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Something I’ve never noticed before.

Watch the little grimace Bucky makes after he says, “But I knew him.” 

And then watch his expression after he says, “My name is Bucky.” 

It’s harder to see in the CACW scene because he’s looking down, but it’s the same expression.

In the bank vault, he has a question… he knew that man on the bridge. He heard the name Bucky and he felt reality as he knew it shift and he’s still trying to lock onto fleeting images in his mind, images he doesn’t know are actual memories. He only knows he wants an answer and is willing to endure pain from a beating to get it. That’s Bucky, quietly, stubbornly, adamantly refusing to be denied.

And with Zemo, Bucky knows a lot more about who he is and what he chooses to call himself, and it’s not James, at least not as this little pissant of a psychiatrist is using it. Again, that’s Bucky, quietly, stubbornly, adamantly refusing to be denied.

Seb knows this character, down to the smallest detail. 

chinajousama replied to your photo: Oooh interesting  I can’t tell if this was what I…

I’m actually imagining you walking up to a class of shocked kid students and saying “alabama” to them and all of them just repeating it back like an echo chamber

This is my new favourite thing oh my goodness.

  • Akashi: *calls Kuroko*
  • Akashi: So you do like me?
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, we’re dating.
  • Akashi: I know, but I still can’t believe it.
  • Kuroko: ...
  • Akashi: Well, aren’t you going to answer my question?
  • Kuroko: It's 4 AM!
  • Akashi: Yes, but are you dating me as a friend, or like, a boyfriend? I need clarification.
  • Kuroko: *hangs up*

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the scene with keith and his dad oh my good lord i turned into a human waterfall that was uncalled for im not supposed to feel emotions aND HE GAVE UP KNOWING ANSWERS TO HELP EVERYONE AND OH MY GOD

UM YEAH thanks dreamworks for providing us yet another answer that only leads to 5000 more questions and endless emotional turmoil i wont sleep for a week

about me

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Hi guys - Great news! We finally have an expert opinion on the trademark ordeal. They looked over my post ‘Proof: Management lied to us’ & the prosecution history and answered a few specific questions I had.

The lawyer wanted to remain anonymous but has given me permission to copy and paste their answers here.

This is not only a lawyer but also a lawyer who has years of experience working in intellectual property specifically. This is such a valuable opinion. It is still just one person’s opinion, so don’t take it as fact, but it is a very informed opinion of someone who actually has the expertise to interpret the prosecution history and explain the terms.

I’ll make it easy and start with a summary of points to take from this: (a) The trademark deal doesn’t give LAND much - it’s mostly just about merchandise. (b) The deal doesn’t affect things like Camila promoting 5H. © It looks like they were working under the assumption that Camila was leaving. (d) It also looks like they purposefully prolonged the process so that the registration could be timed for PR purposes.

Meg: Starter questions - 1) What can they get from the trademark deal - is it just merch/sponsorships or music too? 2) Can their contract interfere with it and can the label still take money even though LAND owns it? 3) Can Camila be accused of trademark infringement because of e.g. promoting 5H on social media or wearing merch etc…?


A trademark is meant to be a physical mark designating the origin of something in trade. That’s all it applies to. There is trademark infringement when someone uses a similar mark to imply a similar source and confuse consumers as to the source of the goods or services. In the context of a band, it is relevant to official merch but that’s about it.

It has nothing to do, really, with touring or record sales. Their mark could be used on those things, and they would have to grant a license to the record label and the tour company to use the mark, but that in itself is not worth much because there’s no competition for their name. There aren’t multiple labels competing with each other to get to use their trademark like there are t shirt companies competing to be official 5H t shirts

They already have a record deal that obligates them to produce music through that label. Almost assuredly, one line in that record deal is a requirement that they grant a license for all relevant trademarks. Same for whatever their touring deal is.

And yes, the label can still take money. The label or management make the deals. The trademark is just a small part of that. The deals would require a license and would pay a fee to the owner of the trademark, here, the girls. In theory, if they could withhold the trademark, the deals would fall through because the trademark is necessary for it to be official, but, again, almost assuredly there is a clause in their contract requiring them to appropriately grant licenses to the mark when they make other deals.

The only think not owning the mark would do for Camila is that she couldn’t license the mark out for merch. She can still say she was in the band – that’s a fact. If there is a particular logo, she probably can’t use that (like on her website or something) but stating a fact about her involvement in the band isn’t trademark infringement. And whatever she fails to do – like promoting, etc. – only has to do with her obligations under her record, management and PR contracts. It has nothing to do with the trademark.

Think of a trademark as a seal or a sticker. Whoever owns the trademark gets to decide who has permission to put that seal or sticker on something and designate it as “official.” That’s really all a trademark gives you.

