this is my all time favourite picture of him

Wonho Smile Appreciation

(credit goes to the people who own these gifs and pictures)

can we all just take a hot second to appreciate Wonho’s smile. okok.

it is literally my favourite thing about him

like, damn boiii you shine so damn bright

it’s quite spectacular, isn’t it?

just look at him. are you seeing this?!!?

i’m honestly suing because he should be illegal.

god, i feel blessed.

what did this cruel world do to deserve such a thing…

so cute but sexy at the same time T-T

alright i’m out. i’m done. i’m deceased.

i’m certain this boy enjoys watching us suffer so..

adios amigos.

if you have any requests for other appreciation posts or you have ideas for fanfics/smuts, then my requests are open <3


I never really questioned it since i grew up watching these soviet cartoons, but the work of David Cherkasky is very….recognizable.

Very little shows up when i googled him, i don’t even know whether he’s still alive or not. But he had a very unique style of meshing cutout animation with hand drawn sequences, and an unconventional character art style.

All of his most known works he directed were produced under Kyivnaukfilm during USSR including Doctor Aibolit (literal translation “doctor ouch it hurts”) linked above, Adventures of Captain Wrongel, and my personal favourite is his adaptation of Treasure Island. I watched it nonstop on VCR every time i was back in russia. I really like some of the moving perspective animation. it is very clear the man loved ships and pirates

This is the only photo i could find of him in my first search, pictured far right, along with Yuri Norstein(center), and Eduard Vasilevich(left) the original designer of russian winnie the pooh.

“When I was 5-8 years old, I’d go to Disney World EVERY summer, and I LOVED the Hunchback Of Notre Dame play. My all-time favourite Disney character was Clopin. I had a favourite Clopin in that show, and the last year I got to go, I wanted his autograph on a picture my mom had gotten blown up for me.However, he wasn’t in the show that day, and I got really upset, but my mom found one of the Cast Members and asked about him. He smiled and said he was at the park, and called him over to where we were. The guy went through the trouble of dressing up in the full costume to sign his autograph for me.To this day, Disney World is one of my favourite places to BE, and Clopin is STILL my all-time favourite Disney character.”


So, after watching episode 9 of despair and seeing Imposter and what he really looked like I almost jumped out of my seat. I stared at him and thought “holy shit he’s beautiful” and quickly after thought “wait…he looks just like me!”

So I quickly went to test my theory, I straighten my very fluffy hair (which took a while…) and took off my glasses. A few pictures taken later and I realised, I look exactly like the imposter.

There’s an amazing feeling when you realize you look exactly like your favourite danganronpa character of all time.



Requested by anon: “Hi can I please can a twilight imagine for seth clearwater where the reader is like really short (4'11) and can’t reach something up high on a shelf in the kitchen”

I know that this was requested as an imagine but it’s a pretty short idea so I just wrote a drabble, hope you like it!

Word Count: 474
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Most of the time I didn’t mind being short.  Sure, there were things which annoyed me about it, like being smaller than all of my friends and having them tease me about it.  But it was all harmless fun, and it didn’t really bother me.  Except, of course, when it came to times like this.

My favourite cereal had been finished, so of course I wanted to open the new box but somebody had put it on top of the fridge, just inches out of my reach.  “Seth!”  I called and waited, hearing a muffled groan in reply.  I pictured him, his face pressed against his fluffy down pillow, trying desperately to block out the light flooding in through the window, the tree outside spreading a pattern of shadows across the room.  “Seth!”  I tried again.  After a few moments I heard his weary treading of feet on the carpeted floor and the creaking of the bedroom door opening.  “Yeah?”  I rolled my eyes.  
“Come down and help me with something would you?”  I could see him in my minds eye, looking longingly back towards the bed before trudging down the stairs.  

I tapped my nails on the marble counter top, my growling stomach the melody to the beat I was creating with my fingertips.  “What is it?”  He ran his hand through his messy bed head, the hairs only sticking up more.  “Can you get the cereal down for me?”  He blinked thickly, rubbing the remaining sleep out of his eyes before a grin lit up his face.  “Why can’t you?  Can’t reach shortie?”  I huffed, folding my arms across my chest and leaning my back against the fridge door.  “Just get it down would you.”  Seth frowned.  “Please.”  He shrugged, turning to walk away and bury himself back under the covers.  “Come on, I said please Seth, I’m hungry.”  
“What do I get in return?”  I paused for a moment, knowing what he was asking for but being too stubborn to give in.  Suddenly, I had an idea and pushed past him to block the doorway.  “You get to go back to bed.”  We both knew he could easily push past me, but he smirked, playing along.  “Hmmm, while that sounds pretty good, I do know one thing that could make it better.”  
“Oh yeah?  And what’s that?”
“Come back to bed with me?”  I grinned, pointing to the top of the fridge where my cereal still sat, taunting me.  “I will, but food first.”   He sighed exaggeratedly, rolling his eyes jokingly.  “My, my, you drive a hard bargain.”  I giggled as I took the box from him, tearing open the cardboard, feeling the heat radiating off of him as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.  “I love you.”  
“I love you too, but right now I need food.”


So it’s my favourite person in the world’s birthday and honestly, where did the time go?? I’ve loved this dork since 2013 and started up Daily Robbie Kay last year, finally jumping into the void of Tumblr. Earlier in the year, he changed his Twitter profile picture to one of my edits and I’m pretty sure I cried for a solid 10 minutes I have no shame. Practically everyone knows about my “little obsession” (including Sean Maguire, out of all people…) and I’m patiently waiting until I can meet him and hopefully not faint. Words can’t describe how much I adore and love him.

