this is my best cover art yet

Hi guys! I’ve had a LOT of enquiries about this one so it’s my pleasure to say I’m now taking orders for A3 and A2 poster prints! I have a bunch of overdue bills to pay and I’m having a pretty brokeass month because I only put out 2 pages last month, so every order REALLY REALLY HELPS me not explode from stress until October. A lot of people collect my signed prints so this is your chance to get my best one yet. The chapter cover of Engelbaum issue 1.

Want one? Here’s what you need to know/do:

PRICES: A3- £15 / or / A2- £20 + P&P £7.
Payment: UK Pounds sterling via Paypal only.
What to do next: Drop me a PM with the following info-
1. Your postage name and address with post/zip code and country.
2. How many posters you would like to order.
3. What size A3 or A2.
4. Your paypal address so i can send you a money request.

I’ll be taking orders for this one until next Friday so get your name down now. Payment must be made within 3 days of ordering. Posters will be ordered from the printers on Friday and shipped as soon as i receive my packing materials from Amazon <3

PS) A few of you last time wanted A1 giant prints, and I’ll do that again, but be aware the price is more to cover the extra cost of shipping big tubes and the paper itself (£30) +£7 shipping.

Y’all don’t understand, the cover art for “Sisters” that @clexxxa-things is currently for me is literally the most amazing shit ever. Blu outdoes himself and you guys should go give him some love because I’m in awe at his talent. The new chapter is 4/14 sections complete as of yet, so expect the update later this week or on the weekend on the latest. I’m finally getting back into my groove.

I haven’t been this excited in months, honestly.