this is my christmas post~~~

Alright my babes, now that @imagine-sterek 12 days of Christmas has begun I’m going to dump all of my Sterek Christmas headcanons on all of you get comfy and grab some hot chocolate!

- Stiles and Derek fighting over which Christmas tree they’re going to get ‘LOOK AT IT DEREK! IT’S PERFECT, HOW CAN WE NOT BUY IT!?’ ‘STILES THIS TREE IS BIGGER THAN THE DAMN HOUSE!’ ‘ THEN WE’LL BUY A BIGGER HOUSE!’

- Stiles blasting Christmas music starting the day after thanksgiving not giving a shit about what anyone has to say about his off key singing and his favorite reindeer antlers (Derek totally loves it don’t let his angry eyebrows of doom confuse you)

- Derek wearing those soft sweaters with thumb holes while drinking some amazing eggnog that Boyd’s grandmother made for everyone

- Erica going on a Christmas shopping spree and buying the entire pack ugly sweaters which she forces them to wear every time they hang out during the holiday season whether they like it or not because they’re adorable dammit!

- Isaac busting out all his awesome Christmas scarves and walking around like the smug little asshole he is because his festive Christmas scarves are the freaking best and everyone else can kiss his ass he looks fabulous in his frosty the snowman special addition scarves thank you very much

- Stiles having all the decorations expertly arranged the second December 1st starts but doesn’t so much as touch the Christmas tree until Derek is there with him to do it together

- Derek using his mom’s super secret gingerbread cookie recipe to make the best god damn gingerbread cookies the pack have ever tasted and absolutely beaming when they all stuff their faces with a batch of them in .02 seconds

-  Allison and Lydia hijacking the living room flat screen TV to watch holiday romance movies on the Hallmark channel and promising death upon anyone that dares change the channel

- Stiles making sure there are mistletoes in every single possible place a mistletoe could ever be in to ensure he has the maximum number of opportunities to kiss Derek

- Stiles bursting into song whenever someone asks him what he wants for Christmas while he dancing his way over to Derek singing ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUUUUUUUUU BAAAABYYYYY at full volume

- Derek and Stiles snuggling together in the biggest warmest and softest blanket they could find watching old Christmas cartoons until they fall asleep (Derek’s favorite is Mickey’s Christmas Carol, it’s a crime not to watch it at least once a week honestly) 

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so many possibilites for the fic prompts but 7, 10, 16, 17, 21, 22, 24 please <3

One more to cross off the list! :) I hope you enjoy it, naescar. <3


16. Making cookies (172 words)

”Even, stop!” Isak says and tries to pull Even away from the flour.

“It just needs a bit more,” he says and fights Isak a bit so he can put another dash of flour in the batter.

“You need to follow the recipe! Baking is science!” Isak sounds outraged that Even doesn’t seem to understand this like he’s afraid he’ll ruin the cookies.

It makes Even stop though, makes him look at him with that fond look on his face, the one that lets Isak know that he thinks he’s being cute.

“Science?” he asks like that’s the silliest thing he’s ever heard.

Isak huffs and straightens his back.

“Science,” he says, sure of himself, pushes Even down onto the chair in the corner. “And I’m the master of science.”

It makes Even laugh, makes him sit down and do what Isak says.

“I’ll make the batter, and you can cut the cookies, baby,” he says with finality and Even leans back in the chair to watch Isak work.

Best view ever.


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