this is my attemp to make you cry

This is so heart-wrenching to read. It can almost break my heart into pieces. You may consider me a fan of Cyndago, and when I read that “Daniel passed away in peace” I had the urge of crying that my eyed was getting teary. Daniel is a nice guy and he makes Ryan, Matt and Mark happy. We will never know why he attemped suicide but we’ll just let it be. It’s also so sad that Cyndago will no longer carry forward. Mark was looking forward to go work with them and it won’t happen anymore. I will miss the sketches they have made.

I am so sorry to Mark, Matt and Ryan for their loss of a good friend. My condolences, prayers and love goes to them and their family.

To Mark: Please. Just please take your time. Take a month of not making videos or until you have recovered from mourning and grief. I don’t mind if it will take you a year. Just take a break.