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my bias wrecker, everybody 👀

top media (andy + teen top + 100% + up10tion + park dongmin): awkward family photo collection

1. family photo where all the younger brothers are happy bc they’re still innocent but the older brothers have seen some shit (ft. papa andy in the middle. does anyone else think this looks like one of those historical dramas where the dad is gonna die but he has 22 sons who want a big portion of his inheritance and they’re gonna kill each other if they have to)

2. family photo after papa andy warned them to be more affectionate or he would give them all 9 pm curfews (ft. older brother ricky nearly strangling a terrified sunyoul in an attempt to show father just how affectionate he was, and bitto actually getting strangled)

3. big brother niel sucking up to their father and trying to convince him to buy him a new car. ricky is no longer choking sunyoullie but bitto is already half-dead

4. changjo is trying to escape. everybody is noticing. nobody is stopping him. 

Reasons to love Wen Junhui

Ok time to move on to my bias wrecker. 

For Performance Unit/Team Week day 2, here’s some reasons you should love Wen Junhui

he’s a literal prince

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his acting skills are A++ (like look his portfolio could get him into SM i’m not even kidding)

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he’s super good-looking and he knows it. like wow I envy him so much

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his martial arts skills 

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he takes care of everyone 

an absolute sweetheart

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that weird mansae thing

meme junhui

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his knack for skinship

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positivity prince!!! (watch OFD)

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his dance skills

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basketball ring jun

christmas tree junhui

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his voice <3

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can’t wink for nuts (i’m not sure where this gif is from sorry)

looks like kim heechul (he knows it too)

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his confidence

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he’s a little out of this world

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one half of chinaline/junhao

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kinda strange, but we all love him for it

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mike wazowski

sexy and he knows it

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mama jun

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I mean how can you not love him??

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Jae without glasses got me going crazy.


Whoa whoa whoa, I come back after two months and I find a video of Kenta singing???? How come I wasn’t notified that he could sing? Why everybody trying to move up my bias list man, I thought I had my bias list down packed but Kenta over here tryna fuck shit up! T_T Literal tears, how come he don’t sing in any of the songs then? What’s wrong with his voice LDH? I need some answers cause the man can sing and I need to hear more of it. 

Thank you, Soriya.

  • <p> <b>'Army':</b> *constantly neglecting namjoon, jin & hobi*<p/><b></b> *disrespecting taetae the angel at fansign*<p/><b></b> *ain't treating the boys as human beings*<p/><b></b> *"I love my bias; f**k everybody else"*<p/><b></b> *starting fanwars within or with other fandoms*<p/><b></b> *constantly starting shipping wars and hating on members because of ships*<p/><b></b> *only liking jimin with abs*<p/><b></b> *being just f**king rude in general*<p/><b>Army:</b> *having their favorite ship/bias but still liking/respecting other ships/members*<p/></p>
dating taehyung;;
  • hearing him laugh/chuckle at practically everything that surrounds him
  • smothered in warm hugs 
  • jamming to only trot songs, because he doesn’t own any BTS albums
  • receiving love letters/notes from him, when you’re both inches away from each other
  • him gazing at you lovingly, causing you to stiffen up and get shy
  • always smiling even when you’re sad, because it’s his way of cheering you up
  • you peppering him with kisses and trot music when he’s feeling down
  • out and about with both hands held and swinging back and forth
  • but sometimes just sitting on the bench, listening to music with each other, and feeding pigeons and or ducks
  • him cheering you right on with a blow horn, big sign with your name and a heart around it, and acts as the huge supporter he is
  • “That is the love of my life! And my lover will succeed in anything! Go, go, go!”
  • “Tae, stop it! You’re embarrassing me!”
  • him feeding you his Jin hyung’s cooking and taking credit for, although you both know he’s the least in the group to cook
  • you two fooling around on one of the bangtan bomb videos; dressing up in fancy clothes that he had cut up and acting tough
  • him trying to fight against you for a bag of candy, but he ends up letting you have it anyway
  • him rapping to all of namjoon’s and yoongi’s parts of the song, while he makes you take hoseok’s parts so you can join him too
  • him teaching you how to ride the skateboard when you’re out at the park
  • him playing with the kids in the end, when they see his skateboarding skills and you couldn’t help but capture the moments of him and children together
  • him making you jealous when he cuddles jimin or jungkook for fan service
  • you taking revenge in saying that your bias in BTS isn’t him, but Hoseok; the other sunshine
  • him immediately squeezing you in a tight hug and showering you with kisses until you tell him you only love him
  • “okay, okay, i love you only”
  • “and i am your only bias”
  • “yes, you are my one and only bias”
  • “don’t forget sunshine!”
  • “omg Tae, everybody in BTS are sunshines!”