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Please recommend me some anime that you like.

It’s hard to do this without knowing what sort of stuff you’re looking for, but off the top of my head:

The Eccentric Family - a comedy-drama revolving around a family of tanuki living in modern-day Kyoto, and the dynamics surrounding tanuki, tengu, and humans. Really funny in a mellow sort of way, and has a lot of heart. There’s a second season airing right now.

KONOSUBA: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! - Pretty much “The Gang Plays Dragon Quest.” Takes the whole “dude is transported to a fantasy realm and has to form a party to take down villains” shtick, but applies the Always Sunny everyone-is-a-horrible-person brand of humor. One of the funniest anime I’ve seen in years.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt - A series of OVAs set during the Universal Century, but self-contained enough that you don’t need any prior familiarity with the franchise to jump in. A typical UC Gundam exploration of the horrors of war where there are no real heroes or villains so much as people pitted against each other by circumstance, but extremely well-animated, has a great soundtrack, and some of the best action scenes in years. The first four OVAs have also been compiled into a movie, December Sky, and a second set of four OVAs has been airing this year.

Nichijou: My Ordinary Life - You’ve probably seen clips or gifsets of this on Tumblr. A group of friends - underachieving Yuuko, short-tempered Mio, deadpan Mai - go about an unremarkable everyday life, in a town where bizarre circumstances are commonplace. Supplemented by a large supporting cast including an 8-year-old science prodigy, an android attempting to prevent anyone from knowing she’s an android, a haughty talking cat who isn’t as mature as he thinks he is, a deer-wrestling principal, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Beautifully animated (to the point where it was a financial failure), and really funny.

Samurai Flamenco - a guy tries to become a Kamen Rider-type hero of justice despite having no superpowers. Things escalate extremely rapidly, and it’s a fucking wild ride. Try to avoid spoilers if possible.

Tsuritama - in a small island town, a socially-awkward new arrival ends up meeting a variety of eccentric folks - a self-proclaimed alien roommate, an irritable fishing guru, a totally-not-MIB with a pet duck - and bonds with them over fishing. Hard to put into a single sentence, but it’s a charming little show with a fun aesthetic.


Allydia AU

for Rennie

Lydia Martin and Allison Argent, better known to the police as The Banshee and The Hunter, have teamed up to become California’s most notorious and prolific car thieves due to their taste for expensive cars and adrenaline. The police think they must run at least two chop shops, that strip the cars and distribute the parts all across the country, however they’ve been unable to locate them. Unfortunately, for the cops, not much else is known about them, since they’re careful to avoid security cameras, the police have had to rely on vague eyewitness accounts describing two women; one brunette and one redhead. Thanks to their inside man, Stiles “Could Talk His Way Out of Anything” Stilinski, and their attention to detail they’ve always been 5 steps ahead of the police. Much to the annoyance of Agent McCall who was assigned their case three months ago after Lydia and Allison had crossed state lines to beat their own record: 6 cars stolen in one week. 

A life of money, fast cars, and evading police, what more could two girls want?


You’re lucky. You’ve fallen in love with your best friend. The person who accepts you at your worst, the person who laughs at your stupid jokes, the person who knows you better than you know yourself. I would kill to spend the rest of my life with that person.

I’m super close to a big milestone for me so I decided to do my first ever tumblr awards as a thank you because you guys are awesome!


  • mbf this loser;
  • only reblogs count (but you can like for your future reference);
  • has to get more than 30 notes or we can just pretend this was never a thing;
  • there will be one winner per category and one or two runner ups (depending on how many enter);
  • deadline is April 30th; winners will be posted shortly after that;


  • Renly Baratheon Award: best theme;
  • Commander Lexa Award: best url;
  • Octavia Blake Award: best icon;
  • Bellamy Blake Award: best gifs / graphics;
  • Tyrion Lannister Award: best fanfiction writer;
  • John Murphy Award: best the 100 blog;
  • Sansa Stark Award: best multifandom blog;
  • Monty Green Award: nicest blogger;
  • Clarke Griffin Award: best overall;
  • Jaime Lannister Award: my personal favourite;

winners will receive:

  • a follow from me (if i’m not already);
  • my undying love and friendship;
  • a spot in my updates tab for a month
  • a gifset of their choice;

runner-ups will receive:

  • a follow from me (if i’m not already);
  • my undying love and friendship;
  • promos from me upon request (for a month);


  • win or lose, everyone who enters will be a part of a big group promo. this is about giving back to you guys, after all! :3

Good luck! :D


as the song approaches its ending,
my heart starts to crumble

~Seunghoon x Color Ring~


Long story short - I should have made this Follow Forever a very long time ago to celebrate reaching 1k followers, but now it’s a Follow Forever just for the sake of posting a Follow Forever. I wanna keep everything here as short and sweet as possible so I can actually post this damn thing.

Also shout out to the fucking amazing Anna for making this gifset for me since my old one was causing problems with posting and photoshop was being too much of a butt for me to make this myself. (And a shout out to whouffled for attempting to make one for me as well, I couldn’t use it cause it wouldn’t upload!)

Alright let’s get this show on the road.

The Best Friends (Hover)

Val, Bianca, Graham, Traci, Eliza, Amy, Steve

The Showcase

A - C







































D - I

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Considering I completely ignored this for like 3 and a half months and wanted to just get this all done and completed in a night, there’s a good chance I forgot a few people, so I recommend you check out my blogroll for all the lovely lovely lovely blogs I follow!

Thank you all for running such lovely blogs and for making my experience on Tumblr so fantastic <3

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So I reblogged that gifset of Hannibal sawing Will's head open and tagged it 'hannigram' and I was hit with all these questions. Like, what kind of pairing is this where attempted brain eating is a thing? What am I doing with my life?? Where's the nearest trash can for me to jump in???

It’s a pairing with two men who fall in love and find true understanding and acceptance with each other over the course of three seasons in one of the best television shows that’s ever aired and being a fan of that is nothing to be ashamed of because, as Will Graham said, it’s beautiful

And who are we to deny ourselves an opportunity to experience true beauty?