this is my desktop background right now



I don’t know how I feel right now…but I couldn’t breathe watching both my precious couple hugging (kissing) each other in the middle of a pond and they look at each other lovingly…wahhh…!!!! 

I am really so happy seeing this single picture the both of them so intimate and I would even consider using this as a desktop background on my laptop.



#I’m not salty anymore 

Dan x Reader - Fam's Reunited

Dan was coming back from his long travels today with the BBC. He had been in New York along with a quick trip to Chicago, then Europe and a meeting in Scotland back to and Amsterdam now he was finally coming back to London. It was one of the very few times Dan had such a long work business trip, but nonetheless we missed him a lot. He was gone for 2 and a half weeks, and the constant travel along with the jet lag and weather got to him. New York didn’t throw him off too much, but a little something in Chicago and then Scotland back, he was sick. Dan eventually visited a doctor in Amsterdam and was given medication and some cough syrup, but no final diagnosis. Well other than Dan’s sarcastic, “These medicines don’t do fu—”
“Dan! Maia’s in the room!” I warned him over the phone. Maia was Dan and I’s daughter, she was 3 years old listening to her father over the phone, giggling.
“Oh! Sorry love.” Dan backtracked instantly cutting himself off.
“Ugh.” I groaned disapprovingly while laughing. “Maia, are you ready for daddy to  Skype with you?” I asked to the giddy straight brunette hair and wide eyed toddler bouncing in her seat. Her lips and hairstyle were like mine but her rosy cheeks and deep eyes/eyebrows where just like Dan, heck she even he had his ears and her cute little teeth were beginning to look like his.
“Yeah!!!!” Maia shouted through the phone excitedly. I heard Dan chuckle roughly, his cold still seeping through, but it was still a genuinely humored laugh. Dan was just supposed to talk with me for a little bit until him and Maia video chatted later, but hey he offered right now. I set up the desktop up on Skype and Maia began wandering off on her thoughts while Dan responded and occasionally laughed. Looking in the video with the background of a hotel room, Dan seemed a bit tired with darker eyes and a redder face with his hair pushed back slightly. While my two favorite humans in the world spoke, I read and would hear little spurts of the adorable conversation. After the two of them talked about 20 minutes, or 15 because Dan’s voice was getting raspier, I told him to get some sleep and and get ready to see us tomorrow.
“Take of yourself.” I raised an eyebrow and winked, although I seriously meant it.
“Of course. Can’t wait to see you both.” His voice was now already quite gone and sick, so I hoped he wouldn’t get any worse considering he was heading to an airport.
We exchanged love yous and then the phone conversation was over, as I went back to watching over our child.

While waiting for Dan to arrive, I prepared some warm soup and a soothing cup of tea for Dan when got home, along with some strawberries and a chocolate truffle, because I know he loves chocolate. Maia, on the hand, was excitedly awaiting her father’s return in the living room. I let her watch something and she picked to put some anime on to enjoy and help pass the time, she was definitely mine and Dan’s child.
I looked checked the time and it was almost time his plane would land, so Dan’s almost gonna come home. Yay! The door began to open and the 6'3 footer finally walked through the door. He looked tired from his bagged eyes on his dry face and was poorly, but still he looked adorable. Dan’s hair was in a small state of waves and he put his stuff down. Giving me a tired but loving smile, he began walking toward me but not before Maia would run out.

She happily yelled and jumped straight into her father’s arms the second she heard and saw him, “DADDY!!!”
“Munchkin how are you? I’ve missed you so much, I’ve even gotten you some gifts.” Dan hugged her tightly in his arms, happy to see his little girl as he Ruffles her hair. Maia’s face lit up even more than before, “Yay! But mummy says you need to rest so you can get better.” Maia told Dan, she was only a couple years old but pretty smart. Dan looked at me slightly surprised, “Oh did you say that now?”
Maia nodded while slowly taking the bag of goodies, and I just smiled. I finally had Dan back. “Yeah, but I want you to come over here first.” I said opening my arms while Dan headed towards the sofa. He quickly threw off his thick jacket coat and laid right into my lap.
“I missed you so much.” Dan said voice slightly sore.
“I missed you too.” I said while we share a kiss, all curled up. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he rests his nuzzling up to me. It felt so nice to hold and cuddle with him again. He was chilly and kind of cold still, so I began to get up.

