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The End

We’ve come a long way. It’s been 14 months since I started this blog, back when “reaction blogs” were the latest fad, and I was displeased with the quality of many such reactions. I thought, “Hey, I could do better than that,” and now, well. Now we have over 4100 followers, after just 157 posts. 

I made an attempt to look for mods a few weeks ago, and many wonderful people applied. Unfortunately, my situation has changed, and I just don’t think I have the time or energy to do much more with this blog. I was hoping I’d get a really strong response, but it’s been a year and a half since the release of Fallout 4, and most people don’t want to devote the majority of their time to someone else’s pet project.

I’m very grateful for everyone who’s sent me a prompt, even if I couldn’t get to theirs. And I’m very thankful to all the people who’ve told me how much they like my writing, and how much they love my content. It’s meant a lot, and I think I’ve learned a lot about writing and dialogue. And I’m even more thankful for the people who spent their time trying to write for this blog. But the time has come for me to move on to other things.

I won’t be deactivating this blog. All the archives are still available, and you can look at all my previous posts by going to and looking through the masterposts. If you’re interested in me as a person, you can find me at @grey-skies-full-moon​, where I post about current events, video games, and occasionally shout into the void.

And remember. People may come and go, but war - war never changes.

Good luck out there, survivors. Atom’s light be with you.

hey look at this shitty banner that ava made on paint! at least she actually made an attempt to make one this time!!!

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psst hi, i really love your blog, it's so fun and positive and always brightens my day. <3 <3 <3 you motivate me to want to make an Outlast ask blog myself bc it looks so fun, but idk if i should ?? do you have any advice for shy nerds like me? ;u;

Definitely go for it! When I first started out (as a Jeremy Blaire blog) things went by reeaaallly slow, most likely due to the fact that he wasn’t that popular of a character, and because I had joined the fandom pretty late.
I had tried maybe twenty different accounts all over social media in attempts to get people to look at my art. This has been the only place that has done so successfully, and it’s also the place I’d least suspect. I thought my accounts where I put more serious, quality art would get more attention, not my second or third attempt at an ask blog.
Basically, don’t expect your first try to be super successful. Mine sure as hell wasn’t. But with that in mind, also know that you ARE going to gain followers and make friends that love what you make and do and will support you!

So yes, make that blog! Whatever you put on it, there’s gonna be people who love it and appreciate the work you put into it!
(It also helps to have someone that’ll always have your back. My girlfriend always reblogs my art that doesn’t get any notes and sent me my very first ask. It’s great to have someone who’ll appreciate you when it feels like no one else does)

Minimum Effort

I’ve been trying to write this blog post for the last three hours. Being honest, writing ranks lower than any other draw on my time - which probably explains the multiple failed attempts at NaNoWriMo over the years. It also explains the awful quality of blog posts unless I’m holed up in a hotel with work.

I read a post at lunchtime today by an old friend - about her attempts to “reset” her blog after selling out to advertisers and filtering her views to meet their demands. It struck a chord with me - although I tend to filter purely to avoid any come-back whatsoever from those that I know read everything I write, waiting for the chance to stick the knife in.

I’ll freely admit that I don’t put as much effort into writing online as I once did. It’s not my job, I earn nothing from it, and I have a ridiculously small readership that I fail to cultivate through a total and utter lack of effort. I just post my words, and wander off to get on with something else. Minimum effort. Going through the motions.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth carrying on with the blog - almost everybody I know that once wrote a personal blog has stopped. I have very much become the unicorn of the group. Even looking around somewhere like Tumblr where diversity is supposed to shine, content creators are in a tiny minority, and male bloggers may as well be an endangered species.

Of course I will carry on, because I’m kind of an idiot. It would be a shame to stop anyway, having written pretty consistently for the last fifteen years.


Local wolf found dead (click for better quality)

PSA: About OCs..

