this is my crowning glory


I had a ton of fun this cosfest cosplaying Darkness from konosuba. The crowning moment of glory was quite possibly when my friend turned up with an actual cabbage. There are some inaccuracies with the costume I intend to fix and hopefully I can get a photoshoot done for Darkness. And hopefully by that time…. I’d had figured out how to make a convincing lewd expression lol.

Megumin: Ming myo

Photos by. Speedknight, Nutcase23 and Stupidlamer

Special thanks. Zihao for donating a cabbage. RIP cabbage, clearly my defense stat was higher

Crowns Pressed in this Ashtray

My scepter my glory to the land
All before me and foes who shake if I blink
People who praise my name as wealth presses into the land
Curse it when it doesn’t
My control and my will
There was a time I wanted to be a carpenter
Stuck this this now with no hammer
Those who want control from me
A pretty girl who wishes grip on my lungs by a glance
As amazing as always by just being near the garden
She could understand when I made a birdhouse
How I hang one in my head
A brother so young so willing
Who has been through it all with me
Saved my life and I have and would his
My mother who nurtured more than I know anyone woman could
A merchant who worried more about my enjoyment of a gift
Rather than making a profit off me
A soldier sworn to the duty under me with faith my reign is for the better
Believes in me not only by merit but by my word and cause
That I could be good only because I’m seen as a good person
Many more
I can not have you all control me
Hate me
Please, hate me
Your existence and love will only kill me
I can not believe anything
Hate me
For there must be death for everything that I could love
To keep my sanity
To protect myself and hold this life of mine
Smoking alone in my broken throne room
I am living now
I made sure of it
My control is now absolute and the power is in my hand
To control my own death
It is what I deserve

Dear future girlfriend

When I was a boy, I wanted to be a pilot or a sailor. I wanted to see the world and what it has in store for me. When I grew older, I saw beyond my horizon and my goals became bigger. I wanted to be more than what my first thoughts were.

Life became a roller coaster ride where I kept on failing. I gave up on my dreams and never believed about my feelings anymore. I always rationalized my choices and everything had to make sense. Pain chained my hands and my heart into close mindedness.

I never believed in fate but somehow a strand of unexplainable events formed constellations and brought us together. The moment I saw you, I never really actually thought I’d fall for you. All my life I worked so hard to make an escape from my reality and consider my possessions as my crowning glory. But when you looked at me with those eyes that see through my soul, I realized that I need not escape because you, you are my miracle. And it worked it’s way into the deepest corners of my heart.

With the life that I grew up with, I’m accustomed to failure and to magnify my flaws. But each and every time I stare in your eyes, I feel that I’m perfect. Every single time you hug me tight and try to cry if I leave you alone and look at me even when there’s so many better men around and tell me you love me in front of them, I feel perfect. I feel that somehow, despite all the challenging parts that made me who I am, I was still lucky to grace the world because I found you.

To me, you are the reason for my being and I promise to take care of you and our children. I will love you with the kind of passion that will bring the world to its knees. I promise that you will be the only woman I will go home to. I will fight your battles together with you so you can sleep tight at night. And I will toil with every bone and blood I have to provide for you and our family. You were once the spark that illuminated the darkest parts of my soul, and now, we can both focus that light into our children and our future.

Because you first believed in me, I started to believe in myself. Because of you, I believed in chances, I believed that people never lose their glare to failure. They simply lost fuel and that fuel for me is your love. And your love will always be the kind of love that I will long. And I will wake up every morning with you and tuck your hair behind your ears and kiss you and tell you how lucky I am that I’m yours. So that when we get old and our memories are piled hidden our wrinkles, I will trace my fingers in every line of your face and relive the memories we will share.

You are my once in a life time moment. And without any doubt and hesitation, I completely surrender my life and love to you. Thank you for giving me the chance to find you, and to spend the rest of this existence with you. These words are not just going to be words, because between us, I’ll make it a reality.

You will always be golden,
Always be swimming next to me in the lake,
Always be running by my side through the forest,
Always be stretched on my bedroom floor like a cat,
Always be letting me hold your hand at the movies,
Always be long car rides and hot days and glasses of whiskey and first times.
You’ll always be my shimmering moment in the sun,
My greatest achievement,
My crown of thorns, my battle cry, my quiet glory.
You will always be
And I will always be
And we will always be golden.

Grilled Cheese

Prompt: Stargazing together/things you said under the stars. Prompted by stevesrgers and anon.

Pairing: aou!Pietro Maximoff x Speedster!Reader

Word Count: 600-ish.

“What’s that one?” You murmur, your shoulder pressed against Pietro’s.

“The Great Wagon? I think.” He replies, his voice quiet in the pitch black night.

“Huh. I thought it was Orion’s Belt.”

“No, definitely the Great Wagon.”

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OMG!TrekPlease (Pt 2)

Again for @gadelingsofthegalaxy​ because I’m thankful for her and her friendship and the fact that it all started with a Star Trek AU.

(This is most self indulgent Star Trek OMGCP TRASH and this is all I have written, but hopefully I’ll have more coming up.)

  • Ransom and Holst’er graduate, Ransom goes into his speciality training at Starfleet Med and Holst’er takes on a teaching position at the academy, waiting for the ship he was assigned to be refitted in space dock.
  • Time passes. On his next tour Jack is bumped up to first officer of the USS Providence under the exuberant Captain Alexi Mashkov.
    • Or “Call me Captain Tater!”
      • Jack doesn’t know where that came from, but okay.
  • The squad is all dispersed and keeps up over group messages and subspace calls. It’s rough but they survive.
    • Well until Jack gets promoted to Captain and is given the newly built USS Samwell.

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Her Crowning Glory

Summary: When Caroline’s father suddenly shows up in her home town of Mystic Falls where she’s been living peacefully with her mother for the past 18 years, and declares that she’s his sole heir to the throne of Misthaven, what will she do? And what happens when she’s introduced to Prince Niklaus of Camelot, who she finds out she’s been engaged to since she was born? Is it hate or love at first sight? A Klaroline twist on The Princess Diaries.

Rating: M

A new fic I’m working on which will be posted around August time since I’m full of exams right now but it’s a royalty AU so I’m really excited about it! For now, enjoy this graphic and a tiny sneak peek.


His lips are soft, as they caress her hand and his eyes are bright and mischievous as they gleam up at her.

“Princess Caroline,” he greets, a grin pulling at his lips that is all too smug. “It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, finally.”

She forces her body into a bow as her knees bend, watching as his head tips towards her slightly when she rises to her full height and she swears she’s not mistaking the lust in his eyes as his finger crawls over his too red lips.

“Your highness,” she grits out between clenched teeth as she tries to remember her manners, the hours full of princess lessons she’d attended.

(Prince or not, did it hurt him not to look at her like she was a piece of meat? Like, ugh. You’d think she was something to be hunted by the look in his eyes.) 

His teeth shine in the sun as his eyes flash and when he murmurs, she bites her lip at his possessive tone.

“How about we go for a stroll in the garden’s, my fiance?”

Yeah, he was definitely a smug asshole. Just, one, she was being forced into marrying. Whether she liked it or not.