this is my chill song



a mix of some sick beats for girls who love girls who love dancing and singing along. this playlist is for all you wild souls out there, you music loving gal pals. grab your girlfriends hand and DANCE!

[listen here]

LazyTown’s New Superhero (s01e26) might have just become my favourite Lazy Town episode! Here are my favourite things:

-It’s clearly shown that Stephanie isn’t perfect and that’s okay.

-”The least we can do is stay out of trouble.” *crystal beeps*

-Sporty doesn’t know how to sit still and relax.

-Seriously, this man needs to chill.

-Stephanie bossing Sporty around.


-*everyone’s screaming and Stephanie’s in trouble* Robbie: “lol yah, i’ll get some ice cream”

-”I should’ve made a sandwich instead of making you!”

-”That dog is NOT mine!”

-Robbie coming to terms with his new life as “the billboard guy”.

-*smack* “Don’t say the t-word!”

-Sporty saving Robbie.

-Robbie not trusting Sporty.

-”Let go of my leg, I’m trying to help you, Robbie!”

-Seriously he’s so scared, aw.

IMMENSE | [listen here] | (a mix for those quiet, immense spaces we tread within us, collecting like water around our ankles.)

i. odyssey  - dream koala | ii. stakes - vancouver sleep clinic | iii. crave - mtns | iv. moon - foals | v. magenta - apes & horses | vi. moonlight - message to bears | vii. bowery - local natives | viii. memo - yeras & years | ix. furthest thing - drake | x. green mile - sza | xi. young - vallis alps | xii. life size ghosts (catching flies remix) - mt. wolf | xiii. under -  aosoon | xiv. see you again - wild culture vs ramon | xv. it’s only (feat zyra) - odesza | xvi. sea castle - purity ring | xvii. flip - glass animals | xviii. waste of time - mo | xix. how did i get here (extended) - odesza | xx.from time - drake | xxi. always - panama


songs that will make you feel like you aren’t on this planet any more (especially if you’re high)

something about you (odesza remix) hayden james

bloom odesza

make you feel (hotel garuda remix) alina baraz & galimitias

illusion coyote kisses

raindrops ft. kerli (prince fox remix) snbrn

placid acid tourist 

limit to your love (cazzette bootleg) james blake

keep her close odesza

techno destructo

My top 15 indie/chill songs:
  • Laid - James
  • Waste A Moment - Kings of Leon
  • Strangers - Lotus Plaza
  • Sally Cinnamon - The Stone Roses
  • Don’t Look Back into the Sun - The Libertines
  • You - The 1975
  • There She Goes - The La’s
  • True Love Waits - Radiohead
  • Teen Idle - Marine and the Diamonds
  • Sticks ‘n Stones - Jamie T
  • The Drugs Don’t Work - The Verve
  • Never Miss A Beat - Kaiser Chiefs
  • Surrender - Cheap Trick
  • Kathleen - Catfish & The Bottleman
  • Linger - The Cranberries

WE ARE A RIOT IF WE WANT IT - a torchwood 10th anniversary playlist (spotify

happy birthday to my favorite show about morally questionable bisexual alien hunters ♥