At some point, no matter how hard you work on the muse, no matter how hard you fight for it to be respected and recognized in this fandom, you’ll always be a simple OC. 
I am pretty tired of being put on a side, of being ignored or seeing people’s indifference regarding the open starters that I try to write. 
I’m pretty stubborn because there’s this voice always telling me to stop trying, that no one will reblog one, and yet, I still do it because I have faith and I’m way too naive to think that through my followers, someone would reblog it. 

I am tired of feeling like if I don’t format my posts, I’m not considered as quality. Sometimes, I admit it, I don’t format or use small sized texts because I’m too lazy. That’s so lame of myself, right ? Being way too lazy in formatting my threads because all my energy has been spent in thinking about how to turn this blog even better than before. 

Don’t forget that OCs need as much work as canons. We need to think about the muse (and yes, sometimes it doesn’t work as a first attempt but still), think about headcanons, about backgrounds, about how to interact with canon characters. We are people like others, we are here to have fun and not end ignored like worthless shits. I do know that lately, all I’ve been doing is complaining. But at some point, I’m sick and tired of not being able to receive the same treatment than any other person around. I’m nice, I’m caring. I instantly jump into people’s ask boxes whenever they feel sad and in the need of a friend around. Why then ending ignored ?

Believe me, to me, just like to all the other OCs of this fandom, a simple message, a simple compliment or encouragement means T H E  E N T I R E  W O R L D. 

For those who complain that they don’t have anything in their asks boxes, or too many messages or whatever reason makes them state about the lack of interactions: try to be tolerent to OCs who want to interact with you. We may not be the canon character you’ve been wishing to interact with, but we are nice people who are worth the try.

DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. This work for OCs too. Don’t judge us without having at least tried more than 3 notes, 3 reblogs, with our muses. It takes time to develop a true relationship between character so 3 times a thread isn’t enough at all. Chemistry is the key ingredient to make a thread work perfectly. And sometimes, we aren’t only here for ships (even though I blame myself because of the lack of romantic feelings my muse’s been through, she sometimes loves everybody). 

We are here to have fun. Just like canon characters. Please don’t make this fandom turn into a crappy one. Tolkien used to be a friendly and welcoming world on Tumblr. 

I’m conscious about the fact that this post will make people roll their eyes or probably send burns in all these newly blogs. They can send burns about me, I’m used to hate. I just don’t tolerate it nor post it. But at least I would’ve taken a weight out of my heart tonight, and pointed out that the situation towards some of AMAZING OCs (and I’m not including myself in this term), deserve all the love and the respect. 

We are here to have fun. Don’t forget it. 

I drew They are amazing, I want to have a wardrobe that stylish and work for such an amazing company. Their photoshoots and words are inspiring and their blog helps me have more confidence to express my gender more. I always look fiward to all the photoshoots. They are really fun to draw to. This is my third attempt omg (Sorry for the bad quality photo my phone is dead)

10 FAQ’s | Answered <3

Hey everyone, this is my 250th post so I thought I’d take the time to answer 10 FAQ’s for you all. I can’t believe I’ve posted so much really, and to think that most of those posts are ten pictures each… that’s a lot of pictures, I’ll also start uploading the rest of the pictures from last time I dressed up tomorrow <3

1. Can we chat & be friends? Feel free to start a conversation with me at any time on Tumblr or on Kik (My username is: PinchedSlinky), friendship however must be earned and has been by many. Although I shall not participate in a conversation if the other is for example; a guy requesting nudes.

2. Do you consider yourself Transgender? No, however I have considered this many times as I know my personality is naturally feminine but I am aware that I do not feel the way that transgender guys and girls do. I enjoy CrossDressing occasionally but do not feel the need to one day become Lucy.

