this is my absolute favorite picture of misha

this is definitely my favorite photo of all time. so when i went up to them i was telling misha what i wanted to do in our picture & i realized jensen wasn’t listening because he was doubled over laughing which was absolutely amazing to witness jensen ackles laugh that hard right in front of me & i grabbed his arm & said “are you okay?” & he said “yeah i’m good” so then i started explaining the pose & i said i wanted to interlock fingers so jensen puts his hand up in front of me & naturally i grabbed it & then realized that i was just awkwardly holding his hand & staring at it so i let go & showed misha what to do & then everyone in the room just went “AWWWW” & i felt like crying then when i turned to say thank you jensen ackles winked at me. best day of my life.

feel free to crop me just give me credit!!

This is my absolute favorite of my crochet reveals. I wanted truly candid reactions, and this was the best reaction I got. Since it didn’t go as planned with Misha, I had my friend tell Chris what we wanted while I told Jensen.
Me: I’d like you to turn around [Jensen started looking skeptical], *if you want to*, and then I’m going to flip this over and I want your candid reaction on camera. Sara came over and reassured Jensen “No, it’s good, you’re gonna like it”. The picture was taken, then we had a brief few seconds to chat. I offered him the smaller piece (the big one belongs to Sara), but he said he didn’t have room in his bag. I’m assuming that was a polite way of saying that he didn’t need art with his own face on it, which I totally understand.

Finally, my Mark and Misha photo op.( my sister is the one on the end and the squished one in the middle is me❤️) This is my absolute favorite picture now, i mean, look at Mark’s little smile!
I honestly thought i was going to start balling when i got to the front of the line. I was on the verge of tears during Misha’s whole panel and in line for this photo. Luckily i kept it together. I just walked right up to Misha (sorry Mark) and asked for a hug. He was so sweet and willing and I just said “Thank you… Thank you so much”. He wrapped his arm over my shoulder and we took this picture. On the way out, i told him “thank you” one more time. He just smiled and winked. Misha is honestly such an important person to me and i’m SO glad i got the chance to meet him. (3/?)