“Where are you going?” Dan asked with the obvious tiredness now sinking in.
“To go take care of you silly.” I saw Dan look up at me smiling as I walked into the kitchen to grab him his food.
From the kitchen, I could hear his sleepily voice as he played with Maia and shows Maia her new gifts. I would tell him to rest and Maia to play with him later, but he wouldn’t have had it at all. The man would’ve spent time with his daughter even if it meant he fell asleep whilst doing it, selfless and I loved that about Dan.
“Here’s some soup and tea. There’s also some chocolate and strawberries in the another bowl.” I say placing the food down as he reaches over to eat the soup. Dan’s eyes lovingly look at mine and then brighten up once I mention the sweet.
“Thank for taking such good care of me y/n.”
I smile at him throwing my hands over the soft brown locks I missed so much, whispering into his ear, “Of course.”
“I love you.” Dan said happily to me, while whispering it also into a now distracted toddler’s ear, as she laughs from the tickle-ness.
“I love you too.” I say I’m song like tune.
Dan looked at Maia and gave a little nudge, but all he could get was a mumbled,
“I love you…” followed by a quick but sleepy “too, then a stretched out “daddy” and finally “and mummyy”. It was nearly 9 for Maia and I let her stay up to wait for Dan, so it It made sense she was quickly falling asleep. We looked longingly at our little baby girl but we’re both relieved, as we knew Dan needed to rest soon. Dan and I laughed as our adorable little daughter laid softly on our lap with her hair all over her face, and curled up like the fetal position. We didn’t need to at anything but shared a look that translated to she’s so freaking cute.
“I’m so glad I’m finally home with my perfect little family.” Dan said pulling me into his chest even more and showering me with kisses.
“Eeww, Dan! You’ll get me sick too!” I scream whispered, careful to disturb the little one. Dan laughed while sticking a tongue out at me, but I did still end up in his arms once again watching our daughter nearly falling asleep on the other side, quietly laughing to ourselves.
“Fam’s reunited.” I whisper into Dan’s ear, stroking his cheek.
“Finally.” I here Dan’s lips smack together as he showers kisses onto me and then finally kisses my lips.


I have never played overwatch but all the cool kids are talking about it. I hope I got some stuff right at least.

(image in 1st slide taken from here)

anonymous asked:

Saf! I've always wondered what your phone and desktop backgrounds are! Is it Waldi, your art or something else?


my computer usually has an art piece of mine. i don’t switch that one often, mostly because I want all the icons to align and fall around the figures, and that’s just… annoying. 
Right now it’s Vitya with Makka :)

(but i got the sudden need to change it to voltron, so i probably will… soon)

my phone differs a lot, especially the lockscreen. I do whatever I fancy, but it’s always Waldi or fanart. *shrugs* that me life

(when your colour coordination even shows on your phone)

thank you!!!! 

beth2daniel  asked:

April 9th

April - what religion are you?:

I’m a Christian!

09 - post your desktop background:

I have my desktop set to cycle through different backgrounds, and right now it’s on this pic of my bf and I on top of the Space Needle!

No more, please!

First day back in class and of course I decide to waste the time drawing. Yes, that is Sherlock, and let me explain why. Sitting at the back of the class, you can deduce a lot about people from what you see on their laptops before the lecture begins. Some people are prepared to take notes, some are on Facebook, tumblr, other forums, and some even play games. If Sherlock were in university right now, he’d be able to tell you who spent their summer job income on a new machine by looking at the default start menu icons; or who is taking this class to fufill a requirement because he’s replying to a forum in a different field; or who is the kind of girl to party from her google maps search; or how to start a conversation with the girl who has Harry Styles as her desktop background… Needless to say, I was a huge creep and analyzed my classmates instead of listening to the lecture. Oops. 

