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quick shoutout for the fact that your sonic the hedgehog posts make me feel ok to unironically like it for the first time in years, i appreciate it

I think if anything one of the more harmful things that’s happened to the Sonic series is the inability to unironically like it?

Like… this aggressively trying to be too cool for yourself. It’s one of the biggest things I don’t like about Boom, is how… sarcastic the whole thing feels. “oh, god, we’re a Sonic cartoon. But it’s okay, we’re just going to be like… completely unaffected”

I grew up with, and what are still my all time favorite games, Adventure and Adventure 2. And the Adventure games did some absolutely ridiculous things. Knuckles fought an indeterminate amount of ghosts to the single most unreasonably catchy song ever encountered. Sonic kicked open a helicopter door and escaped the police by surfing down an inhabited city street. Eggman’s interest in conquering the world was traced back to childhood-seated distrust of the government after some of his family members were massacred and then the whole incident was covered up. 

Pretty much every widely beloved work of fiction has, at its core, a ridiculous premise. Think about Transformers. The Ninja Turtles. Harry Potter. The Powerpuff Girls. Batman

Voltron? Voltron is an elaborate space epic about mechanical stacking cats, and as someone who’s watched the first five episodes of DotU, the thing reads like nothing so much as an elaborate-yet-dated shitpost.

And yet, we have Legendary Defender- this really, really cool thing- purely because someone held that weird shitpost deep in their heart in the purest possible manner, because people loved it, because people refused to apologize for loving it, because when given the opportunity, they wanted to give the people an imagining of that which reflected that purest affection.

There is so much grief and despair and terrifying things in the world that frankly people don’t have the time and energy to sink into apologizing or feeling guilty for things that make you happy. There’s no metric that things have to be a certain level of conceptually highbrow before you can get quality things out of them.

Unironically liking stuff is underrated. Find the stuff that makes you happy. There are way worse things in the world that people could be into than a franchise about a hedgehog in sneakers.

This, spoken as someone who has a squishy plastic Sanic on my desk. He is my beautiful wonky-eyed son who gazes peaceably over all of my works.

TL;DR: hell yeah.

Reid Has Rhythm

A/N: A piece inspired by this post, in which @emilyfuckingprentiss and I were talking about our fav characters fav musicals. I gave an angsty answer and a fluffy one. In the fluffy, Spencer’s fav musical is Hamilton because he is a history nerd and he endeavors to impress Morgan with his sick rap flow, so here that is. I imagine because Reid can speak so fast, he would probably excel at a particular Hamilton song. ;D @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 Sorry it’s so short.


As Garcia rounded the corner from her lair to say good morning to Reid, she realized he was the only one in so far and he’d apparently been in for quite a while. Maybe he had been in the bathroom when she came in, because she hadn’t seen him, but he was already nestled into his desk with a steaming cup of coffee and earbuds in at the highest volume possible, so he had to have been here for a while.

She came up to him on the side, not wanting to scare him; he definitely couldn’t hear anything. But as she approached, she heard the unmistakable sounds of Broadway emanating from his ears. Not just Broadway. Gary’s sleepy smile stretched from one side of her face to the other; it actually felt a little creepy. “Hey Boy Wonder,” she said, her face abnormally frozen in glee. “Are you listening to what I think you’re listening to?”

“That depends,” he said, yawning and reaching down to his desk for his coffee cup, desperately needing another jolt of caffeine, “What do you think I’m listening to?”

She should’ve expected that kind of answer from him. “Hamilton?”

Spencer nodded eagerly and pulled out one of his earbuds so that Garcia could hear which song he was listening to specifically. It was The Story of Tonight. “Not my favorite,” he said. “But they’re all amazing really.”

“Which one’s your favorite?” she asked. “And I absolutely agree. I’m obsessed, and now that I know that you love it too, we are going to be talking about it all the time just so you know.”

Spencer spun around in his chair, contemplating the very difficult question. “I would have to say my favorites are Non-Stop, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story, Burn, and Guns and Ships. And that’s okay by me.”

“How did you get into this?” she asked. Garcia had never really pegged Spencer as a Broadway musical kind of guy. Mozart and Beethoven, yes, but Hamilton, she hadn’t thought so. 

Spencer laughed and told her he’d been hearing people talk about it a few months earlier. “Something about how history was somehow cool again, and I thought history was always cool, so I took offense and looked this up and I’ve loved it ever since.”

Garcia basically felt like a proud mama - her young one expanding his musical tastes with one of her favorite musicals ever. “Do you want to come over my place for dinner this weekend? And we can talk about Hamilton? And listen to the soundtrack? Because that sounds like something I want to do.”

As Morgan and JJ came off the elevator, Spencer smiled. “I’d love to. Can you make that pasta and broccoli thing you made last time?” He asked dreamily. “Because that was delicious.”

“Deal, 187!” she exclaimed.


“Morgan would be so proud,” Garcia said. “You have rhythm. Like…I’m stunned.”

Reid had just flawlessly finished rapping Lafayette’s part in Guns and Ships, which was quite possibly the fastest rapping she’d ever heard. “Well, Morgan once told me that anyone that couldn’t quote Illmatic by Nas was ignorant. He insisted I listen to it, and since then I’ve been allowing myself to listen to all different types of music, and the rapping that’s really fast is awesome because that’s practically how I talk already.”

They had also invited Morgan over for dinner after his date had bailed on him, and he walked into Garcia’s place at the tail end of the conversation. “How do you talk, Pretty Ricky?”

“Really fast,” he said, as the next song came on. It was only then that Morgan noticed what his two best friends were listening to.

