this is my crowning glory


I had a ton of fun this cosfest cosplaying Darkness from konosuba. The crowning moment of glory was quite possibly when my friend turned up with an actual cabbage. There are some inaccuracies with the costume I intend to fix and hopefully I can get a photoshoot done for Darkness. And hopefully by that time…. I’d had figured out how to make a convincing lewd expression lol.

Megumin: Ming myo

Photos by. Speedknight, Nutcase23 and Stupidlamer

Special thanks. Zihao for donating a cabbage. RIP cabbage, clearly my defense stat was higher


Here he is. My crowning glory. The OC I would literally die for. My anxiety robot son. A cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure. V2. (click for captions)

He’s technically a Cyborg 009 OC but I’ll smoosh him into any canon i can make him fit into because I love his concept so much. I was tired of the typical “emotionless machine” trope with robots and decided to go the opposite route and made one with too many emotions. Thus the robot-with-anxiety V2 was born.

Basically, he was made shortly after the episode Man or Machine when Albert fights that robot doppelgänger of himself and only manages to beat it because it cant process actions driven by emotion rather than logic. Instead of giving up on the concept, however, Black Ghost decided to give it one more shot and created a second version, V2. To avoid the same malfunction that befell its predecessor, they decided to give the robot a way to properly contextualize human emotions so that it could adequately respond to them. He ended up with the whole gamut of human emotions instead (theres a whole other story there that im not gonna go into atm). As usual, Black Ghost doesnt understand how to deal with people who have emotions and the plan backfired. Instead of infiltrating and killing the Cyborgs, V2 defected to their side (honestly, it took less than two seconds for Joe to get V2 to join them, the hard part was convincing the rest of the team to let him join since nothing screams “trap” more than a suspiciously friendly duplicate of your friend.)

(theres way more details and plot than what i put on here, i have like 2 arcs for this character. but thatll have to wait until it isnt 1:30 in the morning)


Okay, the crowning glory of my fantastic package from kawahorisan is this AMAZING World’s Finest 2015 calendar!  12 months of art from some astonishingly talented Chinese artists, I am the luckiest fangirl of 2015…

I’m kind of dying because I want to post the art and share, but I don’t have links to all of the artists’ web pages!  Soooo, I’m hoping to post one at the beginning of each month for my fellow shippers to enjoy, and if you’re an artist in the calendar and want me to link to your page (or want me to not post it at all!) please drop me a message and let me know!

I’m PRETTY certain that cover is haining-art again (you can find their Society6 page here–I bought two mugs there a while ago, whee!).  January is 阿八, and February is vitnadian!

Her Crowning Glory

Summary: When Caroline’s father suddenly shows up in her home town of Mystic Falls where she’s been living peacefully with her mother for the past 18 years, and declares that she’s his sole heir to the throne of Misthaven, what will she do? And what happens when she’s introduced to Prince Niklaus of Camelot, who she finds out she’s been engaged to since she was born? Is it hate or love at first sight? A Klaroline twist on The Princess Diaries.

Rating: M

A new fic I’m working on which will be posted around August time since I’m full of exams right now but it’s a royalty AU so I’m really excited about it! For now, enjoy this graphic and a tiny sneak peek.


His lips are soft, as they caress her hand and his eyes are bright and mischievous as they gleam up at her.

“Princess Caroline,” he greets, a grin pulling at his lips that is all too smug. “It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, finally.”

She forces her body into a bow as her knees bend, watching as his head tips towards her slightly when she rises to her full height and she swears she’s not mistaking the lust in his eyes as his finger crawls over his too red lips.

“Your highness,” she grits out between clenched teeth as she tries to remember her manners, the hours full of princess lessons she’d attended.

(Prince or not, did it hurt him not to look at her like she was a piece of meat? Like, ugh. You’d think she was something to be hunted by the look in his eyes.) 

His teeth shine in the sun as his eyes flash and when he murmurs, she bites her lip at his possessive tone.

“How about we go for a stroll in the garden’s, my fiance?”

Yeah, he was definitely a smug asshole. Just, one, she was being forced into marrying. Whether she liked it or not.