But I do think it is a very interesting way of sharing a part of yourself with others. I don’t know if other people creep around like I do, but I appreciate that some people show their interests so publicly (even if they don’t mean to). It would be a great way to make friends– if you see someone with a similar interest on their screen, you instantly have something to talk about!


Funhaus and Achievement Hunter backgrounds that nobody asked for, but I made anyway

1920 x 1080 desktop background size - please like/reblog if you’re gonna use them c:

I know it’s supposed to be a serious moment but, it’s now one of my desktop backgrounds. I can’t help it, I keep thinking of captions like “Who does that bitch think she is? I’M THE PRETTIEST SUNSHINE GIRL.“

It’s moments like this that get me through rough times.

This is my desktop right now. I have music playing in the background and I’m eating while I’m voting so, y’all, it’s not that hard to do (a little annoying yes, but not hard)

If you’re busy, I challenge you to vote for Bob (5 votes) everytime you take a break, whether it’s to go to the bathroom, get some food or drink, or even just to stretch, as well as vote for him 5 times for every “Vote for Bob’ post you see (if you can)


Thank youuu

whenever i’m sad i just stare at my desktop background and drift off to sleep like i’m sleepy right now typing this cos i just stared at it for 5 minutes and if ily doesn’t get on skype right now i’m going 2 sleep 

I know I’ve posted this picture (and this one is blurry because it was my desktop background during finals last year) a bunch of times but tonight I really needed the motivation again.
Tomorrow I have a test that basically indicates whether or not I’m graduating from college this May, and if I don’t do well I have to make an alternative decision. So this night is incredibly hard considering I’ve worked my ass off these past four years and everything is kinda up in the air right now because of ONE class(and I hate that). It was getting worse until I remembered this and when I saw it I immediately felt better. Jack’s motivation is always something that helps whenever I feel like I’m unable to accomplish something, so tonight is probably the best night for it.
Thanks, Jack.

Lucky Ones.

I sat in the passenger seat of my best friend Cecilia’s car looking out the window and wishing I could just remain inside the comforts of the 4-door vehicle. Having a best friend meant a lot of things, including doing things you didn’t really want to do.

Like attending concerts of music artists you didn’t really like just because she liked them or skipping out on a night of Netflix and chocolate to go to a club.

…And breaking into her ex’s home to retrieve a laptop.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t technically breaking and entering. She had a key. I just didn’t think that Max had thought of the fact she still had that key or at least thought of a way to pry it out of her slimy hands.

I missed happy Max and Cilia. They were now angry M&C after their bitter breakup that just so happened to occur in my living room while I sat on the couch awkwardly trying to watch tv and ignore the yelling and they stood in front of me blocking any chance I had of a decent view.

Yayyy love!

Now Cecilia had insisted on dragging me to her ex’s place of residence in order to get back a laptop the couple had supposedly shared throughout their relationship. Had I been thinking straight I would have opted to just buy her another. It would be cheaper than having to spend my night in jail after Max called the cops on us.

“Why did I let you talk me into this? Max is going to kill you and more importantly, me! He actually used to like me, you know?”

“Oh please. He’s not even home. Live a little.” She gave that shrug and coy smile that is always given in the movies before the character ends up doing something bad. Something really bad. I was just waiting for the lights of a car to pull into the driveway and come and save me from this wretched plan my best friend had come up with.

Without another word she stepped out of the car and I stupidly followed suit. I could hear the vibrant jingle of the car keys in her hand as she searched for the key to the home on her chain.

“What’s on this laptop anyway?” It had to be something important if she was going through so much effort to retrieve it.

“A sex tape,” she spoke nonchalantly while I, meanwhile, almost choked on my own spit. Cecilia looked to me and giggled with amusement. “Juuust kidding. It just has a few documents for work on it that I stupidly didn’t email myself.”

“Why don’t you just ask him for it?”

“Because it’s no fun if I just ask. Besides he’s not going to just hand it back to me. We’re bitter exes. That’s not how it works.”  I guess that was a sufficient excuse. Arriving at the door, Cecilia calmly entered her key into the lock and twisted, pushing the door open and I could hear a slight sigh of relief as she gained access to the home. “Still works.”