3. Do you ever want to stay dressed as Lucy? Yes, there have been many times when all I want to do is stay dressed up after taking pictures because I look and feel so great. Although I prefer to spend every minute I have dressed up taking pictures. It’s just a shame that sometimes I only stay dressed up for an hour or two and spend more time dressing up than I do dressed up. Occasionally I do stay dressed up a little longer but as I almost always dress up late at night I just want to sleep after I’m done.

4. How did you realise you wanted to CrossDress? A while ago I took the time to remember everything I could leading up to the creation of my blog, you can read all about it here: My Cross-Dressing Story

5. Are you aware and does it bother you that your pictures are re-blogged by a lot of NSFW Blogs? Yes I am aware that a lot of NSFW Blogs follow mine and re-blog my content, I am aware that many others do not appreciate their content being on these blogs. However as far as I’m concerned if my content is on one of these blogs, it’s because the host of that blog likes my content and wished to re-blog it. I do not feel that this associates me with them in any way, all I feel I’m associated with is what I post here on my blog.

6. Where do you buy your clothes, makeup etc? I buy most of my clothes on Amazon but I have started also looking on eBay recently. I buy my makeup on Amazon too but I do not have any brand preference, I buy items with good reviews and value for money. I buy wigs and heels on Amazon too, my favourite brand of heels currently are Viva Shoes as I have brought a few pairs from them and they’ve all been great. I buy all my wigs from MelodySusie on Amazon as the wigs they sell are great value at roughly £15 each and they are excellent quality.

7. How did you learn to do your makeup? I learnt my make-up very gradually, when I started dressing a year before I started this blog I used to just wear foundation and lipstick along with some girly sunglasses and a wig. This made me look fairly feminine but it was months until I tried eyeliner and my first attempt wasn’t too bad. Since then I have been practicing those basic makeup skills and over time improved. I also learnt to use a few other makeup items to give me a more feminine look, if I didn’t know how something was done I would find one or two YouTube videos explaining it and then practice until I got the result I was looking for. After learning all I needed to about the makeup I wanted to use I improved every time I dressed up and progressed to now. I’m using almost exactly the same makeup now as I was when I started my blog, so the difference you see is simply practice as I’m still using the same products. So for anyone out there who is looking to learn, start with the basics and once you’ve learnt those move onto the next makeup product you feel would help improve your look. Then when you feel your starting to look feminine, keep doing what you know and don’t try to learn more just yet. When you’ve gotten the best you believe you can with what you know, you may want to try another makeup product to make yourself look even more feminine. I can’t guarantee this will work for you but this is how I learnt and got to where I am now.

8. Do you ever go outside dressed as Lucy? I went outside for a short five minute walk around my block when I started my blog just to see what it would be like walking outside dressed up, this was a very memorable experience. Since then I haven’t been outside anywhere other than the garden dressed up, this is not something I aim to do more often either. I enjoy dressing up and taking pictures, going outside dressed up after spending all that time dressing up seems like a waste and I’d rather be taking pictures at home in various outfits. It would be nice to go out as Lucy one day so long as there’s a reason for it, for instance going out and taking pictures with a girl or another crossdresser, but for now I’m happy taking pictures dressed up at home.

9. Who takes the pictures? The first pictures of me ever taken dressed as Lucy outside were taken by my mum. Other than that all pictures have been taken by me, to get most of the pictures outside I use a tripod and a 10 second timer on my camera.

10. Got any tips for a beginner? I do, however I would go on for far too long talking about them. Although another Tumblr CD, Jessica Blaise has put together a rather nice CrossDressing Compendium which is full of Tips/Tricks & Advice for beginners. I have also personally helped a little with this although it is not completely finished yet. If you like my content I also recommend you follow Jessica too and if you ever have any questions you can contact either of us on Kik anytime (Jessica’s username is: Jessica_Blaise).

(Excuse my first attempt at a gif aha, may need to click for better quality.)

