this is my desktop background right now


I have never played overwatch but all the cool kids are talking about it. I hope I got some stuff right at least.

(image in 1st slide taken from here)


Funhaus and Achievement Hunter backgrounds that nobody asked for, but I made anyway

1920 x 1080 desktop background size - please like/reblog if you’re gonna use them c:

An average day of me writing

So it’s presidents day! (Yay I guess???) So I only have one job in the evening and since I woke up early I decided to use the time working on my fics! 

Now because I am me I can’t just work on ONE fic because then I sometimes get frustrated and moody if I can’t get a sentence or transition right so I always have 3-4 WIPs open at a time so that I can jump around if I start getting irritated. 

So at the moment I am looking at my Desktop and I have my Tumblr page (cause I can’t resist scrolling every now and again) My Discord Chats, my Netflix tab (cause yay background noise) And then in my google docs my four WIPS that are open- one a chapter of complete and total crack, one a fairly intense emotional scene for a mostly comedic fic, on super romantic fluff bonding scene…. and one story that is just pure smut… 

Decisions decisions… 


Hi there! You all know of my pretty animal-based lineless artwork, yes? Well guess what, I’m taking commissions for them! Yes, you too can have a cute new wallpaper for either your phone or desktop, of any variety of creatures! Want a cute dog wallpaper? Can do, with a nice bone print background to boot! Interested in having sea creatures, but also wanting to add a bit of cosmic flair to it? Say no more, I can whip you up something truly stellar and out of this world! My paypal is now up and running, just contact me and I can link you right to it! 

Prices: $8 for 1 animal, $10 for two animals and $12 for 3 animals

avadalestrange  asked:

Hello! O voted for you to stay @ri-ddikulus because I love that url :) just found your blog and it's great <3 My favourite song right now would be for him by Troye Sivan.

thank you lovely!

Url: 7/10
Mobile: 8/10
Desktop: 8/10
Posts: 9/10
Overall: 8/10
Compliment: I love the star background on your theme, and you post lots of great content

want one?

I know it’s supposed to be a serious moment but, it’s now one of my desktop backgrounds. I can’t help it, I keep thinking of captions like “Who does that bitch think she is? I’M THE PRETTIEST SUNSHINE GIRL.“

It’s moments like this that get me through rough times.

a bunch of apps on my phone updated last night but I didn’t look to see which ones and I just noticed one of them removed their icon from my… whatever the phone equivalent of a desktop is (which happens sometimes when apps update for some reason). But its not an app I use a lot so I have no idea what app is supposed to go there now. Its a mystery

But also kind of amusing, because my app background is Pearl (and Rose) and that icon used to be right over Pearl’s face. So now its like a full page of app icons and one little window just for Pearl’s face. And it was very nice of that app to remove itself just so Pearl can see


Mary and John’s bedroom
221b’s hallway
Ella Thompson’s office

look what I did.  :)

I’m creating desktop backgrounds based on Arwel’s amazing Sherlock wallpapers.  I’ve got eight of them right now rotating through a slideshow on my laptop, and I have plans for at least half a dozen more.

some are more difficult to make than others, depending on whether there is a tile-able amount of the pattern available from the manufacturer, or if I have to work with screen shots from the show.

you might notice some hitches where I screwed up the tiling, and the patterns don’t line up precisely.  I was going to work on fixing all of those, but the more I look at them, the more they make me think of the way real wallpaper inevitably has those spots where the patten doesn’t line up right.  I’ve decided (for now, anyway) that it’s part of the aesthetic.  :)

(many thanks to @stepfordgeek, whose tireless research made this little project possible.)

I know I’ve posted this picture (and this one is blurry because it was my desktop background during finals last year) a bunch of times but tonight I really needed the motivation again.
Tomorrow I have a test that basically indicates whether or not I’m graduating from college this May, and if I don’t do well I have to make an alternative decision. So this night is incredibly hard considering I’ve worked my ass off these past four years and everything is kinda up in the air right now because of ONE class(and I hate that). It was getting worse until I remembered this and when I saw it I immediately felt better. Jack’s motivation is always something that helps whenever I feel like I’m unable to accomplish something, so tonight is probably the best night for it.
Thanks, Jack.