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1k Writing Challenge!

Good morning from California, everyone! So, to celebrate, I decided I’d have a writing challenge! Just wanted to thank each and every one of you for hanging out on my page, it’s crazy that I’ve made it here. Much love to you all, seriously. It’s pretty simple, but rules will be explained below. Also, I won’t be posting any new fics today because my brain is tired, and I have a two hour driving lesson today which won’t give me much time to write, but I promise I’ll have something tomorrow. Anyways, have an awesome day. I love you all and I hope you participate in the challenge! xoxo


1. Anything is game (fluff, angst, smut, etc.)

2. Depending on how many entries I get from each category will determine how many winners there will be. If there are a lot of entries, I will pick a winner from each category. If there aren’t there will be three collective winners. 

3. Keep your submitted piece within the MCU.  

4. Be original! I love reading stuff I haven’t seen before :) 

5. The cut off date is May 19, 2017 to submit your post. 

6. Use the tag #pietro-capimagines1kwritingchallenge if you decide to post your piece. If you do, please also submit it to my page so I make sure I get the notification and I don’t miss you. 

Have fun, let the creativity flow, and good luck! 


- Kathryn 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm an INTJ, and Im literally tired all the time because I can't fall asleep at night. I've tried staying off my phone, taking melatonin, drinking tea, etc, and for some reason my brain just won't Shut Off. Is this an INTJ thing or do I have a problem? And if is an INTJ issue, does anyone know how I can get my mind to rest at night? Even if I'm really tired and ready to fall asleep, my mind keeps me awake.

I tried sleeping one time, it was a bad experience. Probably won’t ever do it again. 0/10 would recommend. 


It starts with small naps, pretty soon you’re going all night and getting headaches when you don’t do it, stay safe kids 


Can people please recommend some of their favorite shinee fics, I love all pairings though I tend to go Ontae first, then taekey, onkey, minkey, and so forth but I will read any pairing. I also like all stories fluff, crack, angst, au, etc. I love chapter fics!! I just need some reading material and my brain is too tired to search :( I would so appreciate it. thank you a head of time? 

Hey, so, i’m all for this sudden trend of neurotypicals using fidgets and stim toys (mainly fidget cubes and spinners bit still), like its helping normalise them, thats great, but PLEASE be respectful with how you use them.

What i mean is, like, dont treat them like “toys” or fun little novelties. For example, at my school those little hand spinners blew up, and id bought one too. It was really helping me focus in class and relax, but all of the nts who had them were, like, playing with them in class. and by playing, i dont mean fidgeting, i mean “lets pass this around all my friends and mess about with it instead of working” which lead to them being banned. 

Now they’re confiscated on sight at school, and teachers are beginning to do similar things to other stim and fidget toys (ive seen two stress balls and a fidget cube be confiscated just bc their nt owners were showing them off to all their friends and disrupting the class by messing about with them)

If nts keep this up, then nds will have an even harder time stimming in academic spaces, due to stim toys largely being banned

So please, if you’re a neurotypical, or even if you’re not tbh, dont treat stims like toys and end up getting them banned.


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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i don’t think they’re trying to take us

i was just going to bed but like…

an underwater au where sportacus is part of some ship’s crew but they make shipwreck in a big storm. sporty gets saved by merman robbie that brings him to his hometown, inhabited by merfolk.

here’s more drawings: