this is my best outfit though


My beloved mom, dad, hyung, Gureumie
I should work harder but it seems like I can’t do it (for you), I’m sorry. I’m always grateful to you guys and I love you.

Bang Shihyuk PD-nim
Thank you for let me have the chance to say my thanks like this every time. The songs this time are really good too.

Vice President Choi Yoojung, the Vice President who guide us to the right path, I’m always grateful to you.

Director Seokjoon, every time we have a meeting together I can’t be excited like that, but thank you for making me feel excited.

Director Shinkyu, I have so much fun every time we have a meal together. Hope there’ll be more days when we eat together in the future too!

Director Chaeeun, thank you for letting us moving forward on the right path too. You give us a lot of strength!

Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Sunhakie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, all of our manager hyungs who always work beside us or from behind because of us, you worked really hard. Thank you so much and we’ll do better!

Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona, Nayeob-noona, thank you for making wonderful stuffs that ARMYs love and make us and ARMYs inseparable. I’ll work harder and do better in the future! You’ve all worked really hard!

Hayan-noona, Jinah-noona, Hyeyoung-nim, those who have to work harder than anyone else whenever we have tours, fanmeetings or concerts! Thank you so much.

Heesunie-hyung, Kyungjinie-noona, Sungho-hyung, Hyojin-nim, I couldn’t see you around much but I know you all worked really hard. Thank you so much!

Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung, you have all worked really hard so we can wear cool outfits, please make even cooler outfits in the future too. Thank you!

Pdogg PD-nim, Dohyungie-hyung, Joonsangie-hyung
You’re so awesome for making us cool pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pak songs, I respect you a lot. You’re the best. I’ll soon write a song too. You have worked really hard. The songs are so good!

Jooyoungie-hyung, hyungnim, you’re always laughing whenever I see you even though you’re tired ㅋㅋ It’s been really tired for you working from behind. Thank you.

Hyukki-hyung, Eunjung-nim, Eunsangie-hyung, Junho-hyung
Thanks to you helping us and giving us strength ever since we debuted, my worries seem to disappear little by little. Thank you!

Teacher Sungdeok, Gahunie-hyung who have to work hard physically, who are more exhausted and pained than anyone else, thank you for consistently working hard. Sincerely thank you so much!

Changwonie-hyung, Wooyoungie-hyung, the hyungs who make our songs shine, thank you and hwaiting!

Joowon-nim, Jooyeon-nim, even though I can’t see you much, thank you for helping us! Hwaiting!

Seolhee-noona, you have worked really hard and I hope your days will be filled with good things in the future too. Great job!

Seuli-noona, Yoori-noona, Joy-nim, Onnuri-nim
Thank you for doing things to deliver our love to ARMYs. You’re the best!

Sunjung-noona, Yeonhee-nim, Miryung-nim, Mijung-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyewon-nim, Yeji-nim
You have been working really hard to raise our successors! Hwaiting!

Jaedong-nim, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim, I can’t see you much but I know you always work really hard. Fire!

Hyunmin-nim haha, I can’t see you a lot but I know you work harder than anyone else. Hwaiting!

Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-noona, Seoyeon-noona, Jieun-nim
It’s really tired and cold having to go outside to find outfits but you still bring them and come on time, you’re all really awesome and worked really hard. I’m really grateful.

Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-noona, Seolji-noona, Sojung-noona, you’ve worked really hard to do the makeup for me. I’ll get better skin ㅎㅎ You’re the best!

Head of Department Naejoo, Head of Department Jihye, Jinyoungie-hyung, Songhee-noona, Sekyungie-hyung, Sohee-noona, thank you for making my hair become cooler. Please take care of me in the future as well!

Director Lumpens’ crew and Director Hyunwoo’s crew, thank you for creating beautiful works for us this time too. Let’s continue to work together in the future ㅎㅎ!!

97line friends, Yugyeomie, Dokyeomie, Mingyu, Bamie, Myungho, Jaehyun, I want to meet you guys soon and have fun.
Jinwoo-hyung, ah I should quickly meet Jinwoo-hyung ㅜㅜ Let’s meet soon and go to eat spicy rice cakes ㅋㅋ
I should go eat together with Minmi-noona too ㅜ

Thank you so much to those who created the path for me to become Bangtan.

