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Day 4: Episode 4
Ivor’s Armory
What do you mean this isn’t how is went?

I have been listening to late night with Seth Meyers YouTube videos for a solid 3 hours as I drew this.

I wanted to draw this scene before anyone else did
Death(s) in Infinity War??!!

My purely speculative ideas on what might happen to our heroes.. I hope none of it happens but in my mind, it’s possible.. Lets hope no one actually meets these fates.. 

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I don’t hate any of these characters, unless I state so, I don’t mean any beef with anyone because again, these are just ideas that have been bouncing around my head since the trailer was leaked.. I thought I might as well let my thoughts out instead of letting them consume me at 5am or while I’m trying to take a relaxing shower. 

They aren’t in like a countdown order either, I just need to number them because you know… OCD. I DO SWEAR SO BEWARE IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT. Now, without further stalling. Lets get to it. 

1. Vision

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Vision is probably on everyone’s lists because of the same reason which is an Infinity Stone literally being in his face. Thanos needs the Infinity Stones to complete his gauntlet. Considering the Mind Stone has the biggest spot on the gauntlet, perhaps it gives him the most power? Anyways, I think Thanos will want to take the stone from Vision and I’m willing to bet like my left big toe that he wouldn’t be gentle about it and Vision wouldn’t be able to survive the process. That’s why he’s on my list. 

2. Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

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As much as I hate to put Wanda on my list, it seems likely and makes sense that she could die or get seriously injured during Infinity War. Why? Because she may still be harbouring guilt over what happened in Lagos in Civil War. Yeah she did say to Vision that she couldn’t control everyones fear and seemed to have accepted that she had made a mistake but I can’t help feel like because this is Wanda, one of the sweetest little smol beans in the MCU, she still feels bad about it and would die trying to prove to people that she is one of the good guys. That or her other most likely cause of death is trying to protect Vision from Thanos and dying in the process. I would honestly hate to see Wanda get hurt let alone die. 

3. Drax The Destroyer 

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Everyone loves Drax and if you say you don’t you’re lying. But if you genuinely mean it… We can’t be friends. Perhaps everyone thinks Drax is going to die in Infinity war. Due to the fact that since the first Guardians movie he has been out for revenge for the death/killing of his family. That has been majority of his story arc. At first, he thought the killer and target was Ronan, the Accuser but in the first Guardians he declares Thanos the “real mission” after finding out Ronan was acting under his orders. Although Drax did literally punch Thanos’ heart out in one storyline, I feel like Marvel/the MCU won’t let him get away with it and survive. I have a feeling they might kill one Avenger and one Guardian so each team has a reason to fight for one another or remain allies after the war. Drax will probably be the one to kill Thanos. That’s very likely. (But between you and I, I kind of hope it’s Nebula. After years of him shitting on her, I hope she seriously gets a few licks in or honestly fucks him up). Though he’ll probably be the one to do the deed, Drax will probably die doing it. This way, Marvel gets their victory and Drax gets his vengeance and doing so, is reunited with his family. But also saving his friends doing so. Making him not just Drax the Destroyer, but Drax the Hero. 

4. Nick Fury

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I know this one seems kind of far fetched, I mean I pitched it to one of my friends and she looked at me like I had sprouted a second head. Just hear me out though… So, basically The Avengers have broken up that’s obvious. 

Side note: (For Friends fans…) It would be funny if like Cap or someone that got arrested because of Tony and his team brought it up and Tony just goes “We were on a break!” I would literally cackle myself into an early grave.. 

With the Avengers at odds, what could possibly bring them all together again emotionally more than physically? The death of Director Fury. I mean it worked for the first Avengers movie when Agent Coulson “died”. Since Fury has roots with pretty much all the Avengers, they may feel a need to unite to avenge Fury as well as protect the Earth but as a team. Marvel sometimes reuses plot ideas, perhaps they would do it for this one? Plus, Nick Fury is a fan favourite and it would no doubt have a very big emotional impact not only in the MCU but with the fans as well. 