Coming over toward the counter, he pulled off his leather jacket and placed it over the bar stool sitting near Garcia’s counter. “You two listen to Hamilton?”

“Love it,” they said simultaneously. Garcia reached over sneakily and pressed back on the iPod, going back to Guns and Ships without Spencer really paying attention to that fact. She excitedly started pointing at Spencer, whose lips were starting to mumble the lyrics. Morgan stared in awe as Spencer started to rap; his little bro…Pretty Fucking Ricky…was rapping. What?

“I’m takin this horse by the reins makin’ Redcoats redder with bloodstains. And I’m never gonna stop until I make ‘em Drop and burn ‘em up and scatter their remains, I’m-”

Morgan could not possibly believe his own two eyes, or ears. He couldn’t believe anything. Even Morgan couldn’t rap this part it was too goddamn fast, and yet her was the whitest white boy in the entire world flawlessly rapping Lafayette. He chuckled to himself as the song continued, realizing that it actually made sense because he did in fact talk insanely fast without a problem. It always fascinated him that his facts could come out of his mouth at such an alarming speed.

Spencer hadn’t even been paying attention. As he stirred the broccoli mixture in the pan that Garcia was preparing, he kept going. “No one has more resilience, or matches my practical tactical brilliance-”

“Dude!” Morgan finally exclaimed.”You have rhythm.”

“All because of you,” he said, blushing at the compliment. It was no secret that Spencer always looked up to Morgan and wanted to impress him. 

Morgan’s eyebrow rose. “Me?”

“Yea, you once said that anyone who couldn’t quote Nas’s Illmatic was ignorant and that’s how I started listening to rap and hip hop.” He was so happy with himself. For once in his life, he was actually considered cool. 

With a grin, Morgan smacked Reid on the shoulder. “My man! That was a wise statement from my younger years. And it still stands.”

He sat down at the table as Garcia took over the cooking now that she was done fangirling over the fact that Spencer loved Hamilton. As History Has Its Eyes on You started up, Morgan sat back in his seat, watching as his two best friends traded off singing. Granted, he was proud of his friends every day for what they did in the context of their jobs, but right now, the two looked so comfortable singing back and forth to each other in the kitchen; they were being themselves, and Morgan couldn’t have been prouder.

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What about an heir of rage playlist for someone who migraine prone and can't listen to music w/ screaming

1. Down by Marian Hill

2. Black Mambo by Glass Animals

3. Leave My Body by Florence + The Machine

4. Coming Attractions by Nodaway

5. C.O.P.S. Came by Em Harris

Oh my god, how and why haven’t I heard Führe mich until now? I discovered it last night right before I was going to bed and I absolutely love it. Such a great song. Fantastic. Brilliant. Genius. A masterpiece. My favorite thing is that you really don’t know what it’s about. Is it about two people having sex? Mental illness? A pregnant woman? Something else I haven’t even thought about? I don’t know and that’s the beauty of music, when it isn’t too obvious what the song is about and you are able to make your own interpretation. I just fell in love with the band all over again for the millionth time

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For number ask: 2, 3, 6. For song/letter ask: S

omg I’m so glad you asked for the letter S because one of my absolute favorites right now is ‘Secret for the Mad’ from dodie and my favorite line from it is

And there will be a day when you can say you’re okay and mean it

Honestly, just listen to it, it’s so beautiful

2. Which season is your favorite?

I think it’s still spring, because spring is not too hot or too cold, it’s new beginnings, and flowers, and fresh scents, and birth and life, the end of winter, bright days and light dresses

3. Writing, art or chatting?

Definitely writing. I’m about as social as a brick in the desert and I’m not good at art. But I love writing ♥ I’m actually writing a snowbaz story at the moment

6. What’s your sexual orientation?

I don’t really know, nor care. At the moment, I would say I’m asexual and demiheteroromantic, but maybe not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pardon the Interruption...

But I have to take a moment to spread some “Mary is a special, talented snowflake” love.

You guys know how much I simply adore Mary McDonnell. She’s my precious snowflake for so many reasons, but her immense talent is what I respect about her the most. It’s just such a gift. If anyone doubts her abilities, then they need look no further than her role as Laura Roslin on BSG. It’s probably my favorite performance by any actor ever. It actually moves me, and not just because of the story and what her character endures throughout, but her actual performance strikes an emotional cord with me because it’s just so beautiful. I could devote an entire blog to various moments (big and small) that illustrate this point, but I just wanted to mention one that has been on my mind lately (I blame all the Roslin/Adama on my dash).

There is a very understated moment at the end of “Blood on the Scales” (4x14) where Laura returns to the Galactica and sees Bill for the first time after being told that he was dead. If memory serves, she had already known by this point that he was alive, but there’s just something about seeing that for yourself. She climbs down the ladder and turns to see him standing across the way unharmed. As much as I love a good “run and hug your man” and all the passion and romance that goes along with that, this moment was so much more powerful. She makes this intake of breath that devolves into a sob, and it’s just absolutely beautiful and gut-wrenchingly real. I just don’t think anyone else could have pulled off all the emotion of that scene with a single sob the way Mary does. That one little sob moment/scene is one of my favorite acting moments of all time.

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okay the absolute first thing I noticed on your blog was the music because can’t help falling in love with you played first and that’s one of my all time favorite songs (and fun fact the background of an otp montage video I made years ago on youtube) and anyway it’s beautiful and so relaxing and I’m obsessed!! your theme is so cute and your posts make me feel so peaceful i love it!!

Send me a  🌈  and I’ll compliment you/your blog!!