this is my body

You know what is cute?
- Double chins
- Belly rolls
- Back rolls
- Arm flab
- Leg flab
- Big cheeks

You know what isn’t cute?
- Fatphobia
- Body shaming
- Being shitty to people for the way they look

**Adding any hate to this or sending hate will get you Blocked And Reported!!**

As a younger me, I was always called names like ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’, and it really affected the way I see myself and how conscious I am about my weight. Being a curvier girl, I know that I’m heavy, but I can’t stand the fact that people see the word ‘fat’ as being bad. So, I’ve been trying to desensitize myself to it, and for some reason I felt like doing a doodle based off of it. 

‘Fat’ isn’t a bad word. It’s a descriptive word that has been given bad context by bullies and people who don’t appreciate the person beneath the skin. So yes, I am FAT. I am round, chubby, curvy, chunky, pudgy, big boned, I am a bigger girl. But that does NOT mean that any of those words are bad things to say. Only if they are used by bullies. 

baekhyun is so proud of his body, he’s been exercising and building muscles for such a long time to get to where he is now and I’m not gonna sit here and watch some people talk down about it. yall fcking demand too much from him lol. he already got low selfesteem and for once he is proud of himself. so fcking shut it and be happy that he’s happy with himself.