this is my college

Knowledge is key. Uninformed is Temmie.

Look who’re starting their first day of college.

I’ve been working on this crossover since March. And I kinda lost interest for a while, but after some in-between breaks from commissions, I decided to get it off my to-do-list once and for all.


Yet another thing Daesung is afraid of: pigeons.


I was tagged by @chocolate-plumbob to do the build your room challenge so I remade my dorm room. I would do my actual room but it’s deadass a mattress on the floor surrounded by boxes, a laundry basket, and 1 bookshelf.

ps @strawberrymark brought up how I don’t really have a see thru chair,,, let us all pretend its wooden instead

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Keith and Pidge #10

“You know we’re literally supposed to be meeting Lance and Hunk at the party right now, right?”

Pidge’s eyes slowly drag from the TV screen over to meet Keith’s gaze, her hands poised over her Nintendo Switch controllers as her intense lack of enthusiasm at the prospect of leaving their room becomes abundantly clear. 

“Keith,” Pidge says slowly. “Are you trying to send me to my death?” 

Keith’s eyebrows furrow and he is unable to resist the urge to cross his arms over his chest. “You’re really dramatic for someone so small.”

Uuuuuugghhhh,” Pidge flails backwards onto her bed, flinging her arms and legs wide. “Don’t make me gooooo. Be a good roommate and play Legend of Zelda with me. We can just get drunk by ourselves here, it’ll have the same effect.” Sitting up abruptly, Pidge pouts at Keith, lower lip stuck out and all. “Please don’t make me socialize.”

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College AU meme

Send a symbol for our muses to…

♣ - Meet as roommates for the first time.

♠ - Have lunch together

✪ - Meet at a party

⏏ - Fight over someone they are interested in

♫ - Meet at an after-school club

☑ - Play on the same sports team

■ - Go on a spring break trip together

© - Get angry about being caught cheating on a test

♥ - Fight about getting caught cheating on a significant other


YIKES   !   icb i have a different hair colour in all of these…   that’s how old they r…   but newayz   !!   henlo, happy munday u stinkeys

I both do and don’t know what to do with myself tbh.
Motivation has flatlined cuz I spend it all on my work at school.

Any art requests/suggestions anyone wants to throw at me?
Need to break my art block.

I have no homework due tomorrow. I just have to see my doc and watch people do presentations so i’ll have some free time.


They went their separate ways in college and met back one day on a train back home. Iwaizumi realizes they lead their separate lives now.