this is my cosplay


My crocheted cosplays over the past 4 years. I like to think I’m improving :) I’ll add more to the list as I do more costumes

Seattle Pride was amazing this year! I carried the flag in the parade again and actually ran into quite a few followers who recognized me since I wore my jacket (y'all made me feel like a celebrity!)

I’m so happy to live in this city. Even during the darkest times we never stop expressing ourselves through art, marching and protesting, or building community. Happy pride, Seattle 🌈

Oh. I never did share when I got my Kenma wig, did I? My jersey and jacket/pants suit are both on their way as well. I’m going to make an ugly Kenma and I don’t care lol Oh, also featuring my and @the-ren cats :3

It’s funny. I’ll be Nekoma and I’m already surrounded by cats lol There are four cats in the house total.