My heart was beating rapidly, as if I had just run a mile instead of driven here. “So what do you want me to do? Be the lookout?”

She quickly shook her head. “No. That’s my job. You’re going to go upstairs and grab the computer. It’ll be easy.” While she spoke as if I was just pouring myself a glass of water, my eyes widened in fear.

“What? No way! This was your idea! Why do I have to do the dirty work?!”

“Because just incase he’s a psycho who has hidden cameras placed around his room, it’ll catch you, not me. He likes you remember? He wouldn’t call the cops on you but me? Whew. He’d put me in Guantanamo Bay if he could.”

Oh great. Thanks. Bet my livelihood on someone’s liking of me.

“You’re fast. You’ll be fine. Now go!” She urged me forward with a light push to my back and as I reluctantly glanced back to her over my shoulder, I knew there was no turning back. It was now or never. I couldn’t fail too miserably, right?

I inched towards the staircase, my eyes glancing around the unfamiliar home. Though Cecilia and Max had been together for eight months and I was forced to play third wheel quite often, I had never been in his place. I didn’t have much time to learn my surroundings now either.

Approaching the top of the staircase, I saw a bedroom on the right side further down the hall. I went towards that first. The door was slightly open so I simply pushed the door and crept inside some more. The room seemed empty as my eyes did a quick sweep and there were no sounds emitting that suggested I was invading Max’s company.

Like a treasure chest waiting to be discovered, my eyes fell on a Mac placed right in the center of the bedspread. This was turning out to be simpler than I thought. I moved towards the computer and grabbed it into my arms but the slight sound of a soft patter of a foot nearly made my heart jump out of my chest.

That was when I noticed the bathroom door in the corner of the room, light emitting from it as it began to pull open.


I thought to haul my way out of the room, down the steps, and to the safety of Cecilia’s car but it seemed my feet weren’t moving quite as fast as my mind. The figure from behind the door began to walk out, unaware that there was someone else in his room too.

My mouth began to form an apology to Max until I realized it wasn’t him.

And that was when he noticed me.

“What the hell?!” He yelled as his hand that was once playing in his wet, messy hair now dropped to his side.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” I could feel my cheeks flush red in embarrassment, from not only being caught but from catching this stranger fresh out of a shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

It seemed now that any fear he had of me, if there ever was any, dissipated when he inched forward until he was standing right in front of me. “What are you doing with my laptop? I’m going to give you 5 seconds before I call the police.”

“I-I was grabbing it for my friend. This is Max’s laptop and it has something that belongs to her on it.”

“What? Max’s room is down the hall. This is mine.” Without warning, he grabbed for it and pulled open the screen, revealing a desktop background of what I assumed to be him in a vibrant jersey.

He looked a little different fresh out the shower.

The intensity of my blush found a way to get worse. “Oh…I’m sorry. I guess I had the wrong room.”

“How did you get in here?”


Just in the nick of time, my best friend’s voice could be heard coming closer to the bedroom. “What is taking you so long? Can you not find it?” It was then that she entered the doorway and her steps halted as soon as she saw the stranger half-naked beside me.

The man uttered a disappointed groan, his head resting back some as he sighed her name. “Cecilia.”

“Oh. Julian. Funny seeing you here,” she said through a fake smile.

“I live here. What…what are you doing here? And why is she in my room?” He now motioned to me.

“We came to get a few things. That’s all.”

“Get out or I’m calling Max.”

“Aw, come on Jules. That isn’t necessary. I just need a few documents for work off of the computer Max has. That’s it. You know if I would have called and asked if he would have even picked up, he would have said no.”

The man I now knew as Julian sighed, looking sternly at Cecilia for a moment before mumbling his first sign of approval, “Fine. But that better be all you’re getting or I swear…”

“Scouts honor!”

Cecilia quickly exited the room, leaving me awkwardly standing next to the towel-clothed male who now decided to turn and look down at me. “I am so sorry,” I began to apologize again. For the first time, a smile broke his face.

“I’ve had worse things happen than finding a strange, attractive woman sneaking in my bedroom.”

Attractive. That word lingered on repeat in my mind for a while before I spoke again. “Strange?” I teased with a raise of my eyebrow.

