this is my contribution to valentines week

“Ah, you’re here already, all ready for a date? Sorry, my love, I got a bit ahead of myself and came at the place earlier…” ///

… And he’s already did some pictures, being all nice and precious!
My little contribution for @mysticmessimagines Valentines Week, I could not resist to imagine V as a valentine (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

And of course I cannot leave it without the meaning of the flowers

‘’Yellow tulips: your smile is like the sunshine to me”


IT’S V DAY!!!!
Here is my final piece of artwork for @mysticmessimagines’s Valentines week :3
And as usual, my favourite CGs of V, plus a little extra thing which made me cry ;;;
V is one of my favourites - he’s so precious, so pure and he needs much more love T^T
Thank you so much @mysticmessimagines for hosting this amazing week, it’s been so much fun and it’s helped my blog grow too! I only had 5 followers before this week started because I only actually made this blog two weeks ago, and this week has really helped me to get more! ^^ You’ve also given me the chance to meet new friends too ^^
So thank you so much!!!
Also, thank you to those who have liked and reblogged my posts; one of my contributions (I think it was Yoosung’s or Zen’s) reached 100 notes and that means a lot to me ^^

anonymous asked:

from the 2x13 promo it shows Kara and Mr. Mxy alone in her apartment right after he appeared. What if he zapped a near naked Mon back to the DEO so he can be alone with Kara? I can't wait for next weeks episode. I want our kiss we deserve. Oh and Happy Valentine's Day beautiful(!!)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!! <3 

I know that little shit is going to mess with my son Mon-El (and harass my baby Kara!), as if interrupting that kiss was not bad enough. Ok I have to admit. I’m a sucker for the whole Almost Kiss cliche and I lowkey really liked it because it contributes to the already crazy sexual tension lmao And considering that Mr. what’s-his-name can defy the laws of physics and reality (from what I read), your theory is very possible. He will probably become aware that Kara and Mon-El have a thing for each other and will do everything to tear them apart such as humiliating our baby boy Mon-El and apparently creating some friction between the two of them?? I don’t know how he will do that but I bet he will manipulate them in order to create conflict in their relationship. After all, Karamel is the ship of angst par excellence so buckle up.  

But do not worry, my friend, We will get our kiss. Mark my words! Karamel will be canon next week and we will get our second kiss and then they will be on a relationship with their cuteness and flirty bickering and heart eyes and we will all have a heart attack probably. 

RFA Valentines Week Day 4! (already? im scheduling this post and i haven’t gotten to the last 3 RFA members hahaha im screwed) 

Zen’s pokemon team: 

  • Primarina: It’s basically Zen levels of fab (he also acts with it all the time)
    • Originally Zen was going to pick the fire type starter (he figured it would suit his temperament), but he got to the kahuna and just straight up sNEEZED and jumped like five feet in the air
    • “oh no, one of them’s a cat” 
    • he loves primarina all the same
  • Milotic: His mom gave it to him as a Feebas to try to cement the notion that he will always be an ugly duckling, but it kinda backfired on her because Zen fell in love with that Feebas oh boy
    • It evolves upon him running away and realizing his dreams
  • Chatot: Zen was walking and humming one of his musical songs, and one of the nearby Chatot was so enamored with the songs it flew over to him and perched on his shoulder. 
    • It can harmonize with him surprisingly well, as long as Zen practices with it nearby. 
  • Tsareena: They would totally be selfie buddies omg
    • His Tsareena is now the most famous Tsareena in Unova due to the sheer amount of selfies this man takes
  • Meloetta: It was very impressed by the passion Zen put into his acting and singing even after all the hardships he’d faced. 
    • It appears in front of him as he’s leaving Pokestar Studios. 
  • Zen only has five Pokemon, but occasionally he’s been seen with a seemingly wild Musharna. The media speculates about said Musharna to no end. 

(Zen keeps his Pokemon in Dream Balls, because each and every one of them have contributed to his dreams.) 


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