Holy cow, I might cry! You guys! This is amazing! 1000 is a big number! I couldn’t be happier at how far my lil’ blog has come, and I am so grateful to you all!
Alrighty, now let’s get to the fun part! (Thank you to those who helped me with what to do for this.)
I’ll be doing a follower pic for 20+ followers, you’re characters will be drawn in chibi style to fit more of you! But wait! There’s more~
For two or three lucky winners, I would like to draw a series of pictures with your OC and Elora together on either a date or a friendly hangout, your choice, the winners will be messaged and asked for a ref, along with other info.

Rules / How to enter:
- Be a follower (new or old)
- Reblog - you can reblog with a ref, a link to ref, or submit me one.
- OC doesn’t have to be a pony but humans I won’t do.
- Must reblog before 15th July, that’s when all winners will be determined.

And that’s it! Everyone who enters, their url will be put in a list and put to a number generator so it’s fair, thank you everyone so much again, I love you all, and stay safe! -Mod

anonymous asked:

I don't know why we never talk about this because it's very interesting: Tyrion's pride. Like, he can be very self-deprecating but he always strikes me as a prideful man, as prideful as the rest of his family, with his refusal to tolerate being mocked. And honestly I don't blame him at all for that.

There’s a lot I could say about the way fandom praises Tyrion vs the way they praise the rest of his family. Tyrion is often seen as the “good” Lannister so when fandom praises him they talk about his kindness, his empathy for “cripples, bastards, and broken things”, his sense of justice. So when people criticize him, they usually criticize him for not showing enough of these qualities. People talk about how he’s “not a saint” and “just as bad as the rest of his family” partly as a response to a portion of the fandom that believes Tyrion can do no wrong, but I feel like it’s also because there’s this expectation that he should be better, and that reeks of ableism to me.

And this expectation that Tyrion be the “good one” of his family is actually very meta. GRRM is deliberately drawing on and addressing this by setting up Tyrion at the beginning of the story using the “noble outcast” trope, but then a large part of Tyrion’s arc is about deconstructing that. Not subverting it, because subversion is just creating the opposite effect, and one that is equally problematic because the noble outcast stereotype is in itself a response to the stereotype of outcasts and minorities as inherently flawed, inferior, even evil.

That’s why critiques of Tyrion so often fall into ableist stereotypes, even in an attempt to avoid them. Of course, it’s hugely problematic and ableist to praise Tyrion for being some kind of noble outcast, but it’s also problematic to villainize him for not being humble enough. This happens A LOT with characters in asoiaf (see the ongoing discussion on my blog about Sansa and Arya and the concept of the “good” or morally superior victim), but in particular it is noticeable in Tyrion especially when people condemn Tyrion for being too prideful because his able-bodied siblings are all about pride, and their stans emphasize this as one of their greatest qualities. It’s also a strongly Lannister quality, and there’s this perception in fandom that Tyrion either is not, or should not be like his other siblings. Which is so meta because of the way he is treated in the text as not a real part of his family, and the way in which he struggles with his Lannisterness as a huge part of his identity, his struggle to be taken seriously as a part of his family while also wanting to define himself as an individual.

I’ve roleplayed Tyrion on tumblr several times and I always got people telling my Tyrion that he “wasn’t like the other Lannisters”, which I know is meant as a compliment but I would always have Tyrion take it as an insult, because I think he would.

Conversely, fandom praises Cersei and Jaime for the very same qualities that they condemn Tyrion for, and treat their flaws as beautiful and tragic, while Tyrion’s flaws are intolerable. Cersei goes around like “I’m the queen!!!” and fandom praises this as powerful and feminist but when Tyrion tries to exert his authority over people who underestimate him because of his disability, he’s wrong and terrible and when you point out how this is a response to ableism people are like “oh well Tyrion is just imagining and/or exaggerating all that ableism because entitlement”.

One of my very favorite Tyrion lines is in ACOK when he sits the iron throne and “looked down on them all, and found he liked it”, precisely because Tyrion is not supposed to enjoy having power over others. He’s disabled, he’s supposed to be humble and good and only want to do things for the benefit of able-bodied people.