“Strange in the sense I don’t know you, not personality though that may be true too,” he winked. I think I liked this guy. He took steps toward a dresser and began pulling out items of clothing, turning to hold two shirts up in his hand. “Since you’re here which looks better?”

He held them up so I was better able to see. “They look nearly the same.” The only difference was one shirt seemed to be a darker shade of red than the other.

“Exactly. They’re my lucky shirts.”

“You have lucky shirts?” I questioned incredulously.

“Yes. You don’t?”

“I have lucky underwear.”

“See. Same concept only one gets you laid and the other just makes you look like you have potential.”

An amused giggle left my lips as I tried to hide my amusement behind my hand. Julian smiled as well, tossing the shirts to the bed and holding his hand out to me. “I’m Julian. And you are…?”

“Y/N, Cecilia’s best friend who gets dragged along on her crazy adventures.”

“I see. If you’re as crazy as her, maybe I should be ending our conversation now.”

There was another giggle from me. “I’m not.”

“Well it was lovely meeting you.” I could see him look in the direction of the clock on his dresser. “I must be getting dressed or I’ll be late but if you did enjoy stalking me and breaking into my bedroom as much as I enjoyed you doing it, you should join me tonight,” he chimed with a charming smile. It was a charming smile I couldn’t deny.

“And where would that be, Julian?” I teased with a smile of my own.

“There’s a bar a little ways down the street me and a few friends will be gathering at. Max won’t be there so if you have to drag Cecilia along, I suppose that’s fine. I guess the story would be much funnier told with her there.”

“Are you sure your friends won’t think I’m crazy after hearing your version of the story?”

“Oh, they will but crazy is how I introduce all of my girlfriends.”

An amused chuckle escaped my throat. “Then I guess I will be seeing you there. I’ll leave you to get dressed.”

“Good idea. I don’t typically show off until the second date.”

“So tonight is a date?”

“Is this right now not a date?” He joked, as he motioned around the room. Julian laughed a bit. “Okay okay. I’m being too forward and my stupid jokes and yeah…I’m ruining my chances already. I’ll see you at the bar,” he nodded, now wanting to shut himself up which I found absolutely adorable.

“See you then, Julian,” I called over my shoulder while I exited the room and shut the door behind me. Who knew breaking and entering could end with me getting a date? 

gif credit to juliandraxlerfans.


Hi there! You all know of my pretty animal-based lineless artwork, yes? Well guess what, I’m taking commissions for them! Yes, you too can have a cute new wallpaper for either your phone or desktop, of any variety of creatures! Want a cute dog wallpaper? Can do, with a nice bone print background to boot! Interested in having sea creatures, but also wanting to add a bit of cosmic flair to it? Say no more, I can whip you up something truly stellar and out of this world! My paypal is now up and running, just contact me and I can link you right to it! 

Prices: $8 for 1 animal, $10 for two animals and $12 for 3 animals

How to make Dan's "is you a wuss" morning wake up audio your alarm

A person asked me how to do this and only after I answered it I realized it would be easier with pictures sooo anyway if anyone else needs help here’s how I did it. It’s the same way you save audio files from, well, anytime your *cough* savingmusicfromawebsiteforfree *cough* and it’s pretty simple so here we go. 

Find that post of his and go to the link. And yes I have destiel fanfiction in my other tabs, don’t judge, friend.

Right click “Save As”, while his lovely voice commands you to get the fudge up in the background.

Save that shiz with any title you want. Just remember to save it to your Music.

Go to your Music folder and wow there it is. Personally now I place it on my desktop because it makes it easier and you can see it for now but you don’t have to

Open your iTunes folder and then click on iTunes media and open it

Open the folder named “Automatically add to iTunes and drag the audio file into a random spot I don’t care just not in the folder there if there is one. It should disappear but sometimes it doesn’t right away, either way it’s in your library now so it doesn’t matter.

Yay! It’s there, I have two because I did it twice. Sync your phone to your library and then go to your clock and set it to whatever you named Dan’s audio as. Sometimes it’s hard to find but just keep looking. Hope this helped.