this is my body

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Jasper in ¾ of the new episode: what the frick frack diddly dack doggone heck are you doin here my fresh coolcat amigo pal chum friend? it sure is wicked cool beans to have you hangin the chill out with me on this groovy gnarly spooktastic islandtopia

Jasper in that remaining ¼: I am cursed to be confined to this island for the rest of time. Well, that is until my physical body can find peace in the living realm.


I basically have had “ants in my pants” with how eager I have been to post this look. My friend Peter shot this set Thursday and I’ve looked at it every day since then. It has been a long time since I felt this beautiful. 

Initially, I was afraid of this dress. I don’t really like to show off my stomach and it has a prominent cut out. I tried to shop around it and ignore it, but I couldn’t get the style out of my mind. So I caved. I could picture how I wanted this blog shoot to look from the location (Mount Holly Historic Cemetery) to the props I wanted to use to set the tone (vintage Nancy Drew novel). I was not going to let my fear of 5 inches of skin stand in the way of what I knew could be an awesome set. I am so glad that I ignored that voice inside my head.

Dress: Alice & You, via Asos Curve

Vest: Coco + Jameson, via Dillard’s

Wedges: KorkEase

Rings: H&M, Forever21, boutiques in Little Rock and Panama City Beach

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack

Clutch: Honestly, I believe it is an off brand version of a Kate Landry clutch.