Bangtan hyungnims
I think we will slowly be more awesome. Let’s improve and grow everyday, and let’s go down in history. Bangtan Bangtan Bangbangtan.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ARMY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ARMY! We have come to find and see you again!
I hope you would like our songs… You like it right?!
Again, we have put in a lot of effort for this album!
Thank you for consistently waiting for us, we’ll continue to grow, improve and put in our strength as well as get bigger so you won’t get bored.
ARMY I love you!

Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook


Okay so here are full reference sheets for GalaCree + Rose McCree!

Since the designs were kind of spontaneous, I haven’t the best idea how exactly I want the full body outfit to look.. I hope these sketches give an idea of what materials I envision some of his clothes to be made of, or how peacemaker might look! Truly though, the designs are rather flexible and you can see that GalaCree changed since the first edit I made for a blog header. If anyone has further questions, please feel free to ask! I hope these are informative enough?

Birthday Dinner (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: I had an idea. Could you do Jughead x Reader where it’s jugs birthday and he wants to invite her over for dinner but he lives with Archie and Fred so he’s embarrassed and goes and asks for Fred’s permission if he can have his girlfriend over for his birthday and fill in the rest idk if I made this clear enough!

A/N: I changed the idea just a bit! SO glad I finally finished this. Hopefully you’ll still like it xx 


Birthday Dinner (Jughead x Reader)

It was Jug’s birthday on Friday.

You wanted to do something with him but he told you that Archie and his dad were going to throw him a dinner party/barbeque.

He felt bad but you assured him that you two could do something before or after his birthday.

You two have been secretly dating for the past three months so obviously you weren’t expecting to go.

Especially since you lived on the other side of town and went to a different school.

What you didn’t plan for was Jug to ask Fred Andrews if you could come.

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Helping hands - Lafayette x Reader x Jefferson

Request: onelastfic said: Fic Idea: Laf x Reader x Jefferson where Laf & Thomas are picking out clothes for the reader and fight over what style looks best on her.

Time period: Modern

Word count: 1076

Ship: Lafayette x reader x Jefferson

warnings: slight innuendo

A/N: this was satisfying to write bc my daveed thirst is REAL, thank you @onelastfic for the request, feel free to request more!!

Originally posted by thegameofnerds

You sat under a pile of clothing as you held your phone to your ear.

The phone rang a few times before your best friend Lafayette picked up “Allo?”

“Hey Laf I’m going on a date tonight and I need your help picking out an outfit.” you groaned.

There was shuffling and some talking on the other end of the phone. “I am hanging out with my friend called Thomas, it is okay if he comes too, non?”

“Yeah, I guess, I don’t really know him though.” you blushed at the thought of a stranger seeing your messy room.

“Not to worry, Y/N! As long as it is okay with you that he comes, the two of you will get along great.” he assured you. “We will leave now then! à plus!”

You had just put the last piece of clothing mountain back in your closet when the apartment buzzer rang. You knew it was Laf so you buzzed him in and put the kettle on while you waited.

Lafayette didn’t bother knocking and let himself in, engulfing you in a hug and spinning you around.

“Y/N” he cried dramatically, setting you down and kissing your forehead. “It has been too long.”

“Laf, I saw you yesterday.” You laughed.

He put his hand to his forehead. “Too long.”

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So, as usual, I HATE my shoulders. I don’t know why I ever take pics without a cardigan on…

But aside from that, skater skirts are just the best, and these heels are super awesome! Its a simple look with not much to say about it, but I like it :) 

Also, my posts now come with links to products!!! Check em out below :) And because I’m super broke all the time, the stuff I buy is very reasonably priced.

You can pick up this little black skirt here! This thing works with soooo many outfits!

And here are the heels! They’re the first pair that I’ve found super comfy right out of the box :)


I hope this is what you were looking for~  I saw this kind of crop-top and was : OMG THIS IS PERFECT.

Thanks for giving me something to draw whilist I slowly melt in bed due to a cold.

