklace, and of course hiding my drawings.

Sorry if I’m… less active… for a few weeks… If you send asks, I’ll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.


Four Stranger Things kiddos!! This time they are signed.

A friend pointed out to me that I had ought to use a watermark if I am going to sell art, and she is 100% correct, so I will!


Another Commissions Update!

Hey I’m Kat, and if you love 80s fashion, freckles, or cute red-headed boys named Tendou Satori then I would love to draw something for you!! I’m an art student that needs help paying for bills and rent! I can’t get a job at the moment and I want to help further my education, so art commissions are my best bet! c: If these examples aren’t sparking your interest, there’s a lot more on my art blog, so take a look!

Any interest is really really really appreciated and REBLOGS ARE ALSO EXTREMELY APPRECIATED to spread the word!!!

‣ ‣ Some Rules

• NSFW is fine, nothing extremely explicit though (Just talk to me about it!)
• NO mechs or mpreg. I am NOT experienced with furry art but I don’t mind taking it on if you really love my style! (I may charge extra since I’m new to it and I still reserve the right to decline it if I’m not comfortable with it.)
• Minor gore is okay (again, nothing extreme)
• Haikyuu!! and BNHA are my main fandoms, however I am willing to try other fandoms and OCs! (I will just need more reference material!)
• Simple backgrounds are fine, but if something is more than I am used to, I may charge extra.
• Payment needs to be made up front, via paypal or venmo, and cannot be refunded.
• Commissions are for personal use only. Don’t remove my signature or resell/redistribute them.
• If I’m uncomfortable with a request, I reserve the right to decline it.
Honestly just talk to me if you’re interested! I’m open-minded and easy to talk to, I’m sure we can work something out! c: Feel free to IM me here if you have any questions before shooting me an email!

‣ ‣ If Interested:

Shoot me an email at KATLITTERR@YAHOO.COM with the following info:

• Your tumblr URL/twitter handle (in case it’s easier to get a hold of you on either of those!)
• Your paypal email/venmo account
• Commission you want (color or lines, bust or waist-up or full body)
CHARACTER(S) AND AS MUCH DETAIL AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY GIVE ME (the more the better, I want to make something that you’ll be happy with!)
• Any references you have that will help me out!

‣ ‣ If You Can’t Afford a Commission:

• I also have a ko-fi account! Anything you want to give me is greatly appreciated and helps a lot!


Dwarf Appreciation Week: Day 1 - Cadash

Turmeric “Pin Cushion” Cadash, second heir to the Cadash family, found himself going in his sister’s stead to the Conclave and has his life changed forever. Behind the gentle smile and friendly demeanor sits a calculating and brilliant leader he never realized was there. 

so basically i have this headcanon or maybe its more like an au?? ??
that after z.matt basically, like, fucked up and lost the skeleton arm he had, he felt like a big fuckin failure and f.edd had to come pick up his sad miserable pieces and he, sewed up f.matts arm with red thread & it was just a stub

afterwards he just sorta took him in

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Ahh! I'm the Anon who asked about the telekinesis quirk and you've exceeded all of my expectations!! 💕 I absolutely adore your writing and thank you for answering my ask! I actually squeaked over how cute it was, especially with making bakugou pull up his pants 😂 + you're one of my fav imagine blogs!! I kinda get self conscious with how much I get your blog, I probably pop up as one of your biggest fans on tumblr 😂💕💕💕

this message…critical hit to my heart…i take 99 damage…

Thank you!! Youre wonderful sweet ahh thank you so much for the message! And please don’t ever feel weird about being on my blog!! I love seeing people enjoy my writing quq Getting a spam of 20 likes on posts by the same person never ever annoys me, I love it a lot!!

anyway thank you! sobs guys i’m a fav imagine blog for three (3) people!!!

Okay, so like how when sheep/kids baaa at you and you baaa back and they all baaa again?? How would aliens react is if a human on their mission started making the creatures noise back at them until they all doing it.


The mission was fairly simple in Grutona’s mind: follow the tracks of certain creatures and use environmental clues to discern aspects of the creature’s lifestyle and needs. The group had been following the large, octagonal shaped prints of a swutonaton for the past several standard hours, and up to this point, they still hadn’t actually encountered the beast.

Good. Grutona was not keen on being eaten alive today, which would surely be the result of disturbing the beast. Protocol on the mission was to leave should contact be breached with any species that was not fully documented.

