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AU one shot where soldier Harry writes to his wife and then is reunited with her and their cute little family! or idk, something soldier ww2 Harry! 😍

This is pulling at my heartstrings, oh my goodness. I can’t stop thinking of soldier Harry and his little family at home. His newborn little baby girl of which he missed the birth of but can’t wait to meet. His wife who missed him to the ends of the earth and wrote every single day. Oh god. I think this is a sweet little spin off of what I usually write, so, let me know what you think.

Feedback is always appreciated.

* Because this is an AU, the names of their children will be different to my main series. *

My dearest (Y/N),

Let me start off by saying, hello.

And that I love you.

And that I miss you. 

I miss you so much. 

Being this far apart from you is torture and I can’t believe it’s been just almost 8 months since I got deployed and I last saw you. The pictures you send to me don’t do you enough justice. You’re gorgeous. And our little lady is just so perfect. I can’t wait to meet her. I miss everything back home. I miss kissing your lips, and I miss sleeping in a comfy bed beside you, and I miss those occasional nightly baths we used to have together. I miss making you breakfast in bed and feeding you because you were too lazy - but I don’t mind because you’re my girlfriend and I’d do anything to help you and I’d do anything to see that gorgeous smile I love so much. 

I can’t begin to imagine how proud you must feel. And I’m not trying to be vain or anything. Your letters are what’s keeping me out here - I’m doing this for you. I’m making you proud. I’m making my little girl proud. I’m making my mum proud. I’m making myself proud. And I’m making the country proud. Mum is always praising me and she’s always dropping stories about how you’re proud and how you speak so fondly of me being out here. 

I can’t wait to come home. So you can show me off to world. So you can say I’m your boyfriend and that you’re so proud. I miss you. 

And … 

I bear good news for you, my gorgeous girl. That’s why I am writing this letter to you. A last one before we come face-to-face again for the first time in 8 months.

I’m coming home. Back to the UK. Back to Cheshire. Back to our life together.

I’m safe. I’m healthy. I’m injury free. I’m coming home.

Coming home to you.

And my little girl.

Just a few more days and I’m home. Back in your arms. Back at home. Back to spoil you rotten. I’m actually writing this on the train back to the camp - we’re packing everything up and we’re hopefully getting shipped out as soon as possible later this week. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to have you back into my arms, back close to me and back in my life which I never plan on leaving for a while. We do have a little girl to look after now, don’t we? :)

I can’t wait to hold her. I can’t wait to spoil her rotten with cuddles and kisses and I can’t wait to finally see her in person. She’s so perfect and she’s so small and it’s hard to comprehend that she came out of you, and partly from me. If I didn’t shoot my load into you, we wouldn’t be even talking about a baby girl. And I’m glad I did. Unexpectedly, but I’m so glad we finally came to terms that we were ready for the next step of this relationship.

I just can’t help but feel like a guilty father and a guilty boyfriend to you and I find it tough how you can still forgive me for missing the birth of someone so special to us. I know I shouldn’t because this is what I signed up for when I joined the army, but, I feel so guilty. When I got that emergency call from my mum telling me you’d gone into labour, I wanted to get of Afghanistan to be there for you as soon as I could. To be by your side at the hospital. Supporting you. Watching as you gave birth and brought our beautiful baby girl. You went through it on your own and I should have been there - and I’m so sorry I wasn’t. I’ll make it up to you. In anyway possible. And I promise, when our next little one is ready to enter this world, I’ll be there. Holding your hand and supporting you through the pain. And even though I wasn’t there, I know you were a trooper. You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever met, (Y/N), and I’m blessed to call you my girlfriend - you’re fantastic, you’re wonderful, you’re beautiful and I’m so proud of you for everything.

I love you.