Happy 21st birthday, Robbie Kay ♥ 13.09.1995

Sherlocked UK is over and I’m full of feelings. It was such a great weekend and I met so many nice people. So much compliments. Thanks to you all. I had so much fun and I wanna go back. I miss you all and I want so spent more time with all of you. Really! 

Here are two of my favourite pictures. First is a selfie with Rupert after a nice chat with him. He is great.

I have to say, that I really love him with his glasses (and I said it to him that day. He laughed about it and thanked me. I think I’ve blushed because these embarrassing words came out of my mouth without thinking about it).

The next picture is the professional one with him. Watching him while he had so much fun with all individual poses made me think about a special pose too. So I pointed at the camera and screamed: MURDER! And he answered: WHERE? And I said: THERE!!! And he again: OH MY GOD. WHERE?!!!
This is the result. I really, really love it!

So: Thanks, Rupert. You rock! Thank you for being at Sherlocked. I hope I can meet you again someday. 

crazy-ass-bat  asked:

Man, we have very similar tastes and this isn't the first time I see one of my favourite characters on my dash thanks to you, but I was especially pleased tonight to see Prince Sidon, aka the handsome shark man from Zelda, because I just spent the weekend playing BotW for the first time and spent maybe 1/10th of my very limited time gushing about the Zoras and their design, taking pictures of every Zora I saw, and screaming about Sidon's perfect fucking pointy teeth. I love pointy teeth Gods.

Hahah, he’s a very handsome fish  👍👍👍 Pretty much all my friends (including me) are damn smitten by him.


         “ five seconds . “ she holds the plush reindeer antlers into her hands , beyonddetermined not to leave the store until she gets him to try them on . “ you put them on &let me take a picture now or i buy them & they’ll haunt you all winter . choose wisely , young padawan . “ 

             ❝  … I can’t believe you used a quote from my favourite movie against me.  ❞  He takes regards the antlers once more before skeptically drawing his eyes back toward Allison.  ❝  And you want to take a photo? That’s so unnecessary. –––– Did Perry fuckin’ put you up to this?  

can we talk about how when [Dean is] most vulnerable he sits with the stone wall of his home behind him as support

penniavaswen replied to your post: – I could read an essay on this, just saying

everything you need to know is in this picture.

God is on a stool, floating off the ground, a little tense but acting totally at ease. Sam’s at his feet fanboying like a kid enjoying circle time his favourite teacher. they sit below an image of the country, which is full of colour and symbolises the idea of “people” and whatnot.

Dean’s apart from them, his back set defensively to the stone of his home, protected and sheltered by it. he’s on the dark, grey, gloomy, hard-lined side, all alone. and he’s sitting higher up than God, believing himself to have the moral high ground. he could’ve sat on the steps to his left, putting himself below God, protected by the stone wall, but he didn’t sit there. he’s vulnerable as hell in this situation but he chose to show himself stronger than he is. or, he believes the wall makes him stronger. he couldn’t have chosen a bolder, more forthright position in the room than right there.

this single shot sums up the entire scene that unfolded afterwards.

I was in London with my friends and we were lining up to go on the London eye. I was chatting with one of my mates when suddenly another one of my friends pokes me hard in the ribs.

I look at her and see that she is trying to keep her cool and she points to someone standing in the line.

I immediately lose my shit. I couldn’t help but squeal so fucking loud when I looked directly at a bloke dressed exactly like Castiel. He had the trench coat, the blue tie, the whole look.

I didn’t get the greatest picture of him but omfg. I just wanted to go up to him and ask if he deliberately dressed up as my favourite character of all time. I didn’t though….

I was still losing my shit when we got to the baggage checking area that the man who was checking my bag looked worried.

My friend who noticed him was freaking out too. We kept on making supernatural references and quoting the show. We even started shouting Cas to see if he would notice us, but no.

I think he went out and accidentally cosplayed as Castiel. And it was fucking brilliant.

Whoever that man was, you made my day even better.

I saw scottlava paint a brilliant picture for Psychonauts’ anniversary and I had so many Psychonauts feels. I had also failed to recognise that he’s the art director of the game and I screamed internally. after following him for so long oTL

so i decided to draw Edgar of Black Velvetopia :u one of my favourite characters from the game.. (my all time favourite, I plan to draw soon 8))

Black Velvetopia is my all time favourite level though.. the colours on black is my ultimate favourite combo *__* hnng

Edgar Teglee©Psychonauts
art n stuff©moi :U

victorianblush  asked:

I really want to know the moment you fell in love with Niall. I fell in love with him in Carpool Karaoke because I knew nothing about One Direction before that. Your favourite picture of Niall will be greatly appreciated too!

oh my goodness okay i fell in love with niall when i first discovered one direction in summer of 2012.  so i started watching all the old interviews and fell in love IMMEDIATELY. (go watch this!! bc this is what made my love even more permanent lol). At that time he had his braces and his lips stuck out a lil bit, shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes and i just thought that he was the cutest boy i had ever seen lol.  His laugh and smile was so contagious how everyone doesn’t fall in love with him is beyond me! Just watching him grow into the great guy that he is today and not letting the fame affect him just lets me know that I chose correctly (not saying the other guys have I just mean I could have fell in love with someone like JB lmao)!! I am 100% positive I am going to love him for the rest of my life! 

it’s impossible for me to choose just one pic so here’s a few:

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Alriiiight finally got this done~ And with time to spare uvu

Soo, after hearing that Lance Henrikson, aka Bishop from the Alien series, as well as freakin’ LOCKDOWN, our favourite transforming bounty hunter, I HAD to draw a picture for him. I can’t take all the credit for this though, my good friend Lochcamaen suggested that I do an Evil Dead reference with the picture, hence the focus on the chainsaw, as well as the quote uvu;;

I’ll try not to ramble for too much longer, so here is the picture :D Sorry for the watermark, but trust me, it’s necessary uAu;