this is my brb moving queue

outfit I wore jan 1st, dropping Naf off at the airport. Got the hat for X-mas, and bought the pants during an outing with her. I actually had to hide my face in these for a reason, ahahaha… /sapsap

How can a simple outfit being me so many feelings? orz//;;

Seventeen Types, Seventeen Questions

Normal: Do you have any hidden talents?

8( hmmm. DO I? I don’t even– OH! I CAN PURR? Like I can roll my R’s repeatedly. Apparently I also do a very convincing impression of chickens.

Fire: Would you consider yourself hot-headed or more even-tempered?

A little bit of both… I’m insanely patient- but if I’m not in the mood, I’m really short-fused. I tend to have some firecracker outbursts sometimes, but otherwise I’m very calm and just default to “annoyed but detached” instead.

Water: Can you swim? Do you like to swim?

Yes! …I think? I definitely don’t sink, but I don’t really know if I’m a graceful swimmer. I adore swimming though, I love water. However, I don’t love public peepee pools packed with so much chlorine it’ll bleach your swimsuit. I also am a huge sissy with water getting into my eyes or nose, so goggles (very unattractive ones) are usually a must.. It doesn’t help I’m so pasty white I look transparent in water. …I haven’t gone swimming in a long time :|;

Grass: Would you say you have a green thumb? What have you grown?

Much to my own surprise, no. I feel like I don’t really do a good job growing plants. Then again, they’re usually clipped flowers… I would like to try a real potted plant (I’ve never had one though I LOVE plants) but I’m afraid my cat will start an abusive relationship with it. 

Electric: What do you think of thunderstorms?

I used to be relatively terrified of them. We get them loud enough on occasion here that the house shakes. But they’re honestly pretty cool! I worry for my computer every time though. LOL

Flying: How high have you ever been up?

Other than in a plane (IDK HOW MUCH HIGHER I CAN GO) The Tower of Terror or like roller-coasters at Disneyland? I climbed a tree taller than our house as a kid, several times. Fell out of it once. Good times. Age makes you more afraid to do cool stuff like that. :’|

Rock: What is your most precious treasure?

Well, material or metaphorically speaking, everything is precious. All together is what makes it a memorable experience. I’m a pretty materialistic person, but there is probably some sentiment in everything I own. In the metaphorical sense, everything I have is Precious.

Ground: Are you down to Earth or would you say your head is more in the clouds?

Boooottthhh…. I’m seriously a bundle of contradictions. I’m extremely practical and logical and stubbornly grounded to certain things, but I’m insanely dreamy and a space case and kind of an airhead. I’m just busy thinkin’ about bearstuffs.

Poison: What is the most disgusting thing you’ve eaten?

Do beverages count? Wine… :|;;; And a hydrogen peroxide gargle. I don’t usually eat things I don’t think I’ll like. 

Bug: What is your self-esteem like?

It’s pretty decent, on average. Some hiccups occasionally, but who doesn’t?

Ice: Do you have to warm up to people you’ve just met?

Yeaahhh. I’m pretty friendly to new people, if not like… distantly shy and a bit awkward but trying to play it cool. I just don’t talk about myself, otherwise I’m pretty okay.

Fighting: Do you prefer hand to hand combat or to fight with a weapon?

For like, movies etc? I’m open to anything honestly. For myself, either; as long as it’s speed based. I gotta accentuate my natural talent of being skittish and a good sprinter. :’D;

Psychic: If you could choose telepathy, telekinesis, or precognition, which one would you choose?

Telekinesis. Liftin’ shit and causin’ trouble! I don’t want to know the future, even if sometimes I really do. Telepathy would make it impossible for me to keep track of all my own thoughts.

Ghost: What are you most afraid of?

My own fears preventing me from being anything I could be. Being indecisive to the point I ruin relationships or opportunities. Ummm. Being put in a situation where I could do something but don’t. Wasting my life away before I can complete even half the stories in my head. etc. e_o;

Steel: Are you brave or do you easily become nervous or scared?

A-a bit of both… I am a very conflicted person. I’m very meek and quiet but inside I’m very outgoing and passionate. It’s hard to bring it out when I over-think everything and cause myself anxiety.

Dark: Are you street smart?

In theory, maybe. I know a lot, but applying it in real life is entirely different and I tend to space out very easily when I go out.. I’m working on it though :|;;

Dragon: What is your favourite mythological creature?

Fairies!!! Pixies sprites and all those other synonyms! They’ve been a super favorite of mine since I was a kid.