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I will not be silent any longer

I will no longer take harassment and bullying from a certain user on this site. I will not give her name because I refuse to go as low as her. She doxxed me, posted my name and location publicly (that explains my absence, I have since taken precautions to update my security so it’s safe for me to post this), and using her popularity she did everything to defame me by telling her followers to unfollow me. She harassed my friends on Twitter, telling them to not be friends with me.

However, the final straw was her calling me a “nazi” for simply being German and drawing historical fanart, that’s far from being a nazi. In Germany, nazism is taken very seriously, and is still a very VERY touchy subject here. In here, nazis are dangerous criminals who attack innocent people. I do not wish to be associated with them. If people searched my url and found her blogs, I would be in very serious trouble.

Thank you to my followers who have stayed with me despite this smearing campaign. And I’m really sorry but I’ll retreat into a hiatus for a couple more months before being active again.

anonymous asked:

I totally agree with your stance on spaying & neutering. However, was wondering on your stance regarding the associated health risks with not spaying/neutering....I neutered my dog because he was a cryptorchid and with my female I was worried about a pyometra (her breed already puts her at 60-80% risk).

In your case, you had medical reason behind your decision to do the procedure. It is my understanding that cryptorchids really should be neutered, not necessarily to keep them from breeding, but because a retained or missing testicle can cause other bodily harm and neutering will completely fix that problem. However, I’ve never owned a dog with this condition (Creed is my first intact-into-adulthood dog) and I’m just going off of what friends with dogs like this have told me.

Similarly, bitches with genetic high risk for pyo should probably have their owners consider spaying some time around or after their prime. Spaying might risk killing a bitch, but untreated pyo always will. In that case, a risk/benefit discussion should be had with the vet on the timing of the procedure to ensure you’ve taken the best course for her extended health.

Bouncing to humans real quick- my mother had a hytso when she was absolutely sure she was done having children. She had terrible, awful periods, disabling pain, and more often than not her bleeding put her in the hospital. Both pregnancies were extremely high risk and my bio sis and I both tried to be born far, far too early several times. If she wasn’t actively trying to have children, she was on several forms of birth control in an attempt to prevent her from being hospitalized by her own uterus yet again. When I was a preteen, she was, effectively, spayed for her own good. There are various health risks involved with hystos and especially if the ovaries are also removed (hers were), but in her case the direct health benefits of not having uterus or ovaries outweighed the potential risks involved with removal.

In each of these cases, the procedure was performed for strictly medical reasons. Not to idiot-proof pregnancy prevention, or teaching a hormonal dog not to be a shit, or ~just in case~ without truly surveying the risk involved. 

Another anon sent:

There are actually health benefits to spaying for females, at least. The rate of mammary cancer is waay higher in intact females than ones that have been fixed. Just as a side note.

You know, I touched on this a long, long time ago but… source?

I only ask this because this is an oft repeated “common sense” thing that I never actually have seen a real study for outside of a survey in the 80s where a vet practice noticed a correlation between intact bitches and mammary tumors. Correlation is not causation, so unless there is a different study, I don’t really consider this one to be particularly true or false tbh. If there is a different study, I’d love to see it! I spent about 3 hours a few years ago looking for one and could only find mentions of the survey, not even a full write up, but I also don’t have access to scientific articles behind paywalls because I am not a scientist at all.

As a side note- it is my understanding that mammary tumors are not typically lifethreatening if addressed in a timely manner, and the problem is immediately solved by removal of the problem gland. If another pops up, it also can be removed. It’s cancer, sure, but it’s not like bone cancer which is a death sentence the moment you find it. Genetic predisposition also affects the rate of mammary tumors- if a bitch from a breeder has no instances of mammary tumors in a 10 gen pedigree, it’s pretty likely that you’re not going to see much in the way of mammary tumors on her either when she’s old and creaky. A doberman bitch, for instance, is far more likely to die from bone cancer or melanoma than she is from mammary tumors (and far more likely to die from DCM than cancer). Should I cut her legs and skin off to prevent these cancers from happening, since they occur at higher rates and are frequently far more deadly?

oceanblue-and-forestgreen  asked:

As someone with some level of dysphoria who can't get T shots because of hormone related mental health reasons, how can I appear more masculine or androgynous?

You could opt for hairstyles and clothing usually associated with masculinity. Black sports jackets might help too. My friends got me one for my birthday because they know I prefer to dress in a gender-neutral style.

daemoninwhiteround2  asked:

your Voltron headcanons are amazing and hilarious and a gift to this world

once again i’m in awe that my gift to humanity is shitposts

  • “where’s pidge” “i don’t know probably planking on a robot or something”
  • lance is a treasure trove of very specific and random skill sets that come in handy at very specific and random moments
    • one time he goes undercover as a circus performer and manages to distract the bad guys long enough for the team to stage a whole prison break by juggling for half an hour straight
    • can totally pick locks with bobby pins
    • king of limbo, once avoided death by lasers by shimmying under them
  • “oh my god guys guys if keith were a superhero he’d be the sandman. get it. get it because he lived in the deser-”
  • keith and lance use the buddy system whenever they have to walk through the castle because they still don’t trust it not to kill them and there’s strength in numbers shut up pidge
  • not that either party knows this but hunk can deadlift more than zarkon
  • allura’s vibe is “don’t fuck with me” while shiro’s is “you could pour soup in my lap and i’d probably apologize to you”
  • *in the middle of a fight* pidge: “tag yourself i’m that galra guy who just straight up ran away when he saw us“
    • lance: “i’m the ship that just blew up”
    • hunk: “i’m the cold, crushing void of space”
    • coran: “can you kids lighten up a little???”

“we can still be friends no matter what your political beliefs”

listen i respect that but like

i do not wanna be friends for people who agree with the racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, egotistical, violent, xenophobic, orange man who gleefully boasts about sexually assaulting women, has made several racially charged remarks/tweets that are not backed up with any evidence, has been forced away from his twitter because he cannot control himself, and is not willing to accept the peaceful transfer of power bc he thinks that everything is rigged against him

like if your cool with ur friends voting for that instead of the clearly more qualified candidate who actually values basic human rights than be my guest but dont expect me to stick around for their nasty asses


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

Lance: no, all you gotta do is go up to the guy and tell him you like him

Keith: okay, so like this: i like you.

Lance: exactly! now just go tell him!

Keith: i like you

Lance: yeah, just like that, now go tell him

Keith: i just did

Lance: but it’s just me here


Lance: *storms up to keith, face covered in glitter*
Lance: Keith, what the hell
Keith: *laughs*
Keith: I put glitter in all your moisturizers and lotions. I’m calling it Midnight Sky by Kogane
Keith: *finger guns towards the camera*
Keith: Twinkle, twinkle, big star
Lance: Keith! That was an amazing idea and I will buy it from you, but what the hell