I’ve been hearing stories from my mum all the time. About how my little girl looks so much like me. She’s so fond of her already, my gorgeous girl. I’m sure she expresses that a lot, right? She’s been forever wanting Gem to give her a grandchild but Gemma isn’t one to settle down at the moment - she has a life full ahead of her. I hear her magazine job is going well and I’m so proud of her. Mum said she’s been getting tonnes of readers for it and demands for more articles. I think she misses having a baby around. I was her youngest, after all. I’m 23 now. Fighting away to protect our country. She wants a little one to dote on and this is the closest she’ll get to a younger me.

Apparently, she has my green eyes. 

My green-eyed little lady.

A Daddy’s-Girl already.

We’re blessed.

She’s gorgeous, and beautiful, and we made her. We made her with love. Yes, with a bottle of wine and cheap chocolate in the mix, but we made her. On the floor of our living room, in front of the crackling fire, on a snowy and frosty afternoon in December, post-Christmas. I remember that day like it’s been tattooed onto my brain. Wrapped up in a blanket my mum had given us just that Christmas, the warmth from the fire radiating out into the room, Elf playing on the TV as I made love to you. Soft and gentle touches to your skin and you reminded me of china. If I went too hard, you’d break and you’re just so delicate and fragile.

You should have heard the other men cheer when they found out I’d become a daddy. Oh my god. It was so loud. We had a celebratory night that night - one night off to celebrate me and my coming of age to fatherhood. 

It’s pretty surreal to say ‘I am a daddy’ now. I have a daughter. I have a baby. A little baby girl. She’s mine. She’s yours. She’s ours. Ours forever and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

And I promise, that we’ll have another night like that when I get home. When my little girl is old enough to have a sibling. When you’re ready for it. We’ll do it. And I’ll be there every step of the way, supporting you like I should have done this time around.

Deployment won’t happen for another few years, we hope. I don’t think I could spend my whole eternity in a dusted trench with guns firing and grenades being thrown towards us. It’s terrifying. And I have two precious girls waiting for me at home, needing a loving and supportive man around the house. I can’t afford to get injured and I can’t afford you losing me. I’m sticking around for as long as possible - unfortunately, you’re stuck with me for life, I suppose. We made a baby. I’m going no where. And, I guess it’s time to take the next step - marriage.

I love you so much.

And I do want you to become my wife. My Missus Styles. Introducing you as my wife to people we meet on the streets, taking you to ceremonies and introducing you as my better half, as my best friend, and as the mother of my baby. I want a nice big white wedding with our families and friends in the middle of Cheshire, coming together to watch us join as one rather than two. I want to marry you. And I know we are already on the verge of being a married couple, we have been inseparable with this special bond since we first laid eyes on each other at the bakery Barbara owns, and I just want to make it official. A marriage certificate to certify you’re mine and I’m yours. I can’t wait to make us officially Mr and Mrs Styles one day. I’ve been thinking about this too much whilst I’ve been out here, and there’s nothing more that I want. And I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. I wouldn’t want to ruin anything between us by rushing you.

This letter should make it to you just before I land back at Heathrow in the UK. And as soon as I get back on my way to Cheshire, I’ll give you a text to update you when I’m almost outside of our home.

I’m looking forward to many hugs and kisses and I expect a welcome home party, just saying. Even if it’s just you and our baby girl. I don’t mind. I’ve missed your chocolate muffins and I’ve definitely missed you standing at the cooker, baking them for me because you love me too much to say no. 

I love you. I love Baby Styles. We need to pick a name. It’s been a week and she’s nameless. I have a name in mind and I’ll keep having a think of the journey flight back home. My journal will be full to the brim. :)

Can you believe it though? A week old already. It’s been too long and she needs to stop growing old. In the blink of an eye, I’ll be walking her down the aisle. I’m not ready for that. She needs to stay young forever and let her daddy be the only one to take care of her. She doesn’t need a stupid boy - she has me. No matter if I get deployed again, she’s got me. She always will.

You’ll always have me. No matter what. I’ll always be there for you. 

In the famous words of The Rembrandts (and the Friends theme song), I’ll Be There For You.

All the love, my gorgeous girl.

H. x