Robbie Rotten?  More like Rob-BAE Rotten


anonymous asked:

can you please do a hc about the boys' reaction to their s/o walking down the aisle to marry them? :) ps: i'm also wondering who would be whose best man, though it'd probably be hard for the boys to choose just one best man because they're so close! love your blog and the chocobros, so thanks! <3

Thank you very much! I’m glad you love my blog! <3 It’s no problem, hun!


  • Well, I can see him grinning big time when he sees his s/o walking down the aisle. He’d try to keep his composure and hold back tears, but he’s so happy that he finally gets to marry his s/o. They’re gorgeous in the outfit they picked out for the wedding. All of the focus is on you, he doesn’t see anyone else.
  • I really don’t think he’d be able to choose, given that he’s close with all of them, but I really think that if he HAS to choose, it would be Prompto. He loves Prompto and wouldn’t otherwise marry his s/o if they’re not on Prompto’s good side, which is easy to be on because Prompto likes to get along with almost everyone.
  • He’d be grinning the whole time, prepared his vows for you, making sure they’re well rehearsed. He has been practicing his vows and making sure they’re perfect. This is probably one of the few times his s/o would see him completely let his guard down in front of others.


  • He would most likely cry like a baby; tears of joy, of course! Seeing his s/o walking down that aisle, he’d just burst into tears of happiness and everyone would just turn around in concern and he’d just wave them away, trying to signal them that he’s okay. Gladio would just chuckle and Noctis just gives him a hankerchief, adding in the comment “keep it” because you know… snot…
  • He’d absolutely stammer on his vows until Ignis just says out loud, “say what’s on your heart.” Prompto just takes a deep breath and just starts saying his feelings from his heart about his s/o. He’s so glad he ended up with them, the times he spent together, and with the help of the chocobros, a slide of all the pictures of the two of them together pops up, causing his s/o to also burst into tears of joy.
  • They’re both huge cry babies and they start laughing because they’re crying together and everyone else starts laughing because the two newly weds are laughing. It’s so sweet, the wedding. If Prompto has to choose one of the chocobros, it would probably have to be all of them because he can’t just choose one hahaha. Or he’d suggest not to have one best man, which his s/o eventually agrees. They don’t have to follow tradition. Although, I can see him being more close to Noctis as well as Gladio, but yeah. I don’t think he’d want to follow “traditional” wedding.


  • Man, he’d act so tough and what-not before the wedding, but once he finally sees his gorgeous s/o walking down the aisle to marry him, he starts crying, but silently. He’d quickly try to wipe them away before anyone sees him crying, he gotta have his pride, ya know! His s/o smiles when they see him crying tears of joy.
  • He’s not much for words, so he doesn’t like long speeches, but he’s blunt so he’d just explain how he feels when he met his s/o and how far they’ve come, and where they are now. Next he’d talk about what he hopes to achieve in the future and swears to protect his s/o. Short, but sweet. As long as his s/o knows exactly how he feels and spends his waking moments with them.
  • I can see him choosing Ignis for being his best man, he’s more helpful towards the wedding and just helps how to make the wedding planning easier on both him and his s/o. Gladio is more of the type of guy that chooses things/ways that are more practical. He loves all his chocobros to death, but Ignis would be a way to go when it comes to PLANNING things. Prompto would just suggest crazy shit and Noctis is a lazy shit. Lol


  • He would be the most calm one out of all the chocobros, but he’s so sweet to his s/o and just makes sure to help them out when it comes to planning the wedding. He’s not much of a big wedding type, but if his s/o likes big weddings, it won’t matter because he just wants to marry his s/o. Once he sees his s/o walking down the aisle, he just couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. People keep commenting how his eyes are practically glued to his s/o and added in that it’s the way it should be. Ignis obviously adores his s/o.
  • He would probably pick Gladio or Prompto. One of the two because they’re both slightly helpful with helping out, but he’s just most likely have them all together. He’ll ask each chocobro what’s helpful towards the wedding to make it more fun for the party. Prompto chips in a lot of ideas for parties and making it fun. Gladio as well and Noctis just likes keeping it short and sweet. Ignis puts all that together and makes it perfect.
  • His vows are semi-long, but people really don’t mind because his words are like poetry to their ears. He likes to make sure his s/o knows exactly how he feels through actions and words.
I love you

Part 9

This is very long overdue and I am so very sorry that it has taken me over a month to get this written. To everyone who kept asking me about it, there was just a lot going on and I have’t had a lot of time to write and I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to make sure you guys don’t wait more than a week for the next part!