This is not even to mention things like that post I was responding to about how Tyrion is too prideful merely by not wanting to be treated like he exists for the entertainment of able-bodied people. I mean, we also never talk about things like this:

His clothing was still soaked from his involuntary swim, clinging to his arms and legs uncomfortably. Whilst Young Griff went off with Septa Lemore to be instructed in the mysteries of the Faith, Tyrion stripped off the wet clothes and donned dry ones. Duck had a good guffaw when he emerged on deck again. He could not blame him. Dressed as he was, he made a comic sight. His doublet was divided down the middle; the left side was purple velvet with bronze studs; the right, yellow wool embroidered in green floral patterns. His breeches were similarly split; the right leg was solid green, the left leg striped in red and white. One of Illyrio’s chests had been packed with a child’s clothing, musty but well made. Septa Lemore had slit each garment apart, then sewn them back together, joining half of this to half of that to fashion a crude motley. Griff had even insisted that Tyrion help with the cutting and sewing. No doubt he meant for it to be humbling, but Tyrion enjoyed the needlework. Lemore was always pleasant company, despite her penchant for scolding him whenever he said something rude about the gods. If Griff wants to cast me as the fool, I’ll play the game. Somewhere, he knew, Lord Tywin Lannister was horrified, and that took the sting from it.   

I have never, ever seen a post about the inherent ableism in forcing a little person to wear motley to “humble” them. Probably because everyone loves Jon Connington, but also because I bet most people reading these books didn’t even notice it. And people treat Tyrion’s ADWD arc like it was a needed lesson in humility! That’s honestly disgusting. When Cersei was forced to walk naked, the same justification of “humbling” her was also used, and the same thing is happening here. A marginalized person is being “humbled” by being objectified in a way specifically related to institutionalized ableism/sexism. This is to say nothing of Tyrion or Cersei’s actual flaws, you only have to look to the way they’re being punished to understand what this is about. Tyrion and Cersei’s real crime is thinking that they deserve to be treated equal to others, and they’re being brought down in a way that specifically emphasizes that they aren’t.

I mean, the Lannisters as a whole have this toxic view of themselves as better than other people, but it’s so interesting to me that Cersei and Tyrion are specifically targeted (both in universe and by fans) not only for their pride, but because of the perception that pride in a woman, or pride in a dwarf, is so much worse. This fandom seems to get that with regard to Cersei, because they are very attuned to sexism, but with Tyrion they just fall right back into the very prejudice they are fighting against.

tl;dr, I’m not denying that Tyrion is a prideful asshole. But we need to specifically analyze the way in which Tyrion is criticized for his pride. I love that Tyrion is a prideful asshole precisely because we live in a world that says that pride is so much more of a flaw if you aren’t an able-bodied white man.


So I’ve had this blog a couple of days now, and seeing as I’ll be posting my own photos from Monday onwards, I thought a little introduction was in order :)

• I’m currently in my 2nd year of Veterinary Medicine in Ireland.

• I’m very much a visual learner so I started this studyblr to get inspiration for ways to spice up my mindmaps/notes.

• When I’m not in university, I’m riding my horses (aka the only things that keep me sane during exams).

• I feel like a lot of these studyblr people are always studying and great at staying motivated but tbh I’m a mess, I go out too much and I’m almost always tired so why would you even follow me, I don’t know?