This is my crowning glory from this semester- my final project! My art history teacher is an archaeologist and joked about me making her a field journal after seeing some of my books, so I discussed it with my bookmaking teacher and it worked out well! She absolutely adored it, and I worked really hard on it - I’m just really happy she liked it so much. Off it goes to the middle east for excavations! (in-progress shots here)

This 9x5 field journal features… 

  • roughly 50 sheets of slightly tinted handmade paper with flowers pressed and dried into the pages (more pages here and here)
  • letterpress printing of my teacher’s favourite quote and a little note at the back
  • a leather bookmark and leather clasp that works with a pen (or dowell, as it was presented)
  • bookcloth pockets (one had a sewn design)
  • longstitch and link stitching 
Curse My Name
Blind Guardian
Curse My Name

                                      The tenure of kings and their magistrates
                                           By good men it must be deposed
                                    The covenant made can be voided at once
                                               Disanoint him, take his crown


You chose to reveal all the naked cards
Laid out, on the wooden table

Sighing, as you suggested that it was
A question of guilt, like weeds

Growing in the garden of your mind
From floors, strangers despair

Your chances taken for granted
This was not the first time it occurred

Is this nostalgia’s cloud again?
Dawning over your guilt infested mind

So you frantically tell your story
To some fella from the east wind

He hangs onto your word and stops
Dead in his tracks when you open it

The star in your palm, it booms
That changes the attitudes from before

Treading from points undiscovered
Basking in your new-found glory

For you have seized my crown
And running through the town

The words say it all, ‘This is my past’
You provoke countless reactions.

OMG!TrekPlease (Pt 2)

Again for @gadelingsofthegalaxy​ because I’m thankful for her and her friendship and the fact that it all started with a Star Trek AU.

(This is most self indulgent Star Trek OMGCP TRASH and this is all I have written, but hopefully I’ll have more coming up.)

  • Ransom and Holst’er graduate, Ransom goes into his speciality training at Starfleet Med and Holst’er takes on a teaching position at the academy, waiting for the ship he was assigned to be refitted in space dock.
  • Time passes. On his next tour Jack is bumped up to first officer of the USS Providence under the exuberant Captain Alexi Mashkov.
    • Or “Call me Captain Tater!”
      • Jack doesn’t know where that came from, but okay.
  • The squad is all dispersed and keeps up over group messages and subspace calls. It’s rough but they survive.
    • Well until Jack gets promoted to Captain and is given the newly built USS Samwell.

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If you don’t remember this movie, you’re severely missing out.

Richard II (Act 4, scene 1, lines 153-210)
Ben Whishaw (mostly)
Richard II (Act 4, scene 1, lines 153-210)


To do what service am I sent for hither?


To do that office of thine own good will
Which tired majesty did make thee offer,
The resignation of thy state and crown
To Henry Bolingbroke.


Give me the crown. Here, cousin, seize the crown;
Here cousin:
On this side my hand, and on that side yours.
Now is this golden crown like a deep well
That owes two buckets, filling one another,
The emptier ever dancing in the air,
The other down, unseen and full of water:
That bucket down and full of tears am I,
Drinking my griefs, whilst you mount up on high.


I thought you had been willing to resign.


My crown I am; but still my griefs are mine:
You may my glories and my state depose,
But not my griefs; still am I king of those.


Part of your cares you give me with your crown.


Your cares set up do not pluck my cares down.
My care is loss of care, by old care done;
Your care is gain of care, by new care won:
The cares I give I have, though given away;
They tend the crown, yet still with me they stay.


Are you contented to resign the crown?


Ay, no; no, ay; for I must nothing be;
Therefore no no, for I resign to thee.
Now mark me, how I will undo myself;
I give this heavy weight from off my head
And this unwieldy sceptre from my hand,
The pride of kingly sway from out my heart;
With mine own tears I wash away my balm,
With mine own hands I give away my crown,
With mine own tongue deny my sacred state,
With mine own breath release all duty’s rites:
All pomp and majesty I do forswear;
My manors, rents, revenues I forego;
My acts, decrees, and statutes I deny:
God pardon all oaths that are broke to me!
God keep all vows unbroke that swear to thee!
Make me, that nothing have, with nothing grieved,
And thou with all pleased, that hast all achieved!
Long mayst thou live in Richard’s seat to sit,
And soon lie Richard in an earthly pit!
God save King Harry, unking’d Richard says,
And send him many years of sunshine days!