Also, I am always accepting requests for fics. I’m working on three others which is another reason why this took so long to crank out. And I also love feedback on my writing so don’t be shy. 

But yeah… part 9. I’ve got some big stuff for part 10 so get ready. ;)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

Word Count: 4,344


A warm fire crackled with life mere inches from my freezing toes.

I was perched on the coffee table in the living room of Rhysand’s house—my boyfriend’s house.

God, that was still weird to say. Rhysand is my boyfriend. He had officially asked me over two months ago but it felt like it was only yesterday.

We were cuddled up on the couch in my apartment just after thanksgiving. The credits to the movie we had just finished were rolling across the screen. Rhys was on his side and I was on my back, nestled neatly against his chest.

The scent of jasmine and citrus and the sea was stuffed into my nose with him so close, and his warmth was making me drowsy.

A sleepy smile tugged at my lips as I felt his fingers brush my cheeks. His muttered “Feyre” made me open my eyes halfway to look at him.

“Hmmm,” I murmured sleepily to him.

He stroked my cheek gently, trying to coax me out of my disoriented state, all it did was lull me to sleep some more.

“Feyre, I— you know I really like you—“

“Mhmm.” My hand felt its way up his chest and hooked around the back of his neck. My fingers had woven their way into his silken hair.

“And we’ve been going out for a few weeks,” he paused and I had felt the weight of his eyes on my face.

“Feyre are you awake?”

My eyes fluttered open to meet two pools of violet staring intently at me.

“Feyre I—would you, I mean,” he huffed a frustrated sigh. “What I’m trying to ask—ugh. Feyre… will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” The words tumbled out of lips and fell upon me like a warm blanket.

I gazed at him for what felt like an eternity, my brain taking its time to process what he had asked. Rhysand, this amazing person who I had come to know asked me to be his girlfriend.

Rhysand asked me to be his girlfriend!

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Loss Countdown Day 12: Sora’s Best Outfit in Tri (So Far)


It really is a lovely outfit though, with nice nods to her original season 1 clothes.

This little scene is classic Sora. First we see her silently grieving the loss of her Digimon partner–then a small girl tries to grab her attention, and Sora immediately puts on a smile and plays with her.

Fine And Dandy

Knowing the name of your soulmate was fine and dandy, unless you had a name like Joseph.

Do you know how many bloody Joseph’s there are in the world?!

A lot. I googled it one day. Because I was bored, and my friend and I had been discussing our soulmates. This all stemmed from her having gone on a date with her potential soulmate, all because the guy had the name Liam.

I had personally rolled my eyes when she told me, but she protested saying that it was worth a shot, and I should try it myself.

She shut up really fast when I reminded her how many people had the name of my soulmate. There was just too many people in the world, and so I never bothered.

I still went on a few dates with some other guys, despite knowing that they were not my soulmate, and I was most definitely not theirs, but it was fun. I was allowed to have fun until I was attached for the rest of my life.

My friend on the other hand? Wouldn’t even give a guy a second look if his name wasn’t Liam. It helped that her name was less common than mine.

“Are you ready yet?!” My friend yelled at me through the door, and I rolled my eyes, checking over my reflection again. The two of us were heading to a party that her newest Liam was hosting, and she insisted on me dressing ‘cute and flirty, because you never know, Y/N!’

Knowing it was easier to just go with her, rather than against her, I picked out a cute and flirty outfit, when all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and watch Netflix.

“Y/N!” A pounding on the door tore my gaze away from the mirror, “Let’s go!”

“I’m coming!” I shout back, pulling the door open, “Is this good?”

“Perfect.” She smiled at me, looping her arm with mine before leading me towards the front door. “You’re going to get all the boys attention!”

