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Sexiest thing your partner does

Cheyenne: When he groans or grunts

Kingston: Her moaning name

Erika: When he looks at me after just waking up @mykemyke

Rocky: When she straddles my lap @mykemyke

Malani: When he smiles

Antwan: Her angry face

Nicole: When he bites his lip

Saint: Her bending over
"You Can't Defy Gravitas"

UGH This article is infuriating.

You know what? Studying comics is a BLAST. Just because you take something seriously doesn’t mean you take the fun out of it. When you study something you love, you don’t make it boring, you make it the enjoyment deeper, the interest more complex.

That said, the fella who says this:

The time had come…to break free of both mythic criticism, with its Jungian roots, and of traditional cultural studies, with their insistence on the political root of aesthetics, in favor of something new.

is not only totally right, he’s my advisor. And an awesome one at that.

I ran into Ben the weekend after Avengers came out, and said hey (we were walking different directions) and then when he was a few steps away, I called out: “Avengers, yeah?” And he yelled, “BEST MOVIE EVER” and then walked back and we giggled and cheered about smashing buildings and awesome and flying and smashing and when did Hawkeye and Black Widow take over the show that’s cool! And isn’t Captain America super handsome? AND THANOS WHERE IS AVENGERS 2 NOWWWW"

And then he gave me a few pointers about reading for exams, and we tentatively scheduled a meeting to discuss the website for the program Shaun just finished making and another to discuss the Comics Studies class he’s teaching in the fall (I might guest lecture, we’ll see!).

So fuck you Mr. New York Times writer who thinks that Comics Studies means taking the joy out of comics. Who thinks you’re being a “real fan” by wondering where the explosions are.

Because I get to think about how awesome the explosions are all day. It’s my job.