The reason the girls owning their trademark is important (and the boys of 1D) is that no one else can ever officially be 5th Harmony. Their label can’t decide to fire them all and then hire new girls and keep calling the 5th Harmony.

That’s come up with 1D where people wonder whether the boys can leave Syco, reform as another group with a different name, and Syco could create a new 1D. While they can form another group if they want, Syco doesn’t own the 1D trademark, so it can never use that name for anything in the future.

Meg:  So basically the girls could technically refuse to give the label permission to use their mark in order to make money off of sales and touring, but that would only make the deal fall through, and it probably doesn’t apply anyway because their contracts probably have clauses set up for this scenario where they have to give the label the right to use the license?



It’s not nothing, because it means no one else can ever BE 5th Harmony without their permission, but it doesn’t give a lot of tangible rights other than licensing fees for merch and stuff.

Meg: That makes so much sense.

Lawyer: Intellectual property is complicated, but the names of things really give away what they are. A “trademark” is literally a mark for trade. A “copyright” is literally the right to make copies. 

The devil is in the details, but those are the broad strokes.

Meg:  Honest opinion though - I know you can’t judge for sure - but do you think that if the band partnership (without Camila) was formed in dec 2015, the assignment happened in April 2016, and the registration happened in dec 2016 at the same time as Camila left….   do you think they all knew she was leaving?

Lawyer: Yes, or at least they were working under that assumption.

Meg: Yeh thats how i feel - I don’t know much about law but I’m trying to explain to people that these things take a lot of time, effort and preparation.

Lawyer: You can’t just up and quit one day. It takes negotiations and preparations.

[After looking through and working out the prosecution history]

Meg: What do you think about the extensions and the timing? The registration came through 2 days after Camila left. I find that suspicious. They filed an extension request to submit the Statement of Use (SOU). Do you think they were trying to time it right by submitting the SOU in august?


Yeah, I don’t know why they’d do that. It was allowed back in 2014. So they fixed everything by then, they just needed to provide examples of how it was being used. You’re probably right that it was some internal thing that was delaying things. But it’s so weird, because a trademark is easily assignable. There’s no reason not to complete the registration and then just assign it to some other party later once you’ve worked things out. There’s no reason that the party that registers it needs to be the party who eventually ends up with it.

So, Simco could have gotten it registered and then assigned it just to the 4 of them when all was figured out.

Meg: that confirms what I suspected. They basically used the registration date as the big PR event and acted almost as if that was the assignment. But because fans don’t understand the terms, they don’t question it. So basically they ‘saved’ the registration so that they could use it for PR and bring the trademark deal to light.  i.e. saved it for when Camila left to set up a positive publicity narrative for the new 4H era.


That makes sense.

Because I see no other reason for delay. If you had a company that hadn’t done anything yet, putting together the SOU would be hard, but they could have done it easily. There’s no practical reason to delay that.

I think that the assignment in April to just the 4 of them is pretty definitive proof that they knew as of then that C wouldn’t be continuing with them.


Meg: I did have a debate with someone recently who said “its not proof, - they could have added C into the partnership if she decided to stay for another album”. But that just doesn’t make sense to me - surely if they didn’t know it would be the other way round - they would put her in and then take her out if she left.



If you have a 5 person band, the default is to include everyone. Why would you leave her out when she’s part of the status quo at the time?


I hope everyone reads this whole thing carefully. This clears up so much confusion on the deal and the terms. Their interpretation of the timings just from looking at the prosecution history also confirmed a lot of my suspicions. Especially the stuff about prolonging the process so that the registration would happen in late December after C left. I am so grateful to this lawyer for taking the time to look at it and answer my questions. This is a rare piece of gold in the sea of misinformation that is tumblr. 

I think we can safely say that the trademark deal is a little bit of benefit for the girls, a whole lot of PR and a pretty solid chunk of evidence towards idea that Camila’s exit was known and planned way in advance.

Thanks again to this wonderful human being for taking the time to help us confused harmonisers.

Stay woke,


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Things I have already googled in 2017

“There is a rubber band hanging from my cat’s butt, is it safe to pull it out?” (Answer: No. Also, very expensive vet visit for attempted cat suicide)

“Why does my laptop sound like a plane during takeoff?”

“What organs are essential?” (Related to cost of above) 

“UTI’s in Dogs” 

“How much does a high class escort cost?” (This seems questionable, I promise it wasn’t.)

“Tattoo parlors near me” 

i’m dyin after season 2 squirtle

Honestly tho, season 2 as a whole was sO SO GOOD, like:

  • we’ve got all the drama
  • lotS OF things were happening, like whoa it was very intense
  • Galra resistance!!
  • mate, it was all so insane
  • good good
  • It was??? sO GOOOD???