Clever peoples that I stalk in an attempt to get my ass in gear (thank you guys btw your blogs are a lifesaver <3)

@elkstudies (fellow countrywoman) @coffeesandmedschool (my second ever follower = legend) @studyingdaisies (jealous because even her face fits her beautiful aesthetic <3) @studyspo (is everyone in the studyblr community dying for that username or what?) @studyquill (ravenclaw so you know that’s going to be some top quality content) @athenastudying (is apparently a fan girl, I need to know more) @rewritign (theme and content goals <3) @vet-life (the much better version of this blog.. no seriously don’t follow me, follow them) @reviseordie (number 1 source of mindmap inspiration!) @officiallystudying (because their notes are unbelievable beautiful.. no seriously, there has to be some magic shit involved I don’t believe it) @studyign (because your youtube channel is BEYOND helpful thank you!) @areistotle (because you were the first studyblr I ever found, back on my other tumblr so thank you for showing me this incredible resource)

• I’m back to university on Monday so after that I should be uploading more of my own stuff as I start going to the library/writing notes etc.

Thank you!

So i’ve just unfollowed 1800 blogs and now my dash is basically dead so i’m popping out a post in an attempt to get some good quality blogs to follow~

Reblog/Like this post if you post any of the following:

  • Exo (Yixing + SUHO particularly) 
  • BTS
  • SHINee
  • GOT7
  • Seventeen
  • Luhan/Kris/Tao
  • Pastel Stuff
  • Basically Kpop
  • Lots of Kpop
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Japanese Stuff (typography/photographs/food etc) 

I’ll check out your blogs and probably follow straight away!

Lets be friends~

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Holy shit I reached 1.5k?? Thank you to everyone who follows me and puts up with my shit posts and everything, on my last account it took me a year to reach this amount but idk how it happened so fast here. Enjoy the shitty graphic lmao but seriously thankyou!! Here are some quality blogs I follow thankyou for making my dash pretty.Second attempt I’m sorry for the multiple tags before idk what happened??

etheryeols ♡ 

shanica, so this year we stopped talking for a bit & I swear I was the saddest shit without you but it’s okay because we are back together n reunited forever ilysm and I promise we’ll meet this year :)) we’re also coming to our 3rd year of friendship and I can’t believe you put up with me because honestly I’m so extra. You are the most amazing ass bestfriend in the world ilyy

The thirst squad // parkjiminis stopsvt kiminguy grboyy 4jh pocketjimin kyungisoo ♡ Anj, Denna, Naomi, Alex, Kyl, Karen, Furq ♡  we are jihope tbh you ppl are my loves okay I didn’t expect to make new friends so idk how the hell it happened. I really hope we stay friends for a long time because honestly I literally sit there laughing / crying  whenever we talk. I could write an essay but you know let’s keep it sweet n simple ily dorks
nuneon kiminguy 4jh ♡ Karla, Naomi, Kyl okay you three are life savers thankyou for running the nets and keeping them updated because tbh I’m really shitty with that. This is literally a massive thankyou to guys!!! 

muskdrop napplngamna & madina my real life angels yes I tagged you in this too bc I love you hoes so much it makes me cry, idk what I would do without you two keeping me sane from irl people okay ily n thankyou sweet peaches!!

now here are my favourite blogs!!

# - C
164cmwoozi17dad ♡ 4jh95brotp  ♡ 98seungkwan  ♡ aestaegi  ♡ astrohobi  ♡ automaticdlck  ♡ baekhyugh  ♡ baeksdestroyedanus  ♡ bahbae  ♡   barkyeol  ♡ blushyoongibo0seungkwan  ♡ boooseungkwan  ♡ byunrapper  ♡ chimsboy  ♡ choiminhs  ♡ coupsgf  ♡ cuddletae  ♡ cypherkookie  ♡ cyphkiller
D - H

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J - K

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corny's big gem info/image repository

basically this is my attempt to document Every Possible Gem we’ve ever seen. mostly via the design sheets and what shows up in the backgrounds. some of these are higher quality than others cause some of them were posted on the stevencrewniverse blog, but a few i had to nab from less than amazing screencaps. naturally, this is gonna have spoilers in it so tread with caution. also this does not include objects that didn’t have a visible gem, since those tended to get totally destroyed

im gonna put it all under a read more cause it’s big, and so i can update it later as more stuff shows up! enjoy.