“I don’t want attention though,” I groaned.

“Yes you do. Shut up.”

“You’re a mean best friend.”

“I’m an amazing best friend. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this party.” I glanced over at her, seeing the secretive little smile on her face, but I simply shook my head, in no mood to try and figure out what she had planned.

Once we had arrived at the party, she was quick to disappear, dashing through the crowd to find her Liam, leaving me standing awkwardly against the wall, casually people watching.

My eyes fell on a group of guys, around my own age, laughing and joking with each other, sipping on their drinks. But it was one in particular that I felt drawn too.

His blue eyes were shining with mirth, and his lips tugged up in a small smile as he brushed the hair away from his face. As if he could feel my gaze, he looked my way, his smile growing slightly as he tipped his drink towards me.

I nodded back, feeling my cheeks turn warm before I dragged my eyes away from him, forcing myself to look instead for my friend.

When I did find her, I was surprised to see her marching up to the group of boys boldly, asking them something. The friends all pointed towards the blue eyed man, and he gave her a confused look before suddenly being lead over to me, surprise now mixing with his confusion.

My own eyes widened as I watched my friend bring this attractive man towards me, a pleased smile on her face.

“Babes, I would like you to meet my new friend,” She looked at me directly in the eyes, “Joe.”

“Uhm, hi?” He offered with a small wave, glancing back at his friends quickly, who were all trying to pretend like they were not watching.

“Have fun you two!” My friend wiggled her fingers before spinning around and dancing back across to Liam, chatting easily.

“I’m sorry,” I shot Joe an apologetic look, “She’s a bit crazy.”

“It’s fine,” He laughed, his fingers running through his hair again. “I was actually hoping to find a reason to come talk to you.”

“You were?”

“That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?” He laughed again, this time more nervously. “But yes, I was.”

“Then I’m glad she gave you a reason.”

“Me too.” He smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile back.

In the back of my head, I did wonder, what if this was my Joe? The one I had been searching for all of my life. But I quickly pushed that thought to the back of my mind, as I often did, because I refused to let the whole ‘knowing your soulmate’s name’ thing ruin a good conversation with a fit guy.

“Oh,” Joe suddenly said, “You know my name, but I don’t know yours…”

“Right,” I let out a small laugh, “She did seem to leave that part out, didn’t she?”

“Seems easier to not question what she does.”

“Probably,” I nodded, “And my name’s Y/N.”

Shock spread across Joe’s face like wildfire, and he stared over at me for a moment, “Y/N?”

“Uhm, yes?” Worried I had said something wrong. Most likely though, he was realizing that my name was not the name of his soulmate, and therefore was trying to think of a way out.

“Holy shit,” He breathed out, “I found you.”

“You found me?”

“You’re her.” He grinned, “I just know it.”

“Her?” I repeated again, but everything was clicking together in my mind. I was her, he said. Joe was my soulmates name. So that must mean… “Is my name the name of your soulmate?”


“And you think I’m your soulmate?”

“I know you are.”

“How?” I was scared, because what if we weren’t? Then our hopes would be destroyed, and we’d have to start all over again.

“Because you know your soulmate. Don’t tell me you can’t tell, Y/N.” The way Joe said my name, it felt familiar. Right. Like it belonged.

“I can,” I finally admitted, “You have to be him. I don’t think I can handle it if you’re not.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

“And lovely to meet you, Joe.”

Alright, so maybe knowing your soulmates name really was fine and dandy.


At my doctor’s appointment today, the nurse who was checking me in and doing the preliminaries asked me if I was an athlete.  I laughed out loud…but apparently she was serious!!?!?!  I have never considered myself an athlete or even “athletic”…Maybe because for so many years of my life I wasn’t?  I don’t know.  These days, I do consider myself fairly fit, but perhaps I shouldn’t laugh about or scoff at the idea that I could be an athlete.  It’s funny…you think you’ve gotten so far past all of the negative opinions you used to hold of yourself and then something reminds you that perhaps you still have some work to do.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For example, I am always hesitant to call myself a mountain biker–even though I am out on the trails usually at least three times a week or more–or a runner–even though I run…perhaps I should work on that.  Do I have any fancy gear or devices related to those activities?  Nope.  Am I the best at them?  NopeBut, would I withhold the label of “runner” or “mountain biker”–or “athlete“ for that matter–from others just because they weren’t the best or the most well-outfitted or techy?  NOPE.  Hmmmm.  Something to think about, I suppose.