However, there was one member of the team that made Grutona worry. Maria seemed to take things like Protocol as more of a… guideline. Already today Maria had disregarded rules about eating wild tree fruit claiming “they have these on my planet, don’t worry!” Grutona did worry. Especially when Maria added: “Besides, they’re delicious.” Grutona knew what type of treefruit Maria was eating, and xhe was skeptical of the claim. These deadly fruits humans called “lemons” were HIGHLY acidic and sour. On xer home world, a fruit like that would be used by deadly criminals as a poison.

Needless to say, having a human on the crew had been an eye-opening, mind-boggling experience. Grutona was learning more about universal cultures on this mission than ever before, that was for certain.

It was a few more minutes of walking along the path, Grutona taking note of the way the plant life was smashed down to the side of the path of the tracks as if the swutonaton had stopped for a time and rested.

“Ah, so it appears swutonaton are a restful breed, and likely a predator species as evident by their choice location being one leaving them so vulnerable.” Kerip, another member of the team, said this clinically, xis eyes dilating further as his species was wont to do in order to get a magnified look at things. As he was examining he spoke to his partner, Bepin who recorded xis observations on a datapad.

There was a noise further down the trail, strangely like a yawn. Grutona looked over cautiously. Maria was gone. Grutona frowned and made toward the sound hoping it was just Maria doing some sort of human thing xhe was unfamiliar with and not the beast hiding in the plant life beyond planning an attack on the mission crew.

But when had luck ever been on Grutona’s side?

As xhe rounded the bend in the trail xhe was met with the horrifying sight. Xhe would have screamed if it were a characteristic of xer race. Instead, xhe stood there in shock.

Maria stood in front of the creature they were tracking all right. The only thing was, the team was entirely wrong about what they thought they were following here. They had assumed the animal was very large, at least nine or ten times the actual size of the creatures in front of them now. And creatures they were. There were at least fifteen of these creatures and they were all piled atop one another, drooling heavily, spiked tails and trunks laying anywhere. 

“I’d definitely call this a dog-pile.” Maria chuckled, completely unconcerned at the reality that basically everything they had assumed about these creatures was wrong. Maria turned to look at Grutona, eyes gleaming in mischief. “Guess we were wrong about the elephant-sized animal with forty pig-sized feet, huh?” Grutona said nothing, still reeling. They needed to leave, Protocol demanded it, and they needed to go soon before more of the creatures woke up as one was doing now.

“Hey, look! They’re starting to wake up! They’re so cute!” Maria took another step closer to them, making cooing noises as Grutona watched in horror as more of the swutonatons started to rouse. Footsteps behind xer alerted xer to the rest of the team arriving to the scene finally. 

There was a moment of stunned silence before an exasperated sound came from Bepin and Kerip started mumbling in astonishments about all the things they had wrongly ascertained. 

“We should leave,” a voice of reason finally called from the back of the group: Teriwald, the ranked officer from the ship who had been tasked with “protecting the scientists” on the expedition.

Grutona found xer voice again, finally. “You’re–”

There was a sudden, loud sound from the pile of creatures “Meeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrm.”

“Okay, that was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard,” Maria was watching the herd of swutonaton with complete adoration in her gaze. Grutona had been warned to be wary of humans when they assumed a look like this one. There was no telling what kind of things they might do next. 

Whatever Grutona had expected, it was not what Maria did next. Maybe xhe thought she would have started running in circles around the group or walk over and touch one, but xhe certainly did not predict that  Maria would raise her arms in imitation of a swutonaton trunk and repeat the noise back at them in perfect imitation. “Meeeeeeeerrrrrm!”

“What are you doing, we need to go!” Teriwald reminded in an increasingly demanding tone. 

“Calm down, Waldo, we’re fi–” Maria was cut off by several cries of the swutonaton calling back at her.


“Oh, this is too good!” More of the swutonaton had stirred now, and they were climbing off of each other and standing in a herd before Maria who laughed and made the noise again. 


“MEEEEEEEEERRRRRM!!!” The entire herd of seventeen (Grutona had counted in xer moments of horror earlier) swutonaton were now calling back at Maria’s prompting. 

Nobody on the team said anything as they all watched in rapt attention Maria and the herd of swutonaton yell at each other for the next ten standard minutes. 

Humans, Grutona concluded, still half horrified, are weird.