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It took WAY too long for me to do this but here it is, (I apologize for the crappy image quality) There’s a lot of screw ups but I’m just happy I could finish this drawing for my favorite blog dude on tumblr, you’re great Jim and thanks for bringing all of your positive Papyrus and such comics into my life, it’s the least I could do to attempt at repaying you for being awesome! :3


anonymous asked:

I'm not trying to send hate mail, I don't understand why you keep making gifs of yourself. I get that you feel amazing in your current state and I'm honestly proud for all of the work that you put into yourself, but it seems slightly self absorbed that you keep posting pics of yourself winking and smiling at the camera. I followed you because of the stuff you posted and reblogged, not to have to constantly see you take pics of yourself and saying "starring Matty Diaz". We know who you are..

I was going to be snarky and a smart ass here, but let’s have this conversation, because I get the feeling that this is going to come up a lot.

1. Why do I keep making gifs of myself.

Well, aside from the fact that it’s.. like.. fun, I literally figured out how to make gifs from scratch 3 days ago. I’ve tried GIF apps and they’re all terrible, choppy, low quality, filtered or have awful water marks all over them. They don’t have the quality I need, so I decided to just follow some tutorials and learn to make them from scratch, through video files in Photoshop.

I’m still figuring out how to do them, and so I’ve been making a lot recently so I can fuck with the settings and file sizes and see what presets put together the smoothest gifs with the highest quality and lowest amount of choppiness so I can get the best possible file that still meets Tumblr’s weird and ridiculous file size constraints.

Besides, making gifs is fun. It’s like taking selfies that move! 

2. Why ARE you taking so many selfies recently?

Besides the fact that I’m cute as hell? 

Well if you go back a few days into my blog, you’ll see where I talked about some ideas I’ve been throwing around for attempting to be an alternative male model. I don’t meet the typical male model body type. I’m chubby, have excess skin, a goofy face, tattoos, piercings and a weird-ass haircut. I’ve got a lot of things working against me, and while my look is “unique” according to the people who’ve encouraged me into doing it, it’s definitely non-traditional.

So part of it is just to help me get more comfortable trying different “looks” and faces in front of the camera, so when I finally do some shoots coming up in the spring I feel more comfortable with others taking my photos and putting me in poses and shit.

This funnels back into the thing about me making gifs. I get so many comments calling me “handsome” and “gorgeous” on all my selfies, but I’ve rarely/never gotten those comments on videos I’ve posted for years, and I seldom get them in person. This has led to an underlying feeling that maybe I’m one of those people that “looks good” in still photos, but awful in person. Who knows? It happens.

So what’s a pretty simple solution? Selfies that move, of course.

They’re getting and overwhelmingly positive reaction though, so maybe I’m just one of those people who only looks good on the internet, Idunno.

3. What’s with this “Starring Matty Diaz” bullshit? We know who you are..

…You are aware of the fact that there are people besides my followers who see my posts, right?

The gifset I posted yesterday has over 130 notes as of the time I’m writing this. The gif I posted the other day about the shower hair has over 500 notes already, many of which are reblogs.

Those people have no fucking idea who I am when they see those gifs. That’s why I get at least 3 messages a day saying “I just found your blog and omg I love it” and stuff.

I’m probably going with Matty Diaz as a name if I really do pursue this attempt at alt modeling. I use permeations of my name for most of my stuff. I go by Matt Diaz. When I write/if my book gets published, it’ll get published under Matthew Joseph Diaz. And when I try this modeling thing, it’ll go under Matty Diaz. It keeps my shit close enough together so that if everything works out, it won’t be hard to find all of the things I’ve been a part of.

So that’s why.

So I may have been a tad overtired yesterday, and in my attempt to finish up some confessions in order to fill up the queue, this gem happened. I don’t remember making this, but it looks like I was falling asleep whilst making it. Quality Once Upon a Time confession blog right here.