But also, like:

  • not many Klance moments??
  • it might be just me but I feel like everyone has been mean to each other most of the time (but ya know, like, they’re living in big stress so that might be it)
  • not much of Lance and Hunk’s development
  • I have sO MANY MORE QUESTIOns left without answers dvvdbhs
  • I feel so empty cuz it all seemed to fast and so many things happened but also so many things didn’t happen and I have to wait, like, a year for season 3 now
  • what am I supposed to do w/ my life now
  • pls help
  • emptyness and dark matter inside of me……I feel ‘em…
  • now we’re all emo like Keith
  • there’s no help
  • no rescue
  • there’s only emo now
  • honestly tho when’s season 3 airing I want it now

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I have a cold at the moment and I've kinda lost my voice (partially) but its really horrible for me because I do a lot of singing and I use my voice to work out notes when I'm playing an instrument. What should I do?

What kind of question is that? Just rest and wait for your voice to come back.

Byakuya, be nicer!

What Byakuya said is true though, the only thing to do right now is to rest and take care of your throat. Don’t try to talk or to sing, you just need to wait a bit and things will come back to normal.

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Just curious, but why do you like to be called a slut? Why not something more meaningful? And this is just a genuine question. No hate.

It’s not a problem, anon! I don’t always like to be called a slut. The only person I’d like to call me a slut is my daddy, because I’m a slut for him and only for him. Idk I just like being degraded a little, I love it when he calls me that. But I’m not just “a slut”, I’m “his slut”. 💗 and don’t worry, I’m also his princess too (: he treats me with respect and loves me deeply

Going to view a house tomorrow, provided everything checks out (it’s already approved by the uni) and i’m happy with all the answers to some questions I have and how the place looks then I might be starting the process, along with my friend, to rent out a room there for second year… adult stuff, it’s scary!

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what's your favorite thing about each other? -w-

Subaru: “Her blood. Now, stop bothering us.”

Ayano: “Wait..! I didn’t answer for my part of the question yet…” o.o “You gave your answer so fast…”

Subaru: “To get this done with as quickly as possible. Tch! Well?! Don’t just stand there, you wanted to answer as well right? Hurry up.”

Ayano: “Oh right! My favorite thing about Subaru-kun… Er it’s hard to pick just one thing… Can I just say everything~?” ^^ “Everything about him is my favorite!”

Subaru: “Why you… Damn it..! Now my answer sounds stupid…” >.> “Gh answering quickly was… Oi, look at me.” *Turns Ayano’s head so that she is looking directly at him* “Your blood… Isn’t the only good thing about you, I- I shouldn’t have answered so quickly- There are many-”

Ayano: *Cuts him off short* “Are~? Subaru-kun, you don’t need to apologize! I know you well enough now~ I know your intentions and motives, you know~” ^^ “But… Thank you.” *Interlocks her fingers with his and pecks his cheek* 

Productivity day 5/100

Today I am doing even more chemistry revision, and have also rewritten some of my German exam answers, I have a lot of art course work to catch up on this weekend so I will probably post some of that

(Music : album Illuminate by Shawn Mendes, album lost youth by Room 94)


Hi anon! Thanks for answering my question regarding the Lords’ MBTI.However, there are some I disagree.For instance, Kojuro seems like an INTJ(Ni-Te-Fi-Se) after reading both his MS and Event stories.For Yukimura, I think he may be ISFP (Fi-Se-Ni-Te)because he always makes decisions based on his own personal value.For Shige and Hide I think both of them may be ENTP or ESTP due to the tertiary Fe (Fe concerns with group’s harmony).MC seems to be INFP to me cuz she seems to use her Ne often in order to understand the situation.Masamune might exhibit inferior Fe (thus could be ISTP or INTP).Mitsuhide could be either ISTJ or INTJ as well because I suspect he exhibited strong Te in himself.This is my reasoning based on my observation.Feel free to give me your reasoning as well and thanks again! (P.S I’m an INTP btw so what is yours anon? :D) 

Referring to this

Thanks for telling me your opinion and asking for my reasonings! 
I’m an ISFJ. :)

Kojuro (My choice: ESFJ)
I understand why you would say INTJ because of his way to do things and his attitude as a samurai. But his true personality seems more like an ESFJ to me. He is kind, cares for other people, especially the ones he loves and is respected by everyone.