In other news, it was a damn fine day!  The weather was no less than perfect!  I got up early to go to the bake sale some of my gym friends were having at their offices, brought back treats for my environmental engineers group from Samsung (some of my favorite people), left at 1 to meet my friend Shannon for a patio lunch, mailed my Tumblr Secret Valentine package, and then spent the last three hours on my bike and walking Walter!  Now: waiting for the husband to get home so we can go out for MORE patio dining–hello Greek salad and happy hour sangria–within walking distance!!!! ;)

elphabun  asked:

SasuSai #25 for the sm prompts?

(everything i write with sai turns into a freaking novel how the fuck does that happen??)

“You know,” Naruto says, “I could cut off that other sleeve for you! Then you’d match! Aren’t artists supposed to like that kind of thing?”

Sai gets the feeling that Naruto doesn’t actually know much of anything about what artists are supposed to like and is just guessing wildly. It’s not the first time he’s had the feeling. It is, however, just ever so slightly more aggravating than the other times, or it would be if Sai allowed himself to feel anything at all.

(There’s a nervous flutter in his chest. He’s tense. He’s worried. He’s happy. But he isn’t any of those things, because he’s Root, and Root shinobi have no emotions.)

“Thank you, dickless,” he answers, and friends are supposed to sound thankful and appreciative when responding to each other’s requests, but Sai mostly just hopes he manages cheerful. Anything more complicated is usually hard, and right now, especially when it’s about his right arm—

He doesn’t touch it. His sleeve is long on that side for a reason, and the numbers are hidden, high up near the bend of his elbow. None of his teammates have seen them, not even Captain Yamato, who’s spent all day watching him with uncomfortably knowing eyes.

“My clothes are very fashionable, though,” Sai adds, even as Naruto is opening his mouth to loudly protest the nickname. (Sai had realized after the first emphatic objection that that nickname, at least, would not make them click as sudden best friends, but Sai also suspects that if he were allowed to have emotions, he’d be a dick, so it all works out.) “Ah! I see! Friends often dress in coordinated outfits, don’t they? Should be both look like we went dumpster-diving for our clothes behind a color-blind octogenarian’s house?”

Naruto blinks. His mouth opens, and then closes without anything coming out. Sai can practically see him trying to figure out if he was just insulted.

Sakura has a sudden and inexplicable coughing fit into the bottle of water she’s drinking, and Captain Yamato is very purposefully digging through his pack. When Naruto turns to them to gauge reactions, he gets no help, so her turns back to Sai with a squinty look of suspicion and levels a finger at him.

“My clothes are awesome!” he insists. Loudly, because it seems everything Naruto does is at top volume. Even sleeping, and Sai hadn’t really thought that was possible. “You’re just jealous ‘cause mine actually cover me!”

It is, Sai will admit, rather a better comeback than he expected. Still, he offers his teammate a charming smile (tries, at least; Shin always told him it made his face look weird) and goes back to his ration bar.

He very, very carefully doesn’t touch his right arm.

His breath comes faster as the moment approaches, as he slips down into the tunnels and pretends he can’t feel the date and time of his meeting carved into his skin as if with a hot knife. Easier to focus on the mission, on Danzō’s orders—

Except, for the first time in his life, it’s not.

Orochimaru is walking in front of him, Kabuto behind him. He’s in their base, so impossibly close to his objective. Danzō has every faith that Sai’s abilities can match Sasuke’s, and even if they can’t, Sai will win. He’s Root; there are only missions to be completed, objectives to be fulfilled. No doubt, no hesitation, no mercy.

“A visitor for you, Sasuke,” Orochimaru says, full of laconic amusement and a thread of something Sai can’t pinpoint. “From Konoha.”

The date on his arm burns.

