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what do you think about Soma and Agni?

I mean, I like them as characters? There’s a whole lot of romanticisation / fetishisation of the culture going on (which honestly it wouldn’t actually feel like it was Kuroshitsuji if they didn’t do that lol), but I don’t ship them or anything.

I’m pretty much an OTP kind of person for Kuroshitsuji, and don’t ship anything outside of that, except maybe a very loose William/Grell (but not enough to read any fanfiction for it, or to even want to; just enough to tolerate it in fics with my main pairing in it).

Idk I think Soma is kind of adorable, and Agni is a very responsible khansama, though probably a little too forgiving? But they serve well as like the um… ‘pure’ parallel to Ciel and Sebastian. Because as a function in the plot, they’re basically there to contrast between the morally grey and impure bond that Ciel and Sebastian have, which - to be honest - I love. Because it means you firstly get a lot of light relief when Soma is in the manga (and anime), which is sorely needed, and secondly Soma is a genuinely caring person with a genuinely good heart who is just genuinely very naive and quite spoiled (like Ciel is quite spoiled, they both come from class and money and this shows in different ways).

Agni is fantastic because he has these moments where he acts as a moral compass for Sebastian, often without realising; as a result, Sebastian ends up performing more morally sound acts when Agni is present, or after Agni has given advice. This sort of presents evidence for the idea that in learning how to become a better butler, Sebastian may actually be learning how to become a better person. I mean obviously he’s evil and corrupt, but he genuinely accepts ‘moral advice’ if it comes in the form of ‘this is how you should behave as a butler’ and I find that really fascinating.

I like those moments in the plot. Soma and Agni don’t become less pure around Ciel and Sebastian, but Sebastian does perform more ‘pure’ or ‘good hearted’ acts because of Agni, and the same can be said of Ciel, because of Soma. They feel like an integral part of the philosophical narrative that is Yana Toboso’s overall idea of what Kuroshitsuji is.

But I don’t ship them, lol. But that’s probably not what you meant anyway? :D