Yukimura (My choice: ESFJ / ESFP)
I can’t see Yukimura as an ISFP at all. He surely isn’t introverted in my opinion, but you are right he makes decisions based on his values, is really stubborn about it and they don’t ever change. He could be an ESFP because he is extremely enthusiastic and there is never a dull moment with him. The Extrovert Feeling (Fe) seems to be very strong in Yukimura’s personality (ESFP). He always reacts to the feelings of others and is very caring, especially towards his friends.

Mitsuhide (My choice: INFP / INFJ)
I agree because of his extrovert thinking (Te). That’s why I mentioned INFP before INFJ, but in my opinion these two can be quite similar. Mitsuhide is an idealist (INFJ) and really kind, often selfless. (INFP)
I see why you would say ISTJ because he is reliable and decisive. However I wouldn’t say that this personality type applies to him as he is not only practical and focused on facts, but can also be really poetic and emotional. I also understand that you would see him as an INTJ, but I feel like his strategic mind and intellect isn’t as striking in his personality as his kindness and ideals.

Shigezane (My choice: ESFP)
It is often said that the tension leaves whenever he is around because he is so energetic and jovial (ESFP). He knows how to talk to others to make them feel good, too.
I understand that you say ESTP, but I feel like Shigezane is more strategic and not reckless and that’s why I wouldn’t say ESTP for him.
Shigezane often speaks his mind (ENTP), but he also knows to accept a subordinate role.

Masamune (My choice: ISFJ)
Just like Yukimura, Masamune also notices the feelings of others, but doesn’t always react (or more in his own way). But I said ISFJ because he actually is really observant, notices everything about the people around him. In his main route he gives the MC a hair pin, thinking she is Yahiko who will deliver it to his “sister”. So he noticed that little incident during the fuss and also understood that it meant so much to her. Then he also reacts to it.
In addition he behaves like that just to his friends and those close to him (ISFJ).
I cannot see him as an ISTP, not someone who is eager to see varieties in his life, nor really friendly (ISTP). Also, Masamune is not known for his logical approaches (INTP).

Hideyoshi (My choice: ENFP)
He is really positive, despite everything that has happened or regardless of what happens. He is also social, motivated and everyone seems to be fond of him, due to his charm and compassion. (ENFP)
ENTPs are good at talking which would apply to Hideyoshi as well. However I think the emotional aspects and interpersonal relationships are absent.
ESTP is more accurate for Toshiie in my opinion and he and Hideyoshi are not alike at all.

The MC (My choice: xSFJ)
Like I said, she is rather different in every route and surely also for everyone who is playing. I may have been a bit narrow-minded here because of my own personality, but to me she is someone who notices every little thing (well, almost…), but especially the things considering other people. Also she would do anything for her beloved ones, starting with saving her mother and brother, defending her father’s name to defending the samurai she falls for.
She is also very obliging to everyone, eager to help them through difficult situations, often even putting herself in danger.
I think both Ni and Ne would go for her as she often thinks profoundly about the past and the things that happen to her. Also she is sticking to her values and beliefs (Ni).

1. Why don’t you answer love/relationship/lifespan questions?
I don’t want to be responsible/liable in any way, because tarot readings readings aren’t 100% fact.

2. Why don’t you answer “is someone in my family a witch” questions?
My deck doesn’t like it, seeing as it’s become an overly popular question.

3. Why haven’t you answered my question yet? 
-I’ve taken a break from readings
-I have too many to answer
-I haven’t gotten to yours yet
-It may have been deleted because it broke my rules
-It may have been deleted because there was no form of gratitude (please/thank you)

More may be added later!

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“I would like to ask you if you can tell us something wild, funny that happened while shooting,” a young reporter asked Chris and he was more than happy to answer the question. 
“You know,” he took a deep breath, “at first I wanted to keep this as a secret, but I think even my friends need to know this,” and his eyes went from the audience to (Y/N). He winked at her and some of the people started to laugh. “Most of you would have thought that (Y/N) is an innocent woman who wouldn’t do anything stupid and wild. However, while shooting the movie, the two of us had the best time ever while the rest here were sleeping, working or spending time with their families.” 
“Chris!” you whined and hid your face into the palms of your hands. “I’m going to kill you. You promised!” 
“What’s happening?” Anthony looked at the both of you. 
“She likes to party - a lot! She can be crazy and wild and she had the craziest ideas that made me laugh. So many great memories.” 
“Why didn’t you invite me and Sebastian?” Anthony whined and the rest of the crew was looking at you now. “Is this true?”
“Uh, no?” you lied, but that didn’t work. “Yes, I sometimes like to party, get drunk. So what? You should have seen him! I had to take him back to the hotel and believe me, carrying a man this big is not easy,” you gave him a victorious grin. “Next time, I’m going to record how you sang Call Me Maybe.”