Inside the room, Uchiha Sasuke turns to face the door, one hand resting on his sword. Taller than Sai, almost as pale, with the same hair he sported in his file and which Sai personally finds just as ridiculous as Naruto insists it is. But this isn’t the bored resentment of Sasuke as a genin; this is Orochimaru’s favored apprentice, deadly and fully aware of it, the last Uchiha—

Dark eyes go wide, and Sasuke stops moving.

It probably says something about Sai’s training, that it takes him several long moments to realize that the pain in his arm has entirely vanished.

“Interesting,” Orochimaru says, half-idle, though he doesn’t look back at either of them as he crosses to the desk on the far side of the room.

(Sai wonders, in one of those split-second flashes of insight that used to make Danzō especially cruel in training, just how long ago Orochimaru’s date passed. A very long time, he thinks, and doesn’t allow himself to dwell.)

“You knew,” Sasuke says, short and angry, but he doesn’t look at his teacher, either.

The implication helps Sai finally find his voice. “That’s not possible,” he says, and tries to make it sound polite, though he doesn’t think he manages. He feels dazed, fifteen degrees off of center when there’s no real reason to be. He still has his mission, his purpose, and this—this could be an opening. He could use this to get to close, to take Sasuke by surprise—

Except that Sai can’t move an inch.

“Well,” Kabuto says, ducking his head just a little so that the light reflecting off his glasses hides his eyes. It doesn’t hide the amusement in his voice, however. “You’ll certainly have the pales, prettiest children genetics can achieve. You must be so proud.”

Sasuke rolls his eyes, just faintly, though his gaze immediately falls back to Sai. He takes a step forward, then another, shifts into a slow stalk that brings them face-to-face in a handful of strides.

Sai could go for his own sword. He has every chance of reaching it before Sasuke can grab his.

Sai doesn’t.

“You betrayed your team,” Sasuke says flatly, though his eyes are intent.

Words don’t come easily, all tangled up on Sai’s tongue even though his trainers used to accuse him of talking too much. “I’m Root,” he says, as though that explains everything, and to him it does. Sasuke, however, won't—

“Hn.” Sasuke, of course, doesn’t care. He looks Sai over, then steps to the side, past and around him.

Sai could sink a kunai into his spine, his jugular, his kidney.

Another thing Sai completely fails to do. His head is spinning, caught up in what do I do and what now. No good answers, no way to find answers, and it’s not as if Sai has ever made decisions for himself—

“Are you coming?” Sasuke asks, casting a half-glance back over his shoulder as he pauses in the doorway.

“What?” Sai asks, and he’s never before been caught quite this much off guard.

“Coming,” Sasuke repeats, audibly annoyed but still waiting. “I’m forming a team. You’re my soulmate. You’re coming with me.” A pause, and Sasuke’s fingers tighten around the hilt of his sword. He looks away again, out into the hall, and Sai is acutely aware of Orochimaru still and silent across the room. “My brother can’t find you. You either come with me or Orochimaru will keep you here.”

Something cold slides through Sai’s chest. Uchiha Itachi is a man even Danzō fears, and it’s easy enough to recall the files, the way he tortured Sasuke both the night of the Massacre and the next time they met outside Konoha. Easy enough to imagine what a man who slaughtered his entire clan would do to the soulmate of the little brother he’s made a sport of taunting.

“You assume I’m staying with you,” Sai says instead, and the smile he wears feels no more or less fake than it always does. “Lord Danzō sent me to kill you.”

Sasuke’s snort is entirely unimpressed. “I’ve already given you three chances. If you haven’t noticed any of them, you’re a pretty terrible assassin.”

He is not, unfortunately, wrong.

Just for a moment, Sai thinks of Naruto, of Sakura, of Captain Yamato. He left them on the surface, abandoned them like Sasuke said, and now he’s considering abandoning Danzō and Root as well.

Of their own volition, his fingers rise to press against the still-tender mark on his forearm. Numbers, a date recorded down to the second, and that mark is one thing that has always marked Sai as Sai. Not even Danzō has found a way to erase them from his operatives yet.

