this is my boo ok


Dino: What’s wrong with him?
Seungkwan: He’s always like that. He’s doing it because he knows that there will be short clips of him.


Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts
                        It’s not easy facing up when your whole world is black


#beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure #sinnamon*

Seventeen Pharmacy: Dr. Seungkwan’s Boo-Boo Band-Aids

Best Quality!

Hoshi Sloshi // Cheollie Temple // Wonwool Sweaters // Green Tea8 // Hong Jisoup // Cinnamingyu Rolls // Woozi & Dizzi


Alright guys a few notes for everyone!!!!

One: We can all thank the great @thatangrymardleschick for updating my masterlist and helping me out how to figure out making it mobile friendly!  So check it out! All the players with multiple imagines (like Andre) are grouped together to make it easier to navigate and less cluttered!

Two: Is my car accident boo reading this??? Are you ok?? Can you let me know!!! I’m worried about you!!!!

Three: I love you all SO MUCH!!!! You guys leave me such sweet notes and I always enjoy reading them! They honestly give me that much more wanting to write well for you! I really hope that I’m doing each one of your requests justice and if I’m not please let me know!!! You make me SO happy and loved that I want to do the same for you, any way that I can!

Let me know if you guys need anything! Love you all and I’m here for you!!! <3