5. Thor 

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Now I would honestly rather rip my own intestines out of my ass than see Thor die. He’s one of my favourite characters from the MCU. He had the potential to be such a bruiting, tough guy character but instead we get our version and I couldn’t be more in love with him. I mean this guy is literally a Norse God and he’s sitting there in his trailer telling Hulk/Bruce about how he “So much has happened since I last saw you! I lost my hammer like, yesterday so that’s still pretty fresh.” Like this guy is literally huge and I love that he’s not serious. “Did I win?” “No. I won. Easily. I was laughing the whole trailer. Just fyi. Anyways, enough about my crush on Thor…

I hate to think that we could lose Thor. But, his death makes too much sense. The Thor movies don’t make as much as the others (Cap, Iron Man). After Ragnarok, The Thor movies are done. Ragnarok ends his individual storyline. The movie also brings Asgard into the war. It’s likely Marvel will kill off Thor because they had even said they wanted to switch up the Avengers team line up, and getting rid of Thor who is one of the strongest could prompt the Avengers to recruit not one but multiple heroes to fill his place. My theory us sadly also backed up by the fact that Thor/Chris Hemsworth is not yet confirmed for the following Avengers or Marvel movies. Perhaps he has signed a contract and they’re keeping it under raps because they know we look into that shit but that could also be my wishful thinking… 

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Shadowhunters - Countdown - Rant

This has been a long week in a year that is passing too fast and I have a million things to do so…. let’s talk about Shadowhunters before I go on a hike…

1. I will offer only 2 cents on the drama going around the fandom as of late … 1. I don’t care. I am here for the show. 2. Actors have legit no control over anything and frankly, in my opinion, when any actor says salty shit about the other actors, characters or relationships involved in the project, it’s just fucking unprofessional. 

2. So SDCC gave us the new trailer (I’ll get to that) but also provided the news that Maia will be a series regular in season 3 - Now let me say that overall, I enjoy Maia… she’s got spunk, she’s adorable… but look, they already fail to provide screen time for the 7 main characters they have and now they’re going to add a series regular with her own story… they barely use Luke already…. Is Ailene coming back?… Will anyone ever get around to killing Valentine?

3. The trailer for the final 4 episodes of season 2 gave us a lot of clips and clearly a lot of shit is going to go down very quickly over the next 4 hours of screen-time. “One will Die” I assume they mean me. 

4. I’m apprehensive about 2.18 being “The best Malec episode ever” mainly because they fucking said that it was going to be “the best malec episode ever” and look - if what the creators/writers/producers consider to be their main couples “best ever episode” is them fighting because in 2.17 Alec makes a HUGE mistake… well that tells us what kind of content the powers that be believe we want for Magnus and Alec and I, for one, am not here for constant angst. The fucking show is angst and drama and The Thing is coming and someone is trying to chop Clary’s pretty head off (DO IT!!!) and Jace has a bit of a run in with a certain Demon wearing Sebastian’s face (spoiler alert: this man has rage issues and a chain, for choking people, or hanging them, or both) - Anyway, my point is, it’s very possible that the dudes in charge shot themselves in the foot by calling 2.18 Malec’s best ever episode and I can only hope they don’t have to eat their words after the fans see it.

5. Lastly, After what we learned about Magnus’ past in 2.15, I think it would be cool if he took an interest in the well-being of Madzie. She is a young, orphaned Warlock and she was manipulated into killing a lot of people for Valentine. Also, I think it’s extremely interesting that Magnus’ worst memory is not only hundreds of years old, it’s about him hurting someone else. This is a man who’s been alive for centuries, he’s had to defend his life countless times, he’s lost too many to count… but trapped in Valentine’s body, under the influence of the Agony Rune (why is that a thing?) … he remembers his mother’s suicide and lashing out at the man who blamed him for it. The thing is, while Magnus admits he was in control of his powers when he burned his step-father alive, he had the emotions of a child, and look - I care for a boy who’s 9 years old. To a child the world is black and white, there is no gray area, there is life. Death. Good. Bad. Right. Wrong. So for the child Magnus to lash out upon finding his mother dead, and kill the man who blamed him for what she’d done, is actually a totally understandable reaction for a 9 year old… And hundreds of years later, the memory of that action being his one true agony, his worst memory. That speaks volumes to Magnus’ character and if that doesn’t make him the most pure fucking person ever than Idk what does.

I don’t even ship Daisy Ridley’s and Adam Driver’s characters.

Though the end of that Last Jedi trailer makes me imagine a trailer for iZombie S4… I can see it in my mind’s eye.

Montage of New Seattle, how everything works and how they’re adjusting.

Voice over from Liv talking about how they’re going to need to work together to keep the city from going to hell.

You think she’s talking to Clive, Major or Chase. The whole gang in general.

Then as the trailer closes out, it’s revealed she was talking to Blaine the whole time.                

@CW if there’s any way you can cut a promo like this with what you already have/are going to film… ? Or hell, if the cast want to do a thing like their badass countdown leading up to S2.

Do the thing.


Countdown to The Battle of the Five Armies: a post-hoc post

I got a message from a lovely Nonny (yes, they do exist!) asking me what happened to the last day of my Countdown series with Thranduil (counting down to the U.S. release of The Battle of the Five Armies), since the countdown stopped two days before Dec. 17, 2014.  The short answer: I never posted anything for the final day.  The longer answer:  I had run out of material except for a spoilery clip that came from a Hobbit cast interview but was not in any previews/trailers or any other official promotional material that I could find. Since my policy was to use only material that had been officially released by Peter Jackson or Warner Bros., I decided against posting the edits I made from that clip.

But, just for you, Nonny – and because Lee Pace said (in an interview somewhere) that it’s important to finish things – I am finally posting the edits I made for the last day of the countdown. ;-)

This also gives me a chance to thank everyone who liked / reblogged / commented on any of my Countdown posts.  (I’m surprised to see that some posts continue to get notes, even after the series has ended, but I suppose that’s because more people are still discovering the magnificent fabulousness of the Elven King.)  More than likes or reblogs, I love all your comments and tags (yes, I read every one of them!), and I am grateful for the new friends I have made in the course of doing the Countdown

Final tally: 94  When I started the series on Sept. 8, I wasn’t sure I would actually last the whole 100 days. Sure enough, I didn’t quite make it:  I missed day 44 to observe the Tumblr strike on Nov. 3, I would have missed day 28 but for a guest post by the lovely 3intheam (with her mad Photoshop skillz), I missed days 7, 6, 5, and 4 because of my trip to New York to attend the Apple Store Q&A with Lee and Richard Armitage, and, of course, I missed the final day.  The absenteeism rate in the U.S. is supposedly around 9%, so my 6% absenteeism is somewhat better than the norm.

It has been a lot of fun coming up with ideas and finding the right material, and also a lot of work making screencaps and edits (while learning basic Photoshop skills on the fly). Until I started making my own edits, I never realized how much time and effort were involved, and the level of artistry in the best edits I’ve seen never ceases to amaze me.  larygo, maivolchica, loriendesse, enfantdivine, stewardessme, armitageuniverse, @mrpuddingston, richardcfarmitage, synathroesmus, and of course 3intheam:  I bow to you all, senpai.

TL; DR:  Thank you for following along with the Countdown.  I have enjoyed doing it and have learned much.   



This new trailer sure does get me pumped…  and without really telling us much more! 

As I like to do, I’ve gone through and grabbed some of my fav screenshots and put them together for your pleasure! I think there are some real gems in there if you can get just the right moment (why does Poe not look so friendly?)! Enjoy!

584 Days until Episode VIII

423 Days until Rogue One








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I’m going to be picking two random winners every day this week - one from twitter and one from tumblr - to win a signed copy of Panic! All you have to do to enter is to tweet or tumble the Delirium trailer with the hashtag #DeliriumPilot and tell people about my Delirium Twitter Party, where I watch the Delirium pilot for the first time with all of you!

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“Do you think you can survive my love too?”

On the tenth day of Sherlockian, Littlefirefly00 gave to me: Another set of “I love you” gifs because IM TRASH AND IM FREAKING OBSESSED WITH THIS 0.5 SECONDS OF “I LOVE YOU” FROM THE TRAILER!!!


I need a break from tumblr. And sherlock. And the “I love you” scene. Damn you Mofftiss. You did this.

lucy-leger  asked:

Hii!!! Sry I'm not asking for a book rec quite frankly i have to many books on my tbr list as it is, but i do have a question! So do you know if their will be a book trailer for the crown? Oh and sorry make that 2 questions do you know what will happen with the whole selection vegetable thing or was that just pretty art? Ok thankyou so much! Byee!!!


1.) Yes! There will be a book trailer for The Crown! It will happen during our Countdown to The Crown which begins on April 19!

2.) The Selection vegetables thing was a super weird and random thing we did one afternoon but we WILL do ones for The Heir and The Crown!