It’s a mark that Sasuke shares. Sai scans his soulmate, searching carefully, and—

There. Right along the curve of his shoulder where his robe falls away, the skin still faintly red, are the same numbers Sai long ago memorized. A match.

A pair.

Sai takes a step, and it feels a little as if the world is falling away beneath his feet.

(He follows Sasuke, catches the barest hint of something like a smile as Sasuke turns away, and the earth has never felt steadier.)

I discovered that @skygemspeaks wrote a prompt for a YOI Royal/Bodyguard AU and got inspired… . a lot. So I ended up drawing some art for it and I also added my own spin on top of it all. This plot bunny has festered and now there’s no turning back, so expect more content about this au from me on a later date.

Sidenote: How do you outfit oh my god 

Adding some more info about my spin on Yu-topia’s Prince Yuuri Katsuki.

  • Yu-Topia’s Prince Yuuri Katsuki Prince Yuuri Katsuki is the second child for Emperor Toshiya Katsuki and Empress Hiroko Katsuki. Crown Princess Mari Katsuki is the heir to the throne while Yuuri is the spare.
  • He is perfectly content with that. Being the heir even sounds too stressful. Even though Yuuri is the spare, he by no means spends his days in leisure. Thanks to his tutor, Minako Okukawa, Yu-Topia’s spymaster and special operations trainer, Yuuri honed his skills to become the best combat expert in the country. She also grilled in many forms of dance, primarily ballet.
  • Yuuri is proficient in using many weapons. And improvised weapons. He can probably down somebody with a bowl, a stool and a ball of yarn.
  • Actually, he has done it before. Minako was impressed.
  • People of Yu-Topia all know Prince Katsuki for his grace as he fights, like he is a dancer waltzing across a ballroom rather than fighting across a battlefield.
  • Despite his looks, Yuuri is actually not very studious. He doesn’t like spending his time indoors reading. Mari is the bookish one. She likes to read up the history of her kingdom. Meanwhile, Yuuri is a do-er. For him, actions mean far more than words.
  • Yuuri is nearsighted and can’t see things far away without his glasses, but he can still work without his glasses. He still can beat the shit out of you without his glasses so don’t think you have the upper hand when he loses them.
  • Among the royals, Yuuri has a nickname – The Ice Prince of Yu-Topia - since he is always blunt and standoffish when it comes to social gatherings. People mostly steer clear of him and just admire him from afar.
  • “Ice Prince of Yu-Topia” is honestly all a misunderstanding. Yuuri is actually very anxious when it comes to social gatherings and politics. Diplomacy stresses him out too much, so he often stays away from others and says as little as possible to avoid offending people. (Instead it just ends up intimidating them but he doesn’t mean to!)
  • He doesn’t interact with any of the nobles or royals. The only reason why he and Phichit are best of friends is because he ran into Phichit outside of the castle and saved his life when they were younger.
  • The people of the capital city, Hasetsu, actually see their Ice Prince around a lot. Yuuri likes to sneak into town to help the people out with everyday activities. He is still a little blunt and standoffish, but people can see that their prince really cares for his people since he spends most of his day helping with chores or watching the children.
  • Again he is a do-er, he prefers to be out there, helping the people rather than staying in court discussing if policies will or will not benefit everyone in the kingdom. Yuuri picked up the finer workings of trade and accounting while he is out and about in Hasetsu over the years.
  • Sometimes when Yuuri gets too stressed out, he goes off on his own through Yu-Topia to cool off. At first it freaked his parents out, but after awhile, they realized Yuuri tends to come back feeling a lot less stressed after a trip (usually to Prince Phichit’s kingdom), so they usually wait anxiously for his return.

@nemovonsilver did the original sketch I just worked on the outfit and the mane. I can’t really draw dresses and I thought about this outfit. Never really saw something like this but though it would look cute. I also wanted to see how a different mane would look like. I hope this is fine. I tried my best.

Here he is!!
Here’s Jaune!
He’s Blumiere’s older brother and is currently ruling over the Tribe of Darkness as his brother had given their father a game over after all. 
He does his best to be a good ruler and is hoping for a more peaceful approach than